Wednesday 25 July 2018


My regular readers will know I am sure, that I am trying to wean myself away from the whole topic of Madeleine McCann and all the plots and machinations that surround it. I still of course think it was a total affront to justice, the public have been treated like mugs and the interception of the British government has I am convinced, prevented this crime from being solved.   
But now is a good time to reflect.  Happily, I am not emotionally attached to anyone or anything Madeleine related.  I will of course, forever have on my radar 'all the bad guys' involved - karma is unfolding, probably not as quickly as some would like, but truth always wins in the end.

I didn't come into this case through hatred or through any other emotional issue.  Studying is my way of blocking out the demons. I tackled this case as I would have tackled a degree assignment, that is, the eternal student in me, had to look at it from every angle. I didn’t enter the arena as a ‘pro’ or an ‘anti’, and I truly wanted to give the parents the benefit of the doubt. Accepting their involvement was a huge blow to my faith in human nature. Academic study is the one area where you cannot bury your head in the sand, you have to face every aspect of your subject, even that which is unpalatable.  Probably why I am so horrified at the number of experts and professionals who have literally sold their souls to support this debacle.  
But many thanks to those still looking in, and many thanks to the poster who gave us a run down on what’s happening on other Madeleine blogs and forums.  As they are so ‘fact centred’ and closed off to any other form of debate, I am not surprised only the die hards remain.  Verdi is totally is off his/her rocker, a real nasty piece of work who has good reason for hiding ‘it’s’ identity.  I haven’t looked there for ages to be honest, so have no idea who is still posting.  Ditto the other forums.  I have finally learned, after all this time, that those who run, or who have aspirations to run, a forum, are closet dictators and wannabe tyrants!  All have advised me on where I am going wrong and how to be more like them, something that has never appealed, lol.  
Not Textusa, like Verdi, is totally off his head.  I think of him as an angry young man, but more likely he is middle aged and bitter, a bit like Ben whatisname.  Jill Havern I have a soft spot for, she knows that I understand her situation exactly and has reached out a couple of times. Sadly, she is still under the influence of Tony ‘Mad as a box of frogs’ Bennett, and gawd knows what she has invested in him financially and with her name and reputation.  If he goes down, she, Verdi et al, go down too. And depending on how deep the investigations of Operation Grange, Bennett too could find himself on charges of perverting the course of justice.  
Textusa is a joke.  Astonished sooooo many bought into her batshit crazy theory that there was a swinging holiday in PDL in May 2007.  It is absolutely laugh out loud funny.  Only people who don’t have sex, or who have been doing it in the missionary position with one person forever, would believe in a ‘swinging holiday’.  It just doesn’t happen.  And it certainly doesn’t happen when you have babies, toddlers and the mother in law with you. Those who don’t have sex, have to imagine what those who do have sex get up to, and, as can be seen with Textusa, they let their imaginations run wild.  
Those who imagine this case involves adults having sex with children are a whole other league.  It would be wrong of me to go into the reasons behind their fixation with child sexual abuse, but this case has attracted hundreds, if not thousands, who want this case to be about paedophilia. Each of course, have their own reasons, as do paedophile hunters, but even an amateur psychologist can see what is going on.  I always remember a scene in a play about Quentin Crisp, when attacked by a gang of queer bashers the divine Quentin grabbed the lead bully by the testicles and whispered in his ear that he knew exactly what he was.  The gang retreated.
Bennett is most definitely among those to whom sex will always remain a mystery.  Not only was he not blessed with good looks, but he has zero charm!  He’s pretty textbook, so I have already ‘profiled’ his childhood - it almost makes me pity him. Mine was tough, but I had two parents who oozed charm and charisma, not so hot on the rule following, but, I imagine, a zillion times better than Dickensian God Botherers.     
The Mystery Forum I haven’t looked in for ages.  They are not really my sort of people, lol.  The last time I was there they were discussing the burning of art and subversive bloggers (me), lol.  The subject of their of outrage was a quite beautiful painting of a teenage girl showing a hint of a nipple.  Becoming incensed by the sight of a nipple is not something I can relate too, lol.  The stunningly beautiful young girl is probably now an OAP with a twinkle in her eye.  Anyway, I’m not sure if I got to say ‘Fuck you’ (I hope I did) before they pulled the plug on me. I was a tad miffed, as I had, I feel, been more than accommodating with their ridiculous and over zealous censoring.  How dare they!  I was the best thing they had on there!  No-one ever knew what I would say next, lol. Referring to Bennett as a lowlife money grabbing scumbag for example, was a no no, unless I put ‘Mr.’ in front of it.  
Sadly, over 90% of the people who latched onto the Madeleine case, myself includes, were and are loons.  In my defence, I have chronic OCD. On the academic side, I am literally driven insane by problem solving.  In my arrogance, I cannot and will not accept any conclusion unless I have reached the same conclusion myself.  And that is not confirmation bias, I argue (in my head) both sides equally.  I have to know the answer to every question before it is put to me.  From the McCanns perspective, I would have argued the positioning of the apartment - a corner plot and vulnerable, yet they never have.  Their 'prove it' defence, is hostile, it makes cops try harder, but arguably, they have no choice. What else can they say?
Naturally, I looked into all the connotations.  Young child goes missing in Algarve.  Parents and friends not in apartment, but dining nearby.  We are told there are predators out there who steal young children to sexually abuse.  We have never heard of anything like it in our lives, but we believe the ‘authorities’ - they know better.  Gerry mentions paedophile gangs.  CEOP, Child Exploitation and Online Protection rushes to their aid.  Madeleine was 3, she wasn't being groomed online.  Suddenly every tourist travelling with young children has something tangible to fear. Babies do get stolen from their beds, especially when on holiday (all those foreigners). Fortunately, it hadn’t happened before, and it hasn’t happened since.  Ergo, there wasn’t an an epidemic, that new police division Gamble proposed to respond to abductions of British children worldwide was never needed. It’s still only Ben Needham and Madeleine McCann in 30 years.  
Those who have put their hearts and souls into deviant sex crimes, will, I fear, be disappointed. No child sex rings, no swinging holidays, no senior VIP or celebrity hastily flown out of PDL.  A tragedy where the lies and the runaway train went completely out of control.  How do you quantify each lie? Each crime?  Each suspect?  The Mueller investigation looks simplistic by comparison.  


