Monday, 11 June 2018


In response to JC and my other loyal readers who are kind enough to keep popping in, I feel I owe a bit of an explanation as to why I am not posting very much at the moment.
To be honest, I have very little interest in the McCanns these days, I see the case more as pitiful, than compelling.  No-one has got off scott free - every individual involved in this miscarriage of justice will spend every day of their lives wondering when the knock on the door will come. That one lie launched a thousand more, and dragged in dozens of innocent and not so innocent, accomplices, all of whom may well face prison.
For now however, the long running Operation Grange continues, forgotten by all but the tenacious and those who salivate at the thought of retribution. Meanwhile, it cannot be stressed enough how much of an embarrassment this case is for the British establishment.  It is unsolved because the British government and British police agencies interfered in the original investigation.  They assisted the suspects in their efforts to evade justice.  Some might say, certain politicians and police officers perverted the course of justice.
Ergo, we have 11 years of stalemate.  If OG even hints at the parents being involved in their daughter’s disappearance, the whole house of cards collapses. So embarrassing is this case to the UK, that the Chief of Police appeared on TV to pitch a lame story about a burglary gone wrong.  And that folks is the best £12m and Scotland Yard’s finest, could have come up with. They would have been better consulting fiction writers, any one of whom could have come up with a far more believable plot than that, I know I could.  
But I don’t want to scold the police.  I still have enough faith in human nature to believe that the police detectives working on this case are guided by the victim rather than the politics. As mentioned many times, I watch an inordinate amount of real crime documentaries, so have some understanding of the frustration felt by the police when they have to let suspects go because they cannot prove their case.  OG may still be searching for that ‘smoking gun’ - perhaps they do not have confidence in the evidence they have and are fearful of double jeopardy.  That was the reason given for the non prosecution of the parents of Jonbenet Ramsey.  
The truth behind Madeleine McCann's disappearance has the potential to cause a huge media storm, and a vast sea of red faces.  And among those red faces, there are a large number who should have known better.  Blair and Brown for example who had the full resources of the Secret Services.  Not to mention those police chiefs and child protection experts adding fear of abduction to the nagging worries of young parents.  It 'happens all the time'.  Err, no, it doesn't.  Children having accidents when left unattended however, does. 
I know many still believe Operation Grange is a whitewash.  The embarrassment factor is so strong, that 30+ police detectives are willing to conspire in a cover up.  Firstly, a cover up isn't possible.  The Portuguese are the lead force in this investigation.  They are beyond the reach of whoever has been pulling the strings on the British side.  Even the notorious Dr. Evil would struggle to control the police of two countries. Then there is the constant danger of the weak links.  Those caught within this chain of sorrow who could reach breaking point at any time.  Relationships, circumstances, priorities, all change as the years go by, no-one can make any guarantees for anyone else. 
How it will end, we can only wait and see.  There could be a flurry of arrests and a few days of sensational headlines.  A few weeks and a full public Inquiry, if OG have done their work thoroughly.  Unfortunately for Gerry and Kate, they are the public face of everything that has gone on this past 11 years, and some may want to keep it like that.  But I doubt they will succeed.  If Gerry and Kate are accused, they have diaries, journals and evidence of all those who helped them, and given their characters, blaming others is a given. 
Again, unfortunately for Gerry and Kate, they have very much been pushed out of the limelight, they have lost their audience.  Partly because the world has moved on, but mostly because they never have anything new to say.  When you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything, but lies don't register in our brain in the same way, which is why detectives go over statements again and again.  Not possible of course, if a witness stops co-operating.  For Gerry and Kate, every interview and every TV appearance, presents the risk of contradicting their first (and only?) police statements.  They cannot and dare not, add to or embellish their stories, they are not even free to talk about Madeleine - sadly that is all part of their self made prison. 
However Operation Grange ends, there will be an uproar, even if it is only of the minor variety.  On the embarrassment front, this crime of Great Britain will probably be lost in the avalanche of shame and embarrassment coming from Washington.  The one good thing about Trump, is that he has exposed the foul underbelly of governments large and small, now we all have an insight into how power works, an 'idiot's guide' to politics and corruption.   
As far as I can see, there is no good reason for Theresa May to cover up the actions of a previous Labour Government.  Every PM becomes fixated on their legacy, and authorising the cover up of a child's disappearance, would leave a dirty big stain on her's.  David Cameron may have granted Gerry and Kate their Review, but he kept his distance.  No private one on one phone calls and no offer of government personnel to assist them with their PR.  And who was he assisting?  The McCanns or the alluring Rebekah Brookes?  
I suspect there is much going on behind the scenes.  Like how the f*ck do we solve this case without incriminating politicians and police officers?  How do we admit to the world that the Portuguese police solved this case within weeks and were right all along, and the past 11 years has been a British sideshow? Even typing this makes me embarrassed for them, I expect straws will be drawn for who gets to announce it. 
How do they explain that they believe or believed the McCanns implicitly even with the mountain of evidence collected by the PJ and the blood and cadaver alerts of Scotland Yard's finest police dogs and the extremely suspicious behaviour of the parents?  Again, apologies to those police who may well be banging their heads on a brick wall.  They can't speak now, but they may well do in the future, with Gerry and Kate hot on their tails with a law suit. 
I came into this case because I was fascinated by the characters involved, it gave me an opportunity to study human behaviour in depth and from the sidelines.  I am constantly seeking resources, it is all part of my OCD, my need to understand drives me crazy. The McCanns, have from the beginning, provided insights into their characters for over a decade and it's been a fascinating journey for me, but it is one I cannot write about as I would like, and of course, it doesn't yet have an ending. 
From my perspective of studying human behaviour, I'm afraid my OCD has switched to Donald Trump.  I feel compelled to watch and digest, even though he repulses me.  I'm wondering if we are watching the birth of a new fascist world, and totally bewildered as to how and why it is happening.  I am afraid Gerry, Kate and even cartoon Clarence, pale in comparison to Donald Trump and his entourage of family, friends and The Mob.  I'm nuts and I admit it, but he's totally insane. 

