Saturday, 3 January 2015

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE - hopefully not Tony

Does anyone remember the Highlander series from years ago? The Highlander was an immortal being who travelled through time seeking out and destroying others like him because 'there can be only one' - it was the strapline when he polished off his enemies by cutting off their heads - the only way you can kill a Highlander.  With two little lads it was compulsory viewing in our house and I would often hear the little one begging his older brother to release him from a headlock or whatever, pleading he was not a highlander and therefore not immortal.

Tony I think, has Highlander mentality.  In his mind 'there can be only one' and it has to be him. However, this has the effect that he is fighting against the very same 'enemies' as the McCanns, and of course he is doing it far more aggressively than the genteel parents, their official spokesmen or even the 'establishment' figures who support them.  Jim Gamble etc, do not have to condemn Sonia Poulton, 2&2TV or anyone else who are working towards the truth in this case, as Tony Bennett is doing it all for them. 

Historically, the McCanns have paid a fortune to keep their reputations clean and to scare away their enemies, it has made up a large part of the Fund's outgoings, PR people, press agencies, reputation managers etc, etc, it has been integral to their campaign.  They are of course fighting on several fronts now, and their disastrous PR stunt that left a member of the public dead, has led them to withdraw most of their troops on the social networks.  Exposing the Myths and Stop the Myths, those dossier compiling pro McCann websites have gone into shutdown and all the information they have on their critics (many of us included) has been shredded or filed away. 

The 'Myths' websites were the 'attack' arm of the McCann campaign.  They existed purely to attack anyone who questioned the McCanns by gathering information about them and in some cases naming, 'shaming' and contacting their employers and in my case, my publishers.  Tony is now doing this on Jill Havern's forum.

Tony now appears to be the only one left using negative, reputation destroying and sexist claims to silence the McCanns critics.  Whatever his motives may be, he is effectively aiding the parents by condemning their critics for them. And lets not forget the enormous amount of work that he has done to disprove the only sighting that counts, the one by the Smith family on the night of May 3rd 2007. I wouldn't be in the least surprised if one day we see a barrister for the Defence waiving documents filled with blue ink in front of a Judge.

Tony now appears to have exclusive rights on digging the dirt and naming and shaming McCann enemies.  His aggressive, proactive approach to this case, leaves Mr. Clarence (£70kpa) Mitchell twiddling his thumbs.  When Sonia's documentary is released, Team McCann have complete dossier of 'facts' with which to attack her.  The fact that Tony's research is woeful and biased won't matter a jot to them and he may even be named 'employee of the month'.

I kind of understand Tony's 'there can be only one' approach, he sees himself as a Martyr to the cause, right up there alongside Goncalo Amaral.  However, he is the antithesis of the dignified and stoic Dr. Amaral, who had no choice in becoming part of this nightmare.  Tony 'proacted' himself right into a law suit and onto the front pages of our more sensational tabloids with his horribly ill timed negligence case against the parents, and leafleting of their home town. Actions that appalled the majority of us, but had the unfortunate effect of tarring us all with the same 'hater/pitchforker' brush. 

Nobody elected Tony Bennett as spokesman, and he doesn't represent the majority of us.  We are here 7+ years on because we want truth and justice for the child who disappeared and we should support anyone who is trying to get the truth out there.  Tony Bennett's version of the truth is no different to Kate's, its one that suits an agenda.  And whatever that agenda is, is between Tony and his God, and hopefully the rest of us, when Mesdames Wall and Poulton take over from the dinosaurs.   

Ps.  Strange how all those fellow antis who post anonymously were perfectly happy for my writing career to be destroyed by my association with the McCann case, but are now screeching that I am using the Madeleine case to sell my book.  It seems they would prefer I spend the rest of my days in sackcloth and ashes rather than use the talents I have spent a lifetime crafting and fine tuning to earn my living. 

