Sunday 9 June 2013


Having watched the case of Madeleine McCann since May 2007, and read the extensive police files, I do not believe there was an abduction.

Apparently not believing the abduction makes me a 'hater' and a 'pitchforker' and a stalker of the grieving parents.  

I don't hate the parents, I don't own a pitchfork and as for stalking, I merely read the same press releases as everyone else and sometimes I comment.  

This has led to a hate campaign against me that is malicious, spiteful and ridiculously disproportionate. I have never abused, insulted or accused anyone of anything. In trying to understand the nature of this dirty campaign, we need only look at the words of Kate McCann in regard to the detective who led the search for her missing daughter.  She wants him to feel misery and fear, indeed she wants anyone who does not believe her to feel misery and fear and her supporters are more than happy to carry out her wishes, as a quick scan of their antics on twitter will confirm. 

Recently these supporters have attacked my book Cry and You Cry Alone, by claiming that I have lied about St. Anne's Convent. I haven't.  All the details of my case are a matter of public record, and I have since been fortunate enough to meet up with peers who were at St. Anne's at the same time as myself, many of whom suffered far worse experiences at the hands of the nuns, than myself.  These cyber trolls who are attacking me, are also attacking others who had their childhoods blighted by cruelty and abuse. These same trolls also attack those who were abused by Savile.  We must ask, how attacking survivors of historic abuse helps in their search for the missing Madeleine McCann?

I have attempted to step back from this case as the Hate campaign against me is now affecting vulnerable people who do not deserve this abuse. However, this has made no difference, and in fact the McCann supporters have raised their game by posting negative reviews of my book on Amazon and by 'lifting' everything I tweet or post in order to trash me on their hate site.  This is censorship 'mccann' style, anyone who doubts their story will be ripped apart and used as an example to others who might be tempted to voice their doubts.  

Despite all of the above, I still have sympathy for the McCanns, there can be nothing worse than losing a child. Both the UK and Portugal have invested heavily in Reviews to discover what happened to Madeleine - lets hope these Reviews lead to a re-opening and  conclusion to this tragic case.  


  1. Hi, excellent post!

    Carry on and let the dogs bark! ;)


  2. well done for not keeping quiet under intimidation i too h believe that also the child was never abducted xx

  3. They fear your power, that's all!

    Rise above them. xxx

    1. aww shucks, but I think its the truth that frightens them. xx

  4. There are responsible and irresponsible people and they are found in all view points of a case, or indeed, life.

    Your inference that McCann supporters abuse you, can be seen as inciting hate for anyone who supports the parents in their need to find out where their daughter is. Stereotyping them into a convenient group, to attack yourself.

    You, yourself are involved in social media sites that were constructed to, or be perceived to, incite hatred with the use of misinformation and lies, under the title of justice seeking or truth seeking. Not that you yourself, or all members of those sites incite hatred. But if you associate yourself with abusers or social media sites that attack supporters, then you can hardly complain when you find yourself in the firing line.

    If you join a tribe and wear the war paint what do you expect.

    1. Unlike yourself Deuce, I do not judge people by the company they keep. I even have tories and Christians among my friends.

      You accuse me of inciting hatred when you are part of a campaign that holds an active Hate List! People who also invade other people's private facebook to lift family photographs to post on their sinister 'name and shame' twitter spam fests. Is it to scare people away, stop them asking questions?

      Far from inciting hated, I am merely pointing out what you and your ilk are doing. If you take 'inciting hatred' from that, then you must know that what you are doing is hateful.

    2. I have not judged you for the company you keep. I have pointed out that if the company you keep is involved in abuse, you will be in the firing line.

      I also have not accused YOU of incitement to hate.

      I am pointing out that this case divided opinion greatly. The abuse is sourced at the extremes and everyone in between gets it. You are not isolated for abuse. It goes with the territory.

      There are responsible people who support the McCann campaign and people who doubt them, who are fed up of the abuse from the irresponsible. What you are doing is fanning the flames from one extreme, by blaming the other group, extreme or not.

      Outside of the opinion divide. The incitement to hate the family of a missing child can only come from one extreme. Impossible to come from supporters. Maybe it's about time those of you who regard yourselves as responsible start to accept this and join us all in doing something to stop irresponsible behavior before legislation effects even responsible free speech.

