Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Welcome to my new current affairs blog, where I will be commenting on news items that catch my eye and where I hope readers will feel free to comment too.  I love to hear alternate views, just spare me the rants and the name calling.  I want this to be a place for civilised debate. 
Please, if you like my 'out of sync' views on society, and enjoy my blogs, retweet them to your followers and share them on facebook.  I want an unbound platform where I, and those who read my blog can comment freely.  I have no party line here, the best argument wins - I am going to see if I can find a 'likes' gadget for my new revamp.   
There are just not enough platforms for non comformist views and those that do exist are led by often pompous, university educated middle class professionals who have no idea what being 'working class' really means.  They have never lived on a Council estate or had to leave IOUs in their kids' piggy banks, including the ones they had carefully hidden under the bed.  To this day, there is no trust in our family, lol.  
Regarding the comments, my quest is to get everyone writing.  I want to break down the barriers, that 'thing' that stops people from using their greatest power - the ability to communicate.  At some stage I might get a writing class going, or indeed publish a 'how to write a book' book, for those still lacking the confidence to put pen to paper. 
Meanwhile, please bear with me as I fiddle about the with the layout, lol, it may be like sticking 100 monkeys in a room with typewriters and waiting for a Shakespeare play, but I am going to try a couple of things out.  Including thinking up a name for my new blog, any suggestions considered!  Yes, I too think Cristobell's Column is naff, but I wanted to get 'Cristobell' in the title.
Cristobell's Column 
You're not alone, he whispered...

As a young rebellious teenager locked up in the care of demonic nuns, I fell in love with David Bowie at first sight. I was even sickeningly good to earn the privilege of watching him on Top of the Pops. He was the opposite of everything those evil creatures were attempting to pound into me with their fists, he came from another world, a world so different to the one I lived in, maybe he did come from Mars.  'I had to phone someone, so I picked on you', and that you was me and yes, it was far out, I heard it too! 

The nuns sneered at his makeup and cringed as he put a friendly arm around Mick Ronson, but I saw only warmth and affection and best of all, an acceptance and celebration of being different.  He told me it was OK not to be the same as everyone else, and at that time, as an oft suicidal 14 year old, I desperately needed someone, anyone, to tell me that.  Oh no love, your not alone, I've had my share, I'll help you with pain, David sang, and he did.  RIP Starman.

You can't live your life behind a phone bro!

I think a big round of applause should have been in order for the amazing Jennifer, coolest woman on the planet, Lawrence, when she scolded the reporter with a mobile phone. 

There doesn't seem to be any etiquette whatsoever in the use of mobile phones, ergo it has led to our being one of the rudest, most bad mannered societies in history.  Whoever is on the end of the phone, always seems to take priority over the person directly in front of the mobile user.  'I must take this' translates as, speaking to someone (anyone) else, is more important than speaking to you, even at the Golden Globes!  It may be the 'norm' but it is appalling bad manners.  I have reached the point where I hate being in the company of people who are constantly looking at and playing with their phones. So cheers Jennifer, my first feminist role model of the year, I am no longer going to tolerate it either! 

The Not so Odd Couple

I can kind of see why Jerry Hall has got together with Rupert Murdoch, where do you go after Mick Jagger? I remember thinking on similar lines when Jackie Kennedy married Onassis.

I'm the same age as Jerry Hall and I wouldn't be looking for a young stud muffin or a guy who's problems I 'might' be able to solve either.  As much fun as it was in your 30's, teaching young airhead Adonises the joys of outdoor sex and how 'do it' between stations when on a train, at 59, you could put a hip out.    

I'm not going to bitch about Jerry and Rupert, they are a power couple.  Just as Mick Jagger didn't want a subjugated woman, neither does Rupert - which of course says much for his machismo and self confidence - go him!  Strong men marry strong women.  Like Jerry, I too couldn't get together with an unarmed man, where's the fun in that?  Jerry is a Queen who needed a King, she was never going to marry one of the footmen.  In fact it is dallying with footmen and the like that cost many Queens their realms and in some cases, their actual heads.  Jerry's head is firmly screwed into place, she is a Queen because that is how she sees herself.  Anyone of us could do the same, if only we had the confidence.  It is that confidence in herself that sets Jerry apart, but sadly I doubt the bitches of Fleet Street will see it that way. 

Tis my theory that when women hit the menopause they get their brains back.  All those hot flushes are actually 'wtf was I thinking' moments, especially when watching our own Masai warrior/Turkish waiter drive off into the sunset with the orange teenager from next door and a large deposit for a fun café on the Marmaris coast.  Once men lose the ability to set our hearts a flutter with a whiff of testosterone or the flex of a bicep, their power over us is pretty much gone.  As much fun as it would be spending a week getting high with Jack Nicholson in Vegas or New Orleans, (personal wish list), I doubt I could keep up with him and I'd never get me bunions into Jimmy Choos.  I'll have to see if he is up for the zimmer frame version. 

I prefer to love men from a safe distance these days.  I can sort of see why Gerrard Butler's Spartan wife sent him off with an 'in it or on it' (it being his shield) final word.  His wild lovemaking and throwing around of all the bed linen would get on my wick for a start.  All that tidying up and laundry!  (not really, tee hee), but it must be said all that leather gear would play havoc with your Indesit.