How am I cashing in on Maddie Aiyoyo?  My book, The Reluctant Dieter makes no mention of McCanns, Maddie or any other M word.  Is my writing to be blacklisted right across the board, even when it is focused on an entirely different subject?  Well Aiyoyo and rest of gang, away with you and all your nonsense, go sort your own lives out, I'm moving on.


  1. Here Here. Well said.

    It's all about the Tony with him. Attention seeking extremo.

    Always was and always will be.

    How anyone (I actually think very few do) take him seriously is beyond me.

  2. What follows, not too shabby?

    Bringing a private prosecution well before necessary (thus invalidating any further attempt by A Nother) and all for fifteen minutes of fame; big mistake.

    Refusing the first hurdle (capitulating) when first approached by Carter-Ruck, the biggest mistake of his life.

    Had Bennett stood firm and said F Y, I'll see you and your clients in court. Was something I find hard to forgive, and the golden opportunity to get the McCanns into a courtroom, lost (forever?)

    We all know what happens when someone calls their bluff, errr, can we settle this thing out of court Mister Amaral?

    Thou shalt not steal.

    Thou shalt not bear false witness.

    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours fist.

    1. Couldn't agree more 'Himself', Tony is a loose cannon who has caused untold damage to the case for truth and justice for Madeleine by getting us all labelled as unhinged extremists threatening the McCann family. His lack of self awareness is staggering and those encouraging him really ought to know better.

  3. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    1. Many thanks for the cliché sexist rebuttal, lol.

  4. In every successful organisation there is a good leader with a strong team to back the leader up. I don't see any good leaders and sadly the different "experts" seem to have an agenda of their own, I've never seen such a craving for power and domination as I have in the quest for justice for Madeleine. Sadly it's not unlike team McCann's various agendas.

    I've learned and relearned a lot through the process and IMO the real leaders are the ones who ignore the politics and study and question everything. Their contribution is usually drowned out by the bigger voices however they persevere quietly and determinedly. I could mention many many names but the two that I hold in the very highest regard are HiDeHo and Tigger.

    1. Deceit and political machinations make up 99% of the Madeleine McCann mystery and it won't just go away, it is the reason the missing child has never received justice. Tony is one of those opposing attempts to get the truth out to the general public, therefore he has invited criticism, just as the McCanns do when they try to ram their version of the truth down our throats.

      I too admire HiDeHo and Tigger, but having spent way too much time and suffered the backlash of public opinion, I'm not going to stand by silently as Bennett tears the case against the McCanns apart before it even reaches fruition.

  5. Bennett was given a get out clause - he signed an agreement and then abused it. After he made a fool of himself in court (by the way if you read everything he was even given the offer to settle before) he said live on TV that he would not comment on the case again - oh yeah? He has continued - he is a liar and you all applauded him and supported him at the time.

    Who are the fools here?

  6. Himself3 January 2015 at 06:21

    Bang on the money, he bottled it at Kirwans, then went on to untold damage !

  7. TPTB seem to let him get on with it - do they see him as doing their work for them? A bit like CMoMM has become recently - barking up the wrong tree under his leadership and `barking` as well.

  8. Millions of words have been written, but has anyone really investigated the actual background information of the so - called married parents which extends beyond the files?

    Has anyone got a copy of a cross - referenced and unbiasedly substantiated birth certificate?

    Amid all this mess, has any independent researcher dug into the doctorial qualifications of the couple, for instance McCann's assertion that he graduated Glasgow University in 1992 and not 2002?

    And whilst we are talking about taxpayer funded 'qualified' doctors, where has she ever worked?

    To this day people who should know better still refer to her as a qualified anaesthetist, she is not.

    She supposedly achieved her children through the intervention of IVF, and because melting Mitch told the sucker list world Healy had studied gyneocology and fascist Jane had gone with her, the implausible story has been left largely unchallenged ever since.

    Healy said on camera she had had laser surgery for ' a bit' and for ' about six months'
    for the condition of endometriosis, which may or may not have been relevant.

