Friday, 7 November 2014


Unfortunately, my attempts to start a Revolution on Wednesday resulted in rather a damp squib!  It was reminiscent of a time in my life when I falsely claimed organisational skills on my CV and fecked up at least 20 appointments and 3 seminars.  Note to self, do not attempt to organise anything ever again, not even a drinking session in a brewery. 

Apparently, there is a lot more to stirring up a mob than watching The Motor Cycle Diaries and knowing all the words to The Red Flag (as do all visitors to my home, it is pinned to the loo door :) ).  And in this day and age, how to send and receive text messages is essential Doh! (blushing smiley), as indeed is a rapid course on how to use the internet technology effectively, ok, I'm standing in the corner now facing the wall.   

'I say old chap' and 'its just not cricket' doesn't really cut the mustard when one is part of a mob storming the Houses of Parliament. In retrospect, my choice of venue may not have been one of my brightest ideas, though my green tea and home made scones went down rather well with a 7ft Jesus and his hip hop companions!  I did manage do a 30minute interview with a Hungarian journalist and I spoke to a few other reporters. Everyone agreed the McCann case is a cover up and scam, but meeting up with people and the Madeleine message was lost in overall cause, Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square were chocabloc, doh!

Would I do it again!  Absolutely!  The atmosphere was electric and all of the people so good natured.  Age, colour, ability or disability, it mattered not.  On the rare occasion I go to a pub, I usually find all the nice people are outside (no matter what the weather, lol) smoking, or even not smoking and having a laugh.  That's how it felt on Wednesday night. 

I didn't stay late, I had the hospital yesterday, but had I been 20 years younger I would have! Did it achieve anything?  Probably not, I remember all too well the Marches against the War in Iraq, and how the voices of the people fell onto deaf ears.  But it reminds those in power that WE are the many, and they are the few, something they seem to forget at times. 

Will I give up on Revolutions, not at all, but before I attempt to start another one, will check out local college courses, or maybe google 'how to start an uprising?' - have been studying Wat Tyler lately but I don't think it ended too well for him :( 


  1. Great write-up Linda and once again well done for taking part in the march for Madeleine and Linda.

    Kathy from Facebook

  2. Well done from me too, you have great courage. I saw some of it on the news and it looked very nasty, not something I would have liked getting involved with I'm afraid but hats off to you for braving it out.

    I believe the Revolution is still on-going in Brussels, according to today's news. So the UK isn't the only EU down trodden country who is getting sick of the Establishment's jack boot approach of politics.

  3. Many thanks for your efforts and without running the risk of sounding too shmaltzy, at least you stuck your neck out, planted a few seeds, met some interesting people and made your own scones.

    Oh, and more importantly, shared them.

    Goddess bless and blessed be. (Not a misandrist or anything, just bigging up the divine feminine).

    Well done you. xx

  4. I came down but couldn't find you .

  5. Hi
    Just to say I have been banned from JH forum for being disruptive. Looking for a new home and forum to discuss the Madeleine case. Could you recommend one? Where there is amiable discussion and no bullying ? Any advice helpful. HelenMeg

    1. What, need a meg-aphone Helen, doing the rounds I see? You've already joined cristobell/candyfloss forum so why are you asking apart from **** stirring?

      As for helpful advise, don't tempt me.

  6. Get back on MMM miss your input


  7. Well at least you had the guts to try. I am sick to death of this fiasco and the pussyfooting around this couple, people afraid now to even question ANYTHING to do with these two disgusting individuals, the truth WILL out one day, in all honesty, I hope they didn't have anything to do with this poor little soul's disappearance, but their behaviour speaks volumes imo!
    Keep up the good work lady! Miss you!
    Love Jo xxx