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I can't read the full article as I am not a subscriber, but the headline 'we'll never give up' speaks volumes.  It says the McCanns will not, under any circumstances, accept the findings of Operation Grange. Though the Met Police and the parents appear to be all pals together, the fact that the McCanns will never give up [looking for a live child] means that they have already dismissed or will dismiss, any other conclusions OG might reach.  Such as Madeleine may or may NOT be alive. It could be interpreted as they have thrown down the gauntlet.  Gerry may even have his whiteboard out, frantically drawing up plans to launch a GoFundMe appeal for the Tapas Two (feck the others), a wider agenda, and a helicopter on standby in case he needs to make a quick getaway to the island of Elba.     

There are clearly rifts between the police and the parents, which of course immediately blows out of the water, the argument that Operation Grange are going to conclude the case with a 'dead patsy' to assist the McCanns. 

'We'll never give up' may as well also have the add on 'lying'.  They are sticking with the abduction story and Madeleine is out there, whatever is thrown in their direction.  It probably explains why we are all still here 8 years later.  They are never going to give up voluntarily, the fairy story they came up with all those years ago, is carved in stone.  And they will not accept that Madeleine is dead, because if they do, there endeth the Fund. 


Met Police Press Release

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has today, 28 October announced the new structure and changes to the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The investigation into what happened to Madeleine continues but with a smaller team of officers. Officers investigating her disappearance have completed the huge task of bringing together and investigating the massive amount of information held by colleagues in Portugal, the United Kingdom investigation and the private investigators working on behalf of the McCann family.
They are now following a small number of focused lines of inquiry that have allowed them to reduce the size of the Home Office funded team.


Our work is done.  The Metropolitan police have acceded to each and every one of the parents' demands (see letter to PM front page The Sun), they have brought together all the evidence and information, something the McCanns were demanding when they were doing their fundraising tour in November 2010, and they have examined it as a 'whole'.  Job done or alternately, box ticked.   

Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in May 2007 have been working through material and following investigative inquiries since the Home Office requested a review of the case in May 2011.

For those who weren't aware, they have been investigating this case since May 2011.

Operation Grange is working to support the Portuguese investigation and this work continues. 

The word 'working to support' is significant, it acknowledges that the Portuguese have primacy and 'working' is a 'doing' word, it implies activity.  The word 'continues' is ambiguous.  Does the work of the Portuguese continue, or the support from the UK?  Matters not, for suspects involved in this heinous crime, I suspect those words will be unsettling.

While there remain lines of inquiry to follow, the vast majority of the work by Operation Grange has been completed.

Again, not the words a suspect wants to hear.  They are two clipboards away from a wrap. 

This work included reviewing all the material relating to the case which were brought together for the first time and amounted to collating over 40,000 documents from United Kingdom and foreign law enforcement agencies, as well as various private investigation companies.
Officers worked meticulously through the information. Some of the material had to be translated into English, facts had to be cross-referred and diligently analysed to ensure an oversight of what the MPS was examining and to search for new lines of inquiry.

Stick that in your Defence pipe and smoke it. 

Once this work had been completed the review became a full investigation in July 2012.
The investigation team has taken 1,338 statements and collected 1,027 exhibits. Having reviewed all of the documents, 7,154 actions were raised and 560 lines of enquiry identified, and over thirty international request to countries across the world asking for work to be undertaken on behalf of the Met. 

We know everyone is going to be screaming for a breakdown on where the £10m went, but meanwhile here are some figures to play with. 

Officers have investigated more than 60 persons of interest. A total of 650 sex offenders have also been considered as well as reports of 8,685 potential sightings of Madeleine around the world.
The Grange team received on average two hundred emails a week, and following the media appeal in October 2013 across three countries, received over 7,000 responses. 

Absolutely, no stone has been left unturned, Get it!  Every suspect thrown up by the three different branches of this investigation (PJ, Private Eyes and UK police) has been thoroughly investigated.  No socially inept dirty rainmac enthusiast has had his porn stash unscrutinised.  Every weirdo on 3 continents has accounted for their sleazy whereabouts on the evening of May 3rd. There is quite literally no-one left.    

For an investigation of this size, the extraordinary circumstances of investigating a missing child four years later in another country, the vast wealth of information and theories, it was always going to be an immense task and required a full team of 29 staff working on it. 

A lot more explanation will of course be needed there, if they are to convince us that chasing spotty men, smelly men and long deceased men was a valid use of police resources.  Especially as there was no evidence whatsoever that the child had been abducted.  Unhappily for OG, they, like the PJ before them, have had to sift through mountains of paperwork amassed by the parents' constant appeals for help.  They actually have my sympathy on this, bombarding an investigating police force with thousands of sightings and false information from the gullible and the cranks is a good way to keep them otherwise occupied.  Should add, I suspect 199 of those 200 emails a week probably come from Bennett. 

With the significant amount of work approaching completion, as with all investigations the MPS has reviewed the staff required to progress the remaining work. 

Understandable. It's been 4 years. 

