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3/10/2015 We want an example made
 Almost one year ago this week, Team McCann pulled off one of their dirtiest and meanest stunts yet in a bid to stamp out their online critics once and for all.  They had flattened the UK and Portuguese newspapers with a series of libel actions and threats, but the little people online just wouldn't go away - they wouldn't surrender to the might of the McCann propaganda machine.

The war against those who did not (and could not) believe the abduction yarn spun by the parents and their equally negligent friends, began the night the poor child 'disappeared'.  Among the stampede of relatives and friends who rushed out to join the grieving parents in the idyllic holiday resort setting, was cousin/fellow entrepeneur/ besty, Michael Wright, who kindly told us in a Court in Lisbon, that it was his job to monitor the internet to ensure that everyone (without exception) believed Kate and Gerry, and if they didn't, there must be something wrong with them. 

30/09/14 Brenda doorstepped by Sky News
Thus began the demonization of the opposition, the crime of NOT believing Kate and Gerry, became greater than that of stealing and/or murdering a child.  Kudos to Mr. Wright, it was very successful, even to this day there are a number of 'anti's' still terrified that their identities might become public knowledge.  Some have good reason, their behaviour has been appalling, but for others, they used anonymity because they knew criticising Gerry and Kate could directly affect their earning capacity, their families and their futures.  .  

Unfortunately, the circumstances of this case offered a platform for the self righteous to tell us about their own perfect parenting and gave them an opportunity to 'throw rocks' at their perceived betters.  These malevolent people exist in every environment, their fall back line is 'it's not fair', they see themselves as victims and people further up the food chain as 'lucky'. They need to point out the faults of others in order to make themselves look and feel better.  The McCanns know exactly what these 'nasties' are like, because they are cut from the very same cloth.

However, the majority of people who question the abduction story online, do so because they are appalled that a small child has been made to disappear and that her parents have shamelessly profited from her loss. No-one is jealous of Kate and Gerry, for most parents losing a child would devastate them, no amount of fame or money would take away that pain. The idea that people criticise the McCanns because they are jealous is a reflection of Gerry and Kate's own priorities, morals and values, and it is not a good one.  

The case of missing Madeleine McCann has shown the public just how disingenuous, if not downright corrupt, our government, our police and our mainstream media are.  The people who discuss the Madeleine case online are appalled that those they formerly trusted are so happy willing and able to brush the death of a small child under the carpet.  Those hiding the truth behind Madeleine's disappearance should be hanging their heads in shame, not those discussing it

So twisted is the propaganda surrounding this case, it is those who discuss this case and who want the truth be told, who are demonised.  It is at this point that my heart truly goes out to Brenda Leyland.  Trying to explain your interest in the McCann case, in a nutshell, and without making enemies is like banging your head against a brick wall while slapping your arse with a ping pong bat.  Painful and pointless.  When someone casually asks 'why are you so interested in the McCann case (you weirdo)', where do you begin?

Brenda had nothing to be ashamed of, but she either bought into the idea that she did, or she understood just how pointless it would be trying to explain.

Shame, or fear of public exposure, is something we all live with.  We can't help ourselves, for the more paranoid among us, 'what is the worst that can happen' is never far from our thoughts.  Brenda Leyland was carefully selected, she was neatly slotted into the prim, respectable, middle aged housewife bracket who live in fear of their net curtain secrets becoming known to their neighbours.  The genre even has its own comic character, Hyacinth Bouquet.

Team McCann suspect that most of their critics are middle aged women with too much time on their hands, ergo, the example selected had to be representative of that group.  It was probably a similar group doing the selecting, based on what would they, personally, would fear the most.  No one was buying into the myth that the McCanns' tormentors were an organised gang of leather clad thugs waiting to attack a vulnerable family, they simply didn't exist.  Their new enemies were dark, sinister fiends disguised as normal people, people without criminal records, respected by their community, who were leading dark secret lives, that their family and friends knew nothing about.  First they have to convince their enemy that their behaviour is despicable (even if it isn't), then threaten to expose them to public ridicule. 

Brenda Leyland did nothing wrong, legally or morally.  Chatting to people online is not dissimilar to chatting to people over the garden fence, its merely the 21st century equivilent, except, our gossip and our comments are preserved forever more and freely available on the worldwideweb.  And, of course, we are no longer talking about  her at no. 19 who's no better than she ought to be, we are talking about people in the public spotlight. Should we become guarded and paranoid, or better still, lighten up a little?  

Among those who criticise the McCanns, Brenda's comments were pretty tame, but from the perspective of striking fear into the hearts of the ordinary people questioning Madeleine's disappearance, the message was loud and clear. Criticise the McCanns and we will destroy your life.    