But back to Jerry Hall, she has actually gone up in my estimation, just as she didn't settle for a string of wide boys or yorkie bar muchers a la Katie Price and Kerry Katona, when she was young, she hasn't lowered her standards as she had got older. Kudos to Jerry say I,  she treats herself as she believes she deserves, and I think there is a lesson for all of us in there somewhere.  Women of our age deserve to be pampered and treated with respect.  I bet Rupert doesn't tell her to buy herself a birthday card while's she's out buying his beer.  'Pick up 48 cans love, it will save you going out again'.  Just can't see it. 

Jerry's critics should stop for one moment and think about their words.  Whilst Angie Bowie, Jerry's one time contemporary who was also married to rock legend, she is now competing with Z listers in the Big Brother house, and being criticised for hanging onto the Bowie name. Jerry has clearly moved on. 

Jerry compliments Rupert, she doesn't want a doormat either.  Just as I would for any other couple lucky enough to find love, I wish them well.  Though I would suggest a purpose built, fine china free, room for when the sparks fly!    


  1. Old digger getting married to gold digger Rupert looks like the cat who has got the cream i do not think i seen him smile so much but what does Jerry see in him a 84 year old man i never met a person who has got a good word to say about him Jerry once said i have absolutely zero interest in politics am a very bad citizen i never even voted so what do they have in common he already been married 3 times she has 4 kids out of wedlock this has got disaster written all over it reminds me of when Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley or is there a agenda to this marriage and who will be Rupert best man at the wedding i know one man it wont be .

    1. Jerry is class, Rupert's an arse. No sense of humour or kindness to the old Dirty Digger, I'd rather wind up in bed with a crocodile. I am still laughing about Wife Number 3's lovelorn paean to Tony Blair. Run, Jerry, run!

    2. LOL 02:50, I think gold digger is a little harsh, there is much more to Jerry than meets the eye methinks. Rupert does indeed look like the cat who go the cream, he seems to have a love of feisty women, and again, that says a lot for his masculine prowess!

      Women, and no doubt men, fall in love for the oddest of reasons 02:50, and thank goodness for that, it makes the world go around. I used to be drop dead gorgeous when I was younger, yet among my greatest loves were older men my contemporaries wouldn't have glanced at twice. Love truly is blind!

    3. To be honest I don't really know anything about Rupert's character 08:06, but I would imagine he is pretty formidable given the empire he has created.

      Women love power 08:06, it is a huge turn on. I doubt I am the only one who had an unexplainable crush on Alistair Campbell for example. Other than marrying a King or an Emperor, Jerry could not have got a better catch than a media magnate. In the 70's it might have been a Greek shipping magnate, but in the 21st century, she is getting hitched to the 'King of the World'. Mick Jagger must be gutted.

      Other men may mock and scorn and quote Mrs Merton (the usual suspect) but successful men have an aura they simply don't possess. Especially the usual suspect.

    4. Alastair Campbell? I can beat that : I used to really fancy Gordon Brown...and Stephen Birch.

    5. Yeh, you need help 21:17, lol, especially on the Stephen Birch one!

      I used to have a crush on Alex Salmond, but my strangest I think, was Roy Kinnear, a portly actor from the 70's. I wept buckets when he tragically died during the making of the Three Musketeers.

  2. You were either with merciless nuns or your thieving parents as a child, whats it to be?

    1. My dad was a qualified psychiatric nurse, he had more letters after his name than I do (he is my inspiration). My mother too was a nurse, an SEN, much loved by all her patients. Hardly thieves 08:06.

      I went into the convent at the age of 11. Take your time, you'll get there :)

    2. "They have never lived on a Council estate or had to leave IOUs in their kids' piggy banks, including the ones they had carefully hidden under the bed. To this day, there is no trust in our family, lol."
      Your words not mine

    3. Oh get over yourself 11:25, the IOUs were a running joke in our house, as I suspect they are in many. I wish I had kept some of the IOUs from the boys to each other, they were hilarious!

    4. Hey Bell xxx you don't have to explain yourself to ANYONE lol If they don't like what you say, that's their problem, not yours lol
      Keep going kiddo, love the idea of a 'newsy' blog! xx

    5. "To this day, there is no trust in our family, lol."
      And you find that funny....criminality breeds criminality. It's no wonder you were sent off to a convent aged eleven if you find theft hilarious.

    6. Yes I find that funny 00:26, we all do, it's a family joke.

      As for criminality breeding criminality, there are no 'thieves' or criminals in my family. No-one has ever set up dodgy 'Funds', 'Foundations' or 'Trusts' and no-one has ever been suspected of killing a child. Can you say the same?

    7. Hey Jo, great to see ya! And a belated Happy New Year.

      I find their comments laughable tbh Jo, they don't 'get' my 'Paddy' humour, they take everything literally because they can't find anything else to batter me with. Their own homes sound like godforsaken miserable institutions, I pity their kids.

