Saturday, 11 April 2020


Unfortunately, my blog attracts more than it's fair share of raving lunatics and conspiracy theorists.  It always has, for obvious reasons, but even after I had dropped the favourite topic, the weirdos, as I call them, have hung on.

Now they believe the coronavirus is a big hoax, a way in which to rush in draconian new laws that will infringe our personal liberties and lead us into a totalitarian Communist state.  The 'our' in this case is the United States and the United Kingdom, two countries presently ruled by fat cat billionaires who don't even pretend to want equality, the, err, binary opposite of communism  Whilst I agree we will probably lose many freedoms along the way, now is not the time to stir up rebellion, stopping the pandemic must take priority.  They assume that the majority of us are stupid and brainwashed because we are taking government guidelines seriously.  They mock that we applaud all the front line NHS workers, suggesting our next trick should be to roll over as if we were compliant dogs.

To be fair, I don't have any actual English blood in me, but as a child of the 60's I was raised to be proud of my British home.  Proud that we alone stood up to Hitler, proud that our predecessors stood side by side with their neighbours and fellow countrymen to fight the enemy on the beaches and the landing grounds, in the streets, fields and hills.  That's what we need right now.  The will, and clever organising people, to get the world back on track.

They are this century's equivalent of Lord Haw Haw, not Germany calling, but predatory sharks looking for a financial killing on the deaths of society's most vulnerable.  Both the sharks and the vultures are hovering.  The Western world looked on the coronavirus as a challenging new way to make billions.  Race you to the patents office, say the Kushners to the Trumps.  And in the UK, herd immunity - what a great new way to reduce the benefits bill?

Comparing the statistics for coronavirus in China, the Far East and Russia, it would appear that the communist countries have contained the Covid-19 far more effectively than the capitalist countries.  Meanwhile, Trump and all those minions propping him up, couldn't care less about the lives of American Citizens and here in the UK, our PM has just awoken from an up close and personal experience with the virus.  Hopefully this awakening will force him to do the right thing.

History has shown us that major catastrophes bring about major changes, WWI for example had a huge impact on class divisions - the aristocracy were dying alongside the coalminers in the trenches.  The aftermath of WWII saw the launch of the Welfare State and Homes for Heroes, a huge surge in care for the working classes.

At the moment we are in the middle of the pandemic and we don't know how bad it is going to get.   We need the spirit of Wartime, another Churchill (Jeremy would have achieved that), that feeling of all pulling together to fight a common enemy.  I despair of these malcontents and ingrates, who are so eaten up inside by whatever evil possesses them, that they will gripe and whine about those who are doing their best to help us.  Wtf is wrong them?  I cannot thank enough all those people who are ready to take care of us and those who are making sure we get food and medicines.  The doctors, the nurses, the paramedics, the delivery drivers, the shelf stackers, they are the heroes this time round.  If Churchill were alive, they would be the 'few'* we would be thanking.

These are miserable times and we are all scared, but what I find more scary is the way in which all our demeanours have changed.  Everyone is tense and grumpy.  Even I am supressing my inner urge to spread sweetness and light. I don't want to smile, I don't want to get into conversation, I'm suffocating from my black ninja mask because I tied knots in the ear elastic to shorten it, and now I can't get them out.  If I go blue and keel over, it will probably be the mask.

I am now getting bored.  I have watched The Tudors and Versailles hundreds of times over and have almost finished every episode of Project Runway.  If I had a genie in a bottle I would ask him to take me back to age 15 and get me into couture.  Having said that, I will now feel a bit of a phoney asking for 'No Regrets' in my funeral songs.  

Much as I don't want to go to the dark side, it's hard not to think of your own mortality at this time.  I've never feared death, because I, like William Blake, believe it is a door to another paradise, I also draw in a bit of Buddhism, because I believe if it was shit this time round, you come back as something better.  I'm torn between wanting to be an Egyptian Queen or a pampered cat, the couture loving me, would pick Cleopatra, but look how that ended?  Totally worth it for a night with Richard Burton (it was the voice!) btw, but a lifetime of tummy tickling and finest smoked salmon.....hmm.   In any event, I am very much in the plus side with the karma, it is my nature to be kind, it's why I sleep well.  

