Saturday, 29 August 2020



Oh my gawd, I cannot believe, otherwise sane, Sonia Poulton is protesting in Trafalgar Square alongside the moronic far Right who demand the right to be infected with Covid-19.  I honestly can't believe these morons have turned a proven form of preventing the spread of infection, into a political issue!  Sonia is protesting 'mandatory vaccinations' and the mandatory wearing of masks, etc.  Firstly there aren't any mandatory vaccinations in this country and secondly, non mask wearers are not being persecuted, they are, rightly imo, just being avoided.

I haven't got the heart to look deeply into the freedoms these eejits claim are being attacked, I just see that David Icke is involved, so I assume it involves lizards.   Are they protesting Boris Johnson and his cabinet of Bullingdon Boys?  Err, no I don't think so.  Why blame the Prime Minister and his coke fuelled advisors, when the odds are Covid-19 was created by Bill Gates, cell phone providers (with their masts) and all those lefties in Silicone Valley.

Boris Johnson doesn't have the brain of a super villain.  Whilst he might in theory agree with the idea of a super disease to somehow control the masses, his private life is too complex for him to see it through.  He looks like a man who is confronted on a daily basis by his former lovers.  But I digress, just stand the dishevelled oaf next to Vladimir Putin and you will see what I mean.

The Prime Minister and his incompetent cabinet have attempted to deal with the pandemic, albeit badly.  We are now down to between 10 to 20 deaths per day, but the rate of infection is still scarily high.  Make note Sonia Poulton and Martin Daubney, the wearing of masks has lowered the 'curve'.  It is one of the most effective weapons we have.  Now, I am not entirely sure if these Trafalgar Square protesters are claiming Covid-19 is a hoax, but I am picking that up as a gist.  To them I would say, why would a tory, capitalist, government shut down an economy?  Were they panicked?  Yes, clearly, but once they realised a long term shutdown would lead to a financial recession, they quickly backpedalled to their initial stance, herd immunity.  Get those kids back to school.  Yes, just like Trump, Boris et al want kids back at school.  Parents make up a substantial part of the nation's workforce, they need schools to look after the children while their parents work.   From a Marxist perspective, parents are chained by family obligations to support regimes that oppress them. 

Those protesters in Trafalgar Square today are, I suppose, demanding that we all return to 'normality', as if Covid-19 no longer exists.  Much like Trump's campaign rally at the White House, the pictures and videos of August 2020 in Trafalgar Square and Washington, will be captured as 'moments in time', maybe recorded as 'the beginning of the super spreaders' that wiped out the world.  No social distancing, no masks.  We are in the same lull as the people of 1918 after the first wave of Spanish Flu hit, many, especially all those who didn't get hit first time around, feel emboldened, they have done their bit, stayed home, worn as mask, washed their hands endlessly and this 'highly contagious disease hasn't affected me' attitude has kicked in.  I'm not imagining it, I am seeing it in people all around me, they are taking what I call 'chances' they would have eschewed 6 months ago.  Then, they would sterilise every product that came into their homes, now, not so much.  

Ordinarily, I am all for, laissez fair and what will be, will be, but in the case of Covid-19, we can actually make constructive choices to help ourselves.  We don't have to be drawn into this crazily false sense of security.  We have the option to say, I'm just not ready yet. We want to protect ourselves, but we are also protecting those we love.   Is it all fake?  I don't know, I don't care.  Even if those lunatics in Trafalgar Square prove to be right, in some sort of bizarro world, I won't regret taking precautions.  I will always sleep better at night knowing that I didn't do anything to harm another person. 

Those 'freedoms' demanded by those people in Trafalgar Square are literally pathetic.  How self centred and lacking of a real cause are you, that your right to infect takes precedence over all those you might harm?  If you have health problems that prevent you from wearing a mask, stay out of shops and public places.  Note that others have the right to safety from you.  Your right to infect is not a good thing to be fighting for.  You don't want to wear a mask, how do you feel about about a ventilator?  Will it affect the gout in your fourth toe, left foot?

Jeez, I truly did not know how much the Far Right has penetrated society, both English and American.  How people you considered normal, are in fact Batshit crazy.  I have, though I consider Sonia a friend, ignored most of her campaigning and activism, dismissing it as 'not my cup of tea'.  Naively, I brushed off her 'far right' leanings, as not typical of the person I knew.  I would have liked to have got into a debate with her but I suspect on most subjects we would have been on opposite sides.   

