Saturday 18 January 2020


Thank you for your interesting question 21:25 and apologies for my delay in replying. I fear I have completely given myself over to hedonism, the trauma of the GE results has tipped me over the edge.  I simply cannot watch, think about or talk about anything that makes me sad.  I only survived the BBC's Christmas Carol because I knew it had a happy ending.  Bambi, obviously, was a no go.  

My consolation as I go into freefall, is that I will look fabulous.  Should I survive any knocks on the noggin as I bounce down a cliff, my first question will be, 'did the eyelashes hold up?'.  I have turned, or am turning, into Barbara Cartland, but I have a much nicer nature, I hasten to add.  Not her flouncy, bouncy, pink fairy on top of a tree look, but more, the number of cosmetics she put on her face, inc. eyelashes.  Ok, that sounds a bit clownish, how about Danny La Rue? ha ha.

But I digress, I am feeling a tad whimsical today, mostly because I had my hair cut, and I am tickled pink with the result, factually speaking that should be tickled blue, due to my overuse of purple shampoo, ha ha, oh God, Mrs Slocombe!  Oldies will know who she is ;)

But back to your question.  Where would I put myself on a scale of liking/ supporting, the Royal Family., Don't care.....10. Hate.  Oooh, I think there should be another option, but for the moment I can't think of one.

For a large chunk of my adult life I described myself as a Marxist, more recently a democrat, ergo, anti monarchy, but only a little bit.  The answer should be around a '6'.  But due to my love of history carried through the monarchy, more of which shortly, but also because they were the chief fodder of the tabloids, the Sundays, especially.  In those days, there were 'A' and maybe 'B' list stars and very little else - the public needed something to discuss over the garden fence.  I had a fascination, obsession even with the Royal Family when Diana came along.  I didn't hate her, who could?  She was a nice lady, and she always seemed kind of vulnerable.  I loved, her fashions, her hairstyles, the jewels!  Yes, I was a shallow Daily Mail reader.

I kind of cringe at my old anti monarchy arguments, because when arguing between my selves (I have multiple personalities) in my head, not out loud, err, I don't think, one of the better ones, defends our duty to preserve history for future generations.  The history of Britain for example, is defined by the names of the monarchs who ruled at that time.  Elizabethan, Victorian, Georgian.  Their lineage defines the culture, politics and big events of their times.  Set against that, the old anti monarchy me would say, most other countries, have evolved with the 'times', and their own privileged, entitled few, have stepped down from their lofty pedestals.  Mostly of their own volition, and I am hoping my European readers will confirm or put right.  As I said in my last blog, being part of rigid family seeped in age old traditions, could feel like a prison.  

There is probably some kind of rebellion going on within the Royal Family, beyond that 'Jezebel' Meghan.  The old Queen, throughout her rein, has opposed any changes to the whole royal ethos.  Look at her stubbornness when Diana died.  Ok, I too thought it a little gross to intrude on a grieving family, but they were on the brink of losing the 'love' of the people.   I suspect that she will never accept that those with royal blood are just the same as everyone else.  Her long rule has kept the House of Windsor static, stifling for Harry and Meghan, change is long overdue.  I think William and Harry are fully aware of that, ergo, their hands on involvement in their Charities.  I suspect the crisis at the palace lies more with old versus new.  Will the Windsors, like their cousins in Europe, evolve into 'normal' people?

I don't love the Royal family, but nor do I hate them, though I should perhaps add I have a very intense dislike for Andrew and a strong dislike for Anne and Edward because they are both such complete oiks.  Prince Phillip, I fear, is doing bit parts in 'The Walking Dead'.  The Queen, I must confess, won my admiration when she went to visit the youngsters in hospital following the bombing in Manchester.  I suppose up until then, I had never seen the good she has done and the difference her presence has made.  I kind of live by the philosophy of 'whatever gets you through the night' (good song title ;)).  For some people that is religion, cheering the Queen, do gooding, or taking drugs and/or drinking to excess.  If the spirit is willing, but the body can't handle it, the first 3 are the best options, but I would also add the application of false eyelashes (I compare it to open heart surgery), as in, no-one would interrupt me with 'the saucepan's on fire, if I was taking a scalpel to an aorta! Actually, any OCD will do, I am presently trying to develop one for learning Spanish but I am stuck on page one because I can't say 'Hola'.  Even the machine is getting fed up with my pathetic attempts, I feel it is mocking me every time it presses the offkey wrong sound.  If it were a physical presence, I would punch it in the eye, as almost happened with a one off guitar lesson, turns out I can't play the guitar, nor sing, but that's another story.

On the whole I would say I am indifferent, to the Windsors, not tutors.  I have no desire to see them, not even Andrew, guillotined in Parliament Square.  Nor would I like to see harsh rules imposed on them by the government, nor any stripping of titles, withdrawal of funds or exiling.  Admittedly, that is a bit of a head in the sand approach, especially if you ask is it right for one, extended, family, to be kept in such luxury and privilege?  But opposed to that, you have the pomp, ceremony and tradition that captivates the entire globe, myself included.  Rightly or wrongly, the nation feels included in those celebrations, no other country has a monarchy quite like ours.  I also, unashamedly, love the pictures of William and Kate's little ones, they are adorable and Kate and Meghan too, are so effortlessly beautiful and stylish.  The vulgar Trumps do not even compare.  I can't see anyone queuing up to see Donald's gold toilet.  Or maybe not, it could have a good future as a booby prize on a Reality TV show.   

I'm afraid 21:25, I hover around the middle, I can see the absurdity of elevating one family above all others, but I can also see that the pomp and tradition of the House of Windsor contributes to our economy, the tourist industry especially.  I am not sure any other person or family would have that draw.  And any argument that a democratically elected leader is better than a Monarch is negated by one word.  Trump.  Ok, he's not actually a monarch, but he thinks he is, and indeed he is treated as if he is.  The founders of the USA obviously didn't consider a lunatic of the raving kind, taking office as the President.  