I suppose at a time like this it would be a good idea to have a proper God, a proper religion.  Perhaps I should just sum it up by saying 'faith', faith in something, anything.  I had a very unstable mother, so to be fair I have never really had faith in anything.  But I kind of envy people who do have faith, they are able to switch all their cares and woes to an unseen entity that is more powerful than them.  Sticking with power as the optimum word, I have never in my life been able to hand my power to anyone, certainly not to a mythological being that no-one has ever seen.  My stubbornness, as I may have mentioned, led to a very unhappy time in the convent.  To be honest, as a kid, having to attend church every fecking day, I would stare at the priests and nuns in all their medieval garb with gormless looks on their faces and their hands clasped.  Did they really believe I would ask myself, or were they were putting it on like great big phonies?  I always opted for the latter and the inevitable battering.

Now, I am more philosophical.  I understand that people have different needs, for some they live more contented lives by belonging to a community or congregation.  Some people like to hand over responsibility for their lives to a God or higher power, that is more bearable than taking responsibility for themselves.  I once read, many years ago, that the two biggest evils in the world were capitalism and religion.  I had not at that time gone into higher education, and thought it a bit harsh on religion.  I was a lapsed Catholic, but Catholicism one of the two greatest evils?  It puzzled me, I needed to know more.  I want to compress all I learned into one or two sentences, suffice to say, my God's bigger than your God.  Now the word 'herd' is politically correct, how about herd mentality?

But religion for many provides family values, community spirit, a sense of belonging, I can't knock it.  We have gone 2000 plus years and still haven't replaced the life and family guidelines set out in the Old Testament, except now we sacrifice immigrants rather than goats and livestock.  The biggest argument religious Christian zealots have is that we wouldn't know how to behave without the rules set down by their God.  That is, we would all be killing, stealing, disrespecting our parents and coveting our neighbours wives/partners, if the good Lord hadn't told us not to.  I can't say I have ever had inclination to murder, steal or covet, even without guidelines, and frankly find it a bit odd that people need to be told not to do that.

Now I have described myself as a lot of things.  First of all a Roman Catholic (no choice), then atheist - be gone you god botherers, anti-theist - anti God worshippers, agnostic - hmm, there might be something....  back to RC, there is something very comforting in lighting a candle and accompanying it with a prayer.  Besides, I've always thought of confessing all I can think of as I draw my last breath, just to hedge my bets.  

But mostly, I am agnostic.  That is I believe there is an afterlife of sorts.  During life we have people with whom we have connected, our souls have entwined, we love them more life itself.  And I think they are watching over us and I think we will meet again.  I should hasten to add, I do not believe in spiritualists, mediums or any other con artist who sets out to deceive people.  I think they are very cruel.

We don't need spiritualist and mediums, we can see our loved ones, in the faces of all their descendants, in one way or another.  They may have the same facial features, gestures, crooked smiles, sparkly eyes, those lost, live on.  Be it nature, or nurture, the genes are there and they carry on from generation to generation. 

Well that ended up very deep, but I have annoying habit of speaking out loud when I really shouldn't.  Regardless, my kindest wishes to all who still look in.  I vowed to carry on writing even if I had only one reader left, and maybe now I should step up to the plate for those who have kindly hung on.  Right now, I pray to all the Gods there may be (especially fond of the Greek ones) to take care of all us.  Please, please, be kind and thoughtful, and if you can, give a smile to the person who crosses the street to avoid you. For the narcissistic sociopaths out there, it's not personal.

*Never has so much been owed by so many to so few.


  1. Before your faithful post anything, i think it's important for you to lay out some ground rules explicitly.

    It's clear you spend too much time keeping track of American nonsense as you always reference it.Most of the Americans don't even buy it any more.
    The last 100 years has shown us one thing.The elite, rich, powerful and influential wheel turners are without conscience, moral compass or humanity.They are also shameless liars of long standing. So when we look over the litany of blatant lies that made them money and cost thousands / millions of lives i think to minimise those who question official lines as conspiracy theorists and lunatics as naive, short sighted and ill informed.It's amusing that those who think politicians who war sharp suits and have more money in their bank accounts than many small countries would never be part of a plan to fool the people over and over again.These same naive people will be the first to tell you ''oh i trust no politicians, they all's their job''. Yet if anyone calls them out or points out the many, many times they've been exposed- they call them the conspiracy theorists.

