Friday 27 March 2020


I'm trying to imagine a picture of what we will all look like once the doors are flung open and we again walk into the light.  I'm picturing a nation of ungroomed Neanderthals with mad hair, mad beards and unibrows.  I once went on a (blind) date with a guy who had inordinately hairy fingers.  Happily, it was only a one hour (lunch) date because I became fixated on them.  He was wearing a smart suit and tie, but I couldn't help thinking of the orangutan that lurked beneath.  I mention this in the unlikely event that anyone decides to stick with the unkempt lone occupant of an island look or hands covered with hair.

From what I remember, it was a long time ago, I was quite partial to a hairy chest, I come from an age where men wore tight trousers with shirts open to the waist and medallions hanging from their necks!  'Hair' the musical was big on stage, and big on the permed heads of construction workers and footballers.  We girls can laugh at the daft things we wore, but it's a lot more fun poking fun at the lads! I remember wearing ridiculously high platform shoes, a smock (prettily embroidered) and bright green velvet bellbottoms! My hair was long, wavy and parted in the middle, I was never, ever, tempted to get a mullet, ha ha.  

But I wandered, As I have mentioned several times, I am hooked on US news channels, so not surprisingly I stumbled on a Fox News segment discussing the plight of millions of American women who can't get their hair and nails done.  The tragedy behind the headlines.  The ladies who cannot now lunch.  It is at moments like these that you realise what a great leveller this global pandemic has been.  It is not (yet) aiming for the packed inner cities and the tower blocks, it is infecting, at the highest rate, the globetrotters and networkers.  

The Prince of Wales, the Prime Minister, and, just now, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock.  We are moving weirdly towards the disaster movie genre where all world leaders die and the lunatics take over.  I am such a disaster movie fan that I have to categorise them, Independence Day for example, has a hero President who saves the world (from aliens).  At the moment, I feel as if I have woken up in a disaster movie and fact and fiction is becoming seriously blurred.  I don't ever think I have seen a more eerie sight than the images of the nation clapping for the NHS, such a contrast to the empty streets we have been seeing all over the world.  So many real people apart but together, filled with so much goodwill towards the NHS staff and all the key workers supplying food and medicines.  

And it was heartening to see that the nation hasn't, as yet, turned into a hairy Neanderthal tribe.  For myself I am ecstatically happy that I ditched the dye (a year ago!) so have no white lines to worry about.  The eyebrows are another story, now I know why my eyebrows have remained untouched by myself with tweezers for 30 plus years.  I'm no bleddy good at it!  I have overplucked one eyebrow and now have a permanent startled/quizzical look.  I have decided to stick with it because if I start on the other one, I could end up with a full David Bowie no brow circa 1970s.

Now, I know my enemies have reason enough to hate me, bless 'em, but I am going to go right ahead and just say it.  There is much pleasure in knowing, that people you hate, the rich ones especially cannot buy any privileges that will keep this pandemic away from them or allow them to wallow in the food, luxury and jet setting they are used to.  They have wallets full cash and nothing to spend it on. Which makes me wonder, where does BUPA etc feature in all this?  Will private health care patients get priority treatment?  Now there's  a hot potato.  You cannot help but have sympathy for all those who have paid their monthly dues for decades, only to find themselves competing with the feckless for ventilators.

To anyone out there who feels like chatting, I will be watching my blog all day and hopefully will have some interesting comments to publish and reply to.  Anyone looking for inspiration, here are some interesting topics to discuss:

1.  AMC's The Walking Dead (to be said loudly in gruff, male voice) to set the mood.

2.  If not, TWD, what disaster movie are we in?  

3.  How are we passing our time?  Keep it clean(ish)

4.  Project Runway (how I'm occupying my time) - there are 18 seasons!  I am finding it mesmerizing, not only the fashions, but the bitchiness and that knife's edge between sanity and insanity.  The craziness of the artiste, dahlinks.

