Monday 27 January 2014


The best Celebrity Big Brother yet, but only one clear winner in my eyes, the bold, brash, cheeky, but big hearted Luisa.  Lee's mum had it spot on when asked who she would choose between Jasmine and Casey and she said without a moment's hesitation, neither, she would choose Luisa.  As the mother of two sons, I would have said exactly the same!  What a gal, I would be proud to be her Mum, apart from some of the sauciness that is, as it makes my toes curl.

Luisa is one of those people for whom asking for the moon is a mere formality, her optimism and enthusiasm for everything has been a joy to watch.  While the boring, self obsessed Lee moaned as they entered the Polar task, dog kennel, Luisa's little face lit up at the prospect of whatever it was, good or bad, behind that door. 

I didn't like her when she torpedoed the lovely little posh fella on The Apprentice, and I couldn't understand why he had nothing but good to say about her.  Now I get it.  She works her socks off for what she wants - good luck to her, if she were a man she would be admired and encouraged.  As a woman she is berated, the public seemingly preferring a right wing dinosaur who thinks a woman's place is behind an ironing board!   

Luisa has fun, and she has shown that its OK for women to have fun, maybe not quite as much fun as she has, for those of us who are knocking on a bit, but fun nevertheless.  No man will ever lead her a dog's life over her past.  Luisa is Girl Power in action, and the mums out there should be cheering her on! I would like to see a post modern feminist telling Luisa she can't have it all, her reply would be, 'yes I can, you just watch me!'  I don't think it matters to her whether she wins or not, she will succeed at whatever she does.  

As for the rest of the survivors, I am presently cringing as the boys play peek a boo with their towels and Casey trying to delude herself (and several million viewers) that she is happy to remain just friends with the embarrassingly horny Lee.  If you read this Casey, you will look back on this one day and laugh with your pals, because we've all been there.  I once assisted my best mate in going through her ex's dustbin at the dead of night, I have no idea what we were looking for btw, it was in the days before FB and the internet, when stalking ex boyfriends involved wearing dark clothing and sitting in cars. I knew she would do the same for me.  Not accusing you of stalking by the way, just pointing out what unrequited love can lead to.

I don't mind if Dappy wins, he needs the luuuve, or Sam, because she is one of life's real ladies and another one, whose mother should be really proud. Olly is wonderful, and his Valentino like face should be on the front cover and in the centrespread of Vogue for we old birds to look at and sigh.  Is he an airhead? Who cares.

My biggest nightmare would be seeing Jim Davidson declared winner of this year's Celebrity Big Brother.  He is not a pantomime villain, he's the real thing.  A manipulating, narcissistic, misogynist, and I bet there are thousands of women out there who have met and married 'Jims' and spent the rest of their lives plotting their escape.    

I shudder at the thought of him winning, and I shudder at those women (Casey's mother included) who are not seeing what is really going on.  I'm actually getting the creeps from Jim's relationship with Casey.  She is looking to him as a father figure, and he has taken on the role, but what's with his sneaky lewd remarks? After giving her a paternal cuddle was it really necessary for him to mention his fly zip? 

Please, whoever is voting him, think again, the man is awful, he was horrible in his heyday and he's an even worse now. I wonder what his four ex wives think of his performance? 

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  1. Oh Bell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now devastated, how on earth can you watch that brain numbing, excruciating programme lolol

    Jo xx