Saturday, 30 November 2019


Franklin D. Roosevelt is best remembered, well by me anyway, for rescuing America from the devastating, crippling, financial depression that followed the crash of the stock market in 1929.  His plan, his New Deal, was summed up by three 'Rs' -  Relief, Recovery and Reform.  He built new roads, new homes, new hospitals, he invested in science and education and he brought in social security.  He took America from the dustbowl days of mass unemployment and food queues, to a new golden age of growth and prosperity.  In a nutshell, he invested in the Nation and he invested in the people, he spent taxpayer money to improve the lives of everyone.  And it worked.  Not only did American citizens live well, the rest of us around the world, could see how well they lived on the Silver Screen.  We all aspired to be just like them.

What Roosevelt did in the USA, Jeremy Corbyn wants to do here in the UK.   We have had 9 years of Depression,  9 years of Tory inflicted Austerity.  All to pay back some imaginary debt that we all owe yet did not benefit from.  So has this debt been paid back? No it's tripled, so too the number of billionaires, ha ha millionaires, you are now the poor relations.  The tories, to be fair are still stinging from the fact that poor people, who don't do an honest day's work, breaking stones for the sake of it will do, receive any cash at all.  Even those lying prostrate on a hospital bed could use their free hand to paint portions of a wall.  Putting every benefit claimant on trial was a stroke of genius, I mean, who doesn't moan about their job, drink gin and complain about scroungers having large screen TVs?   At one time the TV networks churned out nothing but 'benefits' programmes.  And just for anyone's information.  I was one of the kids who had to queue up for 'free' dinner tickets. I'll just leave that there, because I know there will many other '60s' kids out there who know how that felt.

For 9 years we have all been indoctrinated to believe that we are still suffering the effects of the world bankers' greed that kicked off the last depression.  I don't even know when that was, because Depression is now the dominant ideology.  We can't get a GP appointment, we have to wait hours in A&E, our kids are in classes that are way too big, all our services and communities are decimated.  My heart goes out to those good and kind souls who keep all our emergency services going so smoothly, but more and more is being put on their good and kind natures, it's like the mistreatment of poor old Boxer in Animal Farm, who's remedy was 'I must work harder'.  They are too noble to withhold their treatment and services, we must fight for them.  

Great Britain is desperately in need of refurbishment - it looks tired, worn and run down.  If the UK were a house for a sale on a street with a house representing each of our European neighbours, the UK would be the one with an overgrown lawn, chipped window frames, and a plumbing and electrical system held together with gaffa tape and poor quality glue.  Johnson like his predecessor has no shame at foreign leaders seeing on English streets the tragic human consequences of his heartless, greedy, grasping policies that have for 9 years been targeting society's most vulnerable.  Gandhi said it better 'A Nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members'.  Right now, the UK is looking pretty shoddy.

How sad that we have become a nation so terrified of change that a kind, decent, non racist, non anti-Semitic, genuinely nice guy creates more fear than a proven liar/ self serving, racist, misogynist, bloated elitist, who has never hidden the fact that he prefers bankers and billionaires to ordinary people with whom he has absolutely zilch in common.  Boris Johnson, let's just call him Johnson, has been part of a government that continually cuts vital services that keep communities going.  Literally, lifelines to those who need them most.  Now, after all these years, weeks from an election, he promises to restore that which he took away.  

In Jeremy Corbyn I see hope for the future, hope especially for the up and coming new generations.  Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Chancellor, are not taking a leap in the dark.  They have done their homework, they have done their sums.  Economists will have recognised the Keynsian economics of Jeremy Corbyn's New Deal. His policies are not too dissimilar to Relief, Recovery and Reform. All over the country there are people, agencies and community projects that are in need of Relief.   So many people's lives have been devastated by the cruelty of the Tories cuts and the Tories manufactured spectacle of putting the most vulnerable on trial to justify their need for assistance.  How shameful that in a civilised country, in the 21st century, people are having to queue at foodbanks.  That the United Nations are calling Britain's sanctions policies inhumane.  Of course they are inhumane, they are resulting in actual deaths.  