  1. Simple question Roz, if it was an accident, simply hold your hands up and say "okay we were at fault here".
    Why hide the cadaver?
    Take a few weeks off and think about that.

    1. Oh if it were that simple 00:17. Had it been anyone other than a group of NHS doctors, your solution would have been simple.

      Unfortunately, they, the tapas group, introduced hundreds of variables with their botched attempts at explaining what happened. Their statements didn't stand up with the first investigation, and they haven't made any attempts to back them up with evidence etc. They are all in 'prove it', or 'there's no evidence' mode. That is, they are doing nothing to help the police and investigators. Why the hostile stance? Doubtful it is based on innocence.

      These ambitious 30 something doctors had plenty of good reason to hide a cadaver. Take a few weeks to think about it.

    2. @ 26th July 00:17

      It could have been a simple accident and a decision made probably later much regretted to save reputations and careers etc.
      The government too could have fallen into the same trap with a spur of the moment decision after some strings were pulled and a few favours called in. (Freemasons or similar for example).
      Once you go down that route and in particular pass a certain point,then you are on a no return road. That applies to the government even more than the Mccanns as we all know how they hate embarrassment and will go to almost any length to avoid it.

      So,that's when lies and more lies evolve and a mystery is born.
      Unfortunately in my view,one that will not be solved for a very long time.
      Probably when all the participants are dead (and us).

      100 year rule anyone?

    3. 2 April 2017

      Dave Edgar:

      “They [the McCanns] have no intention of ever giving up looking for their daughter. I believe Madeleine is still alive and the case can be solved. I would strongly consider coming back to help as a private investigator if required. In fact I would be happy to come back on board.”


      21 April 2017

      Colin Sutton:

      "The tragedy is I don’t think we will ever know what happened. When Operation Grange finishes, and the indications are that will be in the next year or so, the case will never be re-investigated again.