    3. Nobody is inciting hatred against the family. The McCanns keep themselves in the news, ergo there will be discussion. Even if dissing the McCanns becomes a criminal offence, people will gather in corners and whisper. Such is human nature. Our need to peek over the parapet and ask questions has allowed us to evolve.

      Nobody hates the family, the twins are only mentioned occasionally. Most are sensitive to their age and vulnerability. It has never been a case of hating the family or Madeleine, and it is disingenuous of you to suggest it.

      We all want to discover what happened to Madeleine, and should not be at war. Its the hostility that arouses suspicion.

      As for threats of legislation. Cameron has already stepped back from it, and now Levenson etc, are no longer front page, people have woken up to the implications. Suffice to say, it is the slippery slope to George Orwell's greatest nightmares.

  5. Great post.

    I read an explanation of the difference between the trolls who support the abduction theory ('pros'), and those of us who don't ('antis'). It was written by a troll and went something like this:
    "If you support the McCann's abduction theory, you're pro Madeleine. If you don't, you're anti Madeleine and you therefore wish her dead."

    They even spin that, nobody wishes anyone dead, although I've had death threats from these people, and pro / anti are historically to explain whether or not you believe in the McCann's explanation of abduction. I personally would rather wait for the legal system to ascertain the exact nature of the child's disappearance, especially given the hundreds of anomilies, untruths, lies, dirty tricks et al that have been played out by the McCann's and their supporters. I don't believe everything I read or hear. Apparently, that's a crime deserving of death.

    1. By getting out their story 'we were checking every half hour', 'we are responsible parents' and hmm, 'we all do it' in the breaking news, they were able from the off, to make criticism of themselves taboo. The first reactions were overwhelming sympathy,rather than shock at the idea of 3 babies being left alone in a holiday apartment. It was a stroke of genius.

      Looking back at those old news reports (McCann Files) the country was taken over by some collective madness, similar to the Diana phenomenon and many of those reports verge on the ridiculous. We had Gerry planning a 'Madeleine Day' for the whole world! Maybe they should have roped Bob Geldof in.

      The madness must have affected the PJ investigation as every headcase out there saw an opportunity for their 15 minutes of fame. The PJ were swamped with all sorts of absurd leads and sightings that must have led to them taking their eyes off the ball.

      I agree, no-one wants Maddie dead. In the 6 years that I have posted on this case, I have never seen anyone say that. Everyone who was drawn to this case, came to it because they were concerned about a little girl, not yet 4. In the early days there were posters who went a little too far, imo, but they dropped off as time went by. The forums that remain are run with diligence and care, anything that might be considered offensive is swiftly removed.

      I think the answer we are all waiting for will come from Portugal, and I don't think it will be too much longer. They too have been doing a review alongside SY, but it will be up to them to re-open the case.

      I'm sorry you have received death threats, but not surprised. On the first anniversary of my mother's death, I got a telephone call saying 'its mummy'. They have some real sickos in their midst.

    2. I'm so sorry to hear that, I honestly don't understand the hatred that some (most) of the McCann's supporters delight in projecting on those who simply question the McCann's explanation of abduction. Indeed, one poster further up actually called that behaviour 'responsible'. I'll always beg to differ. Myself and others have been targets of the cold lunacy of these 'responsible' people but still we stand.

  6. I don't mean to sound harsh, when I state that I honestly don't know,how you have sympathy for the McCanns, when by their own admission, they left their children alone, after Madeleine told them she had cried for them and they never came.

    My sympathy goes towards Madeleine, I can only imagine what this poor toddler went through on the night she disappeared from her holiday apartment.

    Like yourself, I have followed this case since 2007, and I am absolutely sickened by the McCanns behaviour. However, I am not only sickened by their behaviour towards their 3 children, which lead to Madeleine's disappearance. I am sickened by their media interviews, in which they make flippant comments or in the case of Gerry, who either laughs or loses his temper, when he is asked questions he doesn't want to answer, regarding Madeleine's disappearance.

    The McCanns behaviour is why I never have and never will have sympathy for them. The sooner they are brought to justice along with the ones who helped them evade justice, the better.

    As well as having sympathy for Madeleine, I also have sympathy for Sean and Amelie. For it is thanks to their parents behaviour, that these children have been deprived of their big sister Madeleine.