    8. That's a disgusting comment. There's never any justification to send an 11 year old girl to any place that does not love and nurture her. Cristobell was clearly not a criminal at the age of 11 (or ever). Even 11 year old "criminals" need love and support, so that adults can understand the reasons why they're acting out in such a way. Some of you people are just damn nasty.

    9. Their scary attitude towards an 11 year old says much about their characters 12:11. Some of the McCann supporters on twitters state openly that I was not punished enough!

      I was in the convent because of family breakdown and homelessness. Most of the kids were. It was the 1960's - think 'Cathy Come Home', and seizing kids and placing them in care was very lucrative. I think the cost at the time was around £500 per child per week.

      I expect it is still very lucrative, which is why I question those like Jim Gamble who promote the 'seizing' of children and placing them in care. Of course it is not only financially appealing, it also provides a supply of vulnerable children for sexual perverts in positions of authority. Those with a penchant for sex with kids and sadism usually go into childcare and child protection because it gives them limitless access.

      The convent was formerly a home for unmarried mothers and 'fallen women', ergo the nuns were in the business of 'curing' us, through hard work and constant punishment. They were preparing us to 'go into service' and menial jobs and the 'authorities' wholeheartedly approved. It was society's way of dealing with the undeserving poor. Sadly, as we can see from some of the comments I receive, that same sick attitude is still alive and thriving in the 21st century.

    10. Some of the comments I have seen aimed at you Cristobell are absolutely foul (not just on here) and they're not all from blinkered McCann supporters either. I am glad that you are able to let them wash over you - if it was me, such unremitting venom and spite would upset me.

    11. I don't take the comments personally Meredith, they don't know me. They are actually projecting their own unpleasant worlds and attitudes, where else could it come from?

    12. You just don't get do you? Stealing a childs money or anyones money for that matter is theft. You seem to perceive theft as a joke, all of course was part of your upbringing...I truely feel sorry for you.

    13. I feel sorry for you 23:40, you are trying desperately hard to criminalise me and getting nowhere.

      I also pity you for your humourless upbringing, bet it was a barrel of laughs in your house. Not. It does however explain why you are so bitter and odious now.

      What is your opinion on those who kill their children and set up Funds and Foundations to enrich themselves? Is murder, corruption and fraud OK if you are regular church goer? How about disposing of a child's body and then claiming she was abducted? How does that figure on your honesty scale?

      Or are you a member of the 'Madeleine Foundation' a foundation clearly set up to divert all the cash that was pouring in, away from the McCann's Fund and into Bennetts?

      I'm happy to discuss theft and fraud, but lets start with the big ones, those profiting from poor little Madeleine's demise.

    14. I really don't know how some people get by in life without a sense of humour.

      Judging by the ranting of your "fans" here who don't understand your jokes, their lives must be very difficult!

      Perhaps we can set up a fund to help those who are wittily challenged.

    15. Okay, I shall start with "the big ones."
      Many as we all know have profited from Madeleine's demise, of that there is no doubt.
      Football stars, a childrens fiction writer, a double glazing salesman, an ex goverment spin doctor, a host of legal professionals, a host of private investigators, a media magnate, the wage earners of a missing persons charity (oh the irony, wage earners of a charity) Summers and Swan, (though I guess they fit in with the childrens fiction writer, or should that be adult fiction?) government ministers, past and present, a host of media whores like Brunt, Kelly and that Irish fuckwit who pretends to be an investigative journalist, the McCann's, John "Jacked My Job In" McCann, the media monitors, the McCann shills, the bank/s holding the funds, the inland revenue (remember the fund is not a charity), the Bennett's of this world ( on that subject, please never associate me with that man, else I will have to seek you out when I visit London next week and give you my tuppence worth of my rabid Scottish tongue)....the list goes on.
      Some of the above mentioned may not have gained directly from Madeleine's demise though I'm sure their jumping on the bandwagon would have enhanced their public profile a notch or two.

      I will deal with the rest of your questions tomorrow (time permitting).

      And the name is Thomas btw.

    16. Quite Brilliant Thomas! I thought you may have missed out the politicians, but no, you mentioned government ministers. Showing compassion and concern for a missing little girl was a very popular bandwagon.

      However, the only VIP remaining appears to be Hugh Grant, and much as I hate to bring up past indiscretions, he is not exactly known for having sound judgement.

      I look forward to part 2 Thomas, many thanks.

    17. I have decided not to respond to some of the personal diferences we have, it would be utterly futile.
      I will however continue to read your blog on a daily basis and respond accordingly to McCann related articles only.
      So onward I shall go, further up this thread you seem to suggest the McCann's killed Madeliene to enrich themselves, I could go along with that view, however, I have other views and the main one is, no abduction ever happened, of that I'm 99.99% sure.
      I do know of Hugh Grant and his lewd behavior, perhaps you could enlighten me with his link to the McCann case.

  3. Demonic nuns! I once met a girl at a party with the most horrifically scarred knees, they were from where the nuns at her convent orphanage (in the 70s/80s) made her kneel on upturned bottle caps for penance. So sick and twisted.