Returning to our duty to preserve history, as an amateur historian and lover of sparkly things, whilst it is true that history is his-story, it is also the history of the monarchs and upper classes, the elite and public school men.  They were the only ones who could read and write.  And indeed, they were the only ones who could afford to invest in architecture and the Arts and luxuries like diamonds, and, as a bit of trivia, Princess Margaret swooned when saw the size of Liz Taylor's.  The Rich, men especially, erected monuments to themselves, huge sprawling mansions, paintings commissioned by the best artists of their day.  This was their legacy, think Louis XIV and Versailles, the mortal King wanted to build something to be remembered by.  For him it worked, not so much for Ozymandias.  I suppose for billionaires, it is not enough to recline on a golden chaise longue with a lacky peeling your grapes, you want everyone else to know how rich you are.  Kings and Queens have done it, well forever, the wealthier you are the more powerful you are.  Henry VIII and Francis I displayed all their baubles at the Field of the Cloth of Gold.  These days, most men just get a bigger car.

I am not sure what the moral argument is with greedily acquiring more wealth than you could spend in a lifetime, or two.  I mean I am all for a bit of a pampering, but all day, every day?  Fortunately, the old aristocracy didn't have available to them flashy cars, aeroplanes, futuristic mansions with infinity pools or maybe even roulette tables and hookers.  Ok, scrub the last two.  But their big money went into lasting monuments, thus capturing the arts and culture of the time.  All these works of art, including the fabulous jewels, the crowns, the tiaras, the necklaces, the incredible Faberge eggs, still bring feelings of awe and admiration in those who gaze upon them.  Would all these creations exist, if no-one could afford them?

I think, my friend, there are too many answers to your question.  In a nutshell, I think this lot, both Princes and their wives, are a lot better than the last lot.  More aware, and more in touch with the feelings of the public.   They have the potential to do much good, and I get the impression both young couples really want to. 


  1. Here is the Queen's statement in full:

    "Following many months of conversations and more recent discussions, I am pleased that together we have found a constructive and supportive way forward for my grandson and his family.

    "Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved members of my family.

    "I recognise the challenges they have experienced as a result of intense scrutiny over the last two years and support their wish for a more independent life.

    "I want to thank them for all their dedicated work across this country, the Commonwealth and beyond, and am particularly proud of how Meghan has so quickly become one of the family.

    "It is my whole family's hope that today's agreement allows them to start building a happy and peaceful new life."
    Here is Buckingham Palace's statement in full:

    "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are grateful to Her Majesty and the Royal Family for their ongoing support as they embark on the next chapter of their lives.

    "As agreed in this new arrangement, they understand that they are required to step back from royal duties, including official military appointments. They will no longer receive public funds for royal duties.

    "With The Queen's blessing, the Sussexes will continue to maintain their private patronages and associations. While they can no longer formally represent The Queen, the Sussexes have made clear that everything they do will continue to uphold the values of Her Majesty.

    "The Sussexes will not use their HRH titles as they are no longer working members of the Royal Family.

    "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have shared their wish to repay Sovereign Grant expenditure for the refurbishment of Frogmore Cottage, which will remain their UK family home.

    "Buckingham Palace does not comment on the details of security arrangements. There are well established independent processes to determine the need for publicly-funded security.

    "This new model will take effect in the spring of 2020."

    1. I wonder if the queen will EVER write a speech herself and share it instead of having a team and just signing it..if she was closed up any tighter she'd snap. But she must have her reasons for hiding every single aspect of her character and personality.Maybe it's best kept that way.

    2. You may well be right 03:02, she is kind of the opposite of warm and endearing. I watched an interview last week with the marvellous Miriam Margoyles who told an hilarious story about the Queen telling her to 'be quiet'. The divine MM of course, has the character to go where angels fear to tread, and she made her point whilst maintaining her own popularity.

  2. "Meghan faces court showdown with barrister who got Cambridge first in theoretical physics"

    'Last autumn she announced her intention to sue the Mail on Sunday over its publication of excerpts of a letter she had sent her father Thomas Markle, accusing him of breaking her heart “into a million pieces”.

    The Duchess claims this was in breach of copyright and an intrusion into her privacy.

    But Adrian Speck, the 51-year-old QC appointed with Antony White QC to represent the paper in its defence against the Duchess, is unlikely to find himself star struck or overly impressed by either her royal status or her breezy Hollywood charm.

    Indeed the comprehensive school educated barrister is expected to subject her claim that publishing the letter was a breach of copyright to meticulous, forensic scrutiny while Mr White will turn his legal brain to her claim the newspaper intruded on her privacy.

    Meghan has already had a taste of what might be in store for her should the case reach the High Court without being settled beforehand.

    The Mail on Sunday’s defence document lodged with the High Court last week mercilessly exposes the Duchess and her father Thomas’s deteriorating relationship while at the same time accusing the Duchess of allegedly being - in part at least - an architect of her own breach of privacy.

    It suggests that when she wrote the letter to her father, she was aware it would likely end up in the public domain.

    Furthermore, in what made for uncomfortable reading, the 44-page defence submitted by Associated Newspapers, the owners of the Mail on Sunday, contains details of text messages and phone calls between the Duke and Duchess and Mr Markle both in the run-up to and in the aftermath of their wedding on May 19th 2018.

    The document, drafted by Mr White QC, of Matrix Chambers, and Mr Speck QC, of 8 New Square Chambers, is the sort of combative defence which suggests that their line of questioning will be far from the sort of deferential exchange to which the Duchess may have grown accustomed, both as a Hollywood celebrity and, since her marriage to Prince Harry, a senior member of the royal family.

    It points out that the Royal family are public figures supported “largely by public funds” and that, by way of example, the security bill for their Windsor Castle wedding cost the taxpayer £30million.

    In addition it claims the Duchess, 38, enjoys the lifestyle of someone with “extreme wealth or elite connections” flying to Ibiza, again by example, on a private jet.'

