Monday, 3 November 2014

Wednesday's March

Following the recent tragic death of Brenda Leyland, I will be joining the Anonymous March in Trafalgar Square, Central London on Wednesday 5th November if anyone wants to join me, from 4.00p.m. - official march begins at 6.00pm.

Brenda was the latest victim in a long running campaign by Gerry and Kate McCann to shut down internet discussion about their daughter's disappearance.  It reared its head with the publication of the Summers and Swan book, where the authors officially labelled those who didn't believe the McCanns abduction story as haters and trolls, and culminated in an entire day of rolling news exposing Brenda Leyland as a hate filled troll.  All of which has since been disproved.

Brenda was NOT a troll, she didn't threaten or abuse anyone, she was a concerned member of the public who knew, as many of us do, that the authorities and the Mainstream Media have not been telling the truth about this case.  Gerry McCann demanded that an example be made of one of those who criticised himself and his wife, and for whatever reason Brenda Leyland was selected.  Why she was selected is a mystery, one that will hopefully be revealed by the Inquest. Other posters had made far worse remarks than Brenda ever did, so why did Sky News, or the dossier compilers select her?

I want the authorities to know that we will be watching the Inquest very carefully, and that we know the truth.  I want to see Brenda's good name and reputation restored and I want to see to see apologies to her family.  There will be many who want this shameful episode forgotten and brushed under the carpet, and for Brenda's sake we should make sure this never happens.

For 7 years, we in the UK have been watching a circus, a debacle, a cover up on a spectacular scale that might well lead to the very heart of the establishment - we just don't know.  This case was solved by the Portuguese police 7 years ago, but for some reason the UK cannot or will not accept their conclusions.  The original lead detective was taken off the case, and ever since we have had nothing but smoke and mirrors. 

During the worst financial crisis I have seen in my lifetime, the UK government are pouring millions of pounds of public funds into a cold case that can never be resolved until all the main characters are included in the investigation! 

Something that is looking increasingly less likely as the years go by.

My protest is not against the family, lord knows they have enough to deal with, and I hope that anyone who joins me will not abuse nor harass them, there are innocents involved.

I do however want to harass the politicians, and ask why not one of them, not even a rogue one, has had the guts to ask in parliament what on earth is going on in this case?  People like Brenda, myself and thousands of others are asking questions that should be coming from those who represent us.  And asking those questions should not be a public order offence, a small child disappeared and that should concern everyone.

Unfortunately, this case has become so much more than that of a missing child.  It is being used as a means to introduce policing of the internet, it has become a direct threat to Freedom of Speech.  The McCanns and their most vociferous supporters claim their lives are affected by what is said about them online - Seriously?  And I say this as the victim of every sick, depraved, troll and stalker on the net for the past 7 years - try googling my name!   In my opinion, if internet abuse bothers you that much, you should stay out of the public eye! 

Ditto the #McCann hashtag on twitter, its a battleground, the skill lies in outwitting and spearing your opponent in 140 characters, its not everyone's cup of tea, but for some it saves kicking the dog.  However, if you are of a sensitive disposition, steer clear, there are zillions of other hashtags!  Such is human nature weirdos will crop up in every walk of life, running to the teacher, a policeman or whoever you deem appropriate to take charge of your life, will not make them go away.  No-one has that power.  It is impossible to legislate against human nature.

Some people fail to understand that the only control they have, is over their own lives - outside enemies, dangers, etc, will always be there, it is how they react to them that matters.  If they allow those fears to get inside their heads and grow out of proportion, that is their own choice, but they have just bypassed the ONLY part of the action and the reaction they had control of.   

A law cannot be tailor made to fit the McCanns' internet needs.  Any law that protects victims and parents will affect ALL victims and parents.  Ergo, we can never again criticise anyone with offspring.  What we are witnessing is megalomania in action, but it suits those who want to bring in tighter controls over the internet. 

Conspiracy is not a dirty word, conspiracies can and do happen, history is littered with them.  There are indeed Dr. Evils stroking their white cats and plotting ways and means in which to take over the world through the power of the internet.  At the moment it is LAWLESS, its classless - they'll let anyone in and there isn't a VIP lounge.  History is now all inclusive, the masses can have  their say, no-one is excluded, there isn't an elite. Eeeeek.

The McCanns and their supporters (perhaps one hand washes the other?) want legislation that will make having an opinion a criminal offence - and it won't just apply to their case (much as they might like that) it will apply to EVERY case. This is a couple who fought for a book to be banned (succeeded in UK) and who have sued and threatened to sue anyone who criticises them.  Are they really the best people to be advising a government on privacy law? The UK already has the most draconian libel laws in the world, what else is there left to gag?

The McCanns with the best spin doctors public donations can buy, are very good at manipulating public opinion.  They went from parents who committed an act of gross negligence to tragic heroes anointed by the Pope and feted by the Great and Good!  Convincing the public that Freedom of Speech on the internet is a dangerous thing, should be a piece of cake!

For Madeleine's sake, for Brenda's sake and for the sake of Freedom of Speech we need to make a stand. 


  1. I agree with everything you have so eloquently said. The McCanns will soon be ruling the world, not just the UK. I wish I could join you in London but I am too far away.

    Good luck.

  2. Well said I agree with every single word Ros Be with you in thought on Wednesday I admire you for raising awareness and aiming to gain justice for Madeleine McCann and Brenda Leyland Thank you

  3. Sock it to 'em Ros, the stuffed shirts and arrested development sufferers are in dire need of a metaphorical check up from the neck up!

    Shine a light, good luck, happy hunting and teach only those who are willing to learn, as for the rest ...pfff ... NEXT!

