Sunday, 15 December 2013

It is easier to fool people, than to convince them they have been fooled. [Mark Twain]

Ain't that the truth in the case of missing Madeleine McCann.  There are going to be a lot of very red faces when the Truth Of The Lie becomes known, and all signs point towards January 7th 2014, the final day of the McCanns v. Amaral libel trial.

It will not be the day of judgment unfortunately, that we will have to wait for, but it may well see Gerry and Kate on the witness stand giving evidence. They have asked for permission to speak, and for the for the moment are awaiting the Judge's decision.  So too is Goncalo Amaral, who has put in a similar request.  If the requests are granted, the trial will end with barristers for each of the parties summing up.

If this were the Wild West, the forthcoming trial would be the equivalent of the Gunfight at the OK Corral, the protagonists are finally coming face to face and they ain't messing about this time.  Unfortunately for them, the Lawman Goncalo Amaral is waiting for them, this time, he has back up, and they are big guns, whose testimony carries weight.  Lawman Amaral will not back down.

If I were a gambler, I would say the investigation was not going well for the McCanns.  The Smith family sighting has had the public airing they hoped to avoid, and everything has gone quiet, including the kerching of the online shop. 

Time has not been kind to the abduction story, or the incredible Team McCann Campaign, some might say, in retrospect, it all looks like staging, phoney even. The need to raise money for only one child went into the realms of ridiculous. The Fund stacked up to millions, the amount unknown, the 'transparent' Fund accounts give no details.  Yet, by November 2010, the McCanns were appealing for more money, £10 for a 24hr hotline, £20 for tat and £30 for more tat etc. We know previous phone calls were not followed up, not by the PI's, nor by the family, which makes it appear that the appeals had little to do with the 'Search'. 

At least two firms of private detectives employed by the McCanns have since faced criminal charges. It would seem, the only genuine report obtained by the McCanns was suppressed and the PI who wrote it was threatened with legal action should he ever make it public. 

Those still demanding we should believe the McCanns, because it would unkind not to, need to step out of Lilliput, take the blinkers off, and re-program their thinking - the child, Madeleine, was the victim, not the parents.  I really cannot see any way for all those red faces to be avoided, other than heavy panstick stage makeup, because some day soon they are going to have to say those words we all stumble over and hate to say, 'Sorry, I was wrong'.  


  1. i wonder if they will ever prove there guilt ?or if kate has a break down and admits all .gracelandann

  2. I count on a breakdown. When Kate is without Gerry at her side, she generally swim in mistakes. She is not stable, very nervous.
    About their guilt : if maddie's remains are found wrapped in the pink blanket, it will be the proof.

    1. Hi Graceland ((hug))

      I'm not so sure, she is a bit of an iron lady, kept her cool while Gerry had a hissy fit when asked about the blood found in the apartment.

      How she will act in the witness box, remains to be seen. In fact, I wonder if the Judge will allow both of them to be heard. Will they share the stand, hands and limbs entwined?

    2. Hi Bell ,Ive heard it said , a tea bag can be strong in hot water ,when removed it burst .
      shes stood strong all along , but we all have a breaking point .
      hope your well cant e mail you have you changed addy ?xx gracelandann

  3. If the judge allows them to give evidence, will it be to speak? I know KM requested to give written evidence, I can't see her wanting to be griddled by Goncalo's barrister. I'll keep my fingers crossed for taking the stand. Oh to be there.

  4. why would you want to target a couple who have lost a child, they shouldn't have left them , but they don't deserve all this.

    1. Rosalinda has never targeted anyone in her life.

      As for the neglect, there is absolutely no evidence that any of those children were ever left alone; dinner was served at the Millennium restaurant only.

  5. Madeleine's disappearance has not to do with the fact that she was left alone but to to with the fact that at least one of the parents was at home.

  6. rosalinda, it seems that your e-mail postbox is full. my emails are coming back.

  7. there you went again, cristobell. A Soviet crashed you.

  8. Merry Christmas Rosalinda, all the best for this New Year from all your Spanish readers

  9. I am still waiting..
    THere is an arrrest comming, so you can read.
    And Maddie is still alive..
    She didn't made het 4th birthday..
    The twins are doing great,they say, but i know there were children scared to go to sleep, when the story came out.
    Afraid to go to bed, afraid that they will be left alone to.
    Afraid the door stays open.
    Afraid it will happen to them to..
    Kate seems to think it would have happened on other circumstances to.
    Madeline was very special,really.. the abducter bring het up like her own...
    I think God took her..
    The Mccanns are living a LIE, not a life..
    Still waiting for the arrest.
    Almost a week.

    End 2013 is was on tv again in the Netherlands and Germany..
    900 calls..
    If I hate my ex, I call.
    Like make pictures of girls who look a bit like Madeleine.
    The Mccann ans friends left their little children.
    They didn't LOOK after them, they listened at the door?
    Why bother?? to look?
    Kate wanted to shut the door without looking.
    The door slammed, so she did look, and noticed?
    Most kids get out of bed...searching fot parents.

    And 2 persons saw a man with a sleeping child.
    Now she was 'taken' because she was awaken?
    UNSEEN. a man with crying kid?
    Hmm, sure..
    Take a pick from the new calls..

    But Maddie didn't make het birthday.
    No way, she's out there, with het trademark eye..
    I think it's so insane..

  10. Mikaeel Kular the mother let everyone go on searching for him , and knew she had buried him in the forest at the back of her sisters house .Children dont get up in the middle of the night and walk out of the house .

  11. Humans are pack animals by nature, the media are the master manipulators who run with the hare and chase with the hound.
    Wouldn't it be poetic justice if the attention that's been generated by little Madeleine McCann's parents trying to sue Goncalo Amaral was the catalyst for turning the tide towards truth and justice. I believe the tide has indeed turned. I also believe Goncalo Amaral will be vindicated. Unfortunately the msm will continue to chase hares and run from hounds, it's the nature of their game.