    1. I am truly sad to see all the awful stories about Meghan and Harry, it feels like spite and then some. I admit in the Diana days I was among those who bought and read all the salacious Diana (and Fergie)stories, unaware of the hurt those stories caused. There is a bitterness about Harry, which is perfectly understandable, what were we to expect from that little boy walking behind the coffin of his mother. All new dads are fiercely protective, Harry has more reason to be.

    2. I believe that bitterness is evident too.he lacks the natual robotic skills of his brother. he has feelings.Maybe he's realised the crock that is Diana's final years.She warned that she was goinf to be 'gotten rid of' and even mentioned the method.She even hinted at a motive( Charle's other woman). And Harry has seen for himself that his mother way well have been suffering psychologically but her ramblings were right on the button.But Roal protocol and cold blood maintains that it must remain hidden.In the dark forces the queen warned Paul Burrel about before he crossed the pond to get rich.

  3. Yes Ros - I use to be undecided - now I am not so sure!

  4. Option 4 : Indifferent.


    1. Yes, hmm, I've noticed, you are showing little interest in eyelashes too, what can I do to win you back? I am toying with the idea of the Trump trials - beginning tomorrow. I will be glued to them. This is history in the making, a unique moment in time, where scholars and students will look back and ask, is that when everything changed? is that when the revolution/ war began?

      These are very scary times, that we should remember and pass on to our children and grandchildren. History always repeats itself, and it sends warnings to the future. We remember things like the last time a batshit despot tried to take over the world and our peers, of that time, probably felt as we do now, that their 'Hitler' would never go as far as he did.

      What really saddens me Zig, is that we live in such an apathetic world. A world in which only a small percentage of the population have any knowledge of history, politics, art, culture let alone the sciences. Maybe as much as half the population live in 'blissful' ignorance. My generation were not taught anything political, probably because it was catholic and intrinsically right wing. Major social changes were the result of philanthropic factory owners, rather than the unions who stood together and forced those changes.

      Sadly, working class children are educated pretty much as they always were, just enough to be productive, law abiding citizens content to blend into the workforce and sustain society as we know it. That's the difference between private schools and the local comp. Those kids who go to private schools are encouraged to aim for the top. Their talents are identified and nurtured, their confidence built. Comprehensive schools mostly turn out the blue colour workers, those happy to take on the manual jobs the private school kids would sneer at.

      The ideology may have changed over the decades, in that it is doubtful government policy dictates working class girls should just be educated enough to go into service. The aristos just couldn't get the staff at the time. By change, I mean I am sure working class kids are now encouraged to be the best they can be, but they can't be honed, groomed or moulded with over 30 kids to a class. The best hope for all those little maestros out there is teaching and mentoring within the home.

    2. It's a frightening time.I know it's supposed to be.Project fear's been well established for almost 20 years.We now have to fear everything. Terror, viruses, war, economic collapse.Now we have a psychopath in the Whitehouse.Ok not the first, but the first with no locus of control. I'm not sure how they'll fix this for him to walk free. He said early in his tenure that he could do what he liked and be OK.He's like a suited and booted Savil.

      This lateset assassination is evidence of his arrogance and madness.He had threatened it to the leader of Iraq.he had threatened Iraq 'pay up or face the consequences' regarding America's 'rebuilding in Iraq'.The leader stepped down.The day of the assination, the target was going to meet him.Thats mafia style warning.The so- called retaliation that brought a Ukraine plane down came from a base run by US troops. This is all US and Israel Vrs Islam.Exavtly at the time that the impeachment hearings were due, and the announcement that Netanyahu would be going to ICC to finally face charges of war crimes ( he said such claims were anti semitic obviously).

      I've said what you say for years; apathy is like an illness.It's a contagion.The world wide web has dropped it's goassamer net gently over the population and sent them to sleep.Everything is 'AI' now.Don't work, don't speak, don't walk, don't talk, don't walk, just type and read.Just pretend you're with people and part of a cloud or crowd.That's Atificial Existence not Intelligence. Limit your vocabulary, limit your messages, limit the need for thinking.Ask alexa or siri...But don't go out. If you want to make change get online and be a snowflake. Or join the mind numbing 'mee too'club, or the even more dim 'woke' crew.Just don't make real waves.Stick to virtual. Don't care-just accept...Orwell wrote the script; this is us in the dress rehearsal...

      It's revolution or surrender.No grey area now.Do you want to stand up and fight or lay down and be - as the song says' ''another man's foot stool''.....

      Zig :)

      PS..the lashes still do it for does the hair and...

    3. Aaah, my lashes obsession shows no sign of abating lol and I am being urged by my friends to start a 'vlog'. I don't hate the idea, but still very much at the hmmm stage. Whilst I can keep a dialogue going on in my head ad infinitum, I'm not sure I can say it out to a camera - a camera being an inanimate object. It would of course be the ideal thing to do for a lifelong chatterbox, but as regular readers will know, I have a penchant for wandering off onto other (totally unconnected) subjects.

      But forgive me, I am speaking out loud, and perhaps seeking advice and/or encouragement. I had rather given up on my hopes and ambitions this past year or so, cast myself as the bedraggled old cat who had had my days in the sun. My driving force was gone, so too my hopes for the future - lying on a sunbed in Jamaica having my toenails painted by a guitar strumming (I'm very fond of Regae) Rastafarian. Ever fickle, I might replace him in the evening with John McDonnell, a couple of armchairs by a fireside and some good brandy. JM I think, would have many enlightening and entertaining stories to tell, plus I think I see a little twinkle in his eye.

      But I digress, perhaps, a good title perhaps for any proposed 'vlog', lol. I am daily in awe at the wonders of the internet, like myself Zig, you remember having to trudge back and forth to a library to find answers to all our questions. Now, they are available in an instant, how cool is that! I remember wanting a copy of the Tudor Family tree and having to go the gift shop at the Tower of London to get one! Little things, like 'what are the words to 'The Red Flag'? Ha ha, my boss at the time very kindly found them for me and printed them out - and he a tory!

