Sunday 14 December 2014


So I wonder who the Brazilian couple expressed a desire for a child to?  Err, lots of couples desire children, for many its why the get married.  Has 'we hope to have children one day' translated to 'we are on the Algarve to steal an English child'.  Would a couple who desired a child (not in the normal way) really go to the Algarve and spread the word around that they were planning a kidnap? And of course, this couple who desire a child are Brazilian, and sadly Brazil is a nation who's Capital's streets are littered with thrownaway children, children who's disappearance no-one would notice.  Any couple who desired a child in Catholic Brazil wouldn't face many problems.

Whenever these childless couples theories appear, you cannot help wonder why said abducting childless couple would ignore the two sleeping babies (choice of boy and girl) who shared the same room as Madeleine?  Why squeeze past the two cots to steal a child who was almost 4?

I sometimes wonder if these theories come from Mr. Ludicrous himself, they become more and more ridiculous as the months/years go by.  No wonder the McCanns have made appeals to the public for convincing abduction stories - 'what do YOU think happened' the pro's challenge, 'and give a step by step account of exactly how they did it'. The Ideas Department is open for business.

The McCanns are in the unhappy position of having to create and distribute abduction stories on an almost weekly basis. For all the negative publicity that emits from Scotland Yard, they must have a story ready for the Sundays to counteract it.  Stories full of hope - especially now we are hitting the Season of Giving.  The coffers are low. Madeleine is alive and being cared for as a Princess in a castle in Sao Paolo, give generously and WE, her parents, will get her home.  Please ignore the man behind the curtain Scotland Yard, they were only pretending to look for a body, they are really closing in on the couple looking after our Madeleine.  In light of these new developments, we will shortly be releasing a 'tanned' age progression picture, so the search can go on in Latin America, where the power of prayer is greatest. 

Of course they have stopped with the 'sightings', they weren't sustainable after Scotland Yard were on the case. Once all those helpful people sending in photographs and 'might have been Maddie' stories, realised they were liable to have them checked out officially and charges of perverting the course of justice might follow, they dried up. 

We are told the Portuguese police believe Madeleine was taken by a Brazilian couple and Scotland Yard believe she was killed in the apartment by bungling burglars who fled with her body, and somehow managed to bury her in the vicinity immediately after the alarm was raised.  These inept burglars, came away from the apartment without so much as a wallet or a TV (though they did manage to clean up) have kept their dark secret for 7+ years, despite over £2m being offered as a reward?  Err, Ok, the public will buy that.

You can see why the McCanns are having problems with their spin.  Absolutely none of it stands up to scrutiny.  For example, at some point the theories of the PJ and SY will have to tally - only the Portuguese have the power to prosecute anyone for this crime - so at the moment, we are left with a Brazilian couple who desire a child ignoring the two sleeping babies and clashing with a gang of bungling burglars in Apartment 5A during one of the half hour checks.
Neither gang came away with what they wanted, but they did manage to run around with a mop.

Before anyone pounces on me for being disrespectful, I do not create these stories they emanate from Team McCann and are showcased by the British press.  The UK media work on the assumption that the public will accept as gospel, everything they tell us.  Unfortunately for 'the establishment' the internet has thrown open the doors to information our forbears could only dream about and they have lost control of the news.

The case of missing Madeleine McCann has revealed to lots of ordinary people the extent to which their trusty daily newspapers have been lying to them.  The truth about Madeleine's disappearance is a only a click away, and more and more people can see that what the UK media are telling us about what happened in Portugal, bears no resemblance to the truth.  The world is now a global village, and news isn't restricted by borders.  What happens in Portugal doesn't stay in Portugal.  What the British newspapers have been telling us since the McCanns started to wield their Carter Ruck sword (with public money) bore no resemblance to the investigation as it was being reported in Portugal, and contrary to what the Establishment might believe, the British public are not stupid.  