I don't know who these people are protesting against.  If it's the tories, nobody hates Boris Johnson and his charmless allies more than I,  but 'wear a mask', 'wash your hands', 'socially distance' comes directly from the scientists who know what they they talking about.  If I had school age children, I would not send them back into an environment that every honest scientist describes as lethal, and my heart goes out to every parent, because having been a working, single mum, I know all the nightmares of finding childcare. 

Those in Trafalgar Square protesting the findings and advice of scientists takes ignorance to a whole new level.  Future generations will say jeez, incredible that such stone age thinking still existed in the 21st century.   For whatever reason, the little aliens in the 'For mash get smash' image comes to mind, their laughter at humans peeling spuds and mashing them.  But they won't be laughing, because two of the world's leading powers are following the exact same trajectory as their predecessors in 1918.  Ok, we've done as much as we can, perhaps if we ignore it, it will go away?  The result, between 50m and 100m deaths globally.  

One thing I have learned as I get older and wiser, is that ignoring 'a huge threat' doesn't make it go away.  Ignoring it makes it a zillion times worse, and it's at that stage that you reflect on all the opportunities 'to fix' along the way that you ignored.  Not a happy place to be.  I'm a writer and a dreamer but I'm still here, because ultimately, I am ruled by logic.  I have an inner 'Mr. Spock' who steps in when I start to catastrophise.  I don't believe Covid-19 is a hoax, if it were the hoax, the hoax would be ignore it and cover it up.  A new reality we seem to be moving towards, btw.  I don't know many people who have caught it, but then again I don't mix with people who would be vulnerable, rally attendees, party goers, and social distancing space invaders.  My biggest fear is waking up one day to find that my own social circle are dropping like flies and who's next?  I have watched enough Zombie movies to know how quickly the dominant ideology can flip and it's 'every man (and woman) for himself  (herself)'.  

At the moment I find the protests against masks so trite, I can't believe I am writing about it.  That is I can't believe people are protesting their right not to wear a mask and protect themselves and their families.  Seriously, is that their biggest priority right now?  Their right to infect and be infected?  Those mash potato aliens will be rolling on the floor and laughing out loud when they read those Trafalgar Square 2020 'demands for freedom'.  

It is now 29th August 2020, and I don't how the pandemic and the lunacy of the USA and the UK being held in the grip of Right Wing greed will turn out.  Those countries with leaders who have put the health of their people above their own political goals and the continued prosperity of their allies, have tackled the virus head on and won.  They are returning to 'normal' without fear.  Those who's primary interests are their own finances and those of their billionaire donors, have now discarded any pretence at fighting the virus and have invented a 'new normal', on par with Kellyanne Conway's 'alternative facts'.  They are pretending Covid-19 has gone away.  Step in Sonia Poulton and Martin Daubney, staunch supporters of this 'new alternate reality'.  Why Sonia why?  I really don't think history will treat you well.  


  1. Oh my gawd - I didn't think it would take so long for you to realise what sort of person Sonia Poulton is.

  2. Rosalind Hutton, you are insane. You are also EXTREMELY stupid.
    For eight years Ive given you the benefit of the doubt.
    Now, I know for certain you are as thick as pigshit and a narcissist to boot.
    Everything you have writen in this article is sheer nonsense and the truly disturbing thing is that it proves beyond any shadow of doubt that you do absolutely no research whatsoever and you have NO ability to think critically.
    The fact that you have have NOTHING to back up your ludicrous idiocy aprt from the regurgitation of gov and tv lies & propaganda (''honest' scientists'? you are one freaking fool if you believe that) - on this subject makes an absolute mockery of evrything you've ever written about the McCann situation.
    You have now proved that it has all come straight out of your tiny brainwashed mind.
    Time for you to retire. Give up blogging Ros; go and knit yourself a facemask instead.
    You absolute retard.

    1. Hi Anon 30 August 2020 at 19:34

      Rosalinda suggests that “we can actually make constructive choices to help ourselves. We don't have to be drawn into this crazily false sense of security”

      Words of Wisdom we should all take to Heart!

  3. Oops I did it again, lol, that is, I wrote you a lovely long reply 1934 but lost it. Probably because they have changed the blog format and I have once again pressed the wrong button, doh!

    So not a fan then eh? That's coming through quite loudly. Insane, hmm, that could go either way, I mean how are we measuring insanity here? And who is to judge what is sane, and what is insane? Albeit I am a narcissist, I will give you that, I have a constant inner dialogue that never switches off, so I guess that qualifies. But in fairness, so does everyone, 99% of us think about ourselves all the time. But I share that inner dialogue here on this blog, it stops me from exploding, like you.