      But I am waffling. On the politics front, I am pretty much resigned to that fabulous line from 'Dangerous Liaisons', 'it's beyond my control'. I use it to comfort and reassure myself, in fact it plays a major part in keeping control of my sanity.

      I know you a bit of an old fogey on the word wide web front (it was better in my day!), but I'm not sure I agree. Yes it is limiting physical interaction, I will give you that, but it also provides access to millions who might not have a family and social support system around them. When I first went online, back in 1999/2000, the birth of 'Cristobell', I was lonely. I was a single mum with no-one to talk to in the evenings. More specifically, no-one wanted to talk about the kind of things I wanted to talk about. My first venture onto social media was a 'book club' chatroom. Bizarre, because they very rarely, if ever, talked about books, ha ha.

      continues, gawd 'elp you...

    4. I have no appetite for British politics whatsoever Zig, I feel we are entering into a very dark era with the Blairites back in control. None of them inspire, none of them appeal to me, and I can't forgive any of them for stabbing JC in the back.

      American politics are a different kettle of fish, so too their news reporting. It's like comparing 'Dallas' to 'Coronation Street', way more dazzling. I am glued to the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, my study of 'evil' has taken a huge leap, we are seeing evil personified, and more, being justified by men and women who are brazen enough to state under oath that black is white, rather than acknowledge their leader is a sociopathic maniac.

      I feel a tad overwhelmed by the evil that is encompassing us, here in the UK, but most demonstrably in the USA. For me, watching US politics, is a form of escapism, I freely admit it, as someone who battles crippling manic depression on a daily basis, I am always searching for escapism. And the words 'beyond my control' are all the more reassuring because I know for sure there is nothing I can do about it.

      Apologies Zig, I have wandered off, a good thing on my part because you have got me writing again, something I have been avoiding.

  5. ''I can also see that the pomp and tradition of the House of Windsor contributes to our economy, the tourist industry especially. I am not sure any other person or family would have that draw. And any argument that a democratically elected leader is better than a Monarch is negated by one word. Trump. ''

    Hampton Court's a good draw.And there's as much chance of seeing Henry the VIII as the Queen. So, do we doff our caps to the Tudors and Elizabethans as well ? Henry and Elizabeth are long gone and costing us nothing but the buildings are still there.Half the reason we created governments was as a buffer for tyrannical royals anyway. Governments could take the flak rather than the royals being dragged to execution.

    Is Trump as bad as Henry VIII ? Yes, he's worse. Henry VII was intelligent and built the first superpower for his daughter to finish after his death.He defeated the Catholic's iron grip.He had some odd relationship ideas though. Nobody's perfect.But, don't kid yourself that the choice is a bizarre family of inbred secret keepers who work hand in Glove with their banker cousins and a PM who is a maniacal despot like Trump. There's always a third option; a well adjusted PM with integrity and humanity who can pick a team of the same.One who could care for the destitute victims who were made victims by her majesty's government ( the monarch who didn't visit any of them in the streets as it wasn't dramatic enough to promote her as a human being).

    Royalty became rotten to it's core once we had King William Of Orange installed.Then when we had Charles I executed.I am C of E because it was given to me at birth.Nothing more.I find religion interesting to study as it's a really interesting history of bullshit and bullshitters.I view all major religions with the same opened eyes.I despise William of Orange's contribution for reasons other than theological.

    I don't know where Phil's been living for the last 5 years. I doubt the queen does either. I doubt she even cares.It was a marriage made by German bloodstock agents, not romance. I believe her and sister Maggie had design on other young men at the time.I mention no names( Profumo).

    Build them a palace in it's own grounds.Throw some chalets in and around it for the rest of the family and maybe a swimming pool and croquet pitch.Let them keep their billions and tell them to be careful and make it last.We wouldn't want to see them sleeping in Gregg's doorways across Hackney and Peckham.We can then use the money from tourism for the country not for them...

    I'm starting the Tooting popular front...


  6. Well howdie Wolfie, ha ha!

    Unfortunately, you have gone with the unfortunate option of reason and logic, I cannot beat you on the 'let's not lop of their argument', except to say, I really love the cute royal baby pics, the beauty and fashions of Kate and Meghan, the shiny gold carriages, the sparkly jewels - I was a regular visitor to the tower just for the joy of staring at the Crown jewels! Please don't take all that away from me :( Next you will be saying, superstars shouldn't get dolled up for the Oscars, that they should donate their designer gowns to the homeless and wear bin bags. You are a monster!

    Is Trump as bad as Henry VIII? As you right point out, Henry was far more intelligent, he could speak and write in several different languages and had been schooled in every aspect of his kingdom from birth. He also had the capability to love, something Trump doesn't have. Henry was truly smitten with Anne Boleyn as can be seen from the letters he sent her, there is a tenderness in his correspondence that would be alien to Trump. Unfortunately, as with many men, the passion wore off, so was it love or the thrill of the chase?

    Regarding the economics and tourism, I was thinking at the time of the number of foreign tourists who come to the UK for the big events - the marriages, the funerals. Perhaps there is a surge of tourism at those times.

    1. I wouldn't worry about the jewels.They'll always be there.So will the important costumes and dresses from events.We don't need them to be in them.And as for the idols of Hollywood, they too will always look increasingly tacky( or 'gorgeous' as the rabble call it).We live in the age of 'strike a pose' and 'take a selfie', The peacocks have taken over.I'm with Ricky Gervais on that was how to compare a charade..there was blood on the screen...