      “Whatever happened, it’s extremely unlikely Madeleine is still alive. That’s partly due to the huge publicity."


      1 May 2017

      Gerry McCann:

      "I think, that there is still hope really, there isn't a new appeal, most of the media that we've done in the previous years is usually around that - so this is unusual. So, we are marking the anniversary. I think it's been good for the general public to hear police say there's no evidence that she's dead, and that there is still an active investigation, and there is still hope. So certainly from my point of view, somebody knows what's happened."


      Exchanging ideas?

    4. Anonymous 26 July 2018 at 09:14

      Good post, thank you.

      The strings would have to have been long and strong and pulled with considerable force for the British Ambassador to appear on the scene and top government officials to get on the phone, all at short notice. Not to mention the British police… For what? To save the skins of a couple of non-descript apparently untruthful provincial medics?

      Do you think a masonic connection or similar of some kind could do all that? What would have been the common factor (one freemason/similar to another: “Listen, a girl of four is dead on holiday in f…ing Portugal.. Call the lodge, I want the government to assist in covering this up, come what may.”)?

      100 year rule sounds plausible. :)


    5. It could have been an abduction by person(s) unknown and there is no cover up or conspiracy by anyone.

    6. @ T

      I know what you mean. Why two insignificant doctors?
      I have heard various theories as to why the Mccanns had so much apparent clout and seemed to have the government over a barrel. Some more plausible than others.
      And I have my own views too as does everyone else.
      While I accept the simple accident argument I think there is more to it as regards the aftermath and 'cover up' than we are led to believe.
      How the Mccanns seemed to have that power being the main one.

      I wonder if what happened in August 1997 has anything to do with anything?
      (Half joking of course... you never know

    7. Hi Anon 26 July 2018 at 13:20

      Gerry McCann:

"I think, that there is still hope really, there isn't a new appeal, most of the media that we've done in the previous years is usually around that - so this is unusual. So, we are marking the anniversary. I think it's been good for the general public to hear police say there's no evidence that she's dead, and that there is still an active investigation, and there is still hope. So certainly from my point of view, somebody knows what's happened."

      An excellent example of Gerry's recurring nonsense commentaries over the years. If he believes that Madeleine is still alive, why not make an appeal as usual? What has changed? Moreover, he seems to care more about what’s good for the general public than what’s good for Madeleine. Finally, everybody, not just Gerry, knows that someone must know what happened to Madeleine. Thus, a completely unnecessary statement. Moreover, Gerry’s and Kate’s philosophical reasoning in general doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s just so embarrassing to listen to.

    8. Hello Björn

      I agree with you. Assuming the McCanns are still looking for their daughter, Gerry’s statement rings hollow and doesn’t make sense. No appeal and no age-progression image, just marking an anniversary. A “celebration” for the general public? The icing on the cake: “somebody knows what’s happened”. Duh!

      I think they want to stay out of the limelight for the sake of their other children. Hope springs eternal after all.


    9. @ 26th July 17:43

      I dont think the laws of chance would allow so many coincidences,oddities and everything else that doesn't seem to add up, to all take place.
      However, nothing is impossible they say, so you could be right.
      I dont think though I could fly to the moon in the next three minutes.

      Humming Sylvia's Mother then when I typed the next 3 minutes lol...just came to me.

    10. Ha ha ha 11:44, the soulful, gut wrenching plea of Dr. Hook often plays in my head at odd times - complete with the annoying operator who keeps asking for 40 cents more!

    11. I agree 18:32. Madeleine's disappearance had pound/dollar signs all over it, almost immediately. Not only were the McCanns trying to build an empire on their daughter's tragedy, but so too were all those jostling for a slice of the pie. Police agencies and charities used the iconic cherubic Madeleine picture to remind us of the vital work they do.

      I don't think there can be any doubt that the way in which Madeleine's disappearance was reported came from the 'top'. It wasn't until several years later that the public became aware of the cosying up of Prime Ministers and media moguls, but the enlightened among us knew before.