    Those words could only have been uttered by a person who knows absolutely diddly squat about gyneacology and even less about the scientific facts of aided conception.

    Hundreds of false statements said a Portuguese lawyer, yes indeed, and if you tell a lie tell a big one.

    I could go on, but I reckon in this made for television abduction plot it's only prudent to question everything, accept nothing as real because someone tells you it is, including people.

    Finally, wtf is that creepy, Gawd awful, Rothley garage all about? Rhetorical, the nightmares have verified its true worth and intention!!!

    Poor defenceless kid!!

  9. On another Forum not far from here there lived certain trolls who seem familiar to me, the very same people who criticize Cristobell were once contributors of the RT Forum which I once belonged. They got their mates to gang up on people who had different views to their own, until you either gave up and left out of sheer frustration or stayed, and made yourself ill trying to defend yourself.

    Keep up the good work Cristobell you're doing a grand job of keeping everyone informed on your blog. Don't let the buggers get you down.

  10. Forgot to say Ros, rise above them, keep yourself fighting fit and the opportunities will astound.

    That's my unscientific, feeling, sentient self talking!

    Give us a link? Let us prove all photo shopping beyond a reasonable doubt, and never let us forget to ask all the wrong questions...

    ... Meanwhile, back in a garden in Rothley.

    Yuk yuk yuk!

  11. Why does the Bennett side kick Aquila only want to attack women, particularly Cristobell.It is as if she has issues about her lack of education or background .She should realize lots of Scots from poor families go on to further education even later in life and behave with dignity.

  12. I used to enjoy reading your blog and posts on the forum, and I did quite admire you. However, I find this piece childish, bitter and beneath you. Personally I read both yours and Tony's points of view and found both interesting and worthy of contemplating. I really don't see any need to go to war with each other just because of a difference of opinion. In my eyes you are committing the same mistake as you are accusing Tony of doing: attacking him and the forum because of your different opinions. I don't mean to offend you, but as a regular reader of your blog, I just feel a little deflated that you are not capable of a bit more diplomacy.

    1. I agree. Ros, you are coming across as hateful. Stop it, you have let this attack on TB go on for too long

    2. 'The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing' Edmund Burke.

  13. Sonia Poulton is working towards the truth in the Madeleine McCann case? Could've fooled me! Wasn't it she who had the fraudster bloke Birch on her David Iclk show and allowed him to spout for an hour? As for 2&2TV, actually I suspected them all along of leading us all up the garden path and Pat Brown and TonyB's disclosures proved I was right all along!

    1. Journalists report the news as is, they don't choose a side and stick with it forever more. Whatever Birch might be, he was news and relevant to this case, and the public were interested in what he had to say. Haverns forum are doing the same as the McCanns, that is they demanding that the news be reported from their perspective alone and no other. Bennett to many is no different to Birch, that is, he is an extremist who believes he has solved the case - perhaps he is miffed that Birch, not he, was given the air time.

  14. Sonia Poulton, truth seeker ? I beg to differ. She will do more harm if the project ever gets off the ground, than anything Mr Bennett can do. Is she asking for funding yet ? She is the biggest troll out there and for a 'journalist' she is pretty quick to attack others yet denies them a right to reply.

    1. I'm not seeing 'the harm' she will do by making a truth seeking documentary on this case. Perhaps you can clarify.

      How is Sonia a troll, that's quite an hysterical accusation and one that has no foundation whatsoever, are you just picking insults out of thin air and hurling them in the hope they will stick?

      The McCanns have everything they could possibly desire on the 'right to reply' front, they have just about every editor and journalist in the UK trying to convince the public of their innocence, bar one, and this is the one the Jill Havern forum is attacking!

  15. Cristobell, you're being paranoid if the thoughts of people on that one forum get to you that much. This video project does not have everyone's support or approval, and you won't change that. Just accept it.

    1. Well certainly the McCanns will not support a truth seeking documentary, and for whatever reason, neither will Tony Bennett and those members of JH who support him. Tony's gang and the McCanns are in harmony there.