    1. I can well believe it 07:55, I think most ex convent girls have dimples in their knees, scrubbing floors was a usual punishment as it was in prisons and on ships. The more sadistic punishment was having to strip the polish from the floors in the middle of the night and then re-wax them. I, and my peers, often fell asleep at school :(

  4. Jerry Hall is one pathetic woman who will go anywhere/ do anything for the money. Her (in) famous quote,........... ''"to keep a man, you must be a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom"................is pure unadulterated man friendly nonsense and certainly didn't work for her. Mick just went walkabouts anyway. This is the woman who allowed her children to be designated ' bastards' so that her first wrinkly old man could get out of paying his rightful divorce settlement. Strange how the aforesaid wrinkly managed to claim the married man's tax allowance all the years he was with Ms Hall and yet according to him..........he wasn't really married. Wonder if the taxman ever caught up with him. A rhetorical question by the way. I already know the answer.

    1. Actually, I think Jerry's quote has worked very well for her! Look at the alpha males she has dated.

      As for her children being designated bastards, do behave. ALL children are legitimate 11:35, your attitude offends me.

      Your post reeks of bitterness and jealousy 11:35, what kind of wrinkly do you share your bed with? Unless your other half is a super model, people may question your taste.

    2. I agree with you 11.35. She's a prostitute of types except most prostitutes are more honest than her and admit their profession ( usually forced upon them by terrible circumstances) is to support themselves.

      I see comments lauding her as having her own money and fame but these fans forget she only has, particularly the second by virtue of her choice of men.

      Sure she was a successful model but would we have heard and seen so much of her had she not latched onto Ferry, then 'moved up' to Jagger?

      Even today super models cannot match the earning power of the men she snared and in her era, 70's she certainly wouldn't be anywhere near the league of the likes of Kate Moss.

      That is a nasty comment Ros, accusing someone of jealously and bitterness. I personally can say hand in heart I could never attach to a man for financial reasons and as for Murdoch, he has got to be one of the most vile individuals ever to stalk this earth.

    3. 17:43, in your final paragraph you reveal your motivation. You, hand on heart, would not attach yourself to a man for financial reasons. Debatably, that makes you unique in the history of womankind.

      The family is a financial unit! Since the beginning of time, women have been dependent on men for protection and security when they have their babies. That is not an anti feminist statement, obviously if a woman is breastfeeding a baby she can't go out hunting and gathering herself.

      You are judging Jerry Hall (and probably lots of other people too) by your own standards 17:43, you have placed yourself up on a pedestal as the righteous one, if we all follow YOUR morals, the world would be a better place right? You make no allowance for people to have freedom of choice, its your way or the highway.

      Your attitude towards Jerry Hall is bizarre, like chauvinist men you are attacking her with the term 'prostitute' - strange how some women are always so willing to join in with the condemnation and stoning of another female, especially ones who are far more attractive and successful than themselves.

    4. My god! Just who do you think you are? You do not know me or my circumstances and I certainly do not place myself on any pedestal, moral or otherwise. Nor do I recall commenting that the world would be a better place if everybody had my morals but then that's you all over,deliberate misinterpretation.

      I don't give a flying one if women wish to attach to rich old men with the personality of a rabid jackel, however I would prefer they be honest and not wrap it in sentiments that rival Love Story.

      As for being unique in not using financial reasons to choose a partner, I can assure you I am not. When deciding whether to embark on a relationship the fact that a man may be a manual worker on minimum wage or an investment banker would not come into the equation for me and countless other women.

      Again like many other women I have never depended on a man in the 'hunter gatherer' sense and dressing your insults up in what you think is clever prose does not disguise the fact that as per, you cannot bear anyone to disagree with your conclusions.

      News Flash. Women can breastfeed, have maternity leave/pay and manage not to starve whilst reproducing. I managed it and have always been a higher earner than my husband.

      I find your use of freedom of choice bizarre. I'm sure Ms Hall has the choice of many more men than the average woman. She does however always seem to pick them in order of ascending wealth. I'm sure the handsome hotel porters of the world wouldn't get a look in.

      You it find 'strange' I and others 'attack' other women. News Flash! I am not attacking, merely making personal opinion known.

      If I were you I'd look at my own comments. Quite good at attack and contradiction yourself.

      Your snide comment about 'far more attractive women' is beyond contempt. I have never found Ms Hall to be anything special in the looks department and credit her modelling success with her being abnormally tall and willowy. Before you take that as 'jealousy' please be assured I am more than capable of recognising and appreciating real female beauty. After all, it is,in the bank bal,sorry, eye of the beholder is it not?

  5. Oh Rosalinda you really do want to stay on Murdoch's good side don't you? No, children of unmarried parents are deemed bastards . That the terminology offends you is neither here nor there and no amount of PC wishful thinking will change that. Your , 'look at the alpha males she has dated' is hilarious and says an awful lot about you. The , 'You're just jealous ' remark is such a cliché to stifle genuine thought and certainly is not worthy of a so called writer and social commentator.

    1. I cannot imagine that in the 21st century there are many people who use that term for the children of unmarried parents. Most of us have moved on - thank goodness - from the attitudes of long gone eras.

    2. Your idea of genuine thought is name calling and bitching 12:05, trying to pretend it is something cerebral,is laughable.