      The 'top' in this case is most likely Tony Blair. By 2007, he knew how to use and manipulate, not only the media, but the secret services. If he stated the parents were innocent, it was the party line. He had appointed to top positions, people he could control and henchmen who would ensure his orders were obeyed. Who knows what means he used, but it might be worth noting that he had under his belt, thousands of names collected during Operation Ore.

      All hypothetical of course, but considering the lengths he went to, to take us into an illegal war, anything is possible.

      What were the benefits to New Labour of siding with the parents and promoting the abduction story...….

      This turned into a blog :)

    12. Hi NL s 27 July 2018 at 11:10
      Nice, NL, to see you on Rosalinda's blog again.
      Rosalinda, I see that you've "moved on", so I'm a little bit behind, but I just want to comment a few words on what NL recently wrote.

      I’ve always wondered why the “official” British society as a whole doesn’t see the strangeness in the McCanns’ attempt to come across as normal people,as "we"can all see(sorry I must include others here).

      Their ”beyond belief absurd behaviour” could be seen and heard already in the early days, just a few days after Madeleine’s disappearance. The most queer and also macabre performance by them, that I've ever witnessed on the internet is their happy smile outside the church in PDL at Madeleine's birthday party, when Madeleine, according to their own fears, could either, in the very same moment, be raped by some paedophile ring in a dark corner of the world or perhaps kept as trophy by some weird evil and childless foreign couple.

      Not my fantasy, but actually what the McCanns themselves thought could have happened to their daughter. Do I need to say more?

    13. Björn at 15:56

      It's incomprehensible to me that the McCanns could have acted that way.

      In addition:

      13 Aug 2007

      [Kate McCann]:

      '"I always had this little prayer I'd say at night - 'Please keep them safe, healthy and happy'. But safe in my head was about the children falling over or getting hit by a car.

      "I never worried someone would watch us, break in and then take our daughter away. Why would I?"

      Kate even joked that Madeleine is probably giving her kidnapper a taste of her forceful character.

      She said: "Madeleine is such a sociable child, so funny and engaging.

      "She has a lot of personality. Her name actually means 'tower of strength'.

      "She hated it when we called her Maddie. She'd say 'My name is Madeleine' with an indignant look.

      "I bet she's giving whoever she's with her tuppence worth."'

      You couldn't make it up.


  2. "The BBC wants to challenge the judge's findings, including that Sir Cliff had a right to privacy while a suspect in a police investigation - trumping the broadcaster's right to freedom of expression to publish his name and cover the raid.

    It will also seek to appeal Sir Cliff's entitlement to damages for injury to his reputation in a privacy case, as opposed to a defamation claim.

    The corporation will argue the £210,000 damages awarded will have a damaging effect on media outlets who are aware of a suspect's identity but who do not want to publish for fear of having to make a large payout."

    1. "The BBC has agreed to pay Sir Cliff Richard £850,000 within 14 days to cover his legal costs - following his privacy case against the corporation.
      The £850,000 may not be the final total for his legal fees, but Sir Cliff is being given it now to pay his lawyers."

  3. Everyone who questions the McCanns is mad. I'm mad too. That's your position now, is it? No wonder you're not welcomed in any groups or forums. As idiotically thoughtless as your Sun piece where you laid claim to the title Troll and expected praise for your crass outpourings.

    1. I agree with you Marsha - Ros's criticism of the Mystery forum is particularly vile as it was the only place that would put up her her nonsense for a long time - look what she thinks of them now!!!

    2. DC 1485 MESSIAH: "Was there anybody around the resort or you know your, the Ocean Club in general that you weren't happy with?"

      David Payne: "Err we, you know we did obviously retrospectively question you know who'd been in, in to the resort to actually work there. They, on one of the days they had some err gardening people which we hadn't you know seen before and we you know we just wondered, you know, after Madeleine had gone err you know who they were and what their you know validity was if you like. Err the, I know that again, you know Kate and Gerry had had problems err with I think it was the blinds in their flat and the fridge and they'd had people in err you know into the flat, you know which obviously retrospectively was a concern as well. Err yeah that, you know who were those people, had they been checked out."