      I'm accepting it alright 18:56, merely pointing out the absurdity of a group who claim to support the truth and justice side condemning those who are actively seeking truth and justice.

    2. Why would people wholeheartedly support someone else's video project when nobody has any idea what's in their script? Think about it.

  16. Tone hates - get this - he hates

    He hates the Roman Catholic church
    He hates Islam
    He hates the EU - anything foreign in fact
    He hates homosexuals
    He hates women

    Tone is Victorian Dad from the Viz cartoons

    guess he hates himself

    He is a terrier - I give him that - never likely to give up his bone

    But give Tone - an inch

    And he will hate YOU too.

    Team McCann could not have hoped for a more bitter & twisted and one - dimensional opponent than Tone.


    1. Brilliant! Will now have to look up 'Victorian Dad' :)

  17. Victorian Dad:

    He is a firm believer in corporal punishment, often brutally beating his son and daughter whilst shouting "I will have respect from you, BY GOD I WILL!" At a day at the beach Victorian Dad smacked his children for daring to have fun, and declared that one should change into one's swimming costume in the dark, as it was disgusting for someone to look at their own naked bodies, let alone other peoples'. The main premise of the strip is that Victorian Dad is a complete hypocrite. He once took his family to Amsterdam, hoping to take in some fine scenery and continental culture. When he discovers the liberal attitude towards prostitution and cannabis in the city, he drags his wife and children to the hotel and locks them all in, to protect them from the unclean depravity outside. Claiming to be in need of fresh air after the shock of the day's revelations, Victorian Dad later goes for a "walk". He swiftly ends up at a brothel where he has sex with a prostitute whilst begging forgiveness from God for his lapse into the "sins of the flesh". Another strip had Victorian Dad receiving post from a missionary friend of his in an unnamed nation in Oceania. Victorian Dad is publicly appalled at the photographs of beautiful Polynesian women walking around topless. He ostensibly takes the photographs to be destroyed, but it is clear he is ogling them. He later collapses and has to have an ambulance called when his frenzied masturbation causes him to faint.

    1. Cristobell,the fact that Bennett and his few remaining acolytes have come here to attack you proves you are on the right track.As time ticks on slowly in this case you will be proven to be a true seeker of justice for MBM.As Bennett has a hidden agenda and needs to keep debate suppressed please keep up the good and noble work.

    2. What a typical vapid statement to make, has it ever occurred to you that people are commenting because they genuinely feel Cristobell to be wrong in this respect and not as one of "Bennetts few remaining acolytes"?

      Has it ever occurred to you that Cristobell is hand in hand with Sonia Poulton and also uses every available opportunity to slag of Bennett if not promoting herself? Open your eyes for goodness sake.

    3. Tone does not need help slagging off - he does a perfectly good job himself, everytime he places quivering finger on the keyboard.

      Recall the Christmas poem - mocking Madeleine?

      That's the measure of the person.....


    4. Why is he not allowed to work as a solicitor?
      It is a question of integrity.

  18. Ros, you wrote 'Tony Bennett's version of the truth is no different to Kate's'. In the words of John McEnroe, you cannot be serious!!! He blogs away day after day on Jill Havern's forum exposing all the changes of story and contradictions in the case, and quite a lot else. What exactly has got into you?

  19. Anthony John Stuart Bennett a man who puts his money where his mouth is a man who walks ten thousand miles leafletting the village of Rothley a man who puts is life on the line taking on the estabilshment while the rest of us eat our cornflakes logging on to are computers Tony Bennett is no bodys fool why do u think he was taking to court and not us -

  20. 11:18
    I'd have thought anyone taking on the establishment must be a fool!! unless of course they've got loads of dosh to throw away.

  21. @ 11:18

    Tone sat in the Rothley shrubbery, weeing himself with laughter while his elves (all since departed) carpet bombed the village with leaflets.