      There is no difference between children born in or out of wedlock, they are equally legitimate. Marriage is a manmade concept, so too the piece of paper that accompanies it. Only the deeply unpleasant adhere to nasty word 'bastard'.

    3. Well said Rachel and Cristobell. What a horrible attitude to have about children.

    4. Hi Cristobel. It's me again (Anon from Australia). Due to our time difference, reading your blog has become my reading before going to bed, but it's making me go to bed rather late, because I do find you amusing!

      When my daughter was in junior school, (mixed school, with no particular religion), a little boy said to her "I understand it must be hard for you, being a bastard". There was a whole group of kids listening at the time, and my daughter said "What's a bastard?". The little boy responded with "Well, it's a child who is born when their parents aren't married". This made for interesting conversation, as one child after another began to state "I think I'm a bastard". "Oh yes, I am definitely a bastard" etc... She went to a very progressive school, with a lot of "de-facto" married partners, and we found the whole thing quite hilarious. This little boy was clearly outnumbered, and his mother later apologised. He must have gone home and told her about the conversation at school. His mum said "Oh, we are Catholics, but that would have come from his grandparents, whom he spends a lot of time with. I'm so sorry". She really didn't need to apologise, because no one took any offence! Children are just doing their best to figure out reality... So, yes, my daughter is technically a "bastard", but very well loved by two parents. As Shakespeare so brilliantly put it in Edmund's speech in King Lear

      Thou, nature, art my goddess; to thy law
      My services are bound...
      Why bastard? wherefore base?
      When my dimensions are as well compact,
      My mind as generous, and my shape as true,
      As honest madam's issue? Why brand they us
      With base? with baseness? bastardy? base, base?
      Who, in the lusty stealth of nature, take
      More composition and fierce quality
      Than doth, within a dull, stale, tired bed,
      Go to the creating a whole tribe of fops,
      Got 'tween asleep and wake?

  6. Just noticed - those who choose to 'diss' you always post as anonymous - VERY telling lolol Cowards!

    1. Or perhaps we don't have any of the options listed or want to risk the chance of our details been harvested as Cristobell has bragged about doing in the past. Personally I don't relish my private stuff being available to a certain close friend of hers.

      If it makes you feel any better, my name is Jill Bloggs. Feel better now that I'm not 'anonymous' and you 'know' who I am 'Jo'?

    2. As I have said many times before tigger (Jill Blogs lol) I have ZERO interest in you and your 'private stuff'.

      Your paranoia stems entirely from yourself. Guilt or shame perhaps? You use anonymity to post nasty vitriolic comments about strangers online, then demand that forum and blog owners protect that anonymity for you. What you do not seem to understand is that you alone are responsible for your despicable behaviour. If your past vitriolic words against the McCanns, myself and countless others come back to haunt you, you have only yourself to blame. Some might call it Karma.

    3. Whiskers the Cat17 January 2016 at 10:45

      Was it really that fiery feline Tigger at 01.58? I was so disappointed in her tantrum throwing, flouncing off antics on a forum last year. She went from hero to zero in my opinion.

      If that was me, I'd be too embarrassed to venture out of my cat basket again!

    4. Hello Whiskers (love the name), I suspect that was tigger, for some reason she thinks MI5 (or is MI6?) and every National newspaper are after her, lol. Many antis who have used anonymity to be nasty and abusive in the past are now worrying that their real identities will be uncovered. She doesn't seem to understand that she alone is responsible for her behaviour, it has nothing to do with me.

      And note to tigger/Jill Bloggs, you will have to find somewhere else to post your latest rant, I'm not lowering the tone of my blog by publishing it here.

  7. Jerry Hall always likes to date / marry old, wrinkly men who love to dominate women?

    Looks like she's overlooked Mr Bennett again!!!

    1. Shame, hey, as there's a special place in his Christian heart for feisty blondes.

    2. I don't think Bennett has what it takes to pull a feisty blonde, actually he'd be hard pushed to pull a Mrs Merton.

    3. He'd be hard pushed to get a fuck in a brothel too.

    4. It didn't take long for the bennett insults to start on your new News Review blog Ros!

      Strange how he can be dragged into anything and everything.

    5. Bennett's homophobia, islamaphobia, extreme right wing fascist views and the utter nonsense he spouts about the Maddie case invites comment 16:21. The man represents everything I despise, he is a constant source of material.

    6. You insult Bennett's looks and personality constantly and never fail to bring his name into the blog replies in a derogatory manner . Are you JEALOUS of his standing in CMMOM Ros? Are you JEALOUS of his intellect ? Are you JEALOUS of his writing ability? Are you JEALOUS that he is happily married? His looks are those he was born with so why deride them? If we judged people by their souls instead of their looks what a better place the world would be.

    7. I do judge him on his soul 14:40, his soul being the hatred he projects towards others. I find his need to punish and ostracise people quite chilling.

      I don't actually feel jealousy 14:40, its an emotion I have never had, not even when I was passionately in love. Life is tough enough without worrying about what others have or haven't got, lol.