A team of four officers will continue to work solely on the Grange investigation, funded by the Home Office. The enquiry has not reached a conclusion, there are still focused lines of investigation to be pursued. 

Ahha, this is where it gets interesting.  A team of four officers will continue.  Why would OG need to retain a team of 4 officers working solely for OG, if the suspects were non British? The crime took place in Portugal. 

The focused lines of investigation, will not reassure the parents. There is not so much as a hint of the word abduction, nor any mention of looking for a live child.  

The officers will continue to be overseen by Detective Chief Inspector Nicola Wall, the current senior investigating officer, and sit within an existing major investigation team on the Homicide and Major Crime Command. This will give them access to officers within that team should they be required to support further operational activity.

Ooooh, again very uncomfortable reading for a suspect.  'And sit within an existing major investigation team......'.  To me that suggests Operation Grange are part of a major investigation that goes beyond the events in PDL, and beyond the parents. And they have access to the 'A' team officers should they be required.  Oooer.   

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, from the MPS said: "The Met investigation has been painstaking and thorough and has for the first time brought together in one place what was disparate information across the world. 

Yeh, we got that, but again, given that the abduction story was as flimsy and unbelievable as Bobby Ewing waking up in the shower 2 years later, some might think you nincompoops for chasing NON existent abductors.  One might even ask if you investigated the claimed alien sightings as well? Or God forbid, the ones claimed by psychic visionaries or seen by fruitloops with crystal balls. 

"This work has enabled us to better understand events in Praia da Luz the night Madeleine McCann went missing and ensure every possible measure is being taken to find out what happened to her.   [remember this actual SY quote when you read quote from K&G]

Not giving up. 

"We still have very definite lines to pursue which is why we are keeping a dedicated team of officers working on the case. We have given this assurance to Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.

Very definite lines to pursue.  Ouch.  And that's why they are keeping a dedicated team.  They have assured Kate and Gerry, because going by their past behaviour, they will scream from the rooftops that they (Madeleine) has been abandoned if the Met are not seen to be placating them.  While this status quo exists, the McCanns can't take over the investigation/search themselves. Whilst they were brazen enough to try and usurp the police in Portugal, they wouldn't dare do it here.  

"The Portuguese police remain the lead investigators and our team will continue to support their inquiry. They have extended every courtesy to Operation Grange and we maintain a close working relationship. I know they remain fully committed to investigating Madeleine's disappearance with support from the Metropolitan Police.

The ball appears to be back in the Portuguese court.  Operation Grange have completed their side of the investigation and it would appear are waiting for instructions from the Portuguese. 

"The Met was asked to take on this exceptional case as one of national interest. We were happy to bring our expertise to bear only on the basis that it would not detract from the policing of London; and the Home Office have additionally funded the investigation above normal grants to the Met. That will continue at the reduced level.

Who did the asking?  Was the 'asking', the very staged public appeal by the parents splashed across the front page of the Sun, or did the 'asking' come from Portugal or from political spinmeisters in Whitehall with enemies to destroy?  

And of course, we mustn't forget the obvious question, what was so important about this particular missing child that required the full time services of 29 homicide officers for 4 years.  29 officers taken away from London policing whatever way you look at it.   

"I have overseen this investigation since 2012 and am very grateful for the enormous assistance of the media and public so far which, through the appeals, have generated new information and lines of Inquiry. " 

Why, why, why, when the object of your Inquiry was directly in front of you!  But, don't answer, save all this for later date, I still have faith in you and don't want to distract anything!

Our decision and rationale has been discussed with Mr and Mrs McCann.

Our decision.  You presented it to them as fait accompli, they had no choice.  Kudos.

Mr and Mrs McCann said: "We would like to thank all the staff from Operation Grange for the meticulous and painstaking work that they have carried out over the last four and a half years. The scale and difficulty of their task has never been in doubt.
You betcha.  We saw the truck loads of box files. 

"We are reassured that the investigation to find Madeleine has been significantly progressed and the MPS has a much clearer picture of the events in Praia da Luz leading up to Madeleine's abduction in 2007.

Note the subtle change, the McCanns addition of the words 'leading up to'. Scotland Yard (see above) clearly said 'events in Paia da Luz the night Madeleine went missing'.  The words 'leading up to', puts an entirely different spin on Scotland Yard's statement. It suggests OG are going with Kate's 'someone was watching us' theory rather than looking at them. Scotland Yard's statement could of course, be interpreted as they are focusing on the events of the night of May 3rd.  Much as Goncalo Amaral was doing when he was removed from the case.    

"Given that the review phase of the investigation is essentially completed, we fully understand the reasons why the team is being reduced. 

They accept the police can do no more?  Just like that?  Where are the cries of Madeleine wants and needs to be found, we are never giving up.  This half arsed statement is one of acceptance.  Obviously, they cannot twist the actual words of OG, but they could have added, that they still remain hopeful Madeleine will found, or even have sent a message to tell her they were still looking. 

"We would also like to thank the Home Office for continuing to support the investigation.
"Whilst we do not know what happened to Madeleine, we remain hopeful that she may still be found given the ongoing lines of enquiry. " 

Ahh, so now they remain hopeful she may be found, but they have linked it to imply that the ongoing lines of enquiry suggest she might be.  Naughty, naughty, but they were clutching at straws.

