Wednesday, 28 August 2019


For the first time ever, I think, Donald Trump has mentioned Jeremy Corbyn, more precisely, his fear of Jeremy Corbyn and fear for his new best buddy Boris Johnson.  And Boris, it would seem has taken a page straight from Trumps book of how to abuse the Law and the Constitution and get away with it.  How long before Boris starts shouting 'fake news'.

To be fair, he might as well start with it now, because his statement explaining why he was shutting down parliament, avoided Brexit completely.  His concern now, is Crime, the NHS, the Infrastructure etc, that is, domestic politics over the biggest crisis of our time.  The tories have ignored domestic politics for years, but suddenly it is their number one priority.  Now Johnson's constant referencing to increasing police numbers and focusing on our safety make sense,  perhaps he is hoping to use his water canons?

Already social media is alight with calls to action, marches, peaceful protests. civil disobedience.  The last time a wannabe dictator shut down parliament, Charles 1, it resulted in Civil War and the loss of his head.  We are probably on the brink of civil war as I speak.  The pompous ass that is our Prime Minister probably trash talked our previous Prime Minister (a woman!) and our European allies (feckin liberals) with the wrecking ball that is Trump.  History is being made, we are living it, we should be recording it, we should be reacting to it.

Parliament, including many tory MPs have overwhelmingly rejected a 'No Deal' Brexit (twice)and put to the vote, they would probably do so again.  What Boris Johnson is doing is unconstitutional and undemocratic.  But he hasn't won yet, and he can't win if the entire country comes out against him.

And I don't think there can be any doubt that Boris Johnson is aiming for a no deal Brexit. Donald Tusk has made it clear that they (Europe) will not budge on the question of the Irish Border and there isn't one.  If a peaceful solution were available, someone would have thought of it by now, so Johnson is almost certainly going with 'f**k Ireland', probably on the advice of his new bff.  This brief parliamentary sojourn I would imagine will be a very busy time for Boris Johnson and all his billionaire pals.  A time in which great fortunes will be made by those 'in the know'.  A time for new shipping companies with government contracts for example, to actually buy some ships.  

Johnson is sweeping aside the wishes of the majority in order to force through a catastrophic cutting of all ties with our friends and neighbours in Europe.  He wants us to do the equivalent of a 'moonlight flit', leaving behind all our past ties/loyalties and leaving a trail of debt, so a tiny percentage (less than 2%) can add to their billions.  My heart goes out to all those small businesses who are dependent on trading with our European neighbours and who have established networks to run their companies.

I am terrified for the NHS and especially those like diabetics who need life saving medication every day.  Will supplies of insulin be uninterrupted?  Are people stockpiling, should we be stockpiling?  And the stockpiling applies to pretty much everything.  How many familiar groceries will disappear from our shelves?  What about our nurses?  We all know how much the NHS depends on foreign nurses, will they all disappear?  ?Will right wing Boris shut the door on immigrants and refugees?  Will we become an insular society of nationalists, hell bent on returning to Victorian times.  Victorian Times were particularly good for the rich, the tories and the employers, they could literally work and starve their employees to death without the interference of Health and Safety or Human Rights Courts in the Hague.

Boris Johnson will be like Trump.  Cutting loose with Europe without any promises or pledges will allow this right wing tory government to bring the working classes back to the days when they had no option but to work long hours in inhuman conditions.  They want us subjugated, they want us to know our place, and they want the upper hand in all future trade negotiations.  In a nutshell they want to reverse all the gains made for ordinary people by the Unions and the Labour Party.  

There is no honour to walking away from Europe as Boris wants.  That won't matter to him because he is shameless.  But it will matter to each and every British citizen and the way in which we are seen forever more in the eyes of the world.  

But I started with Trump so I will end with him.  His backing of Boris Johnson is one of the best things that could happen for Jeremy Corbyn.  A vote for Boris is a vote for Trump, and even hardened conservatives might struggle with that.


  1. "do a moonlight flit
    to leave secretly, especially to avoid paying money that you owe"

    Wrong expression Ros - there is nothing secret about what he has done - hell even you know about it!

  2. “But I started with Trump…”

    Yes, and with Mueller…

    The Legacy of the Left, Part II
    by Peter Baggins, Ph.D. August 9, 2019

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

    In the latest media offering to the American people, Donald Trump has been cast to play the roles originally played by King Louis XVI and Czar Nicholas II. Unfortunately for the studio, the ratings for their TV sitcom “The Mueller Show Trial” have fallen off as of late. But for the first two years of the Trump presidency the gullible general public tuned in for every twist and turn in the longest running, most boring sitcom ever aired on TV. But the slightest possibility of seeing Trump guillotined (okay, carted off to prison) kept them glued to their favorite device.

    Make no mistake about it. The Mueller investigation was a show trial in the long tradition of the left. Stalin would have likely regarded it as a bit beneath his standards because Trump wasn’t guillotined, but it had a lot of the same ingredients. As Mark Levin noted, “There was no reply by the president that was permitted, no contrary witnesses, no contrary documents, no contrary evidence, no cross-examinations, no challenges of any type.”

    Despite the fact that Mueller’s investigation into the alleged Trump-Russian collusion dominated CNN (and MSM in general) headlines since before Trump’s election, there was not a mention of Mueller by the CNN hosts of the Democratic debates in Detroit. After all that reporting they simply pretended nothing had happened. Of course, in a very real sense nothing did. None of the charges made against Trump or his associates that were related to any sort of collusion panned out. No evidence of collusion has ever been uncovered. Even the initial premise for the investigation and certainly its long, tired run were dubious at best. After two years of their “investigative journalism”, we now learn that Mueller himself was merely a puppet of a political witchhunt controlled by Anti-Trump Democrats, notably Andrew Weissman. MSM journalists never bothered to uncover or disclose the basic fact that the Mueller investigation was dominated by some very partisan Democrats.

    And no one seemed to notice that the obscure Logan Act, never enforced in its 218 years of existence, became the pretext “to entangle the new administration in a criminal investigation as soon as it walked in the door of the White House.”


    Butler Bob

  3. Morning, Rosalinda

    Russiagate skeptics are vindicated, but conspiracy theorists are rewarded (w/ Glenn Greenwald)

    GCHQ’s Rainbow Lights: Exploiting Social Issues for Militarism and Imperialism


    Butler Bob.