Friday, 18 October 2013


As the dust settles after these major developments, are we any wiser as to whether or not Madeleine McCann will ever get the justice she deserves?

I'm torn.  DCI Redwood is a canny fella.  He could outfox Cool Hand Luke if they went head to head in a game of poker.  Only a few months ago, he told us most sincerely, that they were looking for a 'live' Madeleine, but this much heralded latest Crimewatch had no age progression photographs and there were no appeals for Madeleine sightings.  No appeals from the parents to Madeleine or her kidnappers either.  The World's Most Wanted is a Magic Eye picture of a man who looks suspiciously like you know who, seen carrying a child by the Smith family.  

Those of us familiar with this case, know the Smith sighting is not new.  We also know, for whatever reason, the McCanns have never featured these photofits in any of their campaigns.  Scotland Yard seem to be going along the same lines as Goncalo Amaral, but presumably they will be permitted to follow these lines through to conclusion.  If this were a whitewash, they are following the right path to get the wrong answer.  Of course they could be like a group of scientists trying to repair a rocket in space, they must find a solution using only the parts that are available to them. The PJ files will always be available for comparison with their own.  

Taking Tannerman out of the equation was a stroke of genius, and it was done in such a way that it absolved Jane of any fault, should questions be asked as to why the world's press has been saturated with disinformation for the past 6 years.  It also supports the prejudiced views of those who have bought into the myth that the PJ made a shambles of the investigation on the grounds that they are not British.  Where are we now?  Who knows, we will have to wait for old Cool Hand to make his next move.


  1. Where are we now

    >> Actually nothing changes, it just removes the mission impossible cluster f*** outside 5A, which should never have been allowed over these years to have seen the light of day. But we have Jane Tanners solemn, devoted and graphic display of how it all happened and what she saw hyped by Panorama. The MET a stroke of genius, the only bloody genius to be seen was to suggest she saw a parent returning from the creche .... so very interesting, that over the distance apart from walking the wrong way the child was still only in a PJ top & bottom .... I don't think so. So Mrs Tanner can now resume her life, having made an innocent mistake - but after six years I personally don't care a hoot.

    >> Two men are now left without an alibi of being potentially unaccounted for

    >> Otherwise Mr Oldfield who checked after Mr McCann and before Mrs McCann who must have spent the last six years in purgatory, that he never noticed a missing child, flapping curtains, open windows and shutter, which unlike Madeleine were in his line of vision, can get his life back, hopefully.

    >> But remember much was made of the issue that he ACTUALLY never saw Madeleine, since she was not in his line of vision, he saw only the end of her bed.

    >> The Smith sighting and subsequent identification, those who have read the files having been shouting about this for all years. So have the GA ... and basically got taken off the case for he dared to question the TIMELINE.

    >> WHAT ACTUALLY CHANGES ... again nothing, since whether it was Tanner or Smiths sighting, although Smith's was the last timed sighting of a man with a child, after that, THAT NIGHT and subsequently in the area, THERE ARE NO LEADS.

    Removing Tanner from the timeline merely makes tidy the mess that the McCanns, the PIs and PR machine have propagated for so long. And wow, the MSM merely goes with the flow, until the next tidal wave comes along. Conveniently a fair head pretty four year old in Greece, found but apparently not missing !!

    So if there is nothing beyond the 10pm sighting, perhaps it's worth while looking at the events nearer to the Tapas Bar between 9.30 and mid night again.

    What you see is not necessarily what you get. The jig saw puzzle has many pieces but the problem is you don't know what the picture on the front is, yet. Equally, all the pieces are not there.


  2. so the mccanns have duped the general public for 6 years to get money in THIER ltd company with tanners sighting,when they KNEW all along about the smiths sighting,now sy have said the tanner sighting is no more and that the new e-fit looked like Gerry,should the fund be frozen until this person is found.

    first time I have read this blog,but well worth a read,thank you

  3. Is Andy Redwood a "Cool hand Luke"? Or is he a Bumbler? The latter, I think - if a devious one. Like Puddleduck, I noticed that the British tourist who has neatly taken Tanner's mendacity out of the picture, was walking in the wrong direction to have anything in common with the person she claimed she saw.
    I'm not holding my breath while Redwood proves that Smithman is Gerry McCann and effects a dramatic arrest.

  4. I don't think anything is likely to change about this case unfortunately. Even if more people were to come forward now and say they think they saw Gerry carrying Maddie, what does that prove? They've managed to argue away evidence from cadaver dogs and scientific testing so I think they could get round that. I think one of two things needs to happen. Firstly, Father Pacheco could come forward and break his vow of confidentiality. He could talk about exactly why the McCanns have ruined his life and why he feels deceived. Why he gave them the keys to his church and what exactly happened in those few days after Maddies death. That isn't likely to happen unless he gives up his faith all together. Secondly, the body could be found. Unlikely but we live in hope. The body would still have to show some signs of what happened though, and wherever it is now it is probably too far decomposed to offer anything meaningful, very sadly. The Portuguese police at the time suspected Gerry may have transported her in his tennis bag, as it mysteriously went missing and he refused to explain where it went. Hopefully she is found in that as I would like to see him try and explain that one away.

  5. all good comments , i dont think we will ever see an end to this case ..gracelandann