5.  Netflix:  What's good, what's bad?

6.  The Tudors.  Both the real ones and the sumptuous (BBC?) one with Jonathan Rhys-Myers who I would happily sacrifice a head for.  

7.  Versailles.  All of the above, but my love here is the fabulous gowns, the palace itself and the beautiful grounds.  I had hoped to go this year, but meanwhile would love to hear from anyone who has been and can give me first hand knowledge of how it felt to be in the presence of such beauty.

8.   Did you manage to get your hair, eyebrows, nails done before lockdown?

9.  Last words.  Mine, 'I still believe in angels'.  I'm not religious but I do not scorn those who are.  Actually that's not true, I do.  I think to myself, wtf are you on?  And do you have a number? But I jest, in a way it's a good thing on the basis that it keeps millions law abiding and focused.  That they need a mythical God to tell them to honour thy fathers and mothers and not murder people, is questionable.  Would they otherwise be arseholes to their parents and murdering willy nilly?  Aside from that, whatever gets you through the night say I.  Be it sex, drugs and rock an' roll (probably in short supply just now) or down on bended knee in prayer.  With all this private time, the self flagellators are probably whipping themselves silly.  The real question to ask here is, where would the lunatics go if they weren't going to church?  Oops, too harsh, I was envisaging myself doing stand up there.

10.  Is this the end of the world?


  1. This is well worth a lead

    I have been watching a lot of news from the US on CNN and find it very good. I am really impressed with the daily updates from NY Governor Andrew Cuomo - he gives loads of information in a factual way - I wish we had someone in the UK like him.

    1. Hy 12:29 - yes I too am a fan of US news - I like that they have so many experts available for all their segments. They seem to be far more polished than the Brits, kind of like Dallas v. Coronation Street.

      I agree on Andrew Cuomo, he appears to be the rising star in leadership and common sense. I have been watching the Trump press conferences, or as much as I can tolerate, for the shock and awe factor. As in what shocking words he will come out with. He really is a rambling moron, last night he was talking about bodies piling up in refrigerated trucks, like a gleeful 11 year old schoolboy who just discovered the macabre. Good going there on calming the nation's fears.

      It is amazing how a nation can pull together under good leadership, unfortunately, neither we here in the UK or the citizens of the US have that. Imagine Churchill discussing his ratings and demanding praise for himself on the eve D Day?

      Unfortunately, this country voted for a government who will always put the rich and the elite first. The little people, as always, will be hurt far more by this virus than the privileged.

      It would be nice to have a leader like Cuomo, and we could have had if Jeremy Corbyn had been elected. Unfortunately, we are stuck with bumbling Boris.

    2. Cheap shots about personalities and the lack of Corbyn are not appropriate at this time Ros.

  2. Hi Rosalinda,
    Is this the end of the world, you ask. Probably not.

    My take on the COVD 19 epidemic is that viral epidemics cannot be controlled.
    We don't have the antidotes.
    Think of the humble influenza virus.
    Years back I went to get my flu shot and a month later got a "Booster shot" that's what really brought me down. Never again. In future I'll take whatever nature gives me.

    Why not let these diseases run their course.

    1. Hi JC, lovely to see you but I'm afraid I couldn't disagree more!

      We have the science and technology that didn't exist in 1918, we can take active steps to avoid it. OK, not active steps, all we have to do is stay at home.

      I agree we are still fighting the mighty forces of mother nature, battles we rarely win, but we can at least slow down the spread. If it is inevitable that we all get it, the best we can hope for is that by the time we do, the NHS will have all the equipment and expertise they need, maybe even a cure.

      Letting the disease run it's course, when we have the power to stop it, would be catastrophic JC. As new figures emerge, it appears it is not only the elderly and vulnerable dying from this disease, including young medical staff who are on the front line without sufficient PPE.

      Taking stringent measures to stop the spread works JC as we have seen with China and South Korea, ergo no country, in good conscience can allow the disease to run it's course.