    So do you want people to express suspicions, ask relevant questions and point out the studies and statements of experts that counter the official line of the UK and US ? Or just automatons who nod with eyes half shut and mouths lolling open ?

    I suppose you could bring debate about by tackling the 'lunatics' by criticising and questioning what they say rather than call them names or resort to ad hominem silliness.In theory you could.But that's never been your style.So maybe just tell us who to agree with( you being the most important obviously) and we'll echo you and the shills you read and repeat.

    In the meantime we are prisoners in our own homes en masse. Police have been checking people's trolleys in supermarkets to make sure they aren't buying 'non-essential' items ( but Easter eggs are ok apparently). The nurses we are told to clap and dance for because our Government treasure their heroics are receiving threats of losing their jobs for talking to the public in their own time. Youtube and social networks are removing anything that questions the big brother collective.But it's not martial law; it's not stage one of a Dystopia; and Bill Gates and Kissinger ( remember him?) coming out talking about a global 'herd' vaccine programme is all above board.The whole scenario was painted in broad strokes 20 years ago by 'conspiracy nuts' and it's here.Yet you suggest :

    ''*Never has so much been owed by so many to so few.''

    Very pithy. It's 'so many' who are under house arrest and being hounded by police if they walk their dogs.It's 'so many' working on NHS front lines being threatened privately by them if they open their mouths.It's so few who have put the whole game together. Google 'the good club'

    1. @ Anonymous11 April 2020 at 03:08

      Can I just check something with you - are you self isolating and keeping to the rules on social distancing?

    2. " I was raised to be proud of my British home. Proud that we alone stood up to Hitler,"

      Not only is that statement incorrect Ros it is a straight insult to the millions of people around the World who fought against Hitler.

      "WWI for example had a huge impact on class divisions - the aristocracy were dying alongside the coalminers in the trenches."

      Check the facts before publishing rubbish Ros.

    3. Brilliant post 3.05. I concur with many posts by Ross but I think she is way off the mark on this. i tend to believe it is political correctness and a world paranoid about Health and Safety than any political conspiracy that has brought on the global lockdowns.The ritualistic applause for the NHS I find as cringeworthy as the modern phenomena of applauding at funerals. Not only I think it is a case of crass and tacky fashion, I believe it is a pretext for exhibitionism. For the time being at least, I'm able to go my local shop for my sustenance and pet food. Should I applaud the shopkeeper when I go in? Should I applaud the postman when he comes to the door? They are 'essentail' workers of course. So are dentists, barbers (I urgently need a haircut) etc.etc. In other words there are not many businesses that are not 'essential'. And I know I am repeating the blindingly obvious and what greater minds than mine have articulated, unless this Orwellian nightmare ends in double-quick time, there are going to a lot more lives destroyed than this virus ever could.

    4. @ anon 11 April 12:22

      I self isolate because I live on my own and have done for a few years.There's nowhere to go out there now so i'll self isolate unless i feel like fresh air and walk.Social distancing is no problem either as most people i walk close to are wearing gloves, masks, scarves and look like forensic scientists and they walk round everyone.

      This is all rehearsal.The efficiency of the machine and the compliance of the herd.

      It isn't only UK NHS workers being silenced by their bosses and the men above them.

    5. ( cont)

      If things weren't bad enough we now have Trump apparently writing his own speeches.So now he's broadcasting, with customary arrogance, arrogance and unconscious hilarity, his in depth knowledge of science.Biology and Chemistry in particular.

      The new /latest narrative is how the virus that Boris Johnson called 'a puzzle' last week, is now being called a 'genius' by Trump. He's gushing over it like it's a Wall Street broker. Why ? Because- according to Trump- it's withstanding all the attacks of the antibiotics.It's 'brilliant' enough to do that apparently.
      Trump seems to have forgotten that antibiotics are never used against a virus because they never work. They attack bacterial infections.Trump thinks they have always been used to solve 'every problem'.What a loss to medicine this oddball is.I think his own team have let him go out thee and commit political suicide.Maybe it's all coming to a close or turn around soon and the election trail can continue.This speech will be thrown at him like a dart.

      ''"There's a whole genius to it! We're fighting... not only is it hidden but it's very smart, OK? It's invisible! And it's hidden! But it's very smart."