For whatever reason the British Establishment and the British media chose to believe the word of two neglectful parents over that of the Portuguese police, a stance that was doomed to end in tears, a lot of red faces and Lord knows how many millions.  7+ years on where are we?  A childless Brazilian couple and a gang of inept burglars.  Hands up those still convinced this was an abduction? 



  1. You asked - "Hands up those still convinced this was an abduction?"

    My hand is up.

    1. You asked- hands up those are still convinced was an abduction my hand is down

    2. Good skill in typing with your hands up. Reminds me of the abduction believers who fiercely defend the couples' honor but mysteriously do nothing at all to help look for little Madeleine. Now where did they learn that skill I wonder. Oh wait,they learned it from her parents.

    3. Which basically proves the Establishment right: the British public are stupid.

  2. Of course it is, and probably your Christmas stocking as well. Don't forget to leave out a carrot for the reindeer.

    1. Well I believe that an 'anonymous' comment is completely worthless! And my hand is down x

    2. If number one was for real, then this is the same kind of reasoning that made Hollywood so much money over the years.

      Once you take out the stop edit/trick, dissolves, time-lapse, face layering, shopping in heads, multiple exposures, audio dubbing ( London accent), fake paperwork and green screen/chroma key.

      All you're pretty much left with is a bunch of implausible scripts, fake property owners and similar, tales of blood, hair, sand, mummification, an evergreen garden (no flowers) and an extra long building with superfluous space and absolutely no need for a pear tree.

      How gory and ingloriously obvious, same old script told time after time, no wonder the internet is seen as a threat by some, and the mystification of the illusionists hold no mystery any more.

      Neat trick with the jar, the freezer and the rotting food though; for the life of me I can't remember the name of the movie, oh dear, maybe I'm dreaming or something or has it not been written yet, anyone?

      Merry Christmas and a very truthful New Year to all.

    3. Cristobell wishing you a happy xmas and a thank you for your contribution in the search for justice for MBM,
      You are a beacon of light in a dark place.


    4. To anonymous 14th December 10.42. Have you got more information on the neat trick with jar, freezer, and rotting food. Was it all found in the empty apt 5J? Where the sniffer alerted to when sniffing out maddies scent. This means maddie was in this apt at sometime during her short stay at the ocean club?

  3. No abduction, what a load of codswallop or sea-bass! they're as guilty as hell of knowing what has happened to their daughter. I'm sick of KM and that whining voice of hers, the quicker this case comes to a satisfactory conclusion and Madeleine gets the justice she deserves the better!! I just hope Nicola Wall gets this case wrapped up early in 2015 that's if she hasn't been got at first.

    Cristobell, Wishing you a Merry Christmas & Bright New Year.

    1. How can Nicola Wall get this case 'wrapped up' early in 2015, or anywhen?

      She has taken over an investigation whose remit is to investiagte 'THE ABDUCTION'.

      Nuff said.

      She knows like everyone else that the dogs alerted to a body. She has sneaked on to the gravy train and buried her conscience in order to get a nice promotion and a better pension.

      Shameful and contemptible

  4. 01:30
    I credit her with a bit more integrity than you do obviously!! Shall we just wait and see?
    Just because she has taken over the mean investigation, to carry-on with the "ABDUCTION THEORY" Doesn't mean it will end that way.

    I agree with your statement "shameful and contemptible" but that's what this weird case has been from the very beginning!! It's been infuriating me, and many others for some time now, that the McCann's seem to be able to drop themselves right in it and come out smelling of roses.

    1. Operation Grange has written the defence brief for the McCanns. I do not know if they are innocent or guilty, although the evidence points to the latter. I try to be fair because I find them utterly repellent. I do not believe that anyone will ever be arrested, tried and convicted for Madeleine McCann's disappearance. Bernard Hogan-Howe complains about underfunding for the police and yet backs this investigation. I grieve for that beautiful, lost child.