    Tone did not walk 10000 miles, he can't walk a hundred yards - not in a straight line that is - unless there's a swimming pool twixt.

    Man's a menace

    1. Tone travelled from Essex to Leicestershire Rothley that is moving your back side in my book over 90 miles he has done more than me and u trying to get to the bottom of the mystery of Madeleine give the man a bit of credit instead of eating your cornflakes logging on to your computer everyday

  22. The man is a fool. How much money is he losing from his pension every month?

    1. TB said he had to pay Carter-Ruck £125 a month I think. Plus he has already paid them a lump sum

    2. Isn`t Aquila paying it for him? That`s why she rules over on CMoMM.

  23. I wish Sonia well.

    may she circumnavigate preposterous DA notices - by placing her server in the US.

    The good doctors don't seem to invest much value into their first born child - except as a cash cow.

    Jogging a priority.

    If Miss Poulton whooshes the veils of lies and deception in this case....

    It'll be 'All the President's men'

    For the digital age

  24. Ros, I would like to know the truth about a couple of things Bennett said on CMOMM last summer, about the time you had your bust-up with them and left/were booted out. First thing, he said that he had written a favourable review of your book (Cry and You Cry Alone) for a Christian newspaper. Second thing, he quoted from an e-mail you'd sent him, asking for his help he said, and you wrote to him: "I am writing to you because you are one of the few people I can trust". Were either of those things true, or was Bennett telling porkies?

  25. Tony was telling the truth 04:25. At the time I did trust him, like many others I was completely taken in by his crusade, I thought him an honourable man with honest objectives. Sadly, time has proved that I was horribly wrong in my judgment, I make no excuses, but I am wiser now having lifted the fog I was peering through at that time.

  26. I do remember you were always very polite to him, I'd say you even defended him when others attacked him. You called him " a true gentleman". Despite his not always so polite answers to your posts, you remained friendly to him! That's what made me like you so much back on Cmomm. Miss you there!

  27. It will all be sorted, they've left too many clues for it not to be.

    If folks still can't figure out where the big secret is read S. Lewin's statement, it is replete with uncertainty, and let us never forget, the dogs were dispatched based on a sales pitch from Leicester.

    Of course the dogs signalled 11 times just like in the Zapata case, and the sudden turnaround was right after the PJ expressed a keen desire to go back to the new house in Rothley.

    Sooner or later a proper investigation will have to go there and ask some serious questions about planning permission, and ask why a woman who goes by her legal name of Healy switches to the markedly different salutation and last name of Mrs McCann.

    Why do two broke people move into a house that on paper they can ill afford, and then twelve weeks later have expensive and superfluous building work on their minds?

    Everyone there, on location, were meant to be there, and everything else is visual trickery and very poorly and sloppily done if I may add!

    My total and heartfelt respect to the genius that was Georges Melies.

    An adaptation GM called it, I prefer the word addition!

    Happy New Year to all good people and to another genius, albeit an unassuming one ...mariaccnr, a great teacher. Thank you!

  28. Charl's birthday is, was, and has always been the 3rd of October, and T is a dirty, Benito Mussolini -chinned, filthy little liar.

    Perverting the course of justice T. style is almost as bad as being a faux 90's doctor, we have the records sugar lips, uncle Bernie's niece, game of chance man and Brunt on the hunt looking for a stunt.

    It was a full DNA match my arse, BH Burley where is your troll spray now? Beech Hill, Bottling Wood scumbag, or to put it in the most simplest of terms, the most regrettable reference of my life.

    Should have left you on the dole, eyeball rolling McGurrin!!!!!

    The dead kid is buried in the garden, fact.

  29. Dear Riddler,
    Are you really a lady from Wigan?
    Uncle Bernie - who he?
    Whose 'dead kid' is buried in the garden?
    Is Gerry a twin?
    Does the Secret Cardinal really roam Praia da Luz with a lantern atop a pole?
    etc etc etc So many questions! Do you have the answers?