Sunday, 28 July 2019


As my readers by now know, I am not a fan of Boris Johnson, whilst I have no doubt he is a great hoot on a wild night out, the nearest he should be to Whitehall is a west end gentleman's club where he can discuss thrashing the help to his heart's content. It is unfathomable that this bumbling nincompoop is now in charge of leading the UK away from the safety net of it's nearest friends and neighbours and directly into the darkness of Trump's ugly face of capitalism.

Boris may be leading a nation of 60m+, but his election to the highest office in the land was limited only to a select few.  Members of the tory party who had only a small selection of leadership candidates to choose from.  The great British public have had no say whatsoever.  Boris is good for all those billionaires, like Jacob Rees-Mogg, who intend to make fortunes from the island of England being lost at sea.  Already we have seen large shipping contracts for companies who err, have no ships.  Brexit will bring out every scammer, every con artist and every wide boy with a good line in selling Londons' bridges.  The NHS is already being run down for the sale of the century.  

The thing voters need to remember is that Boris Johnson is not a cartoon character from the Viz, nor is he a badly drawn caricature, he is all too real, and he is evil.  Behind the playfully tousled hair and buffoonery, is a heart and soul intent on making as much dosch as he can for himself and his billionaire supporters.  How much did ordinary Londoners make out of the London Olympics.  Nothing. They were expected to work for free, like the serfs of old, their reward would be in heaven.

Boris Johnson represents the get rich(er) quick brigade.  He goes along with everything that makes the tory party the nasty party, like robbing the poor to enrich the rich. Ie. the opposite of Robin Hood. As long as the poor and the working classes have just enough to live on, he and his ilk, can maintain the status quo.  Working people do not earn enough to protest at being taken for granted and few now have strong unions to represent them.  Employment, even on shit pay, is better than unemployment.  And this is where vultures like Boris swoop in.  Where non tories see the misery of unemployment, tories see an untapped, free, work resource.  Thousands of units (people) to loan out to their manufacturing and retail donors.  Don't for one moment be fooled into thinking Boris Johnson and his right wing cabinet will do anything to protect British workers from the devastating effects of a no deal Brexit.
On one of the simplest of dilemmas yet to come is the crisis in the NHS.  We all know how much the NHS relies on foreign nurses and foreign workers, will they all disappear overnight?

Theresa May failed miserably with Brexit.  There is nothing in Boris that gives hope for success.  He is already preparing for no deal, because he knows he doesn't have a hope in hell of getting anything better than Theresa May.  As tories, both are already privileged, self entitled twats, so negotiations of any sort, were never going to work.  The Europeans, it would seem, are waiting for someone a tad more enlightened so must now be rolling on the floor laughing as Johnson steps up to the plate.  To be fair, I expect Boris got the PM job, because it is a poisoned chalice.  Any (tory) PM at this juncture, is in an unwinnable situation.  Not only is the country divided, but so too is his party.

Boris Johnson was not elected by the people to take the UK out of Europe.  He was elected by, almost literally, a handful of rich, middle aged white men with vested interests.  We need a general election, and we need people to vote with the interests of their children and their children's children in mind.  The idea that we can lock the gates and live with the same white neighbours for ever more, is not only ludicrous, it's downright creepy.  It's the 21st century, people travel and move on, neighbourhoods cannot stand still in time and who wants them to?  As the young move on, others take their place, it keeps the wheels of society turning.  

The problem with Boris Johnson and his War Cabinet is that we are not at war.  Not a good start, wouldn't we have preferred to hear he was preparing for peace talks?  He is coming out fighting, too stupid to remember that fighting got Theresa May nowhere.  We are one small nation against 27 nations who are united.  We don't hold the upper hand.  The UK is friendless and alone, Trump doesn't count because he is so far gone down the batshit crazy route, he can't be depended on for anything.  Should the gaffe prone Boris meet the gaffe prone Trump anything could happen.  


  1. I agree with that...

    I remember when i had a FB account back in 2012 i told people Bojo was an arsehole, but a dangerous one.I said he'd cut your throat for a fiver.I haven't changed my opinion.But FB changed my account to 'terminated' :)

    Unelected PMs and party leaders are the in thing here.What did contribution did the people get to make in the electing of Milliband, Brown, May, Clegg , Howard etc. None.