    Regarding the review, in my opinion, this review is nothing but an exercise to show the McCanns have had no involvement in Madeleine's disappearance. Scotland Yard, have in their possession, all of the files, including the files the McCanns were denied access to. Scotland Yard have had a team of detectives, including homicide detectives, scrutinising this case.

    This team have been scrutinising the files for over 2yrs and all they have come up with up to now, is a couple of dead paedophiles, who they state, could be involved with Madeleine's disappearance. These two paedophiles, were eliminated from the inquiry, whilst they were still alive.

    What about the evidence that was put before the former Portuguese Chief Inspector, Tavares de Almeida? He stated in the files, that the evidence he was given, showed that Madeleine died in the McCanns apartment and they were responsible for the cadaver occultation. Mr Almeida also stated in the files, that the entire group, lied from day one. Mr Almeida passed on all of this information, to the Portuguese Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation.

    Scotland Yard, who once stated that the PJ should investigate the parents, appear to have ignored Mr Almeida's findings along with the findings of the British police dog handler. His dogs, Eddie and Keela, found evidence that Madeleine died in the McCanns apartment.

    In my opinion, Scotland Yard, should not be feeding the media, any information regarding the review, until the review reaches its conclusion. Scotland Yard, should be reminded that they are not in charge of the review.

    According to David Cameron, Scotland Yard are assisting the PJ with this review. They are supposed to scrutinise the files, to see if the PJ missed anything, that could lead to finding out Madeleine's whereabouts.

    The McCanns have been asked, why don't they ask for the case to be reopened. I can't see how this will ever happen, because according to Goncalo Amaral, the McCanns requested the case was closed, when they were arguidos. Or to use his exact words 'They demanded the archiving of the process, in 2008, when they were arguidos, merely to defend their image. They're not interested in the reopening of the process or of the investigation.

    The McCanns have never sued Goncalo Amaral, for stating those words, which anyone can read on the NHS McCanns Abuse of Power website. Nor have they sued the former Portuguese Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida, whose statement can be read by anyone who reads the PJ files.

    1. if they had not been doctors ,they would have been charged and had social services on them with the twins . the twins are 8 now and will have had to be told that ye we your parents went out and left you and madeleine ,,,,,,,,,,,,
      dont think there will ever be an end to it all .
      bell knows my views .lol

    2. Lol Ann, long time since I heard the name 'bell' lol. Wonder where the loons (and the nice peeps)went? I'm hooked on twitter now, doh! Actually, think some of the loons have moved over too, one acts suspiciously like tia!!

  7. I understand the McCanns would agree to PJ reopening the case on the proviso that it's with the assumption they're found innocent and that it was a stranger abduction. They want it watertight they won't be suspected or charged before they'll agree to it. That's probably why PJ are refusing so steadfastly, there's no point reopening it under those demands.

    1. do they have a hold over some people in the UK , who are they to dictate

    2. often appears that way, but Spain, Portugal and perhaps USA are involved. The McCanns former private investigators Metodo3 are facing charges in Spain, Hallagen is facing charges in the US. Portugal will insist on a reconstruction. News wise, all is quiet. Scotland Yard's announcement should take the case to the next step, the re-opening, if not, what was the review for?

  8. Regarding the McCanns agreeing to the case being reopened, on the proviso that they are found innocent and Madeleine was a stranger, I can't see this ever happening, because if the McCanns did leave their children alone, when they went out for the evening, they broke the Portuguese law. If Madeleine disappeared while they were out, then the law they broke carried a substantial jail sentence.

    For what it's worth, I don't believe for one minute that on the night Madeleine disappeared, she disappeared while the McCanns were out and I'll tell you why. I also don't believe for one minute, that the twins were in the McCanns apartment, when the McCanns went out.

    Kate McCann ran to the Tapas Bar, to raise the alarm that Madeleine had been taken. If the twins were in the apartment and Madeleine had genuinely been abducted, there is no way, Kate McCann would have left the twins alone, she would have shouted through the window, that was supposed to overlook the Tapas Bar.

    N.B. In a televised interview, Kate McCann was asked three times by a Portuguese television presenter, Sandra Felgueiras, if the twins were in the apartment on the night Madeleine disappeared. Kate changed the subject, each time she was asked the question. Gerry also told the media, that he and his wife, regretted leaving Madeleine alone in their apartment, on the night she disappeared.