For the McCanns, Brenda Leyland was the final solution, the ultimate deterrent. Brenda had bought into the doctrine that she should be ashamed of her online activity with regard to the missing Madeleine case, it was not a subject she discussed with her family and friends.  She may even have said things in the heat of the moment that she regretted and feared there would be a scandal if anyone found out. Like many, she used a pseudonym on twitter and was reluctant to reveal her true identity, ergo, she was representative of the majority of anti McCann posters.  In shaming Brenda publicly, they were demonstrating that their threats to those on their Blacklist were very real, any one of us could have been next. 

Making an example of Brenda Leyland should have driven away at least half to two thirds of those who still comment on the Madeleine case online. Most people will opt to protect their families over internet squabbles and keep the Madeleine case in perspective, that is, for them it is just not worth it.  Once rid of the 'numbers', Team McCann could then say, it is only a tiny handful who don't support us, and they are as mad as a box of frogs. 

Team McCann have used the very proactive 'seek out and destroy' war tactic from the beginning, whilst building a huge line of defence.  Forums and websites were shut down and discussion was brought to a halt with those old playground classics 'my dad's bigger than your dad' and 'I'm telling'. There was no debate, the pros simply had nothing with which to prop up the abduction story.In creating an atmosphere of suspicion, paranoia and downright lunacy, TM were able to shut down most of the negative discussion surrounding this case, but they couldn't stamp it out completely.  Many who remained, chose to be anonymous.  They knew Team McCann were scouring the social media sites, collecting their personal details and then writing to their employers, neighbours, family, friends, customers, etc, or at least threatening to.  The threat was usually enough to silence all but the most stalwart. 

The 'Wiki Hate List', was a compilation of the names of anyone found to be disagreeing with the McCanns official story and it was published on McCann supporters site Stop the Myths and promoted by the sell outs Summers and Swan on Twitter.  It was used to frighten people away from twitter and other social media.  It was made up of 'facts', snippets, c/ps from FB and other social media, tweets, screenshots, vulgar photoshopping etc of people commentating negatively about the McCanns'. I believe my own particular section ran to over a 100pages, lol.  This Hate list, or list of haters, was the dossier handed to Scotland Yard by the McCann family and the precursor to the death of Brenda Leyland.  

Team McCann knew exactly the kind of impact the sudden and intense pressure media exposure would have on Brenda's life.  They themselves had lived it!  Kate even claimed to be just like Brenda, a very private person who did not seek the limelight! Brenda was a proud woman who's standing in the community mean't everything to her, Kate and Gerry knew how excruciating it would be for her. They wished this fate worse than death on a quiet, middle aged lady who had never harmed anyone in her life!  How callous is that? 

Brenda Leyland felt that misery and fear to such an extent that she took her own life.  But knowingly, or unknowingly, Brenda scuppered the final solution.  Team McCann didn't so much destroy the enemy as increase it 100 fold. I like to imagine that thought went her mind in those final moments.  Her sacrifice might well have turned the media tide.

The humanitarian side of me hates the fact that my words bring more pain onto this already very troubled pair, but unless they are stopped the evil they are creating will continue to destroy lives.  And they will never stop, we are finishers said Kate, they know exactly what they are doing, they have told us so many times, (Kate has pretty much wiped out her entire defence with that one).  They have no remorse for what they have done, no tears for their lost daughter and no intention of giving up their highly profitable Fund.  The life of Brenda Leyland mean't nothing to them, they may even believe that she deserved what she got, they are not very strong on empathy.  That they live by the philosophy of wishing misery and fear on their enemies is chilling.  That's why I continue, and because I'm a  finisher too.     


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  1. Often behind the scenes of this saga you can see clusters of orchestrated scenarios that beggars belief in the most normal of people

    First up Gambles scoping (£100k exercise) refused several times by successive governments to bring the MET into investigation including, then comes Rebekah Brooks & Sun's front page, Cameron and May. Then the about turn. The granting of what now is the reinvestigation of the case to the tune of £12m and will it stop there? But of course that didn't happen, we had to sit through Leveson to find that out (joke).

    Then comes the back drop of Brenda. Drawn into the spiders web. One wondered what was going on. Baited & subsequently door stepped. At the same time was the S&S book, promoted of all places on Twitter, with it's famous chapter, it's hype, it's sexed up chapter on the HATERS. Enter stage left Journalist Brunt door stepping Brenda as an example of a online HATER. Wow that would fan the flames.

    The rest is history. RIP Brenda.

    But the biggest question to the Brenda legacy has to be, what if Brenda had not committed suicide. Brunt & the S&S HATERS chapter, would have done for the internet what being RUCKED did for MSM (main stream media)

    RIP the population of UK being informed of what 'they' think you should know. Since that is the biggest issue and 'they' are those hold power & persuasion across the board.