Wednesday, 31 December 2014

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A year ago, at almost 57, I was nearly 5 stone overweight, size 22,  fat sick and manically depressed.  By giving up processed food, following a high fibre, low calorie diet and taking up 40 minutes exercise a day,I have lost nearly 5 stone, most of it when I began to take exercise.  I have more energy now than I did in my 20's and am loving my new size 12 clothes!  As a food lover and exercise hater, I inadvertently stumbled across the easiest way in the world to lose weight and keep it off forever more and I want to share it with everyone! 

I approached my own weight loss regime by wondering how much I could eat, and how little exercise I could get away with.  Not the most enthusiastic approach in the world, but it worked!  As I began to get my health back, and it happened within days, I realised how ill I had been, and it all began with a 30 year old exercise tape! 

There is nothing complicated in my diet plan, it won't cost you anything more than £1.99 on Amazon, and if you take the helm as I suggest, you will be back in control within weeks. Who knew control of your waistline could also give you control of your life, but it does and I highly recommend it!

I have also opened a Reluctant Dieter's Facebook page ( for anyone who wants to share their stories and tips and get a bit of moral support and advice along the way.   

Happy New Year to all my readers.  There's a big welcome to all on my new facebook page, come on in and grab a glass of bubbly, or whatever takes your fancy, not the waiters please, and we can start conquering the world, one pound at a time!  Cheers!

The Reluctant Dieter's Guide to Health and Weight Loss, by Cristobell, available on Amazon 01/01/2015 :)


  1. I downloaded my copy yesterday,hoping to start Monday.Thanks Cristobell.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your book. As a 33 year old yo yo dieter whole is feeling especially porky after Christmas, it was a helpful reminder that if you get off you arse and control your eating, it's not difficult to lose weight. Best quote was 'have you ever tried to scrub the floor with a donut'. I have had a massive word with myself about priorities, eating fibre and getting healthy. Many thanks and would read more of your stuff if you released anything else.

  3. Many thanks Cazza, great to hear that you are getting on so well. I think learning about food as you go along, helps you to see it in a different way. I feel as though I have been hypnotised, I no longer see a cream cake or pastries, I see sugar and lard and I don't ever want to feel so ill again.

    Cazza, would you be kind enough to put what you have said above on the Amazon review page? I want to sell books of course, but I desperately want to get the message out there that it is possible to switch that lightbulb on in your head where you can look at food from the perspective of what it will do to your body before you eat it - that's the secret we have all been looking for!