This week I am heart broken by the death of Anthony Bourdain.  I once wrote a profile for a dating app, and described the wonderful Anthony as the ideal man.  I loved his sense of adventure, his un-PC pack of Marlboro, his decency and respect for everyone around him, no matter how humble, his knowledge of history, his humanity, his dodgy moped, his twinkly earing and his cheeky smile.  To me, he had the most wonderful life in the world, but there was a sadness in his eyes that was familiar, I'm sure, to all manic depressives.  What stays with me is something he once said about how small and insignificant we are in this world, and how all the knowledge we seek will always be unattainable, though I am sure he didn't make it sound quite as miserable and depressing as I just have.  The sorrow is in the loss to the world of such a truly good man, with a truly good message.
RIP Anthony.






  1. "...those who salivate at the thought of retribution" How supercilious. How about those who only want justice for a child let down by her parents, their friends and extended family? You've invented a moral high ground where you can look down on us but it's as shaky as your command of the English language.

    1. I did hover over that sentence for a few moments, it is really directed at those anonymous gloaters who eat cyber popcorn while watching other suffer. The inhabitants of the cesspit for example.

      Anyway, ouch at your dig at my command of the English language, lol. If it is so bad, why are you here and posting a reply?

  2. ''fearful of double jeopardy.'' Think the law has changed in the UK

    Even if Op Grange find anything, anywhere, anytime - is the UK where arrests & trial could take place. Or are we on the road to masses of Legal aid to fight extradition - MORE COSTS

    Public inquiry, you must be joking. WHY? Enough time & money have been spent on this already.

    Wriggle room and get out of jail free card, emmm poor Op Grange, what are we now about half way to the next round of funding. I wish I could agree with Blacksmith's last post - light & hope at the end of the tunnel, but I don't see it. Although I think Blacksmith made some very astute observations, as have you with the silence of TM Just hope op.Grange had the sense to sit through the Rogatory interviews - and wonder just how many times?!! Wonder if they ever bothered with psychological analysis of behaviour etc? Wonder what they are actually thinking and doing.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world of Crime - London in particular and UK can ill afford on many levels this intervention for was was essentially, and for me remains a case of Neglect. Plain and simple.

    1. If the British Government and the British police were involved in a miscarriage of justice in this case, then it would need a Public Inquiry. But I acknowledge what you say, the case of one small girl does not compare to war crimes etc.

      However, it is a case where lessons need to be learned. The amount of help the McCanns received from the incumbent British government went beyond extraordinary - it was bizarre. Who ever heard of a British citizen in trouble abroad, being given a government press spokesman?

      Some might say there was a conspiracy. Possibly. But more likely, this very ambitious, networking group of professionals, had mobile phones full of useful contacts. As others searched for Madeleine, her parents and their friends spend the night phoning the UK, and claiming no-one was assisting them. They set many balls rolling that night, all of which seem to have cocooned them, protecting them from the kind of police interrogation given to others in a similar position. British police were among the many flying out to PDL to assist the McCanns.

      Eleven years on this case is about much more than a missing child. The public will one day want to know how such a huge miscarriage of justice occurred. Why the British government insulted the Portuguese by ignoring their original findings, sending in their own to do better, and coming up with nothing.

      If someone within that New Labour Government took the decision to cover up the death of a child, it warrants an Inquiry.

  3. Thanks for updating your blog and keeping us all going.

    As for Operation Grange, one of your posters recently called it Operation Strange.
    A very good name for it in my view and as for whitewash - more like a tanker full of Dulux's finest.

  4. "I still have enough faith in human nature to believe that the police detectives working on this case are guided by the victim rather than the politics."

    Even more likely is that they are governed by self preservation - bills to pay, mouths to feed and all that. Volunteers for dangerous combat missions are usually sought from among the ranks of single males for that very reason. There's no longer a 'platoon' of SY staff engaged on the 'review' in any case.

    I do find it odd that you seem persistently to baulk at the idea of a whitewash whilst laying out compelling evidence for exactly that. "A cover up is not possible" you say. So what have we witnessed this decade past? A sincere search for the truth?