      But in any case, I hope you and yours are well JC. I'm fine, can always find a zillion things I want to read or watch. I haven't done any hoarding - like many men, and probably a good few men, I have always had a larder filled with 'in case of disaster' items or a can't get to the shops situation. Spam fitters and beans anyone?

  3. @ Ros: "like many men, and probably a good few men, I have always had a larder filled with 'in case of disaster' items or a can't get to the shops situation. Spam fitters and beans anyone?"

    Have you had a sex change that you didn't tell your avid readers about?


  4. As an aside, it's strange how a woman with a foreign accent can make one word in an advert sound so erotic!


  5. The next stage: We all go broke.
    This pandemic might be the great leveler of our time if it lasts long enough.
    No 1917 revolution needed this time, no atomic war we had all been expecting; just a humble virus with enough power to bring down society.

    The health issue is secondary to businesses shutting down and millions of people laid off leading to bankruptcies all around, a rethink is needed of how society works with regard to the majority of workers living paycheck to paycheck.
    Maybe another revolution is on the horizon.

    Something is wrong in a society when every baby born in England this very minute will have to become a millionaire to own his home.
    Working as a Starbucks barrista is not going to make the grade except in the minds of Starbucks' customers.

    It's true we can't all go out and become lawyers and doctors (how about a member of parliament-please no) most people don't have the knowledge or the inclination.
    Perhaps the old Soviet days were best when doctors, teachers, astronauts, and dustmen were all paid about the same.

    I'm thinking those days are fast creeping up.

    Any bets?

    1. The greatest democracy in the world ( cough) will finally produce a new age communism, which has been the dream. I believe it's the bitcoin, digital dollar or some other nonsense.Once they've all agreed an an acceptable number for the damage the 'virus' will have it's miraculous cure.Then the new re-booted way of commerce will be soon fed to us. The meaningless and inappropriate comparisons to Spanish Flu will finally stop. But we will be reminded of that time ( WW1 followed by Wall St crash = global recession).But nobody will riot or accuse.It was this virus you see.Ask H G Wells.

      atchoo and all that

    2. Oh dear 17:08, I would not like to be in your head!

      We are leaning far more towards capitalism than communism 17:08, you have far right wing capitalist Trump in the White House and a far right tory government in the UK. If there were a cure for Covid-19, do you not think the capitalists would be cashing in on it?

    3. Sadly JC, the working classes do not tend to instil in their children the same focus and determination as the upper classes. Kids who go to regular schools are encouraged to go for regular jobs. Kids who go to private schools are raised to go into the elite high earning professions. Unfortunately, if you live pay cheque to pay cheque, you don't have the money, time or opportunity to aim for anything higher, you are, to use an old phrase, a wage slave.

      For those of us in the older generation we can look back on opportunities we could or should have taken to change our destinies and wonder why we were afraid. My first job (aged 15) was with the local Council, the kind of job that provoked the comment 'lucky you, you have a job for life' - not something you want to hear at 15, but such was the ideology of the time.

      The UK is supposedly a meritocracy, that it, you can achieve anything you want on merit. But that's not how it works in the real world, it cannot compete with privilege. Even the classless USA have a president who inherited wealth.

      We should teach our children, actually we should teach everyone we encounter, that they can achieve their dreams even if they have to fight twice as hard as their peers. The worst people in the world are destroyers of dreams, those who demand you discard your soul and become one of the herd. They are truly evil, no-one needs negativity around them.

      I think you are right that there will be political unrest JC, much will depend on the numbers and where the public places the blame. Johnson is in a similar position as trump, in that he was late to start mitigation tactic. His first inclination was 'herd immunity' which of course was disastrous, putting us on a higher trajectory than Italy. In addition they do not have the ventilators and PPE desperately needed now. He even phoned Trump because he can no longer turn to our European neighbours.

