Sunday, 16 February 2014


Dear Lord, I'm concerned about this 'No Suspect' Sunday.  Some poor sap may be locked up in a Portuguese prison cell on trumped up charges of child abduction and burglary.  I am guessing it will be someone with a substance abuse problem and a very poor memory, because he can't remember doing it.  Nor can he remember if he told his mates (if he had any).  Nonetheless, he will be charged with The Crime of the Century and burglary and never eat a meal that hasn't been spat on again.  

The McCanns will not only be exonerated, Rome will once more prepare itself, this time for their canonisation and we doubters will be confined to purpose built prison ships while the McCann Fund seizes our assets.  They meanwhile, will probably be knighted for services to Charity Fund Directors, and Kate's next book will be entitled 'The Perfect Parent - How To Be Like Me'.  Gerry will be appointed Witchfinder General Head of UK Press Control, and all future news will come from the McCann Broadcasting Channel.  Only stories that urge donations to The Fund and tales of fluffy wuffy bunny wabbits will be considered.  Madeleine's image (toddler) must serve as a constant reminder to donate.  The best form of justice for the child is to ensure her parents live well. 

Of course, the only place all of this can occur (we hope) is in McCann Cuckoo Land.  Its inhabited by loopy people walking around with candles and the self righteous.  On the plus side, it has a dedicated section for the criminally insane and a hands on Vicar with a special liking for spirits.  All are welcome, the deranged especially, if you can't donate cash, donate hours, use your free time to spit venom and abuse at random strangers on the internet.  You will get your rewards in heaven.  

Don't be put off by the air of lunacy that pervades the atmosphere, in time you too will carry a banner of hope and a suitcase full of Madeleine posters wherever you go.  Happy holiday resorts and private hoteliers particularly welcome pictures of a tragic toddler stolen from her bed while the family were enjoying a carefree sojourn.  We do not however recommend these for UK holiday destinations as we do not wish to damage their tourist industry.  Besides, the idea that Madeleine may be in the UK is as preposterous as it is ludicrous.  She is much more likely to have been taken to a location inhabited by swarthy types where she would stand out like a sore thumb, especially with her unique eye.  Lets keep it real.

The truly deluded are frantically praying (that their identities are never discovered) and may even claim they shared in Gerry's epiphany.  They too, were sent on a mission to raise as much money as they could search for Madeleine, and raise awareness of the vital need to continue searching for attractive missing kids worldwide and the constant need for funds. 


  1. Well..
    No body found, but a huge media
    I mean bigger crimes in own country don't have that media attention.
    Not even years afterwards..
    Natalee en Maddie do..
    Missing prove they are dead or alive.
    Even Politics involving.

    'The Perfect Parent - How To Be Like Me'.

    K&G shouldn't bring in the twins.
    They are victums to.
    I mean.. the abducter.. if younger children are to be kept.
    Or even if they are watched before.
    Like the Mccanns claimed
    They had a greater be 'taken'
    Meanwhile.. how many Maddie look alikes SHOULD be taken?
    Why is she THAT special?

    The travelagency in the U.K are not reported of the abductionstory's i read in the U.K papers?

    The U.k is making a fool of themselves..
    K&G royal decent parents do carry out the standards of parenting.
    They made a mistake...
    Like overdrawn on the bank.
    if she was hurt, not their mistake.
    It happened to in other circumstances..

  2. over drawn at the bank ?so going out leaving the children is ok , if they had been where they should have been in the appartment , maddie would not be missing . would she ?

  3. Those words are quotes from the parents.
    I mean.. I feel sorry for the twins, they SEEM to be bigger targets IF there was an abduction to keep the 'younger children.'
    So even no abduction proved, they still continue that story on tv.
    Not a word about safety in gneral..
    But Millions of farmers leave their children to work on the field.
    Every SINGLE parent loose the children sometimes..
    It is not the same..
    It is their kid, not ours.
    Their responsebility to get their children safe.
    The abducted children like Natasja Steven or other found after years..
    They were abducted from the street.
    Abductions from home.. are familie or randsome.

    Madeleleine was the oldest child from the Tapas..
    So.. It is strange to take the biggest child, then.
    Drugging the children,Passing the cots, handgloves on, cleaning up, made the bed, waiting , behind the door..for Geryy to leave.
    Jane didn't saw gloves did she..
    Saw someone carry a first.
    Yeah.. this burgler has talent..
    Should be robbing banks or musea..
    Meanwhile K&G are not decent at all..
    U.K parenting seems to be like having a pet.
    The McCanns said it was NOT THEIR MISTAKE, but there were babysitting services..
    Why did they choose to eat, and check..themselves?
    Or.. they love to leave their diner?
    Why did they go out wining and dining?
    Take care of their friends?
    They are not stupid youngsters teenage parents, but 'decent' ones..
    The best ever..
    Their friends and family told
    The U.K does agree..
    Instead or randsome money ( hope i spell it right)
    The search for Madeleine seems search for money.
    Even S.Y is involved..
    So Kate shouldn't even look inside to see her kids..
    The door slammed, so she did..
    If it was like in their own garden, own home..
    I don't think Madeleine was that famous.
    In PDL..i noticed every key Wittness are British..or U.K citizen..
    I wonder if in PDL are many Portugese people..
    So.. they traced the phones..
    Does it mean..every call made are still to be trace?
    S.Y is tracing every phonecall abroad?
    Must be busy then..
    Still they can't made an arrest.
    Or using this' tracing' to solve other crimes in the U.K.

  4. When all this is over and the huge cover-up complete, I really hope they suffer for the rest of their life's. It's obvious to most people that these two are as guilty as hell, so I ask myself just what is keeping them out of jail? It must be so disheartening to you Cristobell, and all the other truth seekers that this extraordinary case seems to be hitting a brick wall, I take my hat off to you and all your forum friends who have tried so hard to make the public aware of this truly unfathomable jigsaw of a case, I just hope one day Madeleine gets the justice she deserves and hope i'm still around to witness it.

    God bless Madeleine xx

  5. God help them if they are found guilty there'll be no hiding place. The fund they started on the pretense it was to find their daughter should be frozen, until it's proven they had nothing whatsoever to do with Madeleine's disappearance.

  6. One things for sure when this mystery comes to a conclusion, if they manage to stay out of prison, can you imagine any holiday company wanting them as guests!! They give me the creeps just watching them on video, so actually coming into contact with them on holiday is more than my weak heart could stand.