      I think we are- whilst under our house arrest- supposed to now compare the whole thing as on a par with terrorism.It's the new 9/11.A landmark in history which will usher us into a new era( or error).Imagine if terrorists were too tiny to see but lethal.Etc etc Uncle Sam and so on.Donald,next to you, a house brick looks 'very smart'.That doesn't mean we need our every move watched and every word listened to and every footstep traced.Or blood poisoned by sugar based internal sat navs :)

  2. Anonymous 12 April 2020 at 03:10

    Me see you on a clever blog a couple of times. That Yve St Laurent straightjacket me gave you still looks lovely on you (makes me zizzy, you know). Who was that horned horny thing by your side? You is not up to no good again, is you? What keeps you here? Hairy tribes and class, the Walking Dead, disaster movies etc? “Je mehr man die Katze streichelt, desto höher trägt sie den Schwanz. Es ist keiner so blind, wie der, der nicht sehen will, und Gott bewahre mich vor jemand, der nur ein Büchlein gelesen hat. Hoffen und harren macht manchen zum Narren [One who lives on hope shall die fasting].” (Ein Buch für Alle und Keinen) Sad. me really sad to lose you, but all this has become too difficult, me don wonna take it no more, me got incredibly interesting things to think about, jokes to tell and games to play. Me wouldn’t mind shipwrecking in your thighs while you regard da moon etc… but not this. Fear not, walk safe, ihale, you, singular, the best by a long stretch. All those believing in Jesus Christ, stand up! (There is a story to go with it). It’s only love… and that is all… Why should me feel… the way me do…

    The ‘ beyond [my] control’ “Achoo” ↑↑↑ was mine. Me is fine, refined and knows no one who ain’t.

    John Friedrich Dylan Søren Aabye Munchausen, Baron (sounds nasty, but it’s not contagious)

    1. @ Anonymous12 April 2020 at 14:38

      Is your comment supposed to be funny or maybe clever or maybe cutting edge?

      It is nothing but a load of rubbish - why on Earth Ros allows such comments is beyond belief because it adds nothing to the blog whatsoever.

    2. Herr 20th of the alph alpha

      I'm the enfant terrible- hadn't you figured that out.I live in everyone's dark dreams.Hello.

      I dedicate this next song to you in the name of all things dread. Mr Johnson has the vibe.He's no relation by the way.Despite the striking resemblance.I expect you to make smoke signals as you move to his beat.

      You raise a good question somewhere in that debris of rhyme without reason.Why am i still here.Well, me ol' china plate, it's as this..As one who was born with the eyes and ears, it's incumbent upon me to duck the flying bricks for the sake of my fellow man.Even the ones who dare not speak his name or open their mind.

      That said, I can do no more than this.I refer my honourable friend to 'paperclip' and the German ( jewish) go-between who moved those nasty Nazis from their cells and delivered them unto evil, the power and the glory, for ever and ever Ame(rica).Mr Kissinger.

      It was a conspiracy theory for 40 years.Now it's a confession.The 3rd Reich went covert but their ideology has never had the grace to hide it's head.Take note, in the name of logic and chronology, of the route this germ took and then became a pandemic.And the developments since.Look for the Charles Lieber connections. I'll ease you toward a very good video with a pertinent quote and wish you all well.Now, i must wash my hair in self isolation.This will be the fifth time today.

      “Today, America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.” (Henry Kissinger, at the 1991 Bilderberger Conference held in Evians, France. 1991.)

      Let the last waltz commence. We fight for all things Jura.In the name of it's hero, George O.

      Brigadier Zee

    3. @13:31

      “Is your comment supposed to be funny or maybe clever or maybe cutting edge?”

      Yes, yes and yes.

      “why on Earth Ros…”

      ‘cos she’s’ lovely?

      “It is nothing but a load of rubbish”

      Nicht alle sind Diebe die der Hund anbellt.

    4. Hallooo, Brigz, and thank you, dear, for the dedication and the link. Groovy. Dread is the bread of life, as is your youthful terror.

      The old boy Kissie’s song remains the same. He’s still busy pretending to be paperclipping his claws.

      It doesn’t matter now anyway ‘cos my love for you will never change. Tell me now ‘cos I wanna know it. When push comes to shove everybody will want to put the blame, the blame on me for loving you.”