      I too am waiting for the photofit pictures of this Brazilian couple. Since the husband was employed in Portugal it should be easy to trace him.

      If he exists.

  5. Rosalinda, could I re-phrase the beginning of the last sentence of this post. It should read "For whatever reason the British Establishment and British media chose to PROTECT two neglectful parents. I cannot for the life of me understand why you have implicit belief in Operation Grange, given the overt political protection the McCanns have had for the last seven years and why you believe it will "end in tears" for them. Many of your posts on this cover-up are excellent. But on the outcome of this case, I agree with Bennet - whose methods I don't entirely agree with- Pat Brown and many others.

  6. Well done. A lot of really good points which to my mind shows how the media and the parents in this case seem to think the uk public is stupid. Well, we are not and many have seen through this saga for seven years with it's smoke, mirrors and spin. The dwindling coffers and rabid support of a few mindless and gullible souls also shows that very few are convinced by the airy fairy fluff put out on daytime tv shows. The clock ticks.

  7. No bank accounts were found by the home office because there weren't any.

    However, there must have been at least one account in January 2006 when the mortgage went through.

    The dogs were right, but the past is replete with fantasy, illusion and lies.

    Collaborating the truth, lies, dates and other anomalies, one date which is strongly highlighted as sensitive is: 29/07/05.

    Only this year Gerald said it was a preimposed abduction and they'd had a difficult couple of years prior to the "holiday".

    Question everything, such as K. washing C.C., the only reason we know about this is because THEY told us.

    Where's Tom Waits when you need him; I think the next Waits' song I will listen to, when the time is right, will be: Hell Broke Luce!

  8. The statement which the Express has copied and pasted for its article was taken on 9th May 2007, and has been on display ever since. Just as the movements of all boats through the marinas on that part of the coast are recoded. see mccannpjfiles. Just coincidence that this story, emphasising that Madeleine is alive, appears just before Christmas ? Give generously ?

  9. It's about time the McCann's gave generously!!! THE TRUTH.

  10. I was not in Praia de Luz that night and do not know what happened to Madeleine McCann. However, I do feel it is time that Cameron was made to stand up in the House of Commons and justify the millions of pounds of taxpayers' money that is being spent on this investigation when Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe is commenting on the swingeing cuts made to police budgets. The McCanns do not seem to have any conscience about this; nor have they ever accepted responsibility for leaving three tiny children in an unsecured apartment in a foreign country.

    As anyone who has ever read a newspaper or listened to a news broadcast, holiday resorts are teeming with tea leaves. They want the cameras, tablets, mobile phones and jewellery that tourists bring. The doziest crack-head burglar knows to test doors and windows in the hope of finding one that is not locked. Did not the McCanns think of this when they went out and left the sliding door open? If they get the damages from Sr Amaral, let them spend that on a RELIABLE private detective, one experienced in searching for missing children.

    I don not think that Joseph Moura would take the case.

  11. Not one of them can prove there was a biological daughter of Gerald McCann there by the name of Madeleine Beth McCann, not one.

    Passport control and Madelene and some lame Kindergarten Cop jokes, does anyone remember them? Well that is an altogether different story!

    It was just like dining in yerrrr garden, sick, absolutely BL**dy sick, shamefully sick!!!

  12. Hi,

    I left the comment about Madeleine / Madalene, I'm not sure how the sequence of comments will work, so I wrote that to clarify.

    Just wanted to say and to make it abundantly clear that I believe in the skills of the dogs 100%. We just have to remember at what juncture they were strongly recommended and dispatched, and by whom.

  13. Why did Burley roll her eyeballs on Sky News whenever the Portuguese investigation and Goncalo Amaral' s name was mentioned?

    And why in the summer did she take a pro stance by following questioners on Twitter of the McCann deception? She behaved like a rabid bully.

    How well did she know Gamble before the staged abduction? It' s our money now, we have a right to know!