Recovery.  We are evolving so quickly with technology etc, that the lives of future generations will be totally different to those of us over a certain age.  We went from school straight into jobs, secretary, hairdresser, builder, plumber.  Retail, a major employer.  Traditional jobs are disappearing fast.  Newspapers for example, the print industry is under major threat.  Nothing we can do, say the Conservatives, that's life, tighten our belts.  But they are Conservatives, they dislike change, they also dislike philanthropic ideas designed to make the lives of the plebs, easier/more comfortable.  Their philosophy is, make the blighters work for it!

The reality is, we have evolved, and are constantly evolving.  If we had the same spirit of adventure of the great Britains of the 1900s (I have the book), we would be investing in exploration, science and technology.  A more luxurious life for all, not just a few.  And, it is often the case, that being philanthropic, can also be profitable.  It is not necessary to screw or hold hostage to cash, those who need the products most.

We have more leisure time.  There are some among us who like to proclaim that their diaries are full and they don't have a free moment.  Actually, I would say the majority.  Maybe it's because we learn at a very young age never to volunteer our free time, you never know what kind of situation it will get you into.  Instead of celebrating this free time by dossing on the couch binge watching 'The Crown'  and eating Ferrero Rocher (I only buy them in months that end in 'er'), we feel we should justify those lost hours by proclaiming we got a good job done, as in 100 sit ups, repainted the bathroom, served a meal with 15 vegetables, scrubbed the doorstep.  Leisure time is an industry that has not yet been tapped, mostly because we still feel guilty about it.  But in saying that, I should specify, it could be just be me and my accursed catholic upbringing.

So we don't have many of the traditional working class jobs anymore.  A good thing because they were mostly boring repetitive and soul destroying.  This is where we need an imaginative government who can create the jobs for the future.  A government who will invest in education, science, technology, the Arts - what good is woodwork is 2019?  How about 'Green' issues, ways in which to save the planet?

Reform.  Everything needs updating.  From building facilities that keep up with the demands of the population, to fine tuning existing public services and ensuring they have enough staff to cope with the growing needs of every school, hospital and public service.  People are ready, willing and able to fill these desperately needed posts, it is shameful that the tories are unwilling to pay for them. 

The 'need' is there, and it is growing.  We are living longer, those of us who should have popped our clogs are still here.  The care industry must grow in order to keep up with the increase of those in need.  Employing more people by the way, doesn't lead to a drain on our resources.  It means more people have an income and spending power and are thus able to boost other industries, luxury goods for example.  That is the gift of the New Deal, it has a knock on effect.  If you spend on the youth of today (I'm hoping all kids will get free meals), you will reap the rewards in the future.  In the sense that they will be healthier, happier and fully enlightened. 

 And here is what should be deal breaker, especially for those of us who grew up in our allotted place in society.  Working class kids are indoctrinated to accept mediocrity, they are not taught to aspire to greatness, that is the domain of the public schools, like Eton.  They are educated to be leaders, regular kids are educated to accept their menial roles in life.  We may not have an overt class system, but it is still alive and well.  

The thing about Jeremy Corbyn's New Deal, is that we finally have a government ready, willing and able to make life better for everyone, even potential millionaires who have had few opportunities during all these years of austerity.  The England of Harold Wilson saw the rise of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, working class heroes and rebels.  John Lennon especially, who had the audacity to talk about Peace as if it were a good thing.  'Imagine' is the most subversive song ever written!