The remaining Operation Grange officers will be deployed to other enquiries within Specialist Crime and Operations.



  1. Absolutely Brilliant Ros

  2. Would love to know how senior the 4 remaining police are and whether they are happy to be left on Operation Grange!

  3. I believe that these 4 officers are now 'on call' so to speak, awaiting instructions from the Portuguese. And I note that the Met doesn't have any words of support for the McCanns in their press release, other than to say that they've informed them of the reduction of numbers. By including the McCanns' statement, they skillfully avoid having to offer their own message of support.


  4. You keep insisting that Madeline was not abducted, obviously implying that the McCanns were responsible for her death. So where, in your opinion was she hidden immediately after her death, when all were searching for her, and how long do you think her body was hidden before it was taken to its final resting place?

    1. Unless there is a single piece of evidence to suggest abduction, it seems sensible to assume she was not abducted. Even SY no longer use the word.

    2. I wonder as well one of the suspitious Nannies freezers?

    3. "Unless there is a single piece of evidence to suggest abduction, it seems sensible to assume she was not abducted."

      So, where was her body hidden during the search and how long was it hidden in that place before being taken to its final resting place?

    4. 22:40 Agree, there is NO evidence to suggest abduction, which is why it is so bizarre that three investigating teams have spent so much time and money chasing suspects for a crime that didn't happen! The abduction is fictional, so why investigate 60+ persons of interest (of interest to what?) not the abduction of Madeleine because she wasn't abducted.

      As to where was her body hidden? Trying to figure that out has become a global pastime 22:40. There have of course been all sorts of theories over the years. Sticking to the principles of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), the only thing we can assume with any degree of accuracy, is that the poor child's body lay behind the sofa for at least 2 hours, then was moved to the wardrobe, again for at least 2 hours. Apartment 5A was the only premises the blood and cadaver dogs alerted to.

      After the night of the 3rd May is a mystery. There must have been a safe(ish) house or a temporary hiding place. I would go with temporary hiding place, because when Mark Harrison and his specialist search team were brought in, the body had to be moved (at enormous risk) in the car hired by the McCanns.

      For all those saying the McCanns had help from outside agencies, such as the British Secret Services for example, the use of their own hire car to move the body, tells me they didn't. They did however have the keys to the local church and the use of it to go and pray in private.

      Going by the stifled giggles from Gerry when asked how they react to sightings of Madeleine, I am guessing that the final resting place is pretty secure.

    5. "the only thing we can assume with any degree of accuracy, is that the poor child's body lay behind the sofa for at least 2 hours, then was moved to the wardrobe, again for at least 2 hours."

      Have you ever actually seen a floor plan of the apartment?

      Do you really think that the intrepid Amaral and his police would not have looked for her 'behind the sofa' or 'in the wardrobe'?

      "Apartment 5A was the only premises the blood and cadaver dogs alerted to."

      Apartment 5A was the only premises the blood and cadaver dogs searched!

      You still can't have read the link that was posted on here in one of your last posts relating to the unreliability of cadaver dogs.

  5. Mr and Mrs McCann said: "We would like to thank all the staff from Operation Grange for the meticulous and painstaking work that they have carried out over the last four and a half years. The scale and difficulty of their task has never been in doubt.

    NO,Mr and Mrs McCann the difficulty was caused by you and your scheming husband, who tried to control the investigation from the start. Apart from being told whether your daughter had been found alive and well, you should have been kept well away, never mind hunting down witnesses to gain information. It's a pity you didn't thank Mr Amaral, instead of trying to ruin the man who was closer to finding out what happened to your daughter than you think!!!

  6. Cristobell, Very clever at reading between the lines, you should have been a copper!!

    1. Yes - even more observant is that she has already started her training - helping the Police in their enquiries.

    2. 19:36 Nobody is interested in Bennett's silly games, least of all me. He could try wearing his pants on his head and sticking straws up his nose a la Blackadder, but to be honest, I don't think he would even get attention that way. .

      Ps. I do hope he is storing these for the police ;)

    3. 19:36,What's matter got bored of hanging round with the imbeciles that claim to be seeking justice for Madeleine? Cristobell is well liked on here and my one sentence was a compliment to her, so stop causing trouble were there is non.

    4. 19.36 I think you'll find that it's Tony who's the Mirage Man for the Police. Why else would the Jill Halvern forum be linked with a Westminster computer?

  7. Ros - "The officers will continue to be overseen by Detective Chief Inspector Nicola Wall, the current senior investigating officer, and sit within an existing major investigation team on the Homicide and Major Crime Command. This will give them access to officers within that team should they be required to support further operational activity.

    Ooooh, again very uncomfortable reading for a suspect. 'And sit within an existing major investigation team......'. The officers will continue to be overseen by Detective Chief Inspector Nicola Wall, the current senior investigating officer, and sit within an existing major investigation team on the Homicide and Major Crime Command. This will give them access to officers within that team should they be required to support further operational activity.