      Keep that waltza burnin’. I am yours, you are mine, you are what you are.
      Take a breath and watch a heluva cool sista Yoshiko and two cool bruvers walk da groove. Massive, man, and only 10min long.
      Just imagine: You, me, smoke and the waltza…
      And a bruver letting it rip…

      Your good health and looks! Cheers!

  3. Boris is out, home, and chatting away on his cam again..i wonder if they're gathering stats on fastest recoveries.He's hardly an athlete in the first place.Fully believable, Prime Minister. Welcome home.Don't forget to update us on what we have to do next.No more clapping though eh.The neighbours are trying to watch telly.

  4. It's really amusing and informative.

    It is an "APOCOLYPSE". Ros goes into "JUST MUSING" mode.

    1. Apologies for the lack of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth 17:47, but in my experience; watching disaster movies and studying the art of Zen, it is not a good idea to become hysterical, people queue up to slap you.

      What do you suggest I do in place of 'just musing'? Just preaching perhaps? or during this Apocalypse, maybe 'just screeching'? Tis true, I have on occasion, felt like running outside and screaming like a banshee, but can usually settle myself down with a nice cup of green tea. A tad hedonistic I know, given the crisis, but works for me.

      I also spend part of my day doing myself up like a dog's dinner, dancing and running on the spot to Morning Joe, Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert. I am paying special attention to what I am eating and avoiding alcohol, though I am treating myself to the occasional box of Thorntons (sometimes the only thing on the shelf) because as resigned as I am to being another statistic, the joy of taking the cellophane off a big box of chocolates and opening the lid, is one of life's little pleasures I am not prepared to forego.

      Oh dear, there I go again, musing about myself during these apocalyptic times, the horror, the horror. But the thing is 17:47, I don't think it does anyone any good to focus on the most stressful, frightening thing they can think of 24/7. As Grasshopper* once said, 'if I worry will the outcome be any different?' I try to maintain some sort of normality, some sort of routine. Putting so much time and effort into my hair and make up is of course pointless, but it boosts me enough to do the exercise and eat healthy food. When I go, I'm going like Elsie (Cabaret), eyelashes first!

      Good heavens, it's as if I am trying to offend you with even more my displays of hedonism, during these times, but if you dip, not too far back in history, into WWII you will find all sorts of ways in which to cope with the horrors of war. When women couldn't get stockings they put gravy powder on their legs and made hairspray out of sugar**. And the entertainment industry continued to entertain, within the parameters of the curfews. It is our ability to see humour even in the darkest days that keep us human 17:47.

      * character from 70's tv series Kung Fu.
      ** I just totally made that up, have no idea what they would have used to make hairspray, sugar is an educated guess.

    2. @17:47

      All work and no play,,,, you know.

  5. How to win a general election against the odds and do it with a landslide.

    Take an electorate that don't think much and rarely question a thing.

    Take a mainstream media owned by Zion.

    Tell any old story in the MSM and remind the readers that it's all really naughty and if they don't agree they are evil and, even worse, not trendy.

    Open the polling stations.Continue the BS on social networks.

    Stir, Leave to simmer for 3 hours.


    Well, i did warn you :)

  6. Over 10,000 deaths and you just muse about yourself. How lovely you are Ros.

    1. You want me to muse about the 10,000 deaths? I am not a preacher, I'm not a spiritual advisor nor am I Patience Strong. I am in the same boat that you are, the same boat as everyone - powerless in the midst of a pandemic and coping as best I can.

      I can only muse about myself, I don't have access to what is inside your head (thank God), nor the heads of anyone else. Perhaps you could tell me what it is you look for in a blog that states 'I muse...', factual information? investigative reporting? comfort and solace?

      The problem you see, is yours, not mine, perhaps you need to broaden your reading material, venture outside of your box? It might improve your grumpy disposition.

    2. @19:09

      Ros is lovely, and she is streaming her loveliness.

  7. You could have a really lively blog right now Ros - it seems as though you can't be arsed to do it.

    1. Nasty but true 19:16. And you know why I can't be arsed? Because even if I wake up full of the joys of spring (it happens occasionally), opening my mailbox leads to an immediate slump. There are a few who feel I must be tormented for ever more and that's their job now. I shouldn't let it get to me, because clearly, they are much sadder than I, but the constant chipping away is wearing, and depressing.

