Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Lee Ryan is a knobhead - but give him a break

Jasmine and Casey will realise soon enough.  My sympathy lies with with the one who wins the prize.  As Cher once famously said 'Some women get all worked up about absolutely nothing, then they marry him'.  Its not exactly going to be a relationship based on trust and the poor wimp will forever be looking back to the one 'who really loved him' with a sigh.

But hey, give the guy a break.  If you place a horny young man into a hotbed of beauty and tease, he will react!  Its the Big Brother house and its a game.  I wouldn't mind betting that at least 50% (if not more) of the men out there would have done exactly the same as he did. What guy wouldn't want Jasmine and Casey fighting over him? And what heterosexual guy could refuse the luscious Casey a 'friendly' cuddle?  Go on, ask the man there with you if he would tell the stunningly beautiful Casey to go back to her own bed and see if he can reply with a straight face.  

Sadly, or happily, some might say, while our hormones are arranging a mating session with the nearest unsuitable mate, our brains have no say in the matter. Throw in liquor and its a done deal.  And its not just men.  If an average looking woman had the undying attention of George Clooney and Brad Pitt, she would be sprinting between the two boudoirs with the speed of Usain Bolt - and most of us would cheer her on and say 'you go girlfriend'.  

I'm not knocking Lee, he's only human, bless, it was the foot stamping, the lying and the whining that lost him votes.  I actually found it hilarious, he was torn between two lovers, his libido and several million viewers   He should have just shrugged his shoulders, winked at the camera and admitted it was beyond his control.

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  1. Cristobell, am shocked and a little saddened by your use of the term 'knobhead'. Its unbecoming and crude, and just seems a bit beneath you.