    Ooooh, again very uncomfortable reading for a suspect. 'And sit within an existing major investigation team......'. To me that suggests Operation Grange are part of a major investigation that goes beyond the events in PDL, and beyond the parents. And they have access to the 'A' team officers should they be required. Oooer. "

    I`ve thought this all along - that OG are part of an even bigger operation.
    I still wonder if MBM may have been abducted BUT AFTER she died. NB I have said `may`.

    1. ''and sit within an existing major investigation team on the Homicide and Major Crime Command''

      ROFL I see this as their office accommodation, like the carpet from under their feet have been taken away, rather than give them, the remaining four the broom cupboard, they have a desk or two, in the corner of the room shared with Homicide & Maor Crime Command aka not the broom cupboard!

    2. 20:27 You clearly have no experience or even knowledge of the way in which large corporations work. 'Sit within' doesn't mean the Major investigation team having to squidge up, it means that OG form part of a much bigger investigation, one that goes beyond the events in PDL on the night of 3rd May 2007.

      You pictured scenario, might be mildly funny (to you) but it merely demonstrates that you have totally missed the point.

  8. A very encouraging piece, Cristobell. Didn't you and/or Sonia a few weeks back predict something was going to happen? If it transpires the way most of us are hoping, Sonia will be in great demand from the established broadcasters - for interview if not for her film.

  9. A dead Pedophile will be found to have links to the area and we are sure he did it, this will be Scotland Yards final statement a few months down the road.

    1. I am afraid you are right. Dead Patsy time.

    2. Redwood's last statement, "she was taken in a criminal act by a stranger"
      Nothing will detract from that, so you're probably spot on.

    3. Seriously 17:43? You think two police forces have wasted all this time and money to chase a dead man? What would be the point? He is not a danger to anyone and he is never going to be prosecuted.

      If Scotland Yard were going to pin this on a dead man, or even a rogue peeping tom, why haven't they put the McCanns out of their misery? Why let the parents continue to suffer if SY 'know' who did it?

    4. Pat Brown is saying today that it will be a Pedo who's either locked up or now dead. She knows her stuff.

  10. Portugal demanded a body last time, I can't see how that would change, could be they haven't got a clue where to look and conceivably it's as straightforward as that.

    1. I don't think the remit was to look for a body as much but more of looking for pedophiles in the vicinity to find for the conclusion. They've seemed by the numbers to have looked as far as they possibly could. By deduction she's probably likely to have been put in the sea.

    2. Anyhing's possible including a decorous burial.

    3. And they still haven`t dug up Murat`s drive.

    4. No need, Birch was (I'm being kind), incorrect. Murat assisted but he was also being bullied by the power. Provable fact!

  11. well ros,my hope has risen that there will be justice for Madeliene,i couldn't believe that sy would be that corrupt and deny a 3 yr old justice. thank you

  12. "Police investigating the disappearance of Ben Needham say they are “turning up new leads all the time”.

    Ben, from Sheffield, vanished when he was 21 months old during a 1991 family holiday on the island of Kos.

    The ‘Operation Ben’ team was set up by South Yorkshire Police seven months ago after the force received £700,000 boost from the Home Office.

    There are currently seven British officers searching for Kerry Needham’s missing son ."

    Are you going to take the piss out of this as well Ros?

  13. Officers have investigated more than 60 persons of interest. A total of 650 sex offenders have also been considered as well as reports of 8,685 potential sightings of Madeleine around the world.

    Cristobell I agree with your analysis but I think you might have missed an important message in this one. The fact that their statement suggests that they had a better understanding of the events on the night in pdl and they were investigating 60 people appears to suggest as we suspected that a lot of other people were involved on the night .....up to 60 and that has to mean that ex pats, other guests and staff at the ocean. They specifically said th s t 60 people were investigated while 650 sex offenders were only considered. Big difference it suggests that the focus of investigation certainly wasn't sex offenders . Now we just have to wonder what up to 60 people were up to in a beach resort at the end of April.

    1. Officers HAVE investigated more than 60 persons of interest 21:23, it is past tense, and put in I suspect, to show how thorough the investigation has been. The numbers they are throwing about are to pre-empt any criticism of the amount of money spent.

      I suspect it is also confirmation to anyone who is interested, that they have left no stone unturned.

      If the case for the prosecution isn't 100% watertight, and the defence can prove that a potential suspect wasn't investigated, it could sway a jury. The prosecution have to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt. And given the large legal team the McCanns have employed since 2007, they no doubt have a catalogue of red herrings to provide that reasonable doubt.

  14. 20:44 Still trying to get a dig in at Kerry Needham eh? Be careful your spiteful nature doesn't give you away.

    The case of missing Ben is entirely different to the case of missing Madeleine. Ben's mum and all his family co-operated with the police throughout. And even more significantly, they went out and physically searched for their lost little boy, day after day and year after year. The Needham family were devastated by Ben's loss, they reacted in the way that any normal family would in such circumstances.