    I actually find writing cathartic, I discovered that many, many years ago, if you can just let it out, say what you truly feel without being interrupted, can be a lifesaver. My ex annoyed me so much I wanted to murder him while he was sleeping. I didn't do it, obviously, but I created a fictional heroine who did. In those days I would write in A4 writing pads, pages and pages handwritten and in biro and usually in the wee small hours with a bottle of wine.

    I rarely, if ever, sent off what I had written, for me it was enough, 'to get it all out', in writing pads the world would never see. It was enough for me then, it kept me sane. I was a single mum, doing a full time job, and fighting on and off with a man I both loved and hated, that I will admit was truly insane.

    I got my sanity back when I went into higher education aged 39, it opened up a whole new world for me. It was then that I discovered that pretty much all I had believed up until that time was a false reality. Maybe a bit like yourself and David Icke, ha ha. My nightly catholic prayers stopped about 6 weeks in, my belief in newspapers and media, at around the same time.

    Now it is much harder to falsify news, though many work actively at it, simply because we all have much more access to information, we are not restricted to MSM news channels, and we all have cameras. We all know, over the next few days, the story in Kenosha will entirely different pictorial stories. Happily, all pictorial stories will come out, the government can't do anything to stop that.

    But I have given you enough to think about 19;34, think of all the joyful things you are missing whilst you are wasting time hating me. Your bad feelings do not hurt me, because you do not know me. If you knew me, you would have attacked my known Achilles heels. You are only hurting yourself by harbouring such mean and vicious thoughts - therein does not lie happiness. Take care.

  4. Hi Rosalinda, Anon30 August 2020 at 19:34 and whoever the subject in question may concern.

    As we’re now discussing the Trafalgar Square protests against too much governmental control due to covid-19 (if that was the case) and especially people’s disrespect for protecting themselves and others from being infected, I’d like to refer to our own head of the Swedish health care authority Anders Tegnell, who urges us to make voluntary sacrifices to avoid a devastating development of this horrible infection.

    According to him and other experts here, the best scenario for us in the future would be if we could better track down new outbreaks by the help from ordinary citizens, who want to co-operate with the authorities. Still, he claims, that we’ll have to live with covid-19 in one way or another forever, so not till winter or till next spring, but FOREVER. I repeat, FOREVER, hoping to make as many sceptics as possible understand how insanely idiotic those people were, who gathered in Trafalgar Square to manifest their ignorance, showing us all, that they neither understand what covid-19 is, nor their own role in this pandemic.

    Only one virus of this kind has been eradicated through vaccination, namely smallpox, so vaccination is no guarantee, but it’s of course needed.

  5. Hiya Bjorn, I have a mantra I use almost daily, and one which saves an awful lot of frustration. 'It's beyond my control', brazenly stolen from 'Dangerous Liaisons'. And what I mean by 'beyond my control', is the behaviour and actions of others, I can't stop them doing what they do. But I do have power, and it's not minimal, my power is in how I react to other peoples' behaviour. I am already finding myself in situations where I am with friends who have basically given up on all the rules. I hate to tell them to stay back, but I do, which, as you can imagine, is awkward.

    I really don't know what freedoms these Covidiots are demanding, they can put themselves at risk at much as they like, but if they are not going to wear masks and keep their distance they should keep out of shops. Why should they have the right to infect others, and what a sicko demand they are making.

    The lockdown in the UK was not exactly strict, in the same way as China and South Korea for example, where people out and about where they shouldn't be were thrown in police vans. The lockdown called mostly on the 'British bulldog' spirit of WWII and we all outside applauding the NHS every Thursday at 8pm. There weren't armoured cars and police with guns.

    I am not sure I agree with Anders Tegnell on the 'forever' theory. I say this because I have been following the trajectory of the 1918 Spanish Flu (which some say began in Kansas). Sadly, here in 2020, the world seems to be following the same trajectory, that is we are heading for a huge second wave. However, the Spanish Flu did eventually die out without a vaccine. I watched a documentary several years ago about scientists who predicted a global pandemic. They were trying to find traces of the 1918 virus by digging up victims of the Spanish flu who had been buried in the permafrost in outer Siberia. I can't remember if they were successful, which is vexing, as they hoped to find a vaccine should such an outbreak ever occur again.