    "perhaps they (OG) do not have confidence in the evidence they have and are fearful of double jeopardy. That was the reason given for the non prosecution of the parents of Jonbenet Ramsey."

    The Boulder Grand Jury voted to indict the Ramseys on two counts. The police felt they had enough evidence to proceed to trial, but the then prosecutor simply refused to sign off the indictment. Mmm...

    When all's said and done your working title is on the money. Successive US administrations, both before and after JFK persisted with the Vietnam war for exactly the same reason, at the needless cost of thousands of lives. Sadly one little girl and some loose change don't amount to quite the same level of sacrifice as far as HMG are concerned.

    1. I'm not the 'mouths to feed' argument compares to wrecking your career and destroying your reputation. Morally, covering up the death of a child is repugnant, no decent person would want to be part of that. I'm sure no police officer would, not just on moral grounds, but because the risk to their future careers would be far too great. Whistleblowing is more common now than it ever has been, and on the face of it, this conspiracy involves dozens, if not hundreds. Anyone of whom, could crack at any time.

      You put forward a good argument that there already is a cover up - though I don't think you were aware of it, lol. Your right, there is. Scotland Yard and Operation Grange have said very little, in fact their few statements tell us nothing. Apart from the parents and their friends are not suspects! The McCanns have lived relatively trouble free of that cloud of suspicion. The MSM are still going along with the abduction story and anti McCann feeling, has largely run out of steam. Most of us have reached the indifference stage of the relationship, the passion's gone.

      The handling of the case by the Police has been very stilted and held back. Indeed some might say they speak about the parents with deference almost, and I am sure there are many clips and examples to support that.

      However, the digs in Portugal and the statement by DCI Redwood that Madeleine may not have been alive when she left the apartment, is arguably more damaging to the parents' claim she is alive, than anything written by Goncalo Amaral. The digs were confined to Portugal, areas close to Apartment 5A.

      Martin Brunt at the time tried to spin a story about a burglar carrying a shovel and stopping to dig a grave after the alarm had been raised, but it didn't ring true, in any way.

      The police it would appear, believe Madeleine is dead. The McCanns believe she is alive. There cannot be agreement between the police and the parents, the police are not doing the kind of searching the McCanns wanted.

      If OG were part of some cover up, they would have to be on the same page as the McCanns. Saying publicly for example, that they are looking for a live child. Much as they did when the Review began and they released an aged progressed picture of Madeleine.

      If the agenda of OG was to convince the world the parents weren't involved, they have failed miserably. The infamous Crimewatch documentary sent the numbers on facebook pages and blogs through the roof.

      At the moment it may appear as if there is a cover up, but we don't know what is going on behind the scenes. We do know that OG have nothing to convince us the parents are innocent. They haven't for example, given the reason why the parents and their friends aren't suspects. Something that would have stopped all the conspiracy theories in their tracks.

  5. Anon at 10:17,that was I.I don't think its too embarrassing to end, its how to, that stumps them.In the Ben Needham case South Yorkshire Police in their professional opinion say that the lad died in an accident,using a toy car found in the spoil as one of the reasons behind it.In the McCann case it'll be hard for them to conclude with any professional opinion along those lines.
    I think and have said for some time it'll conclude along the lines of unknown person/persons removed Madeleine from 5a without leaving a clue to her whereabouts.This will suit no one least of all the Mccanns for it will not release them from suspicion which they would dearly love,SY are in a position of their own doing,spending so long on nothing,a rock and a hard place is where they are at,all opinion of course.


    1. @ anon 11.40

      I too have thought for a long time that 'Strange' will end with something along the lines of,' abducted by person or persons unknown'.

      It will either be strung out for as long as possible until the public get bored with the case, or they will wait until a good day to bury the verdict turns up.

      In a months time on the day England win the world

    2. LOL, yes England winning the world cup would be ideal! Personally, I would like to think it will happen when Donald Trump is marched out of the Whitehouse in handcuffs - that would be the best time to bury embarrassing news.

    3. After 11 years, and 13 million, think it would be extremely difficult to bury, no matter what else is going on.

    4. Anon 11 June 14.54

      What you are saying isn't feasible as the Portuguese have jurisdiction over the case and they insist there was no abduction. So where would that leave them if OG close up shop and say that if was abduction by person or persons unknown.

      We really don't know what is going on behind the scenes as for all we know the money may have been put aside for extradition lawyers and putting an air tight case together. If you look at the CMoMM website today their are replies to TB's questions that the police won't answer as it is an ongoing investigation even regarding the fact that the McCanns still have a "witness" who was ruled out a long time ago on their website.

      The PJ are going to look pretty stupid and very annoyed if they are told by OG you had it all wrong from 3 May 2007 and that Eddie and Keela didn't know their arses from the elbows (although hundreds of dogs like them have helped to crack thousands of cases since then).

    5. Both Scotland Yard and the PJ have said they had no need to go back over the original investigation. In other words, they accepted the findings of the original investigation.