    The McCanns and their friends did not co-operate with the police, in fact they went out of their way to disrupt the Portuguese investigation. And they didn't search. Whilst most able bodied people were out searching for their daughter through the night, Kate, Gerry and their friends were writing out their alibis on a ripped out page from Maddie's colouring book and phoning all their VIP contacts.. And, I very much doubt K & G jogging past the searchers in their matching running gear endeared them to anyone.

    In the case of missing Ben, there is every chance that he was abducted and there was no sign that he had come to any harm, no traces of blood or odour of cadaver. The circumstances of Ben's disappearance was entirely different. There were no claimed break ins, nor claims by the family that Ben had been abducted. They simply didn't know.

    In the case of missing Madeleine, the parents claimed abduction straight away. They were closed off to every other theory and even on occasion became quite angry, especially if they were asked if Madeleine could have wandered off. Their abduction claim has always been non negotiable - they consider any other suggestions to be abusive.

    Every mother can empathise with the pain that is etched so deeply onto poor Kerry's face. We feel for her and we respect her. There is not the slightest doubt that her search for her son is genuine, both she and her family have never stopped searching for Ben, even when they were the only people out there still looking.

    I personally think Kerry and her family should try to move on. I know that is probably impossible, but maybe they could broaden their aims and goals. I can't think of a better ambassador for Missing People than Kerry. She has experienced the harsh reality of searching for her child on her own and no-one can doubt her sincerity and commitment, she has proved herself over and over. Who knows, if this this miscarriage of justice is ever reversed it might happen.

    1. @ Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton29 October 2015 at 21:50

      written in true anti Mccann style - you have believed the anti Mccann rubbish that has been posted for years, you went for a drink with the man who has spread more rubbish about the Mccanns than anyone else, you enjoyed squishing people who disagreed with your views and you will never adjust your view on them whatever happens.

      You really are a despicable person and this will be the last time I post on any of your pathetic attention seeking blogs.

      What goes around comes around.

    2. Feel better now hun ?

    3. Well said 22.24.I don't read here much only pop in now and then for a good laugh.Cant believe that after all these yrs we still have the armchair detectives who think they have solved the case.Who think they know even more than SY
      I look at the like of Tony B and the so called Sonia and Havern and the author of this blog who all sing the same song and I ask myself what kind of people are they?
      Nothing they say or do is in any way to support a missing child but instead only to fill their already over sized ego's .Nasty by name and nasty by nature .I hope Karma catches up with them and rewards them a severe blow at some point in their miserable lives.

    4. 00:11 You seem to imagine that I have reached my conclusions based on 'anti McCann rubbish'. Perhaps you think all the 'rubbish' comes from your nemesis Goncalo Amaral alone?

      Do you have any idea how much reading material there is on the missing Madeleine case? And such is life, once your mind is captivated by a subject, you read literally everything.

      My suspicions about Kate and Gerry McCann were held long before the release of Goncalo Amaral's book, and even before I stumbled across the wonderful Portuguese writers like Joana Morais who were getting the true facts about the case past the little England borders and the tabloid headlines.

      Even if none of these had existed, I and indeed the entire world, were watching agog at the very strange behaviour of the supposedly grieving parents. To ordinary people, their actions in trademarking their daughter's name, opening an online shop, and continuing their vacation with their extended family and friends courtesy of Warners, was off the scale bizarre.

      As for the bollox that none of us know how we would behave in such circumstances, we know darn well we wouldn't behave like that! Grief and guilt poleaxes most people, and for parents who lose a child, it is probably the guilt (real or imagined) that destroys them the most. They will always blame themselves (and each other) and believe they could have 'done more'. Sadly, even the most skilled counsellor, cannot make this go away.

      Madeleine's parents forgave themselves and each other almost immediately, even though they had so much to feel guilty about. Within 48 hours, Gerry and Kate were fully functioning and drawing up plans to make their daughter's name go global, Meanwhile, people like myself the world over (and the PJ) were thinking WTF!

      As for your curse on me at the end, I don't fear karma. My philosophy in life is to spread sweetness and light a la my literary hero Uncle Dynamite (P.G. Wodehouse). If people like yourself hadn't hounded me relentlessly, I might well have wandered on my merry way once I had solved the mystery in my own mind. I much prefer writing comedy.

      Unfortunately, I found, like Goncalo, that once Team McCann have those big old pitbull jaws around you, they never let go. It is not enough for them to silence their enemies, they must totally destroy them. I've given up googling my name because it always makes me want to go and put my head in the oven (must give it a clean).

      My name has been decimated all over the internet, Team McCann don't simply want to silence me, they want to ensure that I am scorned as a writer and that my books don't sell. Why attack my diet book?

      I don't have the resources or even the inclination to take a civil action against the McCanns, but I do have a pretty mighty pen and a rapidly growing audience!

  15. Oops, the above post should of course been addressed to 22:24, I totally agreed with 00:11.

  16. What you have to understand 08:54, is that neither I, nor the majority of people who disbelieve the McCanns WANTED to think the parents were involved. For most of us, the realisation was a chilling moment, and for me - a little bit of my faith in human nature died. I didn't LIKE what I was thinking and I am guessing I am speaking for most of my readers here. Our empathy lies with the little girl, the one who's life was tragically cut short and our sadness is at the knowledge that the people who should have taken care of her have used her tragic little life to enrich themselves.