    There has been a game at play for a long time.It began well before any of us were here.It will be nearing it's climax after we're gone-maybe before.That game is Plutocracy.Make no mistake - it's coming. Real history and current events are telling it to us. The elite may be small in number but they always have been. Mafia dons are small and pathetic in stature too- but who dares mess with one ?
    The Elite( including the Windsors) need a large gap between them and the great unwashed.They need the money, land, property and power with a strong line of military to stand between us in the fields and them at the banquet.This is feudalism- the short cut to Plutocracy.The method ? Fabianism...

    I urge anyone to take 30 minutes to Google Fabian Society and it's 'illustrious' members and their attitudes. It's the iron fist in the velvet glove ; it's the tortoise beating a hare ; it's the wolf in sheep's clothing.Most importantly, It's the long game.Long literally.It's passed down by the generation.See Fabius and his story. He was despised and humiliated by his fellow Romans only to have the last laugh playing his long game.Why the long game ? Because it can't be seen 'in your face' daily.They're big on eugenics, which is the acceptable term for breeding out the filth and poor.Like Hitler and Churchill used to advocate.

    Only the elite have the lack of moral fortitude and human decency that combine to drive them toward their goal.Johnson is one of the 'bully boys' in Cameron's clan. Psychotic and priviliged. And beloved by our Queen, her consort and her offspring.

    If you want a clue to where we are in the game go back to Trump's election and come forward slowly.His 'tour'. Germany, Israel, Russia, Korea, England.He came away from all of these talking trade wars and threats. Israel's Netanyahu made Germany a second home as it ran the EU while claiming not to.If Israel can run the US it can run the UK and the EU.They make the decisions we get told were arrived at by the ballot box. The Zionists and krypto jews are upping the ante. All eyes on Soros.


    1. Excellency

      American Pravda: John McCain, Jeffrey Epstein, and Pizzagate
      Our Reigning Political Puppets, Dancing to Invisible Strings

      [Pravda (Russian: Правдa [ˈpravdə]: Truth)]

    2. Good work, major


    3. Excellenzy

      Do you think Clintons are safe now and Hilary ibnat Hue Rodham will keep on working and speaking and standing up for what she believes?

      “Clinton, who lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump, says, “I’m going to keep on working and speaking and standing up for what I believe.”

      “What’s at stake in our country, the kind of things that are happening right now, are deeply troubling to me,” she said.”

      And that man who, we’d been told, would take Don down…


      Le Vicomte de Bragelonne

  2. When trying to make a dramatic observation you should really research the facts Ros.

    50% of the Prime Ministers in the last century have not been elected by the "great British public". "The Prime Minister has changed 24 times since Herbert Asquith left office in 1916, although only 19 different people have held the post. It changed 12 times without a general election."

    UK voters don’t elect a Prime Minister directly. Voters select a Member of Parliament (MP) to represent their constituency. The MPs are from particular political parties and these parties decide on a leader.

    Maybe you should point out to your readers who voted for Jeremy Corbyn to appoint him to lead the Labour Party - oh yes - members of the Labour Party (£3 to join at that time). Do you object to that?


  3. Referring everybody to recent posts made by Ros..and discussions thereafter..

    Be prepared to faint in horror and of Clinton's potential destroyers( and not just Clinton)- Epstein- has been found conveniently dead..


    1. But we all know that this is not a live newsfeed blog - Ros will pass her personal opinion in around 2 weeks time.

    2. Good heavens Z, you have completely bought into the whole Podesta pizza parlour mythology in the same way as Trump's Deplorables. Clinton, a retired President has much less to fear that Trump, a sitting President. Note, there are no women in the Epstein case, accusing Clinton of sexual assault and rape.

      Trump on the other hand is a Co-Defendant with the now deceased Epstein, accused of raping a then 13 year old. Her statement is very detailed, graphic and believable - it's a description of behaviour by Trump that is always on display, he even brags about it. Now imagine a sitting President accused of raping a 13 year old? A case that will still go ahead despite the death of one of the Defendants. Just how much will the Deplorables put up with?

