Saturday, 24 August 2019


'I met a gin soaked, bar-room Queen in Memphis'.  Well bless my cotton socks and happy anniversary today to Honky Tonk Women everywhere, and especially to the Rolling Stones song which was number 1 in the US and the UK, 50 years ago.  And thank you James Melville for pointing it out.  My cotton socks need blessing, because after all these years I had no idea just how raunchy the lyrics of said song were.  True, being taken upstairs for a ride is pretty unambivalent, but the honky tonks and the gin soaked bar queens are a revelation.  I always thought the words were 'I met her in so far...…..something, something, Memphis', though to be fair, I have never really tried to sing along.

I was not quite a teen in 1969, and the love of my life was Davy Jones of the Monkeys. The adorable Davy set the high bar for the men in my life from then on. Pity I didn't stick with it.  David Cassidy was divine, Donny Osmond cute, but my heart lay with the playful and childlike Davy Jones. 

Like many from my age group and background, for the first part of my adult life I was oblivious to anything outside my own orbit.  I was unaware that 'pop' songs, or heck, music throughout history contain subversive and political messages. I knew they sounded rebellious, but I didn't know why.  And that the same applied to art and literature all those 'vanities' that I am drawn to. My entry into higher education was an awakening, within 6 weeks I knew there was no turning back.  However, despite all that, it has taken me 50 years to discover the Rolling Stones were labelled the bad boys for good reason.  And wtf does 'blow my nose' mean, lol?

My plan was to write a blog tomorrow, thus giving Trump an opportunity to make a complete arse of himself at the G7, he is an endless source of material.  Last year saw him sat in the naughty chair with his arms folded with Angela Merkel and all the other world leaders looking down on him.  I actually think Trump is facing historical defeat next year, he will lose by the biggest margin in Presidential election history. While the strength of his base may have increased, the numbers haven't, and even his most ardent fans are now stating publicly that he is a raving lunatic.  In losing the trade war with China, all those farmers who voted for him have lost their future livelihood.  China was their biggest customer.  

Happily his ratings are plummeting (he judges everything by ratings), mostly because of his stupidity.  How does he think calling an entire (huge) ethnic group ignorant and disloyal will help in the polls?  Racism and cruelty is not as popular as Trump believes it to be.  Eventually, even white, blue collar men without a college degree, will ask themselves 'what if he comes for me next?'.  And he could, at the drop of a hat, look how he fat shamed one of his supporters at last week's rally? 

There are so many similarities now between Trump and Hitler that Godwin's Law is officially off the table.  Hitler in the 1930's was able to seize control of Germany, despite having a small base like Trump, because he took control of the army, the police and the media.  Trump probably dreams of sending the troops into liberal areas just to beat the shit out of them, but he is restrained thus far because the USA is a democracy.  Soldiers and the forces of law and order swear allegiance to the Constitution, not to the mob boss in the White House.

But it would be remiss of me not to comment on our own bumbling oaf who has today just had his arse whooped by Donald Tusk.  Tusk has #Mr No Deal trending and not in a good way for our PM.  Europe are standing firm with Ireland, and quite rightly.  Those of us who remember 'the troubles' in Ireland know what the realities of a border in the island of Ireland would be catastrophic.  Who could be so callous as to throw away the Good Friday Agreement? All those willing to settle for No Deal that's who.


  1. Completely off topic, but if anyone is interested in climate change and statistics. (I'm not), here's few stats to straighten out the fake Amazon fire photos posted in the millions via Twitter feed from actors and soccer stars.
    Years ago NASA took satellite photos of the Amazon rain forest and found over 35,000 fires burning on an average night.
    This year it is reported there is even a decrease.
    The Amazon rain forest covers an unimaginable area of five million square kilometres and is criss-crossed with a like number of rivers, lakes, streams and swamps, - so the hand-wringers and purveyors of fake news can rest assured the forest will survive.

    I don't know if this counts for much but years ago I took a scheduled plane trip from London to South Africa. The plane flew at night, north to south, From 35,000 feet up I was amazed to see fires burning below for the whole trip across the continent. Africa has not burned down yet.
    Most of the fires were caused by lightning strikes as in Brazil.
    The funny thing is people never bring Mother Nature into the equation.

    That's why it rained today and ruined your picnic.

    1. Massive Fake News Campaign Targets Brazil’s Amazon Fires

      Butler Bob

  2. I have to confess I have little knowledge of the science behind climate change, I really must get a 6 year old to explain it to me, because happily the younger generation are far more informed.

    Is it real or is it a myth created by the liberals to somehow stymie the growth of billionaires. But I believe the scientists over lunatics like Trump who simply want to make a quick buck out of the trophy hunting of animals who are on the verge of extinction, deregulating safeguards that protect the land and the environment. It doesn't take a scientific brain to understand that the plastic waste we dump in the oceans will kill the sea life.

    Regarding the fires in Brazil, again I believe the scientists. Sadly there is no need to put on pretend shows of how climate change is affecting our planet JC and even if you find it impossible to believe, isn't it better to err on the side of caution for future generations?

  3. Rosalinda dear

    “I have to confess I have little knowledge of the science behind climate change…”

    Breaking News: Dr Tim Ball Defeats Michael Mann’s Climate Lawsuit

    Butler Bob