    Sadly, accepting reality is rarely pleasant, it is much easier to bury your head in the sand or keep your mind within the restricted borders of your happy place. Kudos to you 08:54, whatever gets you through the night and all that.

    Unfortunately for you however, avoiding reality has a short term shelf life. At some point everything will go horribly rotten. It will be a bit like that moment you discovered Santa and the tooth fairy were shapeshifters invented by your parents, but much, much worse.

    1. Cristobell, Do you remember the doctor from '''Hyde in Manchester'' I think his name was Shipmen? the one that killed some of his patients, he wouldn't have been caught if it hadn't been for the sharp eyed daughter of one of the people he killed, noticing the signature had been altered on her mothers will, making him the sole beneficiary. He was arrogant and dismissive when being interviewed a bit like the McCann's.

      Like you say people don't like to think the parents were involved, but personally everything they've said and done since Madeleine disappeared is odd! you wouldn't have to lie and interfere with witnesses if you were innocent, you would help the police not hinder them, you would go back to Portugal when asked to do a reconstruction, on their terms not yours, because you have nothing to fear because you told the TRUTH.

      Your correct Cristobell my empathy lies with Madeleine, the little girl who was taken before she had chance to bloom.Robbed of being a mum herself. So sad, and upsetting typing those words I'm going to sign off now.

  17. 08.54 Oh yes, the McCanns have given great "support" themselves to Scotland Yard, they couldn't wait to get out there and give them a full reconstruction to help find their beloved daughter. If you're going to sprout rubbish about support, you should check your facts first. The McCanns have a history of hiring inadequate detectives; not investigating tips properly due to an empty office hired for the hotline, money laundering person, even this week there was a story of misused funds with their "so-called" searching fund. Not to mention the mortgage pay off, which I expect the givers donated for the search for the little girl didn't want the money used for. These are press investigated facts, printed in the mainstream media and don't come from the "anti-McCann" groups. So are you going to blame these respected journalists too of sprouting armchair nonsense? Because I think you'll find that they triple checked their facts first.

    1. Get of your high horse 11,50 Not the old mortgage payment again lol.which was paid back .The funds were set up to help in the search for Maddy and also to help the family.Thousands of people still continued to give to the fund even after the one of Mortgage payment .If you yourself didn't donate then it's none of your business how the funds were used is it??As for hiring inadequate detectives anyone of us could have done the same.A child is missing we clutch at the hope of finding them .But your right they were inadequate .but no less inadequate than Amaral and the pj who didn't know their arse from their elbow.If they had done their job right in the first place we may not be debating this now .Yes her parents let her down but so did the Portuguese police .

    2. Just ... wow!!! If you believe the PJ don't know 'their arse from their elbow,' then surely our coppers - after not solving the case in over FOUR AND A HALF YEARS - mustn't know 'their nobs from their knee-caps!'

      You're wrong anyways. The PJ knew who was responsible from very early on. Unfortunately, entities a lot more powerful than them were running the show. Take your McCann-tinted glasses off and do some research of your own. It's amazing what can be revealed if you only look.

      Good luck.

    3. SY did a darn sight more in that 4 yrs than the PJ did prior to that.SY have not abandoned the case they have only cut down on the number of officers working on at the PJ knew who was responsible .We all knew who was responsible even the pro McCann's know that.What all of us don't know including yourself is what actually did happen,and I don't think we ever will.

    4. 09:03 How do you know SY did a lot more? At this stage we don't actually know what they have done. If they have been interviewing people for a crime that didn't happen, they will have a lot of explaining to do. If they have been doing what the British police should have done in 2007 and making amends by now giving the Portuguese AG their full support now, then kudos.

      As for the rest of us not ever knowing what happened, I disagree. The Met report could not have been clearer (Ok, it could have been, lol), the case is NOT concluded. It remains ongoing with a focused line of investigation. Yes, I am pretty sure there is only one. It has a focused and very definite goal. People will be prosecuted.

      The press release from the Met is quite clear that this case is not being shelved by themselves or their Portuguese counterparts. To spell it out. The disappearance of Madeleine is a two pronged investigation. Portugal have primacy, it is for them to make the arrests and the case for the prosecution. Any trial will take place in Portugal. Scotland Yard have concluded their part of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine. The original crime. The one that took place in Portugal and the one that will (should) result in a criminal trial in a Portuguese Court.

      Whilst Scotland Yard have deflected criticism for any delays by stating they have 'done their bit', they have not put in any escape routes or loopholes for themselves to file the case away, blame it on a 'dead patsy' or even to offer assurance to Madeleine's parents or the watching public. And significantly, Scotland Yard are not asking the public to search for a live child. No more age progression pics.

      The McCanns 'we will never give up' statement illustrates that they do not accept the findings of Scotland Yard, or at least, whatever findings they have thus far been privy to. I doubt they were very impressed with SY digging up the area around 5A either.