      You are right JC, the world probably will change beyond recognition after this. Now as I watch people on TV shaking hands or hugging I'm panicked, I think all forms of physical contact will become a thing of the past. Yikes!

    4. ''We are leaning far more towards capitalism than communism 17:08,''

      Actually, i called it 'new age capitalism'. It's a more realistic ideology than the one's that we've used for 100 years.It will be run by today's capitalists. And you can 'take it to the bank' to coin an americanism, that the pharma company have been ready to roll for a month.Hanukkah has come early. In the meantime a top German professor in such virology has spilled the beans. There is NO evidence whatsoever that this cold virus can be caught via smear.So enough already with the gloves and hand washing and washing trolleys and checkouts and tins of tomatoes in shops.It looks good but it's a waste of time.Consider poor harry and meg. There was two days last month when they had to postpone a flight.

    5. No, you called it new age communism and communism is the binary opposite of capitalism. Perhaps it was a typo?

      There is no desire for communism in the Western world, we are all accustomed to the benefits of capitalism, not least the freedom that accompanies it. We are free to choose our own clothes, hairstyles, food and TV channels. No-one is demanding that a government or single ruler take over every aspect of our lives including our religion and political choices.

      You should perhaps think logically for a moment before making sweeping statements. That's the problem with speaking as if you are standing on a soapbox trying to grab the audience's attention. With the written word, the reader has time to digest what you are saying along with an inner dialogue saying 'wtf?'.

      I'll give an example. I was watching Trump last night and amid his rambling, he said large US corporations were in touch with Boris Johnson's physicians. That is crazy on so many levels - I don't know where to begin.

      Donald Trump is one of those men, and it is mostly men, who are used to holding Court and regaling their buddies with entertaining anecdotes in their local 'Dog and Duck' or in Trump's case, his golf course club houses. As the G&Ts and champers flows, the stories become more outrageous and the solutions more vindictive.

      At the moment Trump is trying to find someone to blame. Barack Obama for not having tests for a virus that didn't exist, the Democratic governors speaking truth to power and now he is lining up the scientists and doctors. The US is facing the most devastating losses in the world because their imbecile President is refusing to unite the States and fight the pandemic together as one.

      But I wandered off there, as I often do, my horror and fascination with Trump shows no sign of abating. I feel we are living in historic times, as we look back on the Great Plague, future generations will look back at COVID-19. That's if it stays at 19, it could mutate into another strain and become Covid-20, more deadly, or if we are lucky, less deadly. Without hosts, and with some form of herd immunity, it may die out or become less lethal. China reports no new deaths today, so there is hope.

    6. Shall we talk about covid-20 once someone actually identifies what covid-19 is ? Like we can talk about genuine 'tests' for it.Johnson, who is in hospital rethinking things while he hs the same cold Charles had, keeps parroting Trump about tests.There is NO test until we can isolate the real virus.Coronavirus is an umbrella title. That's why everyone thought Dettol killed it.It's non-specific.This one( the few who actually contract it) attacks the respiratory system without somehow damaging the lungs.It's quite clever.It can't be contracted by touch though.But keep washing hands, clapping then washing again if the clap's dirty..

      Not interested in Trump and even less on his thoughts and fake sentiments about Johnson being a great leader who's a fighter or any other cliche.Johnson has been a leader for weeks- he isn't Churchill.He hasn't had time to do anything great.The only 'great'thing Trump witnessed was behind closed doors with him and centred on our NHS and future business.My my, they'll have much to talk about given that situation...

      You need to understand more fully the ideologies we call communism, democracy and fascism before you accuse anyone of anything.Which one values freedom ?Which one fights against dictatorship ? If the US and UK are the allies who champion freedom how come they keep removing our civil rights and restricting what we say, what we watch and where we go and what we say about what to who ?