  8. Hi Rosalinda

    Thanks for keeping your blog up and running. As for social distancing, we can still walk our dogs here in Sweden, but these are difficult times for all of us. Yet, I’d like to say a few words regarding the religious dimension, which you talked about.

    I don’t know whether Boris Johnson is a Christian or not, but Jesus apparently told him “Rise, take up your bed and walk”. Anyway, his life has now been saved by sacrificing hospital staff, and especially by three angelic nurses, whom Boris himself praised. We should all be grateful for that, but let us also pray to God, that even Julian Assange's life should be saved in the same way, in case his medical condition, due to this virus, were to deteriorate.

    As for whistle blowers like Assange and Edward Snowden, if we had had more of them, we could perhaps have been warned about what was to come. Unfortunately, in the absence of such truth seekers, most of whom have been silenced now, we haven’t had access to any so-called classified documents, that may be related to the Coronavirus, but I suspect that such documents exist.

    We must never forget, that the sole purpose by any government of keeping secret documents is to protect themselves, that is the ruling political elite, from being questioned and scrutinized by its own people and by others of course.

    In another political climate of more openness we might never have ended up here. I can’t help thinking so Rosalinda. Anyway, the person who was, and still is, ultimately responsible for the inhumane treatment of Julian Assange has very recently, and in his own words, been granted the most human hospital care one can imagine. So, I really hope that Boris Johnson now sees, that “he once was lost but now he’s found”, and does what he’s supposed to do.

    1. Wow Björn 13 April 2020 at 21:00 wise words indeed.

      Where would we - or in fact this blog - be without you.

    2. Hi Bjorn, lovely to hear from you. We are allowed a walk each day Bjorn, and a trip to the food shops or pharmacy. The streets are largely empty, most people are sticking to the rules, thankfully. I always used to value the early hours of Sunday mornings, from a writing perspective it was the most peaceful time of all, with only the sound of birds tweeting. Now it happens all the time, the specialness has gone, in fact it is more eerie than pleasant.

      Will Boris Johnson be enlightened by his experience, is there a compassionate soul lurking beneath the hard tory exterior? What does he think of 'herd immunity' now? Now that he has discovered first hand that Covid-19 will not restrict itself to pensioners and benefit claimants.

      He has had a couple of lucky escapes. The illness and his recovery takes him away from the spotlight and the blame. I watched Trump's latest meltdown last night (his worst), where a brave female report shouted him down and demanded to know what he was doing during the lost month of February.

      Those very same questions should be asked of Boris Johnson now, but being on the brink of death has given Johnson a badge of heroism he does not deserve. He obviously caught the coronavirus around the time he was telling everyone to take it on the chin, ergo he was the victim of his own arrogance and ineptitude. It doesn't make him a hero, it makes him stupid.

      Will he thank the good Lord for sparing him, by sparing others, such as Assange. Hmmm, I don't see it. The tories are the party of Law and order and an eye for an eye. Every country will have to make major decisions about the prison populations, how can they quarantine and isolate hundreds of prisoners - social distancing is impossible in such environments.

      I'm leaning towards Boris will not be swept over by amazing grace Bjorn, or if he is, it will only last for a short while because he is surrounded by advisors and sycophants who will bitch slap him every time he shows signs of philanthropism.

    3. @01:51

      Hands off Bjorn, or I’ll return!

    4. Hi Anon 14 April at 15.23
      Did you really suspect, that the poster 01:51 was myself commenting on my own blogspot from 13 April at 21:00?

    5. Oh dear 01:51, you have given so much away about yourself and with so few words, not least your neediness, are you really so dependent on this blog? Just how tight are those blinkers you are wearing?

      Is your applause for Bjorn genuine or sarcastic? Both ways are designed to demean me and the way in which I run my blog. Taking this discussion up a level, I accept full responsibility for the performance of this blog, only I can drive the numbers up or down. Only I have the power. I know that if I put the work in, I could again build up the numbers. One thing I have learned through this life, is that putting the work in, is the key to success. Where I have succeeded is where I have been relentless in achieving my goal, trouble is that ambition, that determination, that willingness to work until you dropped, diminishes with age, and arthritis and I don't know how to get it back. I have always been driven by my dreams, not achieving them was never an option, I'm scared I don't have that fight anymore.