      That does not bode well for Gerry and Kate. because the original investigation named them as arguidos. From their perspective, it would have been better if the PJ and OG had found fault with the original findings, but it seems they haven't.

    6. I hope you are both right. You have more faith than me.

      But hey, the World Cup is about to start...Sod the McCanns (and Trump) for a month.

    7. @ Ros 16:55

      Do try to keep up Ros - the arguido status was lifted as there was no evidence that they had committed any crime. You really should try reading the full archiving report sometime.

    8. I think there is a time limit for arguido status 19:20 - 8 months I believe. They were relived of their arguido status at the end of that 8 months when the file was shelved. The Portuguese police could take their investigation any further because the McCanns and the Tapas group would not return to PDL for a reconstruction.

      I have no trouble keeping up 19:20, as you can see.

    9. No Ros you have not kept up - you just like repeating things that were finished years ago and then expressing an opinion (read that as a wild speculative guess): "That does not bode well for Gerry and Kate. because the original investigation named them as arguidos. From their perspective, it would have been better if the PJ and OG had found fault with the original findings, but it seems they haven't."

      When you say "Both Scotland Yard and the PJ have said they had no need to go back over the original investigation. In other words, they accepted the findings of the original investigation." You are totally wrong. The PJ always said they would re-open the case if new information came to light. Operation Grange did not just accept the finding of the original investigation:

      "This work included reviewing all the material relating to the case which were brought together for the first time and amounted to collating over 40,000 documents from United Kingdom and foreign law enforcement agencies, as well as various private investigation companies.

      Officers worked meticulously through the information. Some of the material had to be translated into English, facts had to be cross-referred and diligently analysed to ensure an oversight of what the MPS was examining and to search for new lines of inquiry.

      Once this work had been completed the review became a full investigation in July 2012."

      Notice there was a review stage first then an investigation.


    10. I'm fully aware there was a Review first, that's what the McCanns asked for. It led to an investigation, which they were probably not so happy about.

      References to the original investigation were in the context of re-interviewing the McCanns, and I suspect all the other witnesses. Both the PJ and SY, did not seem to think it necessary iirc, which of course was beneficial to the McCanns because no mention was made of them refusing to co-operate with the police. The original statements are, as it were, carved in stone, there is no wriggle room or room for manoeuvre.

      I don't think I have ever seen a crime where the police tell the most important witnesses that they have got enough information and won't need to trouble them for any more.

      But turning to those 40,000+ documents. What could they possibly contain? The notes, witness statements, forensic evidence, etc from the Portuguese Police and Justice Department. One would presume they shared information with the British police from the start. OK, lol, unlikely, the British police agencies weren’t even working with each other. Then there are the private detectives hired by the McCanns. Most were dodgy detectives later arrested on criminal charges of money laundering, but one stood out. The one that produced the Smith sighting and the phofit images that the McCanns did not pursue.

      It is very unlikely, and very unusual to solve a crime by reading documents alone. I can’t say I know what police work entails these days, but I’m guessing it’s a lot more than going over old files. The only visual we have had of what OG are doing, was the highly publicised ‘dig’ in PDL. Clearly they were not looking for a live child and they were not looking for an abductor. The truth is, we don’t know what they are doing, investigations can begin with one thing, then lead on to another.

    11. I have thought about your comments for 2 days and actually had a reply to you.

      But thinking about it further I realise that trying to discuss the matter with someone who's guesses/musings about what the Mccanns think and want that is not backed up by the slightest bit of evidence, is worthless.

      "It led to an investigation, which they were probably not so happy about." Yes Ros if you say so.

      "it would have been better if the PJ and OG had found fault with the original findings, but it seems they haven't." Yes Ros if you say so.

  6. Hi Rosalinda,
    That is a brilliant summary of events you made.
    There is so much water under the bridge from 2007 it may be hard to get up much enthusiasm for commenting anymore, what with the passing of time and the ground to cover.

    But this case is immense, it won't go away. Go Portuguese Judiciary go. And go the rest of us too.

    Going back to the Sonia Poulson documentary about the "McCanns and the police" I believe you said it best about the interview of retired police officer Colin Sutton when Sonia could have asked him if he had ever known members of the police to be taken off a case for political reasons - but she never asked that question.
    Sutton, although offered the position of investigator, said he would not touch the case because basically the parents were on a pedestal and we assume he's saying they were not to be investigated.

    I love the comments you made about David Cameron and Rebekah Brookes. I believe at one time she sent him a text message ending with the words LOL and the poor fellow thought it meant lots of love!
    So much for schadenfreude - it had me fooled too, until I recently clued into text message nuances!

    Coming back to bad guys - Trump may be a property wheeler dealer and a faux TV reality star but he is using his lifetime bargaining power learned in the boardrooms of New York on his new target: The North Koreans, - (Probably this scenario will all be over one way or another by the time I press the submit button.)

    The alternative to this man was Hillary Clinton who in a TV interview uttered the famous, Veni, Vidi, Vici, We came, we saw, we conquered, - In modern style - 2000 years after Julius Caesar supposedly spoke it on the invaded shores of England in 55,BC - But this newfangled wording was about the grisly murder of Colonel Moammar Ghadaffi.