      If I were to be jealous of others' writing ability, where do you think Bennett would be on a list that includes Harper Lee, PG Wodehouse, Edgar Allen Poe, Christopher Hitchens and the fabulous Sue Townsend? lol. And I am not jealous of them btw, I admire them, they inspire me.

      As for Mr. Bennett's intellect? Sadly for him, it is stunted. It became very firmly fixed at a very young age and it has shut out everything else since.

      I find people with one track minds curious 14:40, and in my lifelong quest to discover what it is that makes people evil, I am drawn towards studying them. At the moment, I lean towards nurture.

      As a convent child sitting with the nuns on the left hand side of the cold, stone church, before the sun even rose, I would look over at the 'normal' families on the right, the kids especially because they were 'free'. But do you know what, the children of those fine, upstanding citizens looked more miserable than we did.

      I have the one thing I have always wanted for myself 14:40, 'A Room of One's Own' and the time and freedom to write.

      Admittedly, it would be nice if that room overlooked a Brighton beach or better still, the Agatha Christie suite in Egypt - a travelogue is on my wish list too, but ce la vie.

      Please note, nothing Bennett is or has, is on my wish list, a key factor in jealousy I would have thought. On the contrary, Anthony Bennett's wiki entry makes chilling reading. It is a CV filled with racism and homophobia, and reads like the life of a very angry, bitter man.

      And while I am being philosophical, all we really have to leave to our descendants is our legacy. For myself, if they can say, 'she was a good egg', I will be happy :)

    8. Anon 14.40 - You ask Rosalinda if she is jealous of Tony Bennett's intelligence. I've read Tony Bennett's "stuff" and I don't see any great "intellect".

      Bennett is ruled by a number of religious principles, to which he has a perfect "right" in his personal life, but he applies them to his so called "analysis" of the Madeleine McCann case, which leads to nothing other than the speculations of man obsessed with certain ideals. He doesn't appear to have grasped many of the principles of Law 101. His personal view of the world leads to an inordinate amount of speculation, and pure fantasy.

      I read a letter he received from Carter Ruck, and whatever one thinks of them, in this particular instance, I had to sympathise. The lawyer at Carter Ruck wrote (in part), something very close to "I really don't know what point it is that you are trying to make".

      Bennett's writing is ponderous and convoluted. Simply because someone can string a lot of words together, does not make them especially intelligent. He does not actually possess the necessary analytical skills to be a successful lawyer, which is probably why he is a "failed" one.

      I have done a legitimate mensa test, and, having passed its "requirements", I've been invited to join its "club". I've chosen not to. It doesn't make me better than anyone else, but it does put my own "intellect" in the upper 2 percent of the general population. It is my observation that Tony Bennett's "intellect" is well above average, but decidedly lacking in many of the necessary attributes that make for a valid contribution to the discussion about what happened to Madeleine McCann.

      Rosalinda is a far better writer than Tony Bennett, and I would wager that her IQ is actually higher than that of Mr. Bennett. I wouldn't suggest they enter such a competition because "intelligence", as defined in the West, is a concept that was developed by English men at a certain time in history, and although they are valid in assessing certain aspects of intelligence, they don't include emotional intelligence, which I consider of equal importance. Although there is no official "EQ" (emotional intelligence) "test" that I know of, I believe that Rosalinda's "EQ" is far superior to that of Tony Bennett.

      I would far rather read Rosalinda's writings than those of Mr. Bennett. She is entertaining. He is not. Okay, so analysing the Madeleine McCann case is not meant to be a night of comedy, but her points about the case are also far more insightful than those of Mr. Bennett.

      Since we are not in court, adding a dash of caustic humour to the discussion (as Rosalinda does) is far more likely to make people want to tune into the discussion. Therefore, adding humour to the discourse, is an "intelligent" way to get people engaged.

      Tony Bennett's boring, ponderous, pompous writing about the case, is nothing other than attempt to appear "intelligent" - to a small band of followers who don't have the "intelligence" to see what he is actually doing. His well above average "intelligence" impresses those of average intelligence, and sends a large number of morons into rapture.

      If the welfare of children were really Mr. Bennett's motive (as he claims), he would be spending his time focussing on the welfare of the many disadvantaged, living children who are not famous. Instead, he elects a famous, "missing" child that he believes is dead, and devotes what appears to be the vast majority of his life to writing about what happened to her. I don't believe his "motive" for one second.

      His motive is to gain the adoration he gets from people such as yourself, who compliment him on his "intelligence".

      So, my question to you is this: Why would Rosalinda be jealous of Tony Bennett?

  8. Had to laugh at Jerry's quote, ............."to keep a man, you must be a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom ''...........
    It really is the sort of thing a Stepford wife would be programmed to say. I work a 37 hour week and have two children . I'm afraid hubby has to take his turn to be maid in the parlour and cook in the kitchen and as for the whore in the bedroom, I prefer to think that what me and hubby get up to between the sheets ( when we're not too shattered ) stems from love and not the exchange of money! Maybe Rupert plans to be a DIY expert in the garage, a money expert with the finances and a stuuuuuuuuuud ( said in a Texan drawl ) in the sack..