      Big Henry gets a lot of flak.OK he went a bit far with the executioner.But that colours people's opinion of him overall.He had Defender Of The faith bestowed upon him by the Pope for being a loyal and fine Catholic. It was Henry who took Martin Luther on over the reformation initially. And then there was his overt displays of piety.Unfortunately, that meant that tarting up all the important buildings ( churches and abbeys etc) to make them look grand and ornate was leaving us skint.The Sapnish and the French were beffing up their naval power and fancied it.So henry decided he needed to reclaim the land from the church as well as property to beef up our coffers and get some sailors on the payroll.And so began the building of the first superpower that would be completed later, after he was gone, by his daughter Liz 1. Throughout this, he was panicking as catherine Of SAragon had failed to produce an heir so he needed to get sorted out with Anne Boleyn. The Pope refused any special dispensation despite his title.And the Spanish Pope deliberately dragged it out over about 6 years with Wolsley.He lost his head in the end.Then Wolsley lost his...

      Trump is dull and well connected.He's painfully stupid.He's like Bush and Cameron's love child.How important is the entitlement you can be born into and a real education ? Look at the evidence.Bush Jr was said to have had his degree given to him and it was all fake, like his Daddy's embarrassingly fake military record.That's why he comes out with gems to the world's press such as : ''don't misunderestimate me'' and ''most of America's imports come from overseas now''.

      Cameron went to eaton, Oxford and was in the Bullyboy's Club.he studied Politics and History in Englands most exclusive, expensive seats of learning.Now you tell me this..if you studied history or politics at any decent level, would you understand what the Magna Carta is ?What it translated to ? What it's signicance is ? If you had a student at school over the age of 12 who didn't know these answers you'd give him a detention.Our ex PM who went to those wonderful exclusive seats of learning was stumped live on Letterman. Youtube it.That's the difference between education and being connected...

      Trump's an idiot.His rhetoric is always over the top.I'd bet money he's been stopped more than once from tweeting ''Yo- your momma''. Those who don't se ethings how he does are told directly or through the media that they will pay like nobody has paid before. His cronies weigh in with 'you don't know who you're messing with'' kinds of bullshit.This camp old queen is clueless and he's sat by the red button.I hope someone with balls wired it up to the national grid before he picks another name out of the hat to assassinate...

      Zig ( of The front) :)

    2. I'm impressed by your knowledge of Henry VIII Zig. I mean I know King 'enry was a bit of a tyrant, and lopped off the heads of his former spouses, Anne and Katherine Howard, but I still have a soft spot for him, especially as portrayed by Jonathon Rhys Myers, to whom I would happily sacrifice my head for a week partying in New Orleans in his company. To be fair my first choice for this crazy 'things to do before I die' list, is Jack Nicholson, who always looks like he is up to no good, he has the twinkle and a bit of the devil, ha ha.

      Henry is way ahead of Trump in my opinion, because Henry had the passion and desire to love a woman. Anne Boleyn had him dangling on a string for about 5 years (it was all about the chase), his letters to her, portray a lovestruck adolescent, not a King who could have 'taken' her whenever he wanted. For a woman, there is nothing more appealing, than seeing the desire in a man's eyes. Just to be clear, it is that moment a man turns into Antonio Banderos as Puss in Shrek, the doe eyed helpless little boy. it is the ultimate turn on, though I am still going to berate further down.

      Trump is more of a 'grab 'em' kind of guy, it is highly unlikely he has ever put a woman up on a pedestal. He is so misogynist, I wouldn't be surprised if he were closet gay. I learned, sadly, not until much later in life, that men can fit very easily into two types. Those who love women and those who do not. Those who luuuuve women are easy to spot. Their eyes open wide, and their pupils enlarge, like a puppy dog who wants to go walkies and chase rabbits - avoid the ones who actually have their tongues hanging out, which can get messy. The 'smitten' look is easy to spot, and indeed exploit. Now is the time to ask for an exotic cocktails, beluga caviar, perfume and diamonds. Miss that moment in time, and you only have yourself to blame. If only I had known an Anastasia of Beverly Hills eyeshadow pallet could change my life, 30 years ago. Doh! I am sure I could have wangled it into the conversation ;)

      I'm delighted Zig that you too have noticed the 'campness' in Donald Trump, there is nothing wrong with campness, in fact I am a huge fan, but any 'normal' person looking at the freaky behaviour of Donald J. Trump, must ask the question 'what the f*** happened to you?'. Has he had to live a complete lie? He chooses women for their looks, not their characters, they have to look good on his arm. By comparison, Barack Obama, who is a man who loves women, freely kisses, embraces and elevates his wife as a partner and as an equal. Trump won't love Melania through thick and thin, in fact, he has a prenup, stating that's she's out if she gets fat.

      I think when history compares the two Zig, Trump will come off worse. He is such an almighty idiot that generations to come to wonder how the world took such an almighty swing towards capitalism, fascism and tyranny, the answer was probably in your Zig, apathy.

    3. Trump, is what we used to term once upon a time as 'affected'.In the days when we observed good manners and tact.Today's parlance, while being far more blunt and unbothered by tact, is possibly more accurate. He's a twat.
      I watch mainly nostalgia channels on TV these days. And sometimes i don't switch over in time to avoid the painfully schamaltzy 80s and 90s American situation comedies that tied so hard to be didactic but only ever came out as schmaltzy and sickly.Donald Trump was in loads.He had cameo after cameo.Why ? Because he was instantly recognizable as the embodiment of the American Dream. You see Trump you believe anything can be achieved.You see Trump you think Trump Towers.You think Modern day New York Midas.You look no further than the image; the surface.You just slap his back because he can by what he wants, when he wants and who he wants.You can gear the chant begin to build ( ''yoo ess ay ! yoo ess ay!).He was so famous for his wealth he could have his name dropped into any line or conversation and the point was understood.