    "We came, we saw, he died." She enthused, ending her comment with a cackle of laughter.

    No wonder people turn to God instead of politicians, it's about all that's left.
    Just a thought.

    1. Hi JC, the divine Rebekah oozes confidence and charisma, I suspect she bedazzles strong men. I actually admire her, from a feminist perspective lol. She is not obviously attractive in a Barbie Doll, no agonising hair extensions, false eyelashes and killer heels. She is more of a female warrior in the Boadacia mould (same hair), I am woman hear me roar.

      I'm afraid I have never been truly inspired by Hilary Clinton, perhaps she is too 'establishment' for me. Bill however, had the 'X' factor (as did Barack Obama). I once watched him give a speech at a Labour Party conference and I was mesmerized, he was one of the greatest speakers I have ever seen. I would have liked to see Bernie Saunders win - he has much in common with Jeremy Corbyn.

    2. As for Trump and Kim, I have wondered if any good will come of it, even if by fluke. However, I fear Trump, hugely weakened after his fall out with the G7 allies, will give Kim everything he wants without anything in return, in order to save face.
      Trump needs a treaty more than Kim does, his entire presidency has been an ongoing train wreck, he is the most embarrassing leader the world has ever seen. Among his grovelling concessions to the dictator was an invitation to the White House, without a thought to the demonstrations there would be if he accepted. What a slap in the face to the family of Otto Wormbier!

      I think the two central characters are way too unstable to form any kind of lasting relationship - it was not so long ago that they were calling each other names on social media. Both have a tendency to throw all their toys out of the pram - it's just a matter of who does it first.

    3. Ros 12 June 16.47

      I have to admit I enjoy reading your blogs, you are very astute and have a clear mind for thinking things through but I can't say I agree with your politics as you seem to be very single minded with your beliefs and you are a staunch Labour supporter. I just wanted to mention that you say about the slap in the face to the family of Otto Wormbier, but what about Blair and his Good Friday Agreement and sending out letters saying that nobody would be brought to justice for their atrocities. Wasn't that a slap in the face for all the innocent people who were murdered, blown up, had their kneecaps shattered. One mother with numerous children was murdered and buried on a beach and was found many years later, by a cadaver dog I should add. Yes it was terrible for Otto's family but just as terrible for those innocent victims of the IRA.

    4. Thank you JC, though I have to say my thoughts on NI, couldn't be more different to yours, lol.

      I'm not sure I am staunch Labour, I was once, but got kicked out of the party after I organised an anti war meeting, lol. Jeremy Corbyn has brought me back, but I don't agree with everything he says. The Blairites, I despise! I also despise all the PC nonsense and #Metoo. Like Germaine Greer I have little sympathy for the terminally offended, but I'm not sure my little blog could handle the angry backlash.

      As you have probably gathered JC, I am not a conservative, lol, even though I often look and sound like one, ha ha. My philosophy is live and let live, I could never for example impose rules on anyone, I have no leadership qualities, lol, my answer tends to be 'let's all go down the pub'.

      Strangely, despite my left leanings, I have had many good friends who are tories and even catholics! I have to admit they tend to well read and have similar tastes to my own. I'm more Hyacinth Bucket and high tea, than Wayne and Waynetta and Diamond White lol.

      I mentioned Otto Wormbier lest we forget the cruely Kim Jong Un is capable of. I fear Trump will try to rebrand him as 'the good guy', I just hope the US don't fall for it.

    5. Ros 12 June 19.37

      re my comment of 18.37 - I'm not JC, whoever JC is, but I've been a reader of your website from the very beginning when we both got thrown off the CMoMM one!! I comment occasionally when I feel I have something to say and have been following the plight of Madeleine since 3rd May 2007. I know JC comments regularly on here so just wanted to say I'm not that person, just for the record.

      Going back to politics, I watched Trump's conference this morning from Singapore on the BBC news with journalists in attendance from around the world, I was impressed with what he had to say, and of course he wasn't saying that everything will turn out well, he was being cautious and said that he will wait and see what happens but at least he tried, which I give him credit for. When asked by one journalist what will he do if nothing comes of these talks who will he blame, he said, tongue in cheek, I'll find an excuse for it not happening!!

    6. Hi 18:39, apologies for confusing you with JC, but if it helps, I think very highly of JC.

      Great to hear that you still keep popping in after all these eons! Yes, this darn case caught many of us up into it's grip, it's like the world's longest game of chess!

      I really wish I could find at least one redeeming feature in Trump, but I can't! Trump cares only about Trump, and Vladimir Putin. The buffoon has given NK everything they wanted without getting anything in return. Not only as Trump acknowledged KJU as a world leader equal to those who are democratically elected, he has put US relations between China and SK in jeopardy, he has also given Russia (on NK's third border)exactly what they wanted too.