      Gates has a vaccine.Sugar based.Fancy that.It will be for our own good says big brother.It will track if we've had a vaccine or have the virus( yet no cure for it ? And what about the fantastic coincidence of ID 2020 ? It's been feared a long time the RFID chipping.It was just a matter of finding a legitimate excuse to get away with it..

      If you don't like sweeping statements fair enough. Stick to jumping, clapping and rolling over when you're told.

      PS Boris : Lemsip

    7. and he's out of IC already..either that was strong lemsip or the staff of that IC unit has the answer to the virus. If they release it i'll clap too ;)

    8. I am guessing 02:40, that you are the same malcontent who I just replied to below. Further, I am also guessing you are a straggler from the cesspit, looking to spread your looniness to a wider audience.

      Let me take it point by point, I wouldn't usually, but I have nothing else to do. Only so much Project Runway I can watch at a time, delightful as it is. The first paragraph is nonsense. You do not have more information than the scientists and the World Health Organisation.

      Second paragraph, I'm not interested that you are not interested, I write for myself, not you. I'm the one who needs to learn more about communism, capitalist, democracy etc. Err, one of the modules I studied for my degree was the idea of Utopian and Dystopian societies, think Voltaire, so be assured I am fully aware of the differences between communism and capitalism. Which is why I was able to point out to you that neither the US or UK were headed towards communism any time soon.

      The next paragraph. What do you have against Bill Gates? Hasn't he made your life easier? Or would you prefer a manual typewriter or a quill and parchment? Bill Gates happens to be an extremely intelligent man, the clue lies in the billions he has made.

      Then finally, you compare me to a dog. That is just plain offensive. Can I ask, are you that ignorant and bad mannered in real life? Or do you feel empowered by being able to hide behind anonymity.


    How about taking out the rubbish of "HAIRY TRIBES£" and "CLASS" and making your blog relevant.

    I notice you allowed a comment "Atchoo." why? Did you find it relevant? Did you find it amusing? Did you find it added anything to your blog?

    1. To be honest 01:24, are you also the sleepless 01:48?), I have sort of given up on my blog at the moment, my postbox is so darn depressing.

      Why should I edit, delete a large chunk of my blog for you? In what way should I make my blog relevant? Relevant to what? I muse. I discuss subject that interest me. The atchoo I suspect came from you.

  7. I'm trying to imagine a picture of what we will all look like once the doors are flung open and we again walk into the light. I'm picturing a nation of ungroomed Neanderthals with mad hair, mad beards and unibrows. I once went on a (blind) date with a guy who had inordinately hairy fingers. Happily, it was only a one hour (lunch) date because I became fixated on them. He was wearing a smart suit and tie, but I couldn't help thinking of the orangutan that lurked beneath. I mention this in the unlikely event that anyone decides to stick with the unkempt lone occupant of an island look or hands covered with hair.

    From what I remember, it was a long time ago, I was quite partial to a hairy chest, I come from an age where men wore tight trousers with shirts open to the waist and medallions hanging from their necks! 'Hair' the musical was big on stage, and big on the permed heads of construction workers and footballers. We girls can laugh at the daft things we wore, but it's a lot more fun poking fun at the lads! I remember wearing ridiculously high platform shoes, a smock (prettily embroidered) and bright green velvet bellbottoms! My hair was long, wavy and parted in the middle, I was never, ever, tempted to get a mullet, ha ha.

    Ros - do you think that what you said is of the slightish bit of interest to anyone but you? It is a load of divel.

    1. Well it looks like you had a sleepless night 01:48, I do hope it wasn't my drivel that troubled you.

      Have you ever heard of stream of consciousness? It is a narrative style used most notably by Virginia Woolf and T.S. Eliott, check out the Lovesong of J. Afred Prufrock, one of my personal favourites.

      Now I wouldn't compare myself to the divine Virginia Woolf, except I really understand her need for a 'Room of One's own', the only thing I have ever really wanted. The freedom to allow my thoughts to flow uninhibited - I get a great deal of entertainment within my own head, maybe it's the multiple personalities who knows? But at least at a couple of them like to put the anecdotes and thoughts into a narrative which I hope will amuse.