    1. Actually when I was young and in love, or just being downright promiscuous, lol, I found that phrase a bit of a turn on! I was quite happy to wear the French maid's outfit - though not quite so happy when one of my ex's wore it! It was a wtf moment, I only stepped out of the room for 5 minutes! I really should save these lurid tales for somewhere (anywhere) else, lol, but I'm in a giggly mood, and they just slip out.

      I did once charge a guy £30. I hasten to add, he was my boyfriend and it was all part of sex/role playing game, lol. He 'picked me up' in a sleazy bar then off we went to a hotel, 5* of course, I have standards, ha ha. If I was going to give up my fillet mignon, I was going to have a pair a shoes!

      Sadly for me, love or should I say lust, has never lasted longer than 2 years, tops. And in some cases the urge to kill after mating, surpasses my need for a cigarette and a cup of tea. (I may have been a black widow spider in a previous life).

      I jest of course, one of the happiest (craziest)times of my life, were the 'married' years, I loved someone who was the opposite to me in every way and foolishly believed I could change him, the 'love' I couldn't do anything about, it was beyond my control.

      Anyway, good on you 19:31 sounds like you have a 'good 'un'. I'm really not anti marriage or people finding their soul mates. People who need people are indeed the luckiest people in the world :)

  9. QUOTE FROM CRISTOBEL : ………..Your attitude towards Jerry Hall is bizarre, like chauvinist men you are attacking her with the term 'prostitute' - strange how some women are always so willing to join in with the condemnation and stoning of another female, especially ones who are far more attractive and successful than themselves……….UNQUOTE

    What you are actually saying here Cristobel is ridiculous. Because 17.43 states that she could not attach herself to a man solely for financial reasons you automatically assume she is less attractive and successful than Jerry Hall. Now THAT’S judgemental for you! Similar to your remark ‘’ You’re just jealous and bitter.’’ Now THAT’S the way to condemn and stone other women who hold different views from yourself.

    There is no difference between children born in or out of wedlock, they are equally legitimate. Marriage is a manmade concept, so too the piece of paper that accompanies it. Only the deeply unpleasant adhere to nasty word 'bastard . UNQUOTE

    You’re talking through your hat. Oxford Dictionary meaning of bastard: A child of parents not married to each other .The word means exactly that and any connotations you imply are yours and yours alone. If you prefer it I will repeat my point using words that you might find less emotive. By denying he was officially married to Jerry Hall , Mick Jagger made his children illegitimate. All in the name of saving himself some cash. What an 'alpha male!'

  10. I would be very surprised if the previous commentator were more attractive and successful than Jerry Hall 12:34, but fair enough, what do I know.

    As for the word 'bastard', I didn't place the nasty connotations on the word, they have been there for centuries! See the wonderful quote from Shakespeare provided by Hilary.

    I'm afraid I don't share your respect for the sanctimony of marriage 12:34, I don't see why an adult needs a certificate signed by the Town Clerk in order to have sex with someone. I actually find it quite amusing.

    However, I find the idea that children born within wedlock are somehow superior to those born without the official stamp, offensive on every level. It's just a piece of paper!

    Your last remark about Mick Jagger incidentally, screams jealousy, lol, your words, not mine.

    1. Ros says "I'm afraid I don't share your respect for the sanctimony of marriage 12:34, I don't see why an adult needs a certificate signed by the Town Clerk in order to have sex with someone."

      Incredible statement on your opinion of marriage Ros.

    2. Don't get me started on marriage 21:37, lol. I've spent most of my adult life as an 'outsider' because I have no desire to be shackled to anyone. I find the idea of another half absurd, I don't need another half, I consider myself 'whole'.

      I appreciate it works for other people, and good luck to them, but what I object to is their need to inflict their lifestyle on others. Or worse, their pity. They assume single people must have something wrong with them. In their eyes singletons have been rejected and left on the shelf, losers that nobody wants. They think they are doing you a favour by trying to pair you up with someone, anyone, just so you can fit in with the rest of society.

      Marriage is not for me, and I suspect its not for many others either, why can't they just accept that?

    3. Ros says: "what I object to is their need to inflict their lifestyle on others. Or worse, their pity. They assume single people must have something wrong with them. In their eyes singletons have been rejected and left on the shelf, losers that nobody wants. They think they are doing you a favour by trying to pair you up with someone, anyone, just so you can fit in with the rest of society."

      The people you know are obviously a lot different to the people that I know. I don't know anyone who has the view and attitudes that you describe.

    4. So you are completely oblivious to the discomfort felt by single women of a certain age in social situations? Why am I not surprised.

      The worst, or perhaps I should say the most hilarious. are men of certain age, usually married, who think, for whatever reason, that you are looking for an opportunity to pounce on them. They talk about their wives or their halves in loud voices just to make it perfectly clear they are not available.

      The temptation to tell them you wouldn't have looked at them twice when they were young and possibly attractive, let alone now is often irresistible. Their cardies and slippers couldn't be safer!

  11. Ros you are obsessed with the thought that people are jealous of others just because they are critical of them . Does this say more about you than them? Incidentally I don't think people do need a signed certificate to have SEX with someone. Some people just like a signed certificate to have CHILDREN with a partner. Kind of makes it all official and pre-empts any hereditary clashes. Their choice!