      The McCanns will cling onto the 'we are working WITH the police' scenario for as long as they can. They did exactly the same with the PJ in the summer of 2007. Remember Kate stating emphatically ' and the police have reassured us they are looking for a live child'?

      Kate admits in her book that she had to 'tell a little white lie', when their rented villa was being searched by police with dogs, they said Gerry had a tummy bug. But it was such a cute little lie, who could possibly hold it against them? It didn't mean the police suspected them, or had in any way turned against them, because, as Kate said in her interview, they were still looking for a live child.

      The impression that SY and the McCanns are 'all pals together', is another unconvincing scene from a greek tragedy. Who in their right minds would want to live with a police presence 24/7? Even if the police are supposedly on your side. You would end up envying the privacy enjoyed by those held in solitary confinement on Guantanamo Bay. It would, quite literally drive most people insane.

      The McCanns are now preparing to defend themselves against an onslaught. The £750,000 they are donating to the Madeleine Fund (yeh, I know! and it was £1m a few weeks ago, ce la vie) for the 'Search' shows that they are optimistic the Portuguese won't be making any moves on them any time soon.

      Sadly, having watched the civil proceedings between the McCanns and Goncalo Amaral this past 7+ years, they may have good cause to be optimistic. They appear to have the slowest legal system in the world. I don't mean to be disrespectful, and hope one of my Portuguese readers can tell me otherwise. It may be a whole different ball game on the criminal side.

  18. Here is a link to the entire Sun article.

    1. Thanks for the link - £ 200 a night hotel for the cops eh? Suppose that makes up for the dreary experience of Hendon Police College.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I reckon the good doctors will up sticks and leave the UK by springtime next year.

    Just one last Christmas with Auntie Philomena et al - and then, off to pastures new.

    They lived in the Netherlands and New Zealand before, have relatives in Canada -
    all options open to them. 750k - yep - enough to start afresh.

    Now Grange is on a very low flame and the British public by and large are sick of the sight and sound of K&G - they might as well.

    1. Can you imagine anyone wanting to purchase a house they've lived in? They'd have a job renting it out even for a peppercorn rent. There's not many people around, I would imagine, that would appreciate a visit from Madeleine during the night!! Isn't that what Kate told her mother? It doesn't matter where they live they'll always be recognised and viewed with suspicion.

    2. Very few people that have endured a terrible terrible tragedy can stomach living in the same house full of memories for this long. Who knows why they remain or whether they feel trapped or not?

      Kate processed her emotions when she returned to the family home, maybe she did feel something spiritually tangible, the human mind is capable of so so much more, always, especially after experiencing the pit of darkness and life-changing trauma.

      Who are we to judge when we don't know the whole story and someone's very probably been to hell and back? Lies aside, they are still human and they haven't harmed their other children.

      The last sentence isn't guesswork.

    3. 10:54,You've misunderstood my post! I was making the point that who in their right mind would want to purchase that house knowing who the owners were. It would give me the creeps to be honest, just like the mystery surrounding the couple!! When you say ''who are we to judge when we don't know the whole story'' Kate said she knows more than we do so why won't she spit it out and end all the speculation/accusations directed at them?

      That last sentence doesn't deserve a reply, think about it!!

  21. @18.46 Thankyou for answering, I've never seen in the the McCanns minimal support camp somebody actually address something in questions around the case. They just seem to sprout Trolls and Haters blah, blah, because they haven't got any answers for the meat of bones of the case. Also from the television appeals I never saw the McCanns say the money was to help them either? Only to look for their daughter but there you go, they do seem to love backfilling the McCanns going by their statements and media tip offs to the Sun, that have been given after their initial statements. I would have preferred a reply to the unanswered hotline, more important in the scheme of things to the odd mortgage payoff. But then again I would love the McCanns to be placed in front of proper journalists and go through the A-Z of their interviews too. Starting with the two different door positions that change with Gerrys first statements, not forgetting the sudden back filling of an abductor behind it months later, and the discrepancies of Oldfield's recollections with these? Ending of course with their early hour walk that night on their own, that Kate forgot on Woman's hour, when asked if she went out searching? Also the difference with all their friends contradictions with each other throughout the published interviews, that are littered throughout. I'm sure Amaral would like to chance to get these questions answered too, considering he wasn't given the chance the first time. But a detective can only do a good job when they have all the real facts and a tight timeline given by the reconstruction in the first place. Something the family, to date, STILL hasn't managed, maybe you could answer that question for all of us with the others I've set?

    1. The funds were set up to help in the search for Maddy and also to help the family .Anyone can check the funds to see how they have been used and how they are still being used.As for Kate not going out searching,none of us know how we would react in such a situation.They were also told not to show emotion in front of the media but none of us know what emotions they had behind closed doors.I don't condone their parenting skills on that holiday but it doesn't make them the killers that some would have you think they are,no more than it makes the Needham family killers for leaving a 2 yr old unsupervised in a strange country.SY ruled the McCanns out as suspects so why should they answer any questions to anyone least of all a convicted criminal such as Amaral .