      I'm not American, but Trump is a traitor. He is Putin's chief ambassador! Trump hasn't pulled off some historic peace keeping moment. Those Presidents who preceded him simply wouldn't give KJU what he wanted. And they were offering food aid to the NK people, not prime real estate on the beaches for rich tourists. Note. Enriching the Trump organisation is never far from his thoughts. Trump's business technique, is everyone has a price and everyone has disgusting desires they want to keep secret. That is, he judges everyone by his own standards. He thinks he and Kim have much in common, he too would like to shoot his enemies with anti aircraft missiles. It may be they will have happy times ahead trying to out gross each other, but I doubt it. As hard as they both tried, there was an icy barrier between them.

      I wouldn't get too excited 20:39. Trump has yet to do anything that doesn't turn out to be hugely embarrassing and I don't think this will be an exception.

  7. @ anon 9.26

    Maybe not bury, as we and others will be screaming foul.
    But it will lessen the initial impact.

  8. Vipin Narang:

    "China looks like a big winner. Their ultimate goal is a nuclear North Korea that doesn’t provoke a war on the Korean Peninsula, so that there’s a buffer between South Korea, US forces, and China. So China and North Korea are unambiguous winners here. The US comes out mostly even, having gained a nice photo op. South Korea, depending on how it reacts, can still gain from this. Japan appears to be the immediate loser."

  9. ''TO EMBARRASSING TO CLOSE'' Time certainly is passing, isn't just, the years roll by and Madeleine hasn't been found and the parents, friends & uncle Tom Cobley and all have not been exonerated or come up smelling of roses, YET !!

    The problem for the UK Government, is they just don't know when to quit and pull the plug. Remember it's the Home Office & Government that are paying the bill, ie direct from central government taxes.

    There is no answer, as there exists no answer for many missing people cases. Let alone one that happened in ANOTHER COUNTRY. And if the MET is to prove an abduction, what are earth are they doing investigating this crime, as if there are not enough here in the UK.

    Because!! simply they thought there was an easy option that the PJ had ''balls up'' and they could solve it. Yes they\Cameron (not the Police) were ambushed by the media, Rebecca Brooks and the PC flavour at the time, and I don't mean or blame May, she had refused TWICE, so had previous home secretaries.

    Deep thick **** springs to mind. They should have the guts to pull the plug.

    Will it be a sad day for Mr and Mrs McCann - they will never be free from their decisions on that holiday to have left the children. Never, whatever you may think happened.

  10. I think China would prefer to see NK contained under KJU's strict 'communist' regime - they don't want to be flooded with North Korean immigrants once they start to get some freedom. The same will happen on their border with the westernised South Korea.

    Trump of course is looking how to make money for himself, NK is one of the few regions left that hasn't been exploited by capitalism, he thinks there are a lot of rich pickings to be had.

    NK's third, and smallest border, is with Russia, ergo Putin has more than a passing interest in Korean peninsula. It seems there is a new axis of evil, two communist superpowers (China, Russia) desirous of western luxuries and Trump holding out an invite to fellow traveller, Kim Jon-Un.

    These are very dangerous times, Trump is dumping the US allies with shared values, giving preference to tyrants and dictators. It is worth remembering that when Trump was bankrupt and was unable to get loans from bona fida American banks, he was bailed out by the Russians and he holds grudges. Russia for him was new unchartered territory, opportunities for new business. A chance to show the Russian elite the gawdy luxury of a Trump hotel. He is already planning the same for NK, a string of condo's on their beautiful rocket launching beaches.

    I think Trump sees communist countries as new frontiers to conquer, filled with money making opportunities. As he said himself, he is a greedy, greedy man.

    Kim Jon-Un wants luxury for himself but not for the masses who are ordered to worship him. That won't matter to Trump, his and his daughter's brands are not aimed at the masses. They are aimed at the elite.

    In Trump's simple mind, everyone is corruptible, especially communist leaders. Right now he thinks he is the deal maker and possible contender for the Nobel Peace Prize. The truth is, he is destablising the region on behalf of Vladimir Putin.

  11. Good God!

    It seems the 'pit' has had a eureka moment

    It's all about golf!

  12. Oct 28, 2015

    'Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, from the MPS said: "The Met investigation has been painstaking and thorough and has for the first time brought together in one place what was disparate information across the world.

    "This work has enabled us to better understand events in Praia da Luz the night Madeleine McCann went missing and ensure every possible measure is being taken to find out what happened to her."'


    'Mr and Mrs McCann said: "We would like to thank all the staff from Operation Grange for the meticulous and painstaking work that they have carried out over the last four and a half years. The scale and difficulty of their task has never been in doubt.

    "We are reassured that the investigation to find Madeleine has been significantly progressed and the MPS has a much clearer picture of the events in Praia da Luz leading up to Madeleine's abduction in 2007."'

    June 14, 2018


    1. @ Anonymous14 June 2018 at 21:49

      Don't be silly by quoting what the Mccanns say - Ros knows the truth.

    2. Although the McCanns as well as the staff from OG know Madeleine is dead, the former say she was abducted and the latter say she went missing.