Jeremy Corbyn is a man of peace.  I am sure John Lennon would have heartily approved.  A Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn would take us onto the next 'huge leap' for mankind, the choice of the majority to make things better.  Young people get it, it's their future, they like the freedom to travel, the friendship and camaraderie of their European friends and neighbours.  Where Johnson is a blubbering heap of upper class noises when dealing with our friends and allies, Jeremy Corbyn is crystal clear and erudite, he offers the hand of friendship and reasonable statesman like talks.  Johnson is incapable of agreeing anything acceptable to the vast majority of British voters including Northern Ireland who he is about to ditch, with the European negotiators.  First hurdle, he can't be trusted.  And that should be reason enough not to vote for him.  

There is nothing confusing, duplicitous or unclear about Labour's intentions.  They are offering the country another chance to vote on leaving Europe now they are fully aware of what it entails.  And they are the only party to offer this.  The Conservatives, Johnson, if he will wins the General Election will take the UK out of the European Union of January 31st.  That's it.  The Defcon 1 situation where the military guard vital resources and the body bags come out.

Jeremy Corbyn wants, first and foremost, Defcon 1, No Deal, off the table, basically because it is insane.  He wants to take the referendum back to the people - the only logical thing to do where parliament have failed to reach an agreement.  People can and do change their minds, especially when new information comes to light.  Not only is JC offering hope for the future, he is also offering everyone another chance to vote on the most important issue of our lives, this time around with all the information in front of us.



    Let me correct that for you Ros:


    You are too fixated on Corbyn as an individual. In the UK we vote for a Party - not a leader.

    1. But we also elect a PM not just their party.Often, the individual that is the party leader is crucial in the processing of decisions that the voters go through.Their character, attitude and mentality can sell their party line or sink it.


  2. Thank you for putting me right, lol.

    Yes I know we vote for a party, but this particular GE, like it or not, is very much about the character and personalities of the parties' leaders. Jeremy Corbyn who has always been on the right side of history, and Boris Johnson with a history of racism, lies and duplicity. It's the thriller in Manila, the rumble in the jungle, two heavyweights facing each other in the ring.

    There are many good Labour politicians who support the ending of austerity and mass investment in our infrastructure and public services, but there remain a few snakes (Blairites) who have moved from the middle to the right. Politicians like Jess Philips, who would happily stab Jeremy Corbyn in the front and pal up with Jacob Rees-Mogg.

    But that criticism was especially pedantic and doesn't address any of the issues I raised. Are you against Jeremy Corbyn's New Deal or for it? I couldn't tell.

    1. I am Anonymous1 December 2019 at 11:04.

      I have voted Labour for longer than you have Ros and I find it very disappointing that you are so fixated on Corbyn rather than what the Party represents.

    2. I wouldn't say it's disappointing that Ros is 'fixated' as you put it.After all, Corbyn embodies the values he and his part espouse.He's an appropriate focaliser in the drama that is the UK now. In the same way, we can fixate on Johnson's arrogant, ignorant, vicious and elitist values that he and his party espouse.


    3. Thank you Zig. I sincerely hope personalities are the focus of this election, because Labour has a genuine good guy and the Conservatives have such a terrible one. Johnson just cannot be trusted, and I think every Labour supporter should stress just that at every opportunity!

  3. Hello Ros! It's me Jo, I don't know if you remember me from the old boards! I look back now, and think, how the hell could I have been so STUPID as to waste so many days, weeks, months etc., allowing myself to be abused and bullied - what an idiot lol!
    I love reading your posts, and I agree with everything you say! How ANYONE with any compassion or caring for their fellow man, can vote for that despicable party is beyond me!
    I do hope all is well with you?
    It has been a bugga of a year for me. My son died suddenly on 9th January, he was 41 years old, what a shock that was!
    It would be lovely to hear from you and catch up on all your news!
    My email is
    Maybe I shouldn't post that here, but if I get unwanted emails, I'll just delete them, it would be so good to hear from you!
    Much love to you and yours xxxx

    1. Hi Jo, yes of course I remember you, and the many hours, days, weeks, years lol, that we all spent on the AOL boards. First the Europe Board then Pennystocks if I remember rightly. I am not sure I look back on it as a huge waste of time. For me, and I am sure all of us, it was a huge learning curve, it certainly opened my eyes up to the darker side of human nature.