    1. 09:11 Assuming the previous correspondent doesn't know Mick Jagger personally and had a falling out with him, what other reason could they have for hating this multi millionaire rock legend who has spent his life dating supermodels?

      As for the a marriage certificate to have kids. Yeh, your right, that is personal choice. What I dislike is the smug married opinion on other people's lives and kids, especially calling the children of the unmarried, bastards.

  12. Don't see what's "incredible" about the statement at all....My late hubby and I were together 17yrs and married for the last 5 of these (with 2 daughters born when we weren't). My man changed after marriage...thought he could do as he pleased. And as for my girls being b'strds....no danger.....this word is so outdated for the meaning it was once assigned to. It's commonly used as an expletive.....they like to add new words to dictionaries nowadays, it's about time they got rid of those that are no longer used for the meanings they were originally given.

  13. But you have been married. Why lie?

    1. 14:14 Lying???? Good grief, are you still the person you were at 21?

      I have also been a catholic and I once voted tory (still v.ashamed of that one), took me a while to see the light, but I got there :)

  14. Did Ros ever say that she hasn't been married?

    Some people need to get out more!

  15. "There are just not enough platforms for non comformist views and those that do exist are led by often pompous, university educated middle class professionals who have no idea what being 'working class' really means."

    Are you on the same internet as me Ros?

    1. And yet you are here Dave, which kind of proves my point. :)

  16. "I will be commenting on news items that catch my eye"

    Has nothing happened since 12/01/16?

    1. I'm flattered you are waiting with baited breath 22:11, but the beauty of this being my blog, is that I can write what I like, when I like :)

    2. Then please try and make your spelling correct. BATED not BAITED. And you a degree girl ? Really?

    3. Anon 10.17- Do you feel even more superior to the rest of us after that comment? I've got several degrees and often make simple errors such as the one you've drawn attention to. Rosalinda isn't writing an academic essay here; it's her blog. Your comment is about your own insecurities and nasty desire to deride others. Truly educated people don't need to bang on about spelling on a blog! I take it you're not someone Rosalinda has designated to act as some kind of university professor; here to point out her spelling errors? Your kind of one-upmanship is sickening. It's an easy error to make. In fact, Shakespeare came up with the term "bated breath", when he wrote "The Merchant of Venice". Prior to that, the term did not exist. Someone like you would no doubt have shouted "Hey Will - there's no such thing as a bated breath. And you, a grammar school boy, eh?" People who use the internet as the spelling police are simply pathetic.

  17. Good luck with blogging about current affairs Bell.
    I might drop by more often...Bree

  18. How sweet - havern has photoshopped a "birthday cake" for cmomm facebook birthday!

  19. The Jerry Hall, Rupert Murdoch engagement has all the hallmarks of a PR stunt in my humble opinion. Especially on his side. Murdoch is in dire need of some good PR and having a statuesque blond at his side is good for his reputation management. I'd be interested to see the pre-nups if they ever do get married!

    Mick Jagger is notoriously stingy - wonder how Rupert measures up in that department?

    I find both these men odious in the extreme. When young, Jagger undoubtedly had sex appeal however since middle-age I would say his sex appeal is purely down to his fame and wealth. Neither of these men are attractive in any way APART from having power and money. I've met Jagger on many occasions and I worked for Murdoch. Both cold fish. Jerry is sweet but not the brightest and I think her taste in men reflects this. I think she should run like crazy - Murdoch has a lot of dirt attached to him. Jerry is a PR stunt for him.

  20. Quick question... Would Jerry 'marry' a merr millionare, or did it have to be a billionare.

    Yes, thats what i thought too. Had to be someone with a billion. Rupert is a muppet and Jerry knows that.

    All fair in love and war. And a scam.

    Regards, Andrew.

  21. Amdrew- I think she is just quite gullible. Rupert is a shark and knows exactly what he is doing. I reckon he married his previous wife to gain an entry into the Chinese market business wise. As already stated Jerry Hall is a PR exercise for him plus reputation management. I suspect she is flattered by his attentions but really very naive to be getting involved with someone so - how shall we say - complicated?

  22. Jerry hall gullible????? ........................'scuse me whilst I fall off my chair laughing!

  23. Why is that so funny?? Her divorce lawyer thought she was dim...

  24. And there was talk among journalist circles that his husbandly charms left a lot to be desired. Won't go into any more detail but I reckon he's lucky to have so much money that he can buy everybody off including the ex-wives. Like I say, I'd be interested to see the pre-nup if this marriage goes ahead. One thing is for sure, imo, I doubt the children and the ex-wives will be welcoming Gerrt into the bosom of the extended Murdoch clan with any enthusiasm. I strongly suspect that might be (one) of the reasons L'Wren came a cropper. I suspect she was a bit gullible to quite honestly as Jagger is quite a creep if you can get past his millions. His face alone these days is enough to curdle milk....and in fact you could say the same for old Rupes. But of course, beauty is only skin-deep, so they say and I am sure under those crinkly folds of skin lie hearts of gold...