      And the point is 01:48, there is no point. I'm not trying to change the world, I'm musing, just like it says on the tin. I write the kind of stuff I like to read, you are bizarrely spot on with your one line, I write principally to amuse myself. What interests me, what entertains me.

      I have hundreds of authors that I loved over the years and a few that I consider iconic PG. Wodehouse, Harper Lee, Sue Townsend and the lesser known Cynthia Heimel (Sex Tips for Girls). Sex Tips for Girls was a bestseller back in the 1980's and I loved it, mostly because Ms.Heimal gave glimpses into her personal feelings, something that seemed new to me in an author, she was speaking and acting in the same way as I did, and my friends did. She understood the agonies of waiting for a guy to call, break ups and getting drunk with your mates. Almost every story she told, I could relate to, and that gift she had, I shamelessly copy. My audience for my anecdotes are women and a fair few men, who will recall their own memories of that time and the way out fashions that they wore, their own bellbottoms, so to speak.

    2. continues.

      Every (good) writer attempts to provoke their readers to think outside of the text. To draw on their own memories, their own opinions, to provoke new ideas and to encourage learning. I remember Cynthia Heimel mentioning the art of Zen, which took me off into a whole Buddhism phase. It was a timely intervention, my ex boyfriend was fighting with my current boyfriend in a bar room when the quiet table of Buddhists in the far corner called me over.

      Oh and I like to shock too, throw in a little curve ball every now and then to stop the reader from dropping off. Truth is 01:48, I am a chatterbox and have been since early childhood. I went into teaching because I love the sound of my own voice and you are given a captive audience (you may have to block the exits). I literally took up writing when my dad said to me 'why don't you write to your granny and tell her everything you want to tell me' - he was hoping to get 5 minutes peace to check his horses.

      As a chatterbox, it is hard to describe how it feels when you are bursting to say stuff and there is no-one to listen. That feeling of dissonance, you can be within a crowd but you are lonely. As a young woman I would get up in the night and write long letters I would never send, or the unfortunate ones I did send, 4 pages leading up to 2 pints of milk please.

      In my head I am doing stand up, talking to you by the fireside or writing you a letter to cheer you up. Calling it drivel is a bit harsh.

    3. He didn't call it drivel, he called it divel.It's witchcraft .

    4. LOL 17:10, witchcraft eh?

      I've never been particularly interested in the dark arts or even the, hmm, light ones (religion?), though I did once play a witch in a convent play. Typecast? It was a very unhappy experience. I was the wicked witch who tempted Snow White to take a bite out of the poisoned apple, I had to sing 'roses are red, violets are blue, apples sweet, so very good to eat', which, though I say it myself, I sang beautifully. I was of course booed mercilessly, not only because I looked grotesque, my brother had stuck warts on my long false nose and blackened my teeth, but I was the err, baddy in a pantomime. Despite this, I took the boos personally, I was an angst ridden pre teen, it hurt.

      As to the casting of spells or conjuring up of demons, I'll leave that to the Catholics and makers of spooky movies, though I have to confess I did once speak (yell) in tongues and throw myself to ground. I was tiptoeing barefoot through a lush green lawn when I stood on a wasp.

  8. Anonymous5 April 2020 at 17:10


  9. Boris Johnson taken into intensive care.

    1. I'm no fan of Boris Johnson but I was genuinely saddened to hear that. For all his faults he is 100 times better than the braggadocious Trump who continues to claim all is well.

      I think Boris going intensive care may be the wake up call some people need to treat this virus seriously, because some clearly aren't. The pictures of people in the parks last weekend were astonishing, clearly a lot are not listening.

      In any event, my kindest thoughts are with the PM and his family, and of course with all those suffering at this time.