      You see the thing is 01:51, I too have just given a lot away about myself, that's the little bonus that comes from being able to write, or should I say, being able to write with honesty and integrity. I'm ok with people knowing about my foibles and eccentricities, the reasons why I behave the way I do, good and bad.

      Should I meet my maker in the not too distant future, I'm cool with it. I'm not tormented with things I should or shouldn't have done. In fact, if I were given the time over, I would have done a lot more of the shouldn'ts. I have a theory that Heaven and Hell are like todays pubs, all the fun people are huddling outside under an umbrella. I can honestly say that I have never wanted to join the 'conventionals' at any stage of my life, except perhaps when I have a story to shock them, but no, discussing rising property prices and the surliness of the help, has never appealed. I like to treat everyone, from every walk of life with respect, I think we can forget almost everything we learn about every person we meet, but we never forget those with impeccable good manners. Those rare people, we will always remember.

      You have time to change 01:51, but I doubt you will, or that you even want to. Your joy comes from inflicting pain on others, which is pretty weird and antisocial. Have you discovered, the hard way, that that kind of behaviour is antisocial? Is that why you have created a fake persona, a creep who can intrude into the heart of the community he claims to despise?

      But I have been cruel. Too much maybe, because I am already feeling pangs of guilt. Perhaps I should delete, or perhaps I should fight back. I wonder what an angry old female tiger might do and I think, yeah, gotta get the claws out occasionally.

      It was cruel of me to point out your neediness, but you lack any awareness of how your words come across, of how you portray yourself. Imagine yourself in a social setting talking to a group of bright, talented people. Would you sneer at each speaker and belittle the hostess? Are you totally bereft of charm and good manners?

      You do of course have the mask of anonymity, it is unlikely you would act like such a jerk if we could all see your name and face. Let that sink in, because it should give you a feeling of shame, yes, you truly are a cowardly little weasel.

    6. Björn my friend, Erst denken, dann lenken,

      To address you, I would’ve said ‘Hands off, Björn …’. Do you see what difference a comma makes? What I’ve said = Get your hands off Bjorn, @01:51, or I’ll return.

      I’m now going to eat, Björn. (You see? I'm not going to eat YOU. I'm just letting YOU know that I'm going to eat.)

      Anyway, how are you, Björn?

    7. Thanks for your bear talk. Bjorn.

      “I really hope that Boris Johnson now sees, that “he once was lost but now he’s found”, and does what he’s supposed to do.”

      “For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found. And they began to be merry.” Luke 15:24 KJV

      The merriment began (пир во время чумы), and it won’t stop, though this son hadn’t been dead to begin with, nor has he ever been anywhere close to where we’ve been told he had been. The sun is rising, and with it will presently arise Sir Bris.

      As my inscrutable friend has already pointed out “Hoffen und harren macht manchen zum Narren [One who lives on hope shall die fasting].”

    8. Hi Anon 14 April at 22:39
      Sorry, I completely got it wrong and thanks for your support. I'm quite OK now, but of course worried about what's going to happen on many levels in society if this tragedy goes on for too long.

    9. No problem at all, my bear friend. I am a muster of making errors, remember? :)

      Mighty glad you are ok. What’s the point of worrying? To spoil today for the sake of tomorrow that never comes? Myself, I think it’s best to contemplate the infinite extent of my ignorance, learn from those I cannot emulate, and to consider whether that which seems probable to me is probable.

      I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing all the very best to our dear NL. I hope she’ll drop in one day soon. I think of her.

      Peace, Björn. Keep to the groove and stay cool, my bear friend.

  9. “opening my mailbox leads to an immediate slump” Ignore it or laugh it off. It may not be easy to start with. If you don’t know how to, then learn. Practice makes perfect. Don’t waist yourself on flooding the malicious with the your ‘steam of conciseness’ when a :) would do.

    “being on the brink of death” You don’t know this. Trust nothing that you hear and nothing that you see unless you can check. When you‘ve checked, keep some doubt in reserve, for absolute certainty belongs where you cannot reach.

    “the specialness has gone” It hasn’t. I see it. I’ve checked. Retune and tune in.

    F… Brois or let him be f…ed. Don’t kid yourself that he won’t do this you to you.

