Saturday, 5 January 2013


Have we learned nothing from history.  Beating a horse until it is half dead does not improve its performance.  As the dying creature drifts away off to Rainbow Bridge, it doesn't remember the lesson it was taught by the whip.  And those who loved it, will never forgive you. 

I have seen a growing use of the phrase 'and Dickens weeps' on Twitter and I muse, 'I am sure he does'.  When Thatcher was in power the common phrase was 'a return to Victorian values' and though no-one is saying it out loud, the feeling of it, at this current time, hangs thick in the air.  

Why are we allowing this criminal war on the poor to continue?  We didn't vote for THIS government, it was inflicted on us by machinations going on behind closed doors, and probably the flaunting of job titles.  I would like to see real polls on the feelings of the great British public towards the atrocities that are going on.  Are those enjoying a few titfers in the Dog and Duck, genuinely nodding their heads in approval, as Gideon gives them a wink, to look out for curtains closed beyond midday?  Do they sleep better knowing that the reprobate, dysfunctional family living down the road, are finally getting their comeuppance? And, of course, that thousands of disabled, lonely, and desolate people are being deprived of basic human needs and now have fewer meals and less contact with the outside world? 

How much does it cost to enforce these unending and barbaric interrogations of society's weakest?  And why are the public led to believe that abuse of the system is more widespread than the true statics reveal?  Why not look at wiping out the UK's debts, (probably in a stroke) by starting at the top of the pyramid, rather than the bottom?    

I'm no economist, but I know this is.  Roosevelt's solution seemed to have worked well.  The current road taken by this government, can only lead to disaster - The level of revenue lost through benefit fraud is miniscule in comparison to the tax evasion, and the cream that is being skimmed off at the top.  They don't care, they haven't a hope of winning the next election, and there are fortunes to be made.  This despot behaviour should be a cause for revolution.  How many people really support these welfare cuts? The British people, who created, and supported the NHS?  The envy of the world.  Surely not? Where are the civilised good eggs, who make up the backbone of all that is good in Britain? Are they speaking out? Where are the cries of 'I say, old chap, this is not cricket'?  

How do the admin staff at ESA and DLA, feel at what they are doing?  Do those who went into their jobs, do so with hope and good intentions?  Are they sickened at what they are having to do?  Are they the front line, for those who are screaming and angry?  Are none among them prepared to draw a line?

For those OK with this bizarro* Robin Hood government, how does it benefit them, other than a bit of spare cash for a flatscreen in the downstairs loo, maybe a better class of leisure activity (membership of a Pony Club) and their drinkipoos slightly more upmarket than White Lightening.  As an aside, I doubt anyone, other than the truly desperate, would drink that particular tipple through choice. Ditto, the watching of Jeremy Kyle - he's not that great, and like most, I only tune in, to catch that dreamed of moment, when one of his guests gives him a Glasgow Kiss.  

The poor drink and smoke!  So what, Gawd 'elp 'em? Even if the poor sods had any hope left, what else have they got?  There is no evidence to support taking away their gin, and giving them a diet of bread and gruel ever did the slackers any good.  Depriving them of all joy in life, rarely made them better people.  Occasionally, a bit more 'umble like' but much more likely to spit in your soup.  

*familiar to any Seinfeld fans out there - although it might originate from Superman (?) - it means reverse of everything.....

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  1. We only have to look at the recent Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II to realize the UK is very akin to the likes of North Korea. Downtrodden flag waving fanatics who's beliefs stem from nothing other than a corrupt media.
    Ask yourself this, why are members the royal household so predominantly involved with the UK military?