  4. Hi Rosalinda,
    As Ricky Ricardo might say to Lucy: The McCanns have a lot of "Splainin" to do.
    But since the couple never gave any answers to the police investigators and are under no legal obligation to do so, they will continue with the "searching" for a live child format for the rest of their lives.
    Only a fly on the wall of their Leicestershire kitchen is daily reminded of the truth, we will never know. But we can surmise.

    The transparency of every statement, TV appearance,...and the publication of Kate's book, has to send shivers down the spine of anyone who can bear to watch the charade.

    Why were the parents supremely uninterested in the fact that their "Missing" daughter's blood type was found by tracker dogs in the holiday apartment. Why were they not the slightest bit curious abut police tracker dogs identifying their daughter's DNA in the boot of their holiday hire car.

    As for the real sighting of the kidnapper by the Smith family of Gerry McCann carrying a little child's body down the street by the beach - forget it, - that would not stir the slightest interest in the loving parents.

    Yeah, it's all a fantastic coincidence.

    "Prove we killed her".

    How many parents get to say those words that with a twinkle in their eye.

    Not too many.

    PS: Film Noirs have nothing on this.
    Have a nice day.

  5. @ Marsha and the Mushins
    (Sorry couldn't resist)

    What Sun piece? Have I missed something?

    1. Ros did a piece with the scum back in early 2015.

    2. @ 9:58

      Any good?

  6. According to S/Textusa the mother/ in law was at it too.
    Swinging must be catching,maybe I should try some!
    You are never too old for a walk on the wild side he/ she says.
    Talking from experience eh?

  7. @ 12.34

    And the coloured girls go,
    Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
    Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

    Maybe it's true he is a

  8. The Reverend T . B30 July 2018 at 21:36

    Good God!

    The man should have a jolly good spanking and his mouth washed out with soap.

    Swinging! ... It's the devil's work!

  9. I do think Not Textusa is right about Madeleine not being in the hire car. The car getting contaminated by cadaverine from the apartment makes a lot more sense than Madeleine's body being somehow kept for 3 weeks and then moved. I also think it's possible Gerry put Madeleine's body in a bin and she ended up in a landfill site. John Blacksmith seems impressed with Not Textusa, certainly doesn't think "he's off his head."

    1. You enjoy a blog that is dedicated to ripping off other blogs Ruth. Not Textusa doesn't have a single original thought - even is name is a rip off of an established blogger.

      His offer to publish all the vitriol that is binned here is pathetic, he is literally begging for my sloppy seconds! He is so desperate to steal my audience is literally going through the bins, lol.

    2. Indeed, what's in a blog name, (NT)?

      Quand un homme vole votre femme, il n’y a pas de meilleure vengeance que de le laisser la garder. -
      Sacha Guitry

      (When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her.)


  10. Reverend T. Ben. Nit31 July 2018 at 17:21

    Good God young Cristobell,you cant say that about NT.
    You need your bare bottom spanked you naughty girl!

  11. ruth bashford 31 July 2018 at 06:07

    Good of you to pop in.

    ‘Not Textusa’ may be right about the hire car, in that the dogs’ indications might have been due to a secondary transfer of the scent (I shouldn’t think ‘Not Textusa’ would say or imply “cadaverine from the apartment”). And it is plausible that Madeleine’s body ended up in a landfill.

    ‘Not Textusa’ is a knowledgeable and very articulate blogger, succinct, very funny, and approachable. They are fun. I do, like your good self, take note of their views.

    While I’m at it… You mention ‘john blacksmith’’s opinion as if it matters. Well, it matters very little to me. I suppose he is where he is to brown himself up and answer only the ‘comfortable’ questions from those who ‘understand’ him.

    More often than not, I find his manufactured writings pretentious, didactic and not boring, and I often think to myself “here comes the pompous ‘jonh of rust’”. After one of his recent outpourings I will likely be thinking “there goes ‘john the Perfidious’”.

    I’m done.

    If you’ve managed to get to this point of my confession, I congratulate you, thank you and wish you all the best. :)



  12. 1 August 2018 at 15:47

    Read "didactic and boring"