      Post 2000 he apparently developed political aspirations.He used Barack Obama's 'dubious' birth certificate for the views and the 'likes' and to go viral.His foot was in the door.His insatiable ego needed bigger challenges now.he needed the ultimate in adulation and adoration. he used nothing but his celebrity status and took the rest by Googling all the complaints the electorate were voicing about the then POTUS. Nobody really took it seriously.It was Trump the archetypical material girl all grown up.A caricature.Queen bitch. He was like a parody of a politician. A one man satire.But, in the other corner was Hilary Clinton.Wife of former sleaze bag and pathological liar, Bill 'i did not have relations with that woman' Clinton.A woman who had more Americans on her assassination list than Muslims.America had finally confirmed what we suspected.It was a very big, very powerful, very dangerous, mental institution.And it's two most well known celebrity inmates were fighting out who got to lead it..

      The almost unthinkable came to pass.And since then, Trump has taken his ego to knew levels.The swagger has slowed down and the sneer is in.The 'go ahead Punk, make my day- I'm the president of America' sneer.The sneer that says he may well be stupid, or weird or even dangerous.But he has the power to use the biggest arsenal on whoever he chooses to and the rules don't apply to the friends of Israel..

      Also in is the camping.The hair has become multi - coloured; the lips like the online trout pout( stay away from twitter Donald) and the hand gestures like an effeminate magician trying to misdirect us.he's Liberace with position.Women are trinkets.Status symbols.They too are vacuous.But they have money, power and fame.Celebrity A list forever.Conquests are notches on the bed.They don't prove his heterosexuality or prowess, they hint at his needing to convince us.He has no soul; no spirit; no depth.Nothing.He's a trinket himself.Women see him as they walk with him and think mo more than 'yes Midas, you're a clown and i can smile on cue..especially at the bank'. They know how to lie down and think of America...

      I'm a firm believer in the power of priming.Through TV to the internet.The obsession with Britain ( or America) got talent is the same.It's about the pantomime judges but pretending to be about talented people.Each panel has a'bad guy' a la pantomime baddie.The show rests on his success at the role.The internet can be gauged for his popularity as a bad guy by the arguments and spats on twitter.The panto baddies rock their world.And these people will vote on X factor before their prospective next leader.How else would we have two caricature self parodying halfwits in charge of the US and UK alliance..

      Henry was a man. Well educated, cultured and an all rounder. He changed history.He loved women. He loved England.

      Zig :)

    4. Quite a few believe Trump was inspired to run for President after being roasted by Barack Obama and Seth Meyers at the Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner. They totally humiliated him and the cameras caught every moment of it. He was seething.

      I am not sure he even wanted or expected to win, he knew nothing about politics and world affairs, it's doubtful he could find Ukraine on a map, or indeed North Korea. On a visit to Pearl Harbour he had to ask the hosts 'what happened here'. He has had a life where everything was handed to him on a plate, yet at every turn he has fucked up. Trump Airline, Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump Universities, Trump Casinos. His properties worldwide are the not the success he would have us believe, many are just fronts for money laundering. His wealth is unproven, why won't he release his tax returns? Why did he use his charity funds to buy a portrait of himself? Is he broke?

      I think he probably is, and I think what we have seen revealed over this past 3 years is just the tip of the iceberg.

      continues as blog

    5. both.The house always wins ? Not when they're Trump's they don't.I recall the roast of Donald Trump.It was pre-hyped that year by Trump appearing o n all the 'trendy' Alt sites.The 'biggies' like Alex Jones , Jessie 'the body' Ventura , Joe Rogan.Obama went to Trump's roast to counter him. It was like the trash talk we have to sit through for months before two bums step into a ring and dance for half an hour until one falls over and the other wins a belt.But this wasn't boxing, it was two liars lying about rubbish in a popularity contest judged by millions of people even dimmer than them both.

      The night of Trumps roast, Obama was the draw.I can't- nor ever could- abide Obama.I found him fake, vicious and completely dishonest and arrogant.He was addicted to positive PR.But he had a slick team of writers.But it wasn't just a slick team of comedy writers that helped to put together the perfect illusion that was Obama, he had a PR machine that could perform miracles.

      Was Obama's birth certificate fake ? No idea.I suspect it was as i suspect most things in his 'history' are.Did the Americans kill Bin laden the night they claimed to- i doubt that even more.It doesn't stand up to scrutiny.The whole thing is a low budget action movie.Only a corpse could support their claim.Failing that-DNA. Failing that- a photograph . They produced none of the above.But They'd struck a deal with Afghanistan to 'divide the minerals and resources'( which were what exactly ?).So the official reason( we're looking for a man in a cave) had to be closed so they invented his death.That stands up to scrutiny.

      The big night.The night of Trump's roast.Obama's PR team had in mind the birth certificate debacle.They had in mind that the president who officially killed Bin laden would be an all time hero.Over to you Barrack....

      Joe Biden sat as the hired laughter.Any laughed emitted by the audience had to compete with Joe's as he rocked back and forth laughing like an escaped mental patient.Joe , half psychopath, half sycophant.A psychophant. Every quip cause him to convulse and become the leader of the choir...

      Meanwhile Barrack Obama, like most people in power or party members had his targets in the cross hairs. Those damned 'conspiracy theorists'.You know the ones.The ones not worthy of being dignified with answers and who are beneath contempt and unworthy of attention.The ones they spend millions on making documentaries and paying 'ex CIA operatives' to try and rebut those who dare to expose the bullshit.Trump knew that was the trendy ticket to the top too..So did Obama.

      As the navy seals we're making their comedy movie in Pakistan looking for the ghost of Bin laden and crashing one helicopter before tippy-toeing up his stairs, Obama's was in full flow mocking Trump and his ambitions to talk about fake moon landings, Roswell aliens,Biggie and Tupac''. The crowed roared.Obama self-mocked as the Lion King( nice play on words and reference to Africa) even having a silenced clip showing on screen..

      Obama later said he wanted to be there having fun but knew what was happening in Pakistan and how important it was 'for the world' ( gee thanks John Wayne).Photographs were all over the net not long after of Obama in sharp suit but loosened tie sat surrounded by his team all with funerial expressions looking off camera.We were ( later ) told they were watching a live screen of what was happening in Pakistan and knew the stakes.