      Donald Trump has a long history of sexually assaulting women Z, at least 23 have come forward. That's a pattern. He bragged about leering at half naked teenage girls in their dressing room, he believes 'as a star' he has a right to do that. He thinks his Benny Hill like slobbering and groping is one of his most attractive traits.

      Jeffrey Epstein was in a prison run by Trump's Justice Department under supervision of Trump's (bent) Attorney General, Bill Barr who is said to have visited Epstein shortly before he was found dead. Trump has spent his entire career employing thugs and minders to make sure his despicable behaviour is kept under wraps. See a list of all the Trump aids currently in prison or awaiting sentencing. He acts like a mob boss, always has.

      Ok, that has not so far included murder, that we know of, but when the stakes are this high, it may have been a risk worth taking. As I said above, imagine a sitting President on trial for raping a 13 year old? Imagine that case is just the tip of the iceberg? What if they start looking more deeply at Trump's 'model agency'. Epstein claimed it was he who introduced Melania to Trump, was Melania one of Epstein's girls?

      This has turned into a blog, lol, and hopefully a discussion. I will be live online later this afternoon, and hope some of you will be able to join me :)

      Note to 18:33, Ouch, have been taking some much needed time out, but hope to back and fully functioning soon!

    3. Ros, before you mention 'buying into' Podesta thing, look closer.The key here isn't any of the Podestas. true, they were Clinton lackies but that proves nothing.The whole idea of contrived 'fake news' is to hid a small incriminating truth in a pile of outrageous crap.That way we can throw the baby out with the bath water. The pivotal figure is Maxwell. Daughter of the late murdered Robert. She's a common denominator in so many things with so many people.She'll need eyes in the back of her head now.Not to mention a food taster and bullet proof suit of armour.And Andrew can't help her now.He's locked in his mum's tower until he can learn to be a good boy.His PR team must be suicidal now. What can they come up with to trick us all he's a 'family man' now..


    4. Ok Ghislaine Maxwell is a key figure, perhaps even pivotal, though not as pivotal as Epstein himself. She wasn't facing charges, though she may still should she return to the US.

      As for Prince Andrew, I am sure he has a lot more embarrassment to come, though not as much as Trump who is a co-defendant in the rape of a 13 year old girl. All these dirty old men were sleaze bags, but with Trump there was the added sadism. Andrew is (presently) beyond the reach of American Justice but that may change as details emerge. Diplomatic relations between the US and the UK are not great at the moment, the last UK Ambassador, was only last month, drawn into a scandal after announcing he thought Trump was an idiot. But on the plus side for Andrew, Trump hopes to make a killing with the UK once his fellow right winger Boris cuts Britain's ties with the mighty European Union. The Union that has kept the whole of Europe, including the UK, safe for 70 years.

      I'll be honest, the rise of the Far Right, globally, terrifies me. In the past two days, both the UK and the US are putting plans in place to stop non registered citizens (I refuse to call any human being illegal) from being in the country if they earn less than £36k, in the US, if they need food stamps or any other form of benefit. Both countries wish to stop the flow of low earning economic migrants by simply pricing them out of the entry level criteria. How fucking stupid and elitist is that?

      This has turned into blog. Catch ya on the other side.

  4. "Jeffrey Epstein is gone, but allegations against powerful associates linger"

    'The sudden death of multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein on Saturday leaves loose ends, now unlikely to be resolved, in the investigation into the sex-trafficking network he allegedly ran with the help of associates, including British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.'


    'In the lawsuit, Giuffre claimed she was forced to have sex with a “large amount of people,” some of whom had not previously been named, including former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, former U.S. Senator George Mitchell, Hyatt hotels magnate Tom Pritzker, hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin, the late Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist Marvin Minsky, modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel, Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, another unnamed prince, plus “a well-known Prime Minister.”'

  5. This is all after the mainstream went all out within the past week to scream in horror about Carl Beech and his alleged false claims.Now there will be little or no 'knee jerk reaction' to hunt out elite perverts.So the rules have ben changed to protect the right people.Anything else will be ''fake news'' ( yaaaawwwnnn).

    In the meantime the Royals have locked Andrew up once again.Sorry, I mean rallied around him to support him in his grieving, not to hide his half witted mind and careless mouth from reporters..