Sunday, 18 November 2012


Like many survivors of abuse, I have led an erratic life.  That I cannot commit to a relationship is a given, so too hold onto a job, or find my place in society.  

These problems may sound trivial, because they don't portray the reality of job loss, or home loss, or the constant struggle to stay on the right side of sane.  

Would a payment of £20,000 or £30,000 make a difference to the life of a survivor of abuse.  Hell yes, just in the same way as it would to even, the most normal of households.  But for a survivor, it could be the difference between life and death.  It is more than hard cash, it is an acknowledgement that you were right and they were wrong.  It puts the world back into some sort of perspective and be the difference between life and death.  

In Ireland, claimants do not have to go through the ordeal of a trial.  It is enough to prove that they were in a place where abuse occurred.  In the UK, the Catholic Church spends millions fighting individual claims with such ferocity that few dare to come forward.  In fact they probably spend more defending individual claims, than it would cost in compensating hundreds.  

They cannot give survivors back their childhoods, but they can at least do something to help them change their futures.  


  1. Hi there Bell! Heard on the jungle drums you had a blog and I just got round to reading it. You truly are hilarious! As for this compensation bit I agree with you wholeheartedly. Its not the money that matters but the things the money can put in place to make a comfortable life for the abused in order that they can move on. Happy surroundings make for happy people. Hope life is treating you well and you're enjoying the fruits of your labour. Will look in again some other time. Guess which one of the old AOL posters this is! Clue: We have differing points of view on politics; you are much older than me (cough) and I have always made a point of applauding your fantastic sense of humour. I was totally detested by most of the other posters LOL. Take care x

    1. I did try to reply to you the other day, but have mobile broadband and it is shit. Yay! Graceland Ann, think have hit the nail on the head there. Was a bit thrown by the 'detested' bit Amanda, cause thats a bit strong, except in wierdo land, so in retrospect, you probably right, there were many wierdos, lol.

      I don't know if I have found my happy place yet, madjam (sorry, old habits and all that, please do feel free to call me bellend, lol) - in many ways yes. I am living in blissful comfort. Luxurious carpets under my feet, and everything house and garden photoshoot, and scrupulously clean (from which I get great pleasure). I feel a safeness and sense of security that I have never really felt before, and I'm scared to say it out loud.

      Actually, I miss loads of them, even fecking Sally and Mandy, lol, now they really were good examples of bonkers! Miss ya loads, Bell x

  2. well said bell graceland here , and i think the other comment is amanda lol .

    1. Wouldn't fecking kill them would it Ann! Am drinking lager, which usually ups my swearing, so please forgive, hic.

      Of course it would change lives. Sometimes, people just need someone to throw a life rope, something to hang onto, and to help them pull themselves up.

      It should never happen again, and for those whose lives were fecked up, they should be given a helping hand. Surely that is the 'Christian' thing to do?