      I think of it as a strange, surreal time, a sort of group addiction, as bad as the rows got, we just couldn't resist them. Tis true I got a buzz from it and I also got a kick out of enlightening those on the far right. But putting the nasty weird behaviour of some aside for one moment, there were multiple times I found myself laughing out loud at some of the great 'wits' on there. The young mum with twin boys is one who comes to mind, and of course Sherrybabe (?).

      There was also a huge sense of friendship, in that you could log onto the board at any time day or night and there would be someone to chat to, or argue with. And of course occasions where each side would lay down their 'arms' and differences to mourn or come together for our terrific, masked balls. They were an absolute hoot, I am a great fan of bitchy humour, and on those nights, we all released our inner bitches ha ha. We had a few men too as I remember, but they were usually trampled underfoot on our 'ball' nights, as we fought over our cyber topless waiters! On the regrets front, I tend to look on anything that amused me or kept me occupied, as a good thing. I once told a psychiatrist about my addiction to the chat rooms, but he literally laughed and said that is a good thing. In the deepest depressions we have no interest in anything. He also told me to think of it as being this century's equivalent of chatting over the garden fence - we are human, it's what we do.

      I hear you Jo, who on earth is voting for this greedy, self serving, privileged elite, and why? Maybe Sallysons, lol. I helped with the campaigning at the last election, but it was soul destroying. Handing out Labour leaflets, the number of ordinary people and even disabled people, cussing Jeremy Corbyn was frightening. Basically, those being tormented by ATOS will vote for more of the same because JC is 'anti-Semitic. Goebbels would be proud that this massive lie has spread so far and wide. The tories, with the aid of the BBC have smeared the working class saviour as a danger to their futures and an anti-Semite. How do they get away with these lies? They just keep repeating them.

    2. Oh Jo, I am so, so sorry to hear about your son's passing, my heart literally goes out to you, so too a shoulder to lean on. I will email you and send you my number, hopefully we can speak very soon. Going back to the old AOL boards, I smile at the memory of the friends we made and the laughs we had. As a single mum and a loner in so many ways, I was grateful for the company of those who were similarly addicted. I used to spend untold hours chatting to my old lifelong pal, Big Lynn, on the phone, and when she passed, there was a huge void. I no longer had anyone to confide in, now it has turned into a blog, lol. When you write, you always have someone to talk to.

      I shouldn't worry about the email thing, I have always laughed off the 'danger' or 'threat' of trolls. But do you know what, as controversial, and oft hated, as I have been online, I have never received anything I would consider frightening or disgusting. I am hoping it is because I come across as a 'ladeeee', and they can find a million other ways to insult me, ha ha. I was once told off by the head of the Secretarial college, I had been reported for being mean to one of her students. My plea that most of them towered over me and I only asked them to read a newspaper, was rebuffed with the claim that I was a 'formidable woman' who frightened the bejesus out of them. Ok, she didn't say bejesus, but she definitely said 'formidable woman'. I actually came away feeling elated! I finally reached the goal I aspired to - I was Margaret Rutherford! ha ha.

      I jest of course Jo, though the stories are quite true. I'd be Margaret Rutherford, if she had a platinum beehive and killer false eyelashes! To be fair, I am heading more in the direction of Barbara Cartland, though I don't have the luxury of a chaise longue, a secretary and a half naked male masseur feeding me grapes. Actually, I made up the last bit, but the former is correct - that secretary was a good friend of mine.

      So lovely to hear from you Jo, but such sorrow you are going through. Do know that I am your friend always, and your grief is my grief. My kindest wishes to you, and I will now write down your email - seeing through my false eyelashes is somewhat of an impediment, ha ha, but I will speak to you anon. Much love to you and yours too Jo xxx