      So the outgoing faker versus the incoming faker..they were each other's fall guy and each other's straight man.A double act that kidded us they weren't .The space between stage and audience sold it.

      The crowd had just proudly demonstrated the level of their, to go for the big one. Operation Whitehouse Towers. Oy vey....: )

      Lord Zig( of the front)

    6. Scary old recollection of history you have going there Zig. This 'monster obama' you have going on in your head bears no connection whatsoever with reality. Ffs, don't be taking on other people's madcap illusions, trust me, you have more than enough of your own.

      I was looking forward to a chat, but you are way too drunk for me - and I have just eaten Chicken noodles, crumpets and a peanut butter sandwich (great combo btw) and was on the point of singing. You are batshit crazy Zig, or you are winding me up big time with your support of Trump.

      I am afraid I am one of those academic elites when it comes to Trump, I despise his pandering to humanity's basest instincts. His appeal to those with a need to kick someone/anyone who can be classed as beneath them. This crazy claim to elitism on the basis of colour, class and ethnicity rather than talent, hard work and achievements. Trump wants to jiggle around the goalposts because he was a lardy arsed white boy who achieved nothing, but still thinks he should be advantaged.

      You are not endearing me to yourself one bit Zig, I am disgusted that you admire something so shallow. To be honest, you offend me on almost every level with your freaky views. On the plus side you have at least got me writing....

    7. I have read Zig's post three times and tried to understand your response, Rosalinda.I still can't.

      I don't see a single word of support for Trump in anything he is saying, I see the opposite.Perhaps you could explain how you see it as support and enlighten us all.

      Further, the recollection of Obama's carefully contrived performance as reported in the post are accurate and true.Obama really did talk about his reasons for being at the roast of Trump while the hunt for Obama was underway.he really did cite Trump's obsession with popular conspiracy theories. And he really was photographed in a staged picture looking smart but distraught as the capture of Bin laden was supposedly taking place.What's wrong with reporting that here ? It happened.

      Trump's annoying and at times childish obsession with Obama's birth certificate was online and on TV for all to see as well.It was all air time for him. It was like two kids fighting through TV.That really happened too. I remember it clearly.

      Obama was caught out lying regardless of anything to do with Trump.His lies about Guantanamo Bay were legendary. His lies and back tacking about the torturing of prisoners was too. His blatant manufacturing of crimes that Julian Assange had committed in order to stop him spreading truth is also a mark of his true character.And the observations of the complete lack of evidence of Bin Laden being captured are also accurate. Unless I'm wrong here, the crew who caught Bin Laden were all dead soon after, apart from one who had been allowed to supposedly write the book about it in a pen name.To point these things out is to expose the reality of Obama ,not to praise Trump, good bad or insane.They're separate cases. All Zig did within a good post was expose them both.Your reaction is bizarre. Did you read the post sober ? Or just put your head down and go for it.No thought needed.

      Don't kid yourself that Trump is the first despot to sit in power in America.He's just the worst at concealing it and the best at abusing it.Reagan wasn't intelligent or honest. neither were either Bush. Clinton we know a bout and Nixon too. To remind ourselves of these corrupt liars isn't to do so to deflect any criticism of Trump or try to use it as a comparison to throw him into a good light.It's clear that Zig didn't do that and i'd suggest you owe him an apology.Or is this just an 'anti' blog against Trump now.

    8. Concur @ 18 :40

    9. His Lordship:

      “Now we have a psychopath in the Whitehouse… He's like a suited and booted Savil… This lateset assassination is evidence of his arrogance and madness.”

      “Is Trump as bad as Henry VIII ? Yes, he's worse. Henry VII was intelligent and built the first superpower for his daughter to finish after his death… Glove with their banker cousins and a PM who is a maniacal despot like Trump.”

      “Trump, is what we used to term once upon a time as 'affected'.In the days when we observed good manners and tact.Today's parlance, while being far more blunt and unbothered by tact, is possibly more accurate. He's a twat.”

      Her Ladyship:

      “You are batshit crazy Zig, or you are winding me up big time with your support of Trump… I am afraid I am one of those academic elites when it comes to Trump”

      Zat’s a razzer loving exchange, doncha fink?


    10. Anonymous 27 January 2020 at 18:40 (Dr Zucker?)

      Concur. The other “Concur”^^ ain’t mine.

      T the No Sugar

    11. but will she reply

    12. Rosalinda Hutton26 January 2020 at 23:33

      ''You are not endearing me to yourself one bit Zig, I am disgusted that you admire something so shallow. To be honest, you offend me on almost every level with your freaky views''

      You don't understand the views so they're freaky.Why are they freaky in your world, Rosalinda ?

      ''You are batshit crazy Zig, or you are winding me up big time with your support of Trump.''

      Tell us all, Rosalinda, how did you come to the conclusion that Zig was supporting Trump after reading his endless lampooning and criticizing of him in no uncertain terms.Nobody else can see that.

    13. Zig shows up and breathes life into the blog every time.He makes interesting posts and informative ones and has a sense of humour.Nobody can deny that.It isn't about agreeing with everything he says, he'll debate with you. Ros's attitude is difficult to understand.She should be grateful for his contribution. Maybe there's something else she doesn't like but won't share with us.

  7. Monty Python’s Terry Jones cut a ‘Nazi Jew’ scene from the classic comedy ‘Life of Brian’
    (JTA) — Terry Jones, one of the core members of the Monty Python comedy troupe, died Tuesday night at 77. He had been suffering from dementia.

    1. On the recent passing of Terry Jones, my first memory was him as the mother telling the crowds 'he's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy'. a line that shellshocked me and had me doubled up laughing in the aisle when I first heard it so many years ago. He had a natural comic's face - that is the kind of face that can express all those little foibles that can hit our giggly spot. I am saddened to hear that he has passed, but he is another great talent who will be hooking up with all the fun ones in the next life.