    Tao is a tightrope, so keep your balance. Look on the bright side of life and see the seesaw sea with yourself riding on it. :)

    My having used the imperative unsparingly is ‘the rod’. I don’t want to ‘spoil’ you, dear. :)


  10. I'm not sure you can learn how to emotionally handle daily abuse, much depends on your frame of mind when opening it, in order to control those emotions you would have to be a master of zen. And I'm not, I'm more an angst ridden diva, I could go up or I could down. During a pandemic in which thousands are dying, my ability to keep my chin up is somewhat wavering. But you are right, I should not waste my time and talents on them, they are so utterly dull.

    Hmm, presumably it is Boris Johnson you are referring to as 'being on the brink of death'. You tell me to trust nothing I see, but that makes no sense. I could see that Boris Johnson was ill, anyone could. And the idea that two wards of doctors and nurses would participate in a scam to fool the public, is just too absurd.

    I will indeed check out that Sunday morning feeling, I miss it.

    I've never thought of the PM as anything other than a lying tory git, it would take a lot of evidence to convince me he has in any way transformed.

    Not got a great sense of balance these days I'm afraid, but my faith in human nature is on it's way to being restored. All around us we see the people who are keeping the services and food supplies running, almost all at personal risk to themselves. We are seeing friends and neighbours going above and beyond to help out the most vulnerable. Who knew there were so many real life heroes. The seasaw sea sounds charming, will I be surfing or riding a whale?

    Your final sentence is much too cryptic for my keep it simple mind. Are you giving me a proverbial kick up the backside to stop me from snivelling and feeling sorry for myself, albeit in a kindly manner? I'm really not wallowing in self pity I assure you. Those vitriolic scribes are inferior to me. They can barely string a coherent sentence together, and they say the same old things over and over.

    Now I am a self confessed narcissist, I think about myself pretty much all of the time. I have never in my life had the time or inclination to hand any of thinking time over to anyone I do not love. Sure I went OTT obsessive stalker during my, err, hormonal years, but who doesn't? But strangers on the internet? That is a form of lunacy I do not understand. But more than that, I have never understood getting upset when someone disagrees with me. Actually, I'm OK with it, most people don't, ha ha, it has led to many interesting discussions and enlightening friendships. I have always found I learn more from people with whom I disagree because it forces me to look at a subject from another perspective - I have to understand their argument before I am able to pick holes in it. Unfortunately, the malcontents who spend their days thinking of mean things to say to me have no arguments to make, no subjects they wish to discuss, their intent is to hurt, as can be seen by the snidey one liners I chose to publish today.

    But, they can grouch away, boredom is kicking in and it may be time to stir up some lively discussions. I suggest quite a few a couple of blogs back, but they fell on stony ground. It would be nice to see some of the decent, sane, down to earth, posters back on board chatting about subjects we can all relate to.

    1. Rosalinda Hutton 14 April 2020 at 13:38 : “Those very same questions should be asked of Boris Johnson now, but being on the brink of death has given Johnson a badge of heroism he does not deserve.”

      l tell you no lies
      The only sea I saw
      Was the seesaw sea
      With you riding on it
      Lie down, lie easy
      Let me shipwreck m your thighs.
      Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood

      “You tell me to trust nothing I see, but that makes no sense.”

      Perhaps it does not make sense to you because you are not paying attention. I said “Trust nothing that you hear and nothing that you see unless you can check. When you‘ve checked, keep some doubt in reserve, for absolute certainty belongs where you cannot reach.

      “Those vitriolic scribes are inferior to me.”

      Is it something you’ve learnt from Hollywood movies or Zen, Seinfeld, Richard Burton? Imagine your son is drowning, and a vitriolic scribe offers his help to save him. Would you rather lose your child than accept the vitriolic scribe’s offer of help?

      “They can barely string a coherent sentence together, and they say the same old things over and over.”

      Aren’t you seeing a speck of dust in someone’s eye?

      “Unfortunately, the malcontents who spend their days thinking of mean things to say to me have no arguments to make, no subjects they wish to discuss, their intent is to hurt, as can be seen by the snidey one liners I chose to publish today.”

      I don’t see any.

      Spare the rod and spoil the child.

  11. Chatting about the universal lock down, media spin, lunatic leaders and all the hysterical updates we can't escape. It's effecting every home. Isn't that a list of things we can relate to ? because that's what the discussions about.Again- you need to lay out ground rules.Tell the readers what you want to hear.