    The McCanns also admitted to the media as well as the PJ, that they never looked for Madeleine. I don't know what reason the McCanns gave to the PJ for not looking for Madeleine, but the reason they gave to the media, was for 48hrs they were non-functioning.

    The Portuguese police were not notified that Madeleine was missing, until 22:40. When they arrived at the McCanns apartment, the McCanns and their 'Tapas mates' had trampled all over the crime scene and they had used the blank pages of one of Madeleine's books, to get their stories straight. The McCanns had also begun to phone their family and friends, including their high profile media friend, John Corner. Corner arranged for Madeleine's disappearance, to be placed in all of the UK newspapers.

    The Portuguese police also found the McCanns behaving normally, until they spotted the police. Gerry McCann got down on his knees and began wailing and his wife got on the bed and started to scream. This information is in the files.

    The McCanns were asked if their apartment was locked, when they went out and they said it was. When they were asked how the abductor got Madeleine out of the apartment, they said the shutter was jemmied, they abductor entered the apartment through the jemmied shutter and left with Madeleine.

    The shutter was examined and found to be intact and the McCanns then admitted they left their apartment unlocked.

    I will always believe that whatever happened to Madeleine, happened before the McCanns went out to dinner. However it doesn't matter what I believe, but it should matter that evidence was found in the McCanns apartment, which showed that Madeleine died in the apartment.

    I would love to think that Madeleine was taken to order and is now living happily with her new family, but after reading the files, especially the report of the former Portuguese Police Chief Inspector, Tavares de Almeida, it appears that Madeleine is dead.

    If anyone wants to read and see more about this case, I would urge them to read the files, which include transcripts of the McCanns interviews. Then go to the 'You Tube' website, type in the search box the McCanns,listen to them speak on these videos and watch their faces, especially Gerry's face. I defy anyone not to be sickened when they see these videos.

    1. thank you so much for your well considered reply. Like yourself, I would steer people towards the videos on Youtube, Hideho's McMinutes especially. For anyone interested in body language and forensic linguistics, they are a goldmine.

      I feel much like yourself, in that looking at the interviews in retrospect, we can see just how inappropriate they were.

  9. I`ve noticed you being targeted for a while, Bell ..........Strange how those dismissed or vilified by defenders of Madeleine`s parents as fantasists, liars, attention seekers and so forth seem to provoke such devoted attention!............Hanging on your every word!

    ( Such hounding of you would of obviously be unnecessary were their opinions in any way accurate.....Fear of the truth and frustration with the inability to bend the opinion of others to match their own cult-like devotion to Kate and Gerry is behind it in my opinion......The controller mentality.)

    Reading a blog entry by one such devotee;.........the piece explains to us all carefully and with great patience that Kate and Gerry are "Intelligent Doctors" who apparently are not wasting their lives engaging with or even reading your drivel....too busy with their worthy lives.

    Says it all really.......those offering unconditional support for the Doctors McCann will take it on instead!

    That`s the spirit!........Apparently quite willing to "waste their lives Engaging and Reading" what they consider to be "drivel" on the Intelligent Doctors` behalf!

    Trawling about day in and day out.....reporting back for a good auld Abuse Fest..........They certainly know their place and fit well within it!


    1. Hi Hazel, great to see you! Without doubt it is an organised 'dirty' campaign designed to suppress anything that might affect donations to their Fund. We have nearly reached the absurd position where thinking the child is dead, is a criminal offence!

      I think I have upset them by pointing out that an appeal for a re-opening would be far more productive than abusing myself and others! Such thinking sends them into a frenzy, I wonder why?

      I do hope you are well Hazel, take care, Bell x

    2. Hmmmmmmm...It was reading those "pro" sites and blogs, ....where these "supporters" report back to each other and "discuss" you and others which has been quite an eye-opener......reading twitter too!

      Such evidence of the the tooth- and -claw zeal and panic with which these people try to silence those whose opinions they dismiss or ridicule just seems contradictory and disproportionate to me....i.e. in which case why devote so much time and energy on you and others? (Protesting too much, methinks!)

      Take care and good luck, Hazel x