  8. The Descendants of a Jewish Art Collector Are Suing the Stedelijk Museum Over a Kandinsky Work They Say Is Rightfully Theirs

    Beautiful painting. Magic. No wonder it’s wanted by the descendants of a Jewish art collector.

    Our good ‘NL’ might wish to rush to see it in flesh before it’s wooshed.

    1. As you say 09:30 (24 Jan), Bild mit Häusern is a beautiful painting.

      “No wonder it’s wanted by the descendants of a Jewish art collector.”

      But then it strikes me as somewhat odd that the applicant who is acting as Irma Klein’s heir didn’t declare any past emotional or other intense bond with the work.

      My understanding is that there isn’t an exclusive answer to the question whether there was a voluntary sale due to deteriorating financial circumstances in which Robert Lewenstein and Irma Klein found themselves (already prior to the German invasion) or an involuntary sale under duress from occupying Nazi forces. The events are not mutually exclusive.

      The following link might be of interest.

      I wonder what Kandinsky would say. Everything starts from a dot?

      Kind regards


    2. “Der ganze Alpdruck der materialistischen Anschauungen, welche aus dem Leben des Weltalls ein böses zweckloses Spiel gemacht haben, ist noch nicht vorbei.”
      Wassily Kandinsky, Über das Geistige in der Kunst, München, 1910

      Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment and the link, NL. I am aware of the public domain ins and outs of the claim.

      My initial comment was imperceptibly ironic with regard to the claimants. I concluded with parachesis to underline my friendly disposition towards your good self and others interested in Kandinsky.

      Perhaps in English Kandinsky would say Everything Starts from a Point (as in Point and Line to Plane)?

      Kind regards.

  9. Interesting points of view in your columns Rosalinda.
    But nobody seems to have mentioned that the crunch will come when the Queen dies.
    Charles and Camilla will have a hard act to follow. The Queen is trained to be apolitical except for an occasional virtue signalling of "climate change" inserted by her Christmas speech writers. This poor woman has had nothing to do but wave her hand at her subjects for the last 60 odd years.
    (Oh, I forgot, she drove an army tuck in World War 2).

    Charles on the other hand could upset the apple cart with his economic, architectural and political comments.
    But let the dice fall where they may. The "People" will sort it all out.
    I can't really see Watt Tyler's rebellion on the horizon - yet.

    On a totally different topic - The Harry Dunn case and the refusal of the USA to consider a British extradition warrant for the American lady involved is a tragedy in itself.

    Let it be said I could see this happening from day one.

    When the wife of a top electronics specialist and American spy such as Jonathon Sacoolas has an accident in a foreign country alarm bells ring at code red level in the American State Department.
    'You people want her back - this is too sensitive, think again, you are dealing with The United States of America, this woman will never return to the shores of your green and pleasant land. Period'.

    So there you have it. I guess there might be the option for the family suing for damages in a civil action but it would have to be in America and the Dunn family just don't have the millions needed to counter the State Department's deep pockets.

    The one last option is an Interpol red notice issued for Ms Sacoolas's arrest by any country with an agreement with Interpol.

    You would think the nature of the crime needs to be more serious - that being said there are many Interpol warrants out for minor crimes such as child abduction against parents (often the mother)for leaving - absconding a country with their own child. So maybe it could be done.

    When Julian Assange's turn comes maybe the UK government should do some hard thinking.

    Any lawyers on this blog know the right way to end this case.

    1. The Queen's apolitical position is history.She threw that illusion in the garbage when she 'broke protocol' years ago to visit Cameron at No 10 over the Xmas period for an unofficial visit.Yes, they're related.Big deal.But politically they're twins.She also made provision to have a personal visit with Boris Johnson days after his so called shock win in the election and again on the run up to Xmas.This time it was for her to see her Xmas speech and Ok it.Another illusion in the bin.Her speeches are written for her to read and the nation sit in front of the screens in awe of this 'hard working' monarch.

      As for Charles.The fortunate son.More skeletons then Highgate Cemetery.His treatment of Diana; his obscene phone call to Camilla ( tampongate); his ignorance of the plebs in favour of chatting all day to daffodils.Why do you think She won't abdicate and have that lunatic at the helm.His 'close friends' Janner and Savil don't promise much in the way of good PR either. People remember.

      As for the Harry Dunn case.The Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab's like something from Tom brown's School days 'expressing disappointment'.
      Remember Portugal ? Show up, show off, and tell people- not ASK people - what's happening.A crime WAS committed and we DO know who 'did it' this time. So what's the hold up.Mind you, Raab is what he is .This is the man who defended Blair after Blair had found fun in bombing Serbia and Kosovo. Yet prides himself as a human rights activist and hunter of war criminals.He's too good to be a saint this man.And too busy apparently.

      When Assange's case comes to the front the UK will do some shaking, not thinking.As will their American and Israeli bosses.His plight will throw them into the crossfire and into public view.Finally.


  10. Lovely to see you JC. I'm not sure anything will change with Prince Charles JC - he has had a lifetime of indoctrination, I doubt he will see the Royal role as anything different to his mother and father.

    Prince William however, could be a whole new kettle of fish and I think his approach will be entirely different. The royal family are very much set in the last century, they have created some sort of time bubble where life goes on much as it did in Queen Victoria's reign. The Queen has kept the Royal Family in that preserved era, she has no interest in being relevant to a 21st century society. William, I think will have very different views, it's too late for Charles.

    Actual crimes by western governments have, I'm afraid, become so prevalent, I really wouldn't know where to start. Ms Saccola is protected by the US, by Donald Trump, who always puts America first, for any watching audience. He will never hand over a US citizen to face justice. He has no moral compass, all he cares about is his polls. What would be best for him?

    It is a harsh reality to face JC, but sadly, it is as it is, sadly evil holds power, and evil is steering the world forward. The hardest thing in the world is to accept that justice will never be done, but in a case such as this, that is the most likely outcome. The only way this can change is if the American people vote for a sane, reasonable, morally upright President, and sadly there is no guarantee of that.