    1. She's a conundrum. She gave out a lot of the facts of the case but seemingly posed as a pro who was rebutting the facts. Never mind, she's very high profile and alerted many more people to the facts, even if that wasn't her initial intention.

  14. How did Mrs Hubbard learn to speak Portuguese Portuguese in Brazilian Portuguese speaking Brazil? Also, how was Father (Father?) Haynes (another unhyphenated double-barrelled name) born in Norfolk and Nova Scotia at the same time?

    Was he born holy, and was bilocation an inherent ability from birth?

    Dunnville my aspidistra!

  15. It wouldn't surprise me if the mccann team told the media that Op Grange said there's a Brazilian couple, even if they didn't. It's happened before and it will happened again.

    1. I am intrigued by this last post; it would seem that the McCanns contradict themselves, but I was not aware that they had put words into Scotland Yard's mouth. However, I would think that there would be a photofit by now and a description of the car. People tune into TV over Christmas so this is the ideal time to get the descriptions out.

  16. After all this time and protracted baloney in this comatose - inducing farce, does anyone know who the boy was in the photo at the Healy house?

    He looks like the same boy in Mrs Healy's photo album which was shown on Entrevista, that was before the gallery of Madeleine photographs appeared in the Healy's front room.

    Who is it exactly that is out there "separated from us", and why the keyed out eyes and unscientific hair on the dancing girl in the hallway, and what's with the London accent, and why does the mouth make the wrong shape for the individual words spoken?

    Last but not least, why are we expected to believe all this visual manipulation tosh, Madeleine was here, Madeleine was there, Madeleine/madeleine/Margaret was everywhere, but not in or around the Rothley fortification.

    OK, whatever, pact from all hell people!

    Merry lying Christmas.

    1. Which photo of the boy please - the hammock photo?

  17. Dave's mate brought a bag o'burners up from Spain, cue Mission Impossible music, climb into car, prepare yourself for the Spanish bandits, traverse the lawless hinterlands of Portugal and steadily relax yourself by listening to: On Days Like These - Matt Monro.

    Dave's mate, what a dude, but is the story True or False?

    My money would be on totally false all the way!

    Who's garden was this Gerald? Orginal old 71 version by Tom Paxton.

    1. Keep spinning those excellent tunes, DJ!

  18. What happened when Gerald arrived home after 6: 00 pm...
    ...and wanted to use the bathroom (singular). So not the Rothley house then, as stated in the Irish interview.

    Yer man the interviewer wasn't buying it, just as I don't buy Eileen's tenure/ ownership of Joe People's bar.

    "We have to bring her home, she has to come home."

    Back Gerald, back, great word, let's see if it's up there ...err No. Oh boy oh boy, such irony ....!!!!

  19. The elusive seer Amanda Hart registered her High Priestess business on the 28 April 2007, where is she now, I wonder?

    Does she still have her business, and is it still registered to a pebble dash government subsidised flat in Glasgow?

    Enlightenment on this mysterious upstart operation would be encouraging.

  20. So many questions:

    Why did Kate allow herself to be portrayed as a booze-guzzling, knife- wielding (composite birthday photo ) psycho, and why was she still wearing those pants? In addition, why was she photographed sniffing that blooming pink cat?

    What the hell is wrong with Kate, the only real tactile affection toward her that I saw in Luz was from, Matt, Russ, the kids, especially little Miss precocious nurturer A. and some talking therapy from Ms. Webster, as she was known then.

    I'm not sticking up for Kate, because all the nasty stuff that's ensued is indefensible; I just don't get why she is with a guy who shows so little respect for her.

    Look how he walks twelve paces ahead of her and lets her struggle with bags.

    Gerald is no gentleman; of that I am pretty certain.

  21. Apology, Miss not Ms!

  22. Independent witnesses?

    But of course, and then we all lived happily ever after.

  23. More please riddler. And more please Missbeetle ;)

  24. McVey knows what happened.