Tuesday 1 October 2013

The Mythical Child

I know I keep harping back to A Few Good Men, but I really do foresee one of those Courtroom drama moments on Wednesday when Gerry takes the stand.  Lets face it, he's quite a character. Will he try to flirt with the Judge as he did with lovely Sandra Felgueiras?  Will he treat the Defendants' lawyers as if they are a bit simple, maybe speak to them crossly, as though he were their dad? Will he discuss Team McCanns' very clear objectives, their wider agenda? Balloon days and candlelight vigils, a Madeleine Day for the whole world? 

Perhaps he will discuss the mental health issues suffered by himself and his wife.  Jeez, you'd need a couple of weeks for that and 'ologists' of every variety will be writing about it for years to come. For myself, it will be one big old blog with everything my itchy little fingers have been dying to say this past 6 years.  

But I digress, I am particularly looking forward to hearing about the McCanns' obsessive desire to keep all horrid headlines out of the UK.   Maybe a clue lies in Kate's reaction to the first police suspicions: 'what will my parents say'.  Indeed. 

By now it must be clear to the whole world and its wife, that the McCanns are using the Madeleine Fund to finance malicious libel actions against anyone who questions them.  Not content with the huge financial rewards the McCanns had already received, they also wanted the Law changed to protect them against any crisis they may have in the future,  Happily, the government momentarily regained its senses before altering the 1689 Bill of Rights to protect 'The Search for Maddie', and sanity prevailed.  

Madeleine didn't reach the age of 4, the mythical child did. The cherubic picture of Madeleine in her red dress, bore no resemblance to the up to date picture of the little girl clutching the tennis balls that had been taken that week.  Regardless, the cute toddler picture was the one the parents decided to go with and by dawn the tapas group were handing out hastily run off A4 copies of the baby faced Madeleine in her Christmas frock.  

The picture became iconic, the pretty angelic child grabbed our attention, appealed to all our maternal and paternal emotions. The mythical child drove the mythical search, the only thing real was the cash that was piling up.  By June 2007, the McCanns went from not knowing they needed a Fund at all, to a desperate need for more and more cash. The newspapers rushed to get first front pages of a pretty little blonde girl peeping out from her Moroccan Mother's backpack without questioning why on earth an impoverished family from rural Morocco would want to steal a western child?  The search became more ridiculous and the headlines more sensational.

The parents registered their copyright to the mythical Madeleine brand and saturated the media with heart rendering pictures and appeals to the masses.  Again and again, the parents told us there was no evidence Madeleine had come to any harm, she was a real, findable child who could be returned to her loving family if we all prayed and contributed to her Fund.     

The mythical Madeleine is growing up before our eyes, as age progression pictures remind us of how she might look now.  We have a 6 year old Maddie,  an 8 year old Maddie and even an Asian Maddie, handy I suppose if her skin changes colour or she is being raised by a nice family with a place in the sun.  The UK backed the 'Madeleine is alive' myth, our own Scotland Yard producing the most recent image for the McCann Fund Campaign and a Court is threatening a man with prison if he dares say otherwise.  

The thing is, what does 'search' actually mean? I think it should be clearly defined, because some of the more virulent McCanns supporters are criminally insane.  I fear for young blonde girls the world over.  Actually, I fear too for swarthy foreigners who walk funny and of course Victoria Beckham lookalikes.  Obviously, child snatchers, the lot of them.  But sticking with hope.  I doubt there is a doctor or dentist on this planet who is not aware of Missing Madeleine and her very distinctive eye, presuming of course that she is being well cared for.  The 'Cleveland' option is unthinkable.

From a non cuckoo land perspective, the fact is both the blood and cadaver dogs alerted in Apartment 5A and Madeleine has not been seen for more than 6 years.  Why then are people being prosecuted for believing she is dead? 


  1. Thank you a very interesting round up of the case (saga) to date. Personally, if I may I don't care a toss about the money. I feel warm inside to think of the gratitude of April Jones's family when £72k was donated that will be divided between local charities, with a specific donation from the funeral going to a child in Africa the same age as April. Because this demonstrates the warmth of people who try to help and what mankind is really about.

    And despite the fact that we don't believe Madeleine is alive, there isn't a person who has been touched by the case who don't continue to live in hope. Even if the only hope is to allow her a final resting place.

    The hearing in Lisbon, Joana Morasis blog says it all to day with it's, quote of the day, from the express http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2013/09/quote-of-day_30.html

    “Kate and Gerry do not have to give evidence so they do not need to be here. I am confident of winning.'' from Isabel Durate
    lst September 2013

    It speaks volumes that there was no concern about the new laws concerning libel hearings. Yet, here we have someone turning up wanting to participate.

    There are rules apparently about substitute witnesses and the notice required to give. But still confusion over the case being old law or can be heard as 'new' law. So why the last minute change ................ say no more.

    As for the rest of the case, I have my own opinion based on life's experiences. So I've given up trying to consider it from the start and I am now working backwards from the last sighting, the Smith family.


  2. Excellent summary of the liars plan,well done

  3. Brilliant. xxx

  4. Thanks, you have really captured what we all feel. I will never profess to understand this McCann couple, except perhaps to say, they started something that they just feel they cannot put down.

  5. They have not proved their case that Amaral libelled them and caused them extreme distress, or prevented the search. They are free to search as long and as hard as they want. Whichever way he plays it, Gerry McCann is not going to save the day and is going to make a fool of himself.

    Nicely written post. Thanks.

  6. Brilliant post thanks x

  7. Great blog, can't believe I've only just found it, thanks!

  8. Another myth, or so I believe, is that Scotland Yard commissioned the latest image of what Maddy might look like. I understand the reality is that the Fund commissioned it but the McCanns credited the Met for it. Maybe they were putting the message out there that Scotland Yard believed Maddy was abducted.

  9. well said Bell . gracelandann x

  10. Trish Cameron in the witness box.

    "When they came back to the UK, the people supported them. After the book was published, the number of supporters decreased"

    There you have it. For supporters read donators to their Ltd Company. How else could they possibly measure the amount of support?

    I hope Mr Amaral's Lawyer asks how the support was calculated, as one would need to know the figures before the book. in order to claim that support had decreased after.

    I would ask.
    What support are you referring to? Who were those supporters?
    What figures do you have as to the decline?

    I guess that they are mad, furious that the donations were dropping off in the natural way, but had to blame someone. Someone who had money to compensate them for what they were losing and thought GA would roll over as the Express Group did.

    Good on you GA, thumbs up from me also.

  11. Please read my post from the lst October I'VE BEEN BANGING MY HEAD AGAINST A BRICK WALL. Well so have all of us, not just me.