Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Ask the dogs Sandra

The McCanns desire for the limelight matched their desire for hard cash, and there exists hundreds if not thousands of interviews that display not only their true characters, but their ridiculous self serving and obviously fabricated tall stories.  The proud father moment, the whooshing curtains, the 'why didn't you come when S*** and I were crying' question.  Every interview of the parents is filled with 'WTF' moments, moments that are blatantly obvious to the viewing public, but seemingly invisible to the UK's law enforcement agencies, so called criminal and psychology experts and fawning television presenters!

Gerry and Kate can't understand why people won't believe them and they think the more they appear on our screens, the more people they will convince.  They just need an opportunity to explain, so why don't we shut up and listen?  Their elongated, detailed explanations should have settled the matter once and for all and clearly it is those still doubting them who have the problem. 

Accomplished liars have had lots and lots of practice, they have honed their skills and found ways and means in which to convince others that they are speaking the truth.  What has worked for them in the past will be made to work for them again, but if all else fails, they will accuse the non believers of not liking them, eg. its not my fault, my teacher doesn't like me.  In the McCanns case, they have gone for the slightly stronger word 'hate', 'these people refuse to listen to what we are saying because they hate us'.  In their eyes, their heart rendering performances should elicit faith, love, support and of course, lots of cash.  'Didn't they see how distressed I was in the Church', whines Kate as she wipes away a tear at the memory of how convincing she was that day, and her hatred for those not buying it increases tenfold.  Kate can often manage to squeeze out a tear when she is talking about her own distress, even if she can't manage it at the mention of her child's name or an image of what her child might have looked like 4 years on if she had lived.  

I have no doubt whatsoever, that the McCann case will change the entire way in which we look at psychopathy, particularly in the study of deceptive behaviour.  The McCann interviews are a goldmine of resources for those interested in the darker side of human nature.  They are packed with examples of 'how to dig yourself a deeper hole', duping delight and 'look how clever we are' moments.  Unfortunately those with supersize egos, cannot suppress the urge to show off their genius, and their need for acknowledgment usually leads to their downfall. 

Gerry and Kate could have sailed off into the sunset many years ago, keeping a low profile and even the support of the establishment and the public.  Unfortunately, their own egos and their need to recreate that heady summer of 2007 when the world loved them and showered them with cash, will never go away. In their minds, they achieved it once, against all odds, ergo, it can be done again. 

I would imagine they are impossible to work with.  They have no scruples, no boundaries, and no loyalty to anyone other than themselves.  All those politicians, newspaper moguls and editors. ex police chiefs and proactive family and friends should bear in mind, if these parents are willing to sell out their own first born child, then they are willing to sell out anyone.


  1. "Unfortunately those with supersize egos, cannot suppress the urge to show off their genius, and their need for acknowledgment usually leads to their downfall."

    I couldn't agree with you more.

  2. Another spot on blog Cristobell, the law of averages state this charade has to come to an end.

  3. The human psyche usually works like 'You don't see what You don't want to see' this sometimes explains why people close to the criminals (spouses, relatives...) become seemingly blind. I once watched a documentary on tv about a man who allegedly had attacked his wife and beaten her to death. She was found at the bottom of the stairs when ambulance and police arrived after the man had called 911. While It for most people was ├╝ber-obvious that the wife had been brutally murdered, his children, his brother and others close to him became blind to the truth. Similar to the McCanns, a spot on case study in psychopathy.
    What strikes me in the McCann case is the blindness of the law enforcement, the 'professionals' and others with no personal relationship to either of them. Is it the gloria surrounding the medical profession that makes it so hard to believe?

    1. Good points all, that gloria/kudos bestowed on doctors can hide a multitude of sins.

      The Hippocratic Oath - Epidemics, Book I:

      "Practice two things in your dealings with disease: either help or do not harm the patient".

      Whilst not linking the two cases - Harold Shipman dined out on the Hippocratic Oath for many, many years.

      But even semi gods in white, do trip up from time to time.

      The veneer of professional respectability of a medical practitioner should be as thin as that of a spotty faced estate agent - very thin indeed - and should always be questioned.

      Notwithstanding the NHS still being lauded as the best health service in the world (you're having a giraffe).

  4. It may sound ridiculous to some but I'm beginning to wonder if SY are only there to protect Government? Corruption is like a cancer it grows and spreads it's tentacles far and wide, why else would so many top ranking police choose to ignore what anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see. If this case IS NOT dealt with for whatever reason, then it won't be long before another case just as bad hits the headlines, what will they do then turn a blind eye? Fear rules so it would seem.

  5. I have to say that although this case has knocked my faith in human nature, I am not so cynical as yourself 21:49. I find it impossible to believe that 37 homicide officers would sell out a child victim, and I think the anonymous donation from the Met Police was significant.

    The message today was loud and clear, they are not giving up. They must have had some convincing evidence to present when they requested more funds to continue. For the McCanns, the best result they can hope for, is the shelving of the case. As long as Operation Grange are looking for whoever was responsible for Madeleine's disappearance, they are living with the fear that the police are closing in.

    Scotland Yard have done nothing to lift the cloud of suspicion from the McCanns, if anything, they have raised further, and far more serious, doubts. The digging up of the areas surrounding apartment 5A last summer, must have struck a chord even with the dimmest of fawning television presenters.

    If Operation Grange were to close their files, with no result, or even an unbelievable result, they would look ridiculous in the eyes of the world and the incumbent government would look foolish for continuing to fund them for so long.

    The McCanns are now in the uncomfortable position of having to pretend they are happy the investigation is continuing. Can you imagine how excruciating that must be? Where are the press releases and the thank you messages on the OFM facebook page. Aren't they delighted Operation Grange won't give up?

    When they were raising funds they were whining that nobody was helping them, and that they were having to finance the entire global search, themselves. Now they have the full time services of 37 homicide officers, and a Portuguese team on the spot - some people are never happy.

  6. Cristobell, I would say I'm a realist. Yes the Met Police made a substantial donation to Sr Amarals fund, but it could have been given by lower ranking officers with a conscience as to what's going on in this case, an axe to grind if you like!! It has taken eight years + for them to continually lead us down a blind alley with constant reminders that the parent's are NOT SUSPECTS wasn't that what Redwood said as a parting shot when he retired? nothing to implicate the parent's, but not giving any reason why they think that.The digging up of area's around the apartment last summer was done for show, I believe that's what Sr Amaral said?

    And last but not least the 'Fighting Fund' That's all it's ever been, to sue people to keep them quiet, not to search for their daughter like the money was intended.They have never financed the search out of their own money, it's always been other peoples as far as I'm aware, otherwise they wouldn't have needed to put their greedy mitt's into the pot that was meant to search for their daughter.

    Sorry Cristobell but this case really does infuriate me.. I don't know what to believe any-more.

  7. Sonia was on LBC this morning apparently and mentioned releasing a clip of her doc on the anniversary of Brenda Leyland's death. Hopefully she questions this alleged death by helium inhalation and Citalopram toxicity.

    All cordial conversations off tag between Sweepyface and Jim Gamble have been recorded for posterity, so have the peaks in internet activity in accordance with their on tag squabbles. Everything is not as it seems, and I was willing to let it go as a continuation of the win-win hoax until my elderly parent's home was stalked.

    Archival Helen, Bury