      How soon can we expect an update from OG on the events in Praia da Luz the night Madeleine McCann went missing, in order to get a better understanding?

  13. Too many loons infest this case and drive sensible people away.

    Is that their agenda?

    Havern,Bennett,Verdi,Textusa and similar head cases should all take a long hike and leave the discussion to those with some common sense.
    The real investigating should be left to the police too. Not those armchair nutters.

    1. 10:13

      You're giving them far too much credit, they won't drive people away. Sensible people are taking a wait-and-see approach. Nevertheless, all "head cases" make some valid points every now and then.

      Agenda? Wounded egos I'd say.

    2. "Nevertheless, all "head cases" make some valid points every now and then."

      Not one head case has ever made a valid - not once in 11 years.

    3. @ 16th June 10.13

      'similar head cases'
      Care to expand on that?
      Anymore names?

    4. 08:01
      I think we all know the names on the secondary 'B' list of nut jobs.

    5. Do we?
      I hope you are not thinking of RH,BS and NT.

    6. 08/06/2007

      Gerry McCann: "Sean, in particular has acquired a taste for sea-bass!"

  14. Hi Rosalinda,
    IMHO this case is not forgotten even after a decade. And as much as the protagonists of this horrible charade might be seen as "pitiful" I think they are more than pitiful they are "relentless", and criminals to boot. evidenced by every one of their actions to date.

    The Tapas 7 and the parents have been quick to support a lie that 99% of the British population see as a sham. (Is anyone still contributing to the "Find Madeleine fund".)

    Right from day one a few minutes after their daughter's death the parents were in cover up mode screaming abduction and failing to search. With a quick trip back to the Tapas bar they quickly reinforced the lie they were about to create with their friends help and write up a fake account of what had happened.

    None of their friends wanted to be nailed with child abandonment too, - at that point the least likely thing to happen to them and their McCann buddies.

    Then there was the worldwide orchestration. The denial of police questions. The visit to the Pope. - Until the Pope's advisors in the Vatican cautioned him to take the lies of the two British charlatans down from the Vatican's website.

    Next there was the trip to America and an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show to plead for their "Missing" daughter long since dead in their Praia da Luz holiday apartment.

    Then: denial of the dogs detecting blood/cadaver... With a shrug, "Why don't you ask the dogs Sandra".
    That was a mind blower

    Then there was the creation of the "Find Madeleine Fund"
    A smoke screen to deflect suspicion from the parents and to generate millions of pounds in donations to spend on lawyers fees and to protect the parents and help remortgage their house. How sickeningly cruel can you get.

    Surely this next was the 'Creme de la Creme':
    How to pretend you are looking for your long dead child?

    Well, you join an organization as a key spokesperson for missing children. This act will demonstrate to the millions of simpletons who follow your antics that above all else - you care, even if not for your own dead child but for your own skin - except if in one terrifying moment investigators happen to turn on you.

    The McCanns are in this to the finish.
    Maybe I should change my analysis of them from "relentless" to "ruthless".

    I think back to darker times when an enemy propaganda minister had his country's back to the wall and promised - "Total War" - but it didn't turn out so well for him and his friends in the end.

  15. "French police charge parents of girl found dead in 1987 after DNA test"

  16. Interesting that zampos tweeted publicly for 2 weeks and more that the Mccanns are liars, held a twitter poll that managed a massive 66 (yes sixty six) votes - has now gone very quiet.

  17. Hi Rosalinda.
    Just thinking; the McCann case has a whole lot of corruption and three dimensions.

    You've got the dodgy parents, the insane move by the British government's Portuguese consulate to instantly go to the aid of two British strangers on their say-so, and very quickly the Portuguese powers that be decide to axe the investigation and pull lead detective Gonzalo Amaral off the case.
    This was the man and his team who had already solved exactly what had happened to the long dead little girl in her parents' Praia da Luz apartment.
    For some reason the Portuguese government didn't want to get involved.

    Mind you the British pair who lost their child were both medical doctors, you can't go much higher in social standing, respect, and adoration than the medical profession in England.

    For instance: When was the last time you ever heard of a corrupt British medical doctor? Pretty well never.
    The medical profession is squeaky clean.

    Medical professionals are rock solid and the UK government must have thought so too.
    Except for maybe Harold Shipman or Jack the ripper or Josef Mengele at a stretch they are all as pure as the driven snow.

    Maybe the Portuguese government still has its original influence, and they are powerful enough to ignore the valid feedback from the British side of things known as: operation "Grange" or operation "Strange" as this investigation is starting to be called.

    Portugal has the "Treaty Of Lisbon" to consider and the faux history that all British school children are taught that Portugal is - "our" longest standing ally.

    Corruption runs pretty deep at government level. Anything could happen.
    Sadly the best way for governments to cop out is to do nothing.

    I hope we can find a better ending than this.

    1. I suspect if someone scratched the surface there would be a multitude of miscarriages of justice in the latter stages of Tony Blair's leadership JC. The case of Madeleine pales in comparison to the illegal war. It stands out because it captured the public's imagination, it was almost as if we were being drawn into a long running realty show. Kudos to their PR, they are never far away from the front pages.