    2. Before you find another reason to bring up tin foil Ros, consider this.

      Ger,many are ahead of the so called curve.They are ready to talk about resuming reality and sports fixtures.They had an expert explain the dangers of self isolation and lockdown and another who said that no evidence exists to suggest this virus is contagious by smear.

      In the UK we're still copying our Big Brother in the US.Obviously Donald couldn't fall victim as he has Wall St buddies and an election campaign close.But Boris did.yesterday we had the media telling us all the drama.Even his partner( but not the wife) has been elevated from 'expecting' to 'heavily pregnant'.Oh the drama. 5 coughs later BoJo is out of intensive care already.Are we ready to be ordered to clap in the streets then? To 'look after' our NHS ? While the very people ordering it are privately warning the NHS staff to keep their mouths shut about it all in public.Hypocrisy doesn't even come close.It's twisted.

      In the meantime the ever interesting 'celebs' are fighting to be on everyone;'s front page to say how 'it was hell' and how they 'beat it' and others feeling left out swear they 'must have had it'. Yes. Colds.Heavy colds are nasty. But they're a walk in the park compared to genuine bog standard flu.So according to Charles, Boris, Dynamo, Tom Hanks, they beat the evil 'terror and enemy' that is covid 19 as though it was a sneezing fit.

      Next time you clap for the NHS consider these two things here :

      and clap for Emily Maitlis

      I predict a turn around in two and a half weeks.We can say the weather caused it i suppose..

    3. Bizarre, you begin by implying that I am a conspiracy theorist who wears tin foil hats. Not true. I'm ruled by reason and logic, which is why I consider the rest of your post a barmy conspiracy theory.

      I don't know about you but covid-19 deaths are becoming alarmingly close to home, in that we now know people who are infected and fighting for their lives. It is very real 23:55 and you need to get that into your head. In two and a half weeks, some of us might not even be here.

      The UK like the US, took way too long to react to the threat, allowing the virus to spread. Boris Johnson was spreading the lethal remedy of herd immunity, that is allowing the virus to pick off the old and weak and do its worst. Fortunately, he was reminded that massacre isn't a good political strategy.

      Your attitude towards NHS staff is baffling. They are the front line, as brave and dedicated as the soldiers who died for this country in wars. We can do more than imagine the horrors they are seeing, the lives lost that could have been saved, because some of them are getting their stories out. It breaks my heart to see their poor faces covered in blisters from the wearing of PPE for hours on end. Of course we should be grateful to them, that line from one of Churchill's speeches applies, never has so much been owed by so many to so few.

    4. You misunderstood the main thrust of the post despite being laid out in simple terms.

      See the difference between 'dies after testing positive for coronavirus' and ' dies OF coronavirus'. Then realise that despite the clever wording, neither are Covid -19.

      A huge slice of the dead are post 70 and had underlying conditions then developed pneumonia for instance. One former UK celeb last week who had been overweight all his life and had a history of heart problems and surgery died at 78.He had 'symptoms of coronavirus'.STatistics rarely speak for themselves.They speak for those who commission the'study'.

      You will and do swallow any official line fed to you.You'll support blindly any official despite their record of lying and broken promises and corruption. because they went to good schools, represent the middle and upper classes and have top jobs. Tell me what 'muse subversively means'. I get the 'muse' bit...

      My attitude to the NHS isn't baffling it's supportive.I wanted to see a government installed that would show appreciation by relieving the strain on resources and staff with funding, not applause.Instead we got the elite back in for another innings and they're ostensibly on the front pages and TV headlines praising the NHS 'heroes' and wanting to take credit for leading the applause.When the cameras leave they text the same staff with threats of job losses or suspensions if they don't keep their mouths shut.That's truth. No conspiracy.Just news.

  10. Ros: “my kindest thoughts are with the PM”

    Magic. Your kindest thoughts have helped. Enjoy for years to come.

    1. ( I note that Lemsip never got any namecheck. Charming).