    2. 10:34 Whilst I'm sure Goncalo Amaral has a lot of questions for Kate and Gerry, it isn't him who is doing the asking. They have a lot of questions to answer to the British public, they have been making public appeals for help and financial support for the last 8+ years! And thousands, if not millions, have donated cash and their valuable time to a very non charitable cause.

      And as for your pathetic attempts to frame Goncalo Amaral, they were exposed for what they were years ago. Is the headcase Spanish lawyer still whooping it up in Brazil?

    3. They have a lot of questions to answer to the British public,

      And would that be the Anti McCann side of the British public? Because it sure as hell isn't those who have given to and are still giving to the fund.
      Pathetic attempt to frame Amaral ? He did that all by himself lol.

  22. @10:34 The Metido 3 -found to have lied about hotline and claimed money for other detectives. The McCanns were told about them, and yet even though they chased every other person in Britain through the civil courts-to date, has never pressed charges?? They're reason, the ongoing Scotland Yard case (absurd) because this has no bearing what so ever.

    The Oakley Institution took half a million of the fund fraudently too- to date AGAIN no charges brought in to recoup the donated money???

    Yet Clarrie only this week said that "Kate and Gerry always take misuse of their fund seriously. But no court cases are ever brought????

    As for Kerry Needham, who I've noticed is being into your new PR spin lately, she's always gone on interviews without a script of questions she can reply to given to the journalists in advance. Has co-operated fully on all questions asked of her with the police and even to this day, goes out to Greece with groups of people actually looking for Ben. Its a good thing thing though that your camp is dragging her into your battle, because the British do love an underdog and the press attention is great for help in finding little Ben.

  23. I am not in anyway dissing Kerry Needham but her child vanished in much of the same way as Maddy did because both children were unsupervised. That is the point I am trying to make.I have always supported the Needham family as well as supporting the McCann family.After all both families have a missing child.I can't imagine any greater pain for any family. As for any questions the McCann's did or didn't answer they have nothing to prove to you or I or the public for that matter.

    1. Like I said Kerry has provided reconstructions and does interviews without having a huge PR team to go over the questions first. I just find it hypocritical for a family to ask the public for money to search for their daughter when the money is obviously not being used to hire adequate detective agencies. Once you could hire someone by mistake, but twice, and a third team after this didn't investigate a sighting either?

      If you think that's normal than good for you, but I don't believe in conincidences and I'm waiting for more news who the Sun's whistleblower is. Hopefully someone who will tell us what's happening with that fund.

    2. While I have huge sympathy for Kerry Needham, I do not think that Ben was abducted. If you read Kerry's book and read up on the case generally I think there are many pointers that Ben died in an accident (quite possibly on his young relatives bike which apparently his grandparents thought he had gone off on. There are weird gaps in that afternoon if you read Kerry's account of what is supposed to have happened. It was a long time before anyone checked that Ben HAD actually gone off on his young relative's moped. I suspect there was an accident and it was concealed by several of the male relatives in order to spare Kerry the grief. It's worth reading Kerry's book but I just found her account of what had happened very unconvincing.

      I agree, though, that the case is very different to the McCanns because I suspect that what happened to Ben was genuinely an accident and the subsequent behaviour was to protect Ben's mum from grief and also to protect those responsible for the accident.

    3. No, I don't believe that for one moment 22:33. The young relative was devastated at Ben's loss and even volunteered to go under hypnosis just in case he had done it and blacked it out.

      The whole family assisted the police. They all searched, physically, they went out and quite literally turned over stones for days, weeks, months and years after.

      It should also be remembered that there was no profit in missing children during most of the years Kerry has run her campaign. The Needhams have financed all their own searches. No spokesmen, PR agencies or teams of lawyers for Kerry.

      The Needham family were torn to shreds by the tragedy, they acted exactly the way we would expect a traumatised family to act. I don't think the disappearance of Ben and the disappearance of Madeleine could be more different.

  24. Oh. I misread Clarrie said this week "Kate and Gerry take and always seriously misuse their fund."

    1. Apologies, "Madeleine's fund take extremely seriously any suggestions monies intended for the search has been obtained fruadenty"

      Which is a lie by Clarrie because a gentleman informed Brian Kennedy, their friend in charge of hiring detectives, that they were being defrauded by email and he wasn't interested in getting any more facts from him? Something which left the man very confused.

      I won't say his name because he might be the whistleblower and I don't want to cause damage for legal reasons.

      Either way, Brian Kennedy and the McCanns aren't really taking these fraud allegations seriously as their PR comment claims.

  25. Sunday Express:

    'Child Killer to be quizzed over Maddie'

  26. So the McCann's refusal to accept their child is dead can only be because they want some poxy fund to continue? Are you insane? Do you have any children of your own?
    I very much doubt it judging by that horrible comment. If my child disappered and I never had concrete evidence he or she was dead then I would continue to search for them for the rest of my life, or until their body was found, as would any loving parent whose child disappeared.

  27. And would you have published 'Lolita' like photographs - taken by a World famous Professional Photographer shortly before she disappeared? Check THE BURGAU APARTMENT. What WERE they thinking of?