      I honestly think the arrogant bunch of doctors believed their professional status should put them above suspicion. You are right, doctors are among the more respected citizens in our society, one of the few groups that we address by title. Many of us, myself included, look upon them as God like, they have an authority over us, like no other.

      But they are human, as are the clergy and the police, they have a weight of responsibility on them to 'act responsibly, at all times. In the old days, the worst thing that could happen to a politician, or VIP, was naming and shaming on the front and centre pages of the News of the World. Sometimes for corruption, but mostly for the kinky stuff. These must be hard times for the easily offended, lol, virtually anything goes.

      Operation Strange sounds about right JC. It really is about time, someone, preferably in the HOC asks what is it's purpose? That will never happen of course, because no MP would risk being seen as callous enough to suspect the parents. It's a sensitive subject, a bit of a poisoned chalice, even Sharon Osborne had to retract and apologise.

      I can't see it 'not' having an ending JC. A bit of a convoluted way of putting it lol, but it had a beginning, ergo there must be an end. There may or may not be a Chinese proverb in there!

  18. Campaigners call for prosecutions after an inquiry finds there was a 'disregard for human life'

    'There is no suggestion that Dr Barton intentionally took lives.

    In 2002 her husband, Tim Barton, said she had been overworked and was under a huge amount of pressure.

    “Instead of trying to find a new Harold Shipman, it might be more constructive to ask why a part-time GP was looking after 48 beds,” he told The Sunday Times.

    “No one has seen any of the letters she sent saying, ‘You cannot keep sending me this number of patients, I cannot cope with this number’.”'


    "Dr Jane Barton, the GP and clinical assistant who ran wards where opioid drugs were routinely overprescribed for patients, is of course the focus of media coverage today, as calls are made for criminal proceedings to be opened.

    We cannot, however, let this become a case where the entire focus is placed entirely on a single doctor. The recriminations of this scandal must run far deeper, right across the all organisations and bodies which at each stage failed to challenge what was happening, and protect lives."


    "Report places hospital, Police, CPS, General Medical Council and Nursing and Midwifery Council under scrutiny"


    "Organisations ‘may have acted in own interests – motivated by reputation management’"

  20. Is havern trying to get bennet jailed? She has today posted a direct link to bennett's 60 reasons booklet.

    Just a reminder:

    " The agreement signed in court states: "The defendant [Mr Bennett] undertakes not to repeat allegations that the claimants are guilty of, or are to be suspected of, causing the death of their daughter Madeleine McCann; and/ or of disposing of her body and/ or of lying about what happened and/ or of seeking to cover up what they had done."

    The undertaking also included the destruction of a book "What really happened to Madeleine McCann? 60 key reasons which suggest that she was not abducted" and a leaflet "What really happened to Madeleine McCann? 10 key reasons which suggest that she was not abducted.""

    1. link

    2. "by sharonl Today at 6:40 pm

      The link to Tony's book has also been removed from the opening post as Tony has not given his consent for the book to be uploaded and was not aware of this until I had just informed him. He will be requesting the removal of the book shortly."

      The link to the book was posted "by Jill Havern Today at 8:47 am"

      Does anyone believe that she didn't check with bennett first? Nah!

    3. Kate McCann ('madeleine'):

      "So we took legal action against him, as a result of which he undertook not to repeat his allegations and was obliged to pay the court fee of £400. It hasn’t made a great deal of difference. He is still going around insinuating that we were involved in Madeleine’s disappearance, only now he is just being slightly more careful about how he says it.”


      “It has been far more upsetting and damaging, frankly, to find ourselves let down by people in positions of trust, the very people who ought to be acting in Madeleine’s best interests. Unfortunately, there have been a few of them.”

  21. Any takers now after my earlier comment on Operation Strange announcing its conclusions and end on Monday morning 16th July?

    6.1 yay!
    Odds on I say lol!

    1. The Germans are out of the

    2. 08:53

      Get Out of the Dog House Day?

    3. If England get to the final then it might be even more effective to anounce the end of Strange/Grange on the Friday before.
      It would get more lost then over the weekend during the final build up and it wouldn't matter either if England win or were runners up.
      Runners up would probably be better still as all the talk then will be of how we were robbed etc. That was never a penalty or he was miles offside.

      There will not be much talk of Strange/ Grange at least in the important initial stages.

    4. In the likely event that England don't reach the final what'll be the next opportunity in the make believe scenario?

    5. Second Brexit vote.
      With the 'right' result this

    6. Kyle Edmund wins Wimbledon!

    7. Theresa May resigns and Boris Johnson takes over.

    8. Maybe the stupid comments on here is the reason Ros doesn't post any more. (and if it is I agree with here - for once)

    9. 9:40pm just before the penalty shoot out,now would be a good time,no matter the way it goes there'll be headlines aplenty in the morrow.

  22. Please Cristobell - another one?

  23. @ 1 July 20:02

    Have faith!

    At least the penalties curse has been broken.
    All we need to do now is score from open play. lol