Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I'm having a fantasy love affair at the mo.  I have found over the years that fantasy ones are much better for my health and bank account.  You can dump them without the hassle of restraining orders and moving house.  

The current object of my dysfunctional desires, is the simply scrumptious Henry VIII, I am, I am, in the wonderful and oft repeated Tudors on BBC2.  So he executed two of his wives - but at least you knew he was single!  On the plus side he bought his Queens (just saying His QUEENS, makes my toes tingle) lots of diamonds, pearls and big country estates.  I totally get why 6 of them were up for it.   

I'm trying to wean myself away from this current obsession by finding a down side to him.  Of course his real name isn't Henry, or Big Hal, its Rhys something, which, sad to say, doesn't quite capture the sexy allure of this God and my current fantasy boyfriend. Aw shucks, I'd be quite happy to call him 'Your Majesty'.

Enough already. However, even in my little fantasy world, where everything should be sweetness and light, its not.  I also have the hots for his best mate, hereinafter known as Your Grace, who just happens to be the new Superman!  I hasten to add, that my little fantasy world doesn't generally involve any 'how's yer father', (not with my arthritis, and him being superman) - but I digress.  I now have to go see the movie, on the basis of 'im being in the Tudors! Doh! 

Ps.  My sons have never forgiven me for taking them to see Little Buddha when they kids!  All these superhero films are payback :(


  1. good to see you back wondered where you were , and there you where in fantasy land lol , hope your keeping well , graceland xx

  2. Great to see you Ann, (nearly put an 'e' on the end, then remembered how you bit me head off for that! lol My new next door neighbour is an Elvis nut (luv her)and we're planning a trip to Graceland! Wonder where the other old reprobates from Europe Board and Gotta Laugh went? I still look over me shoulder for psycho sally! lol

  3. I loved the Tudor series.