  4. Very well said.What has gone on in this case is unbelievable As you say the Portuguese and some of the British Police had this case worked out 7 years ago.The power the parents have is astounding and makes people wonder WHY..I think this is the biggest giveaway that it is not just about protecting them but protecting someone or something much bigger than them.Look at recent events,Gerry complains about people tweeting about them/the case and Brenda Leyland was doorstepped ending in tragedy.Who else would have the power to do that and so fast after him complaining that people must be made examples of.Poor Brenda was one of millions who didn't believe their abduction story.I hope there is a very good and peaceful turn out on Wednesday,for Madeleine,Brenda, Goncalo Amaral who has suffered so much in seeking Justice for Madeleine and for everyone else who has been affected by this circus of a case.P.S. Will the parents get a Knighthood in the New Year? Nothing would shock me now.

  5. That pair of odious bastards will be at the forefront of microchipping the masses.

  6. Love your blog Linda, and have to say this is probably the best yet :)
    Barring natural disaster or serious illness I will be there.
    We MUST make a stand - for Brenda, for Maddie and for our birthright - free opinions! X

  7. A previous poster suggested an alternative conspiracy, which actually appears to make a heck of a lot more sense than the one that you are convinced about.

    What if the authorities of Praia da Luz were so concerned about the bad publicity that a child abduction would bring on their local tourist industry that the most convenient explanation was to point the finger at the McCanns for the killing and subsequent hiding of their daughter's body?

    1. That might make the tiniest bit of sense if there was one single piece of evidence that Madeleine was actually abducted. There is, however, none whatsoever. The only forensic evidence points to the parents. And the only evidence of changing stories, lies etc in statements and so-on lies with the parents and their friends.

    2. If there was sufficient evidence, they would have been charged. The lack of actual evidence points much more to a local political conspiracy to cover up a crime that would seriously affect the financial situation of a family holiday destination than a conspiracy theory relating to the cover up of the crimes of two individuals.

      They have previous. Take a look at Goncalo Amaral's record in the Leonor Cipriano case. The child's body was never discovered then either and his cronies had obtained a confession from her mother after 48 hours of brutal questioning - they said that she'd fallen down stairs.

      Don't you think it a bit of a co-incidence - two missing children, two accused mothers, one tourist resort, one police officer.

  8. I'm doing the march as well it would be great to hook up. Will be wearing my I'm Brenda Leyland sign.

  9. Anonymous 14.56 - sure thing.

  10. What might have seemed like a good idea at the time is now slowly but surely unravelling.

    It can't be easy living the lives of the more decent Luz participants, but what of the two core protagonists holed up in that house on the edge of a rural village, the evidence suggests that residents are suspicious, tongues are a wagging and furtive figures are pointing fingers.

    So why not move, start afresh, sell up?

    Why are they still living in that house, they stayed away from it for months during the heady days of proactive campaigns and cheap balloons.

    Ms Healy states quite clearly that Gerry didn't stay at the family home when he first went back to the UK, so what is it about that house that was so unappealing in 07, but now they won't leave?

    My instincts tell me there is something about Orchard House that is not quite right, and it has nothing to do with the builder or the pre~06 provenance, maybe they should bring in Time Team or summat.

    Just saying, something doesn't feel right, and even a Leicestershire lady's dog got spooked .....why?

    What is going on, and why so many composite photographs? If I didn't know better I would think we were looking for a boy of eight and not the photogenic, iconic face of a girl of just three; Seriously, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Robin Hood ..a little mimic who was good at accents!!

    Give me a break, who writes this "Win Win" twaddle?

    No, not buying it, the official story that is, not just selective bits of it but all of it, especially the bring her back home drive, why would I believe that from a bunch of reverse psychology merchants, and why would I believe C.P's birthday is on the 28 February when its not?

    1. Interesting post Anon 4 Nov 12:24. Yes something odd about Orchard house isn't there...I think we would find a few answers there. Forgive me for being a bit slow but who is CP?

    2. Interesting post anon Nov 4th 12:24 - yes something very odd about Orchard House, a few answers there I should think. Who is CP?

    3. Sorry for double post. CP = as in one of the nannies anon Nov 4th 12:24?

  11. I wish I could be there on Wednesday. I hope you have a good turnout. How many have confirmed? It's a pity it will be dark.

    Remember the pumpkin photo? Khandola said the photo was taken at Halloween, three months before Madden disappeared. Anyone else find that odd? More 'confusion' being thrown into the mix by Gerry?

    I've another ask, Brenda Leyland's toxicology was due back 3 November. Has anyone heard the outcome yet?

  12. Hey Cristobell - hope you have a wonderful day out in London - all power to you and best wishes. missbeetle

  13. Dear Cristobell.

    I would like to give away £200 to you and your Wednesday´s March friends.

    You are free to use the money as you wish!
    One condition: You must never disclose my identity/personal information to anyone.

    The transaction will be made via PayPal, therefore I need your e-mail address.

    Kind regards from a member of the two forums: Madeleine McCann Mystery and Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann.

  14. Dear Cristobell. Did you see my message?

  15. I have made an Ad hoc member account on MMM, and written on the Today´s March so you can pm me if you like

  16. I have raised it to £212 because 200 is such a silly number :-)

  17. Many many thanks dear friend, it will be lattes all round! My lips will remain sealed, but your kindness will not be forgotten :)

  18. Lattes all round???

    Shouldn't you be donating the money to a children's charity?

    1. How boring, charity is so last year!

      Cristobell (the unsung Techie) and her Marchmallow friends should be spending the money on themselves.

      How dare I say this? Simply because: charity is so last year! zzzzzZZZZZZ

      (and by the way I did give them the money to buy whatever they want).

  19. I was thinking about you all last night and do hope it all went well. Hopefully you'll be letting us know as soon as you are ready.