Wednesday 27 December 2017



Reasons to get fit and lose weight

1.  You feel better mentally and physically. 
2.  You have more energy, all those jobs you have put off for months, get done.
3.  Half naked men on building sites whistle at you - from a distance or
     from behind.  Do not turn around or they recoil in horror. 
4.  You can dig out all your showstopping outfits from the past.
5.  You can gloat as you walk towards the rows of 10s and 12s in Matalan
6.  You can wear a big sloppy jumper without looking like Grizzly Adams.
7.  The talking scales don't tell you 'one at a time'.
8.  You get endless praise from those around you, even if you do have to
     parade around several times, and hold up all your 'before' clothes.

The list of course is endless, and mostly not shallow like above, and it's here to convince myself as much as those who I hope will come and join me.  This is a slimming club like no other.  No fees, no weigh ins, no shaming of those who forgot to mention the sausage roll, the bar of fruit of nut or the slug of vodka they chucked in their smoothie. 

Please buy the book, it is an enjoyable read and the diet really does work.  Please read the reviews, it's been tried and tested.  Not only is it the simplest diet you will ever embark on, it is the cheapest, no fancy foods, no gym membership, just simple changes that can be incorporated into anyone's life. 

This will be an ongoing page, please enjoy the book and come back and let me know how you are getting on.  As much as I love Jane Fonda, for me the morning of 2nd January will begin with raw eggs and 7 minutes of mad dancing to Nothing Going on But the Rent.  I'll let you know how I get on ;)


Whilst I wholeheartedly agree that the words diet and exercise should be not be mentioned during the period between Christmas and New Year, I bring you the easiest, quickest, laziest and I want a cream doughnut diet, you could ever wish for in your Christmas stocking.  This will relieve you of all the guilt you might feel for tucking into another turkey sandwich and the last ferrero rocher.  Come January 2nd, you can be relieved of that spare tyre within a month!  
It is second time around for The Reluctant Dieter for good reason!  Read the reviews.  This is the diet for those who can’t (and won’t) stick to other diets, and who’s last attempts at exercise was hand jiving. It’s based on the kind of food that is available to all of us all the time, eg a tin of beans rather than a handful of goji beans and pine nuts.  It’s easy, it works for those looking for short cuts and minimum work, and those who think it is their divine right to have a treat. Quite right.
I guarantee the diet works, as it worked for me, the weight was literally falling off at half a stone a week.  And before the doom mongers rush in with their health risk warnings, I was the healthiest I had been for years and my doctor’s advice was ‘whatever you are doing, keep on doing it’.  
Apart from being the most fun diet you will ever do, and the easiest to keep to, the book is a good giggle!  I’m afraid I have an irreverent approach to, well, everything.  Not for me pushing truck tyres uphill, or munching through a bucketful of grated carrots, the smug slim people want us to admire their suffering, but there's no real need for it. 
Unfortunately, 3, or is it 4 years on, I have not stuck to it as religiously as I should.  Ergo, come January 2nd, I too begin again, and hope that others will join me on this page, so we can encourage each other and keep track of our progress!  Please share this link on your facebook and twitter pages - trust me your friends and family will thank you.  Even if they don't want to lose weight, they will still enjoy a great laugh. 
Meanwhile, I am trying to get drunk on a box of cherry liquor chocolates, it’s not working and I’m feeling a tad nauseous, but I have managed to convince myself that the cherry inside is one of my 5 a day! 

Ps. I do not recommend cherry liquors in book. 

£2.39 Amazon
Free on Kindle Unlimited.
Pps.  When reading the reviews, please bear in mind that I am plagued with stalkers who trash everything I do.  Most of the reviews happily, from the verified purchasers especially, are, I hope more accurate.  And if you enjoy the book, please take a moment to write a review, it would be much appreciated. 



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  2. Well done Ros. Will be buying. How sad are the unknowns of this world