    I would also point to Wuhan, China, the original epicentre of Covid-19, they recently held a massive pool party attended by thousands to celebrate their defeat of the virus. It can't be argued that the East have done far better with their handling of the pandemic than the West. I think we in the West were alarmed at the draconian measures and the military precision of China's lockdown, but it worked. Unfortunately for the US and the UK, the half arsed measures suggested by our governments allowed the virus to spread uncontrolled.

  6. Regarding your PS Bjorn and vaccinations, here in the UK, babies are vaccinated with MMR (Mumps, Measles, Rubella), there is also a polio vaccination administered via a sugar cube I believe, or at least it once was. They are not mandatory, parents can say no. As a child in the 60s, all these diseases were rife. I remember being very sick one time with measles, with my bed turned into a tent because I couldn't bear the light. I believe it is because of vaccinations that these diseases are largely eradicated. But these vaccines probably took years of work and research before being made available to the public. The US Health expert, Dr. Fauci says it will take 1 to 2 years or more to have an safe, effective, vaccination for Covid-19, which as you say may not ever be effective. Covid-19 is a new strain of virus, they don't know, even now, how far it will spread, whether it will mutate or whether it will just disappear overnight. This is where we could use a time machine to jump two years in the future, right now we have no idea what it will look like

    Well, apologies for the doom and gloom! I think you are right that the world will change forever and that the risk of Covid-19 might be ever present. As for the restrictions, I will continue to wear a mask and keep my distance, to be honest I have never been comfortable with people invading my space, lol. I'm a bit like Jerry Seinfeld, I wince and pull away when confronted by a 'close talker' so I can happily live with the 3 metres apart!

    Anyway, thank you for commenting and giving me something to talk about! Take care Bjorn, kindest wishes.

  7. After reading more than a few posts on your blog, I've come to the conclusion that you're an intelligent person with an analytical sort of mind and a powerful interest in justice. I think it's possible that your familiarity with the McCann case may offer you insights on the bigger picture... society, power, power's indifference to weakness, et al... that you've been too focused on the details of the case to take in with the necessary degree of detachment.

    For example: the powerful people who have aided the McCanns from the very beginning: do you suppose they're all naive and/or stupid and were easily duped by the couple? Or is there another mechanism at work? Say... how the powerful will close ranks to protect their own?

    How do The Powerful see you and I (the "little people"... the Serfs)? Do they see us as equals to be respected or as cattle to be controlled, dispassionately, for the overall good of The Farm...?

    Do you trust the powerful friends of the McCanns to be honest, transparent, sincere and decent in all of their decisions regarding Public Policy? Do you suppose the powerful ever say or do things, behind our backs, in an official capacity... that might horrify and even harm us? For example: when preparing to enter a war by which the powerful will profit enormously while we, the Serfs, pay an awful price?

    When the powerful want to make a war happen, what do they use? Well, of course, they use the most powerful tool (second only to lethal force) at their disposal: Media. Is any significant component of the world's Mass Media controlled/ managed exclusively by "the little people"?

    Do you trust The Media? Do you trust Big Media to hold your (our) interests as a higher priority than the interests of the Media's owners? Do you trust the Media to never lie, confuse or brainwash The Public to obtain the desired results?

    You and I and all of the non-brainwashed people can see quite clearly through the McCanns. But what else can we see through?

    What else might The Media lie about that we might miss... to our detriment?

    All massive social changes, in the Media Age, hinge on the convincing (24/7/365) presentation of a Crisis. People are more malleable when they're afraid. The combination of being afraid... and being dependent on The Powerful, for all of the key information pertaining to The Crisis, that The Powerful want the "little people" to believe in...

    ...leaves "the little people" in a rather precarious position.


    Wouldn't it be prudent to do some deeper reading before committing to a passionate position on an issue you're trusting The Powerful to be honest, to us Serfs, about?

  8. Interesting post, but it's late. I shall ponder over it tomorrow morning with an expresso and a warm croissant, good night fellow serf, see you anon.

  9. Apologies for the delay 18:40 my morning plans did not go as intended.

    I've read your post twice as I found it very interesting, but of course I would, you began by complimenting me, so I know from the off you are not a fool. I'm afraid I have lost all interest in the McCann case, but I will answer you in detail anyway, which incidentally, might go some way in explaining why I have lost interest.

    I am fully aware, probably more than most, that 'powerful people' were behind the huge news story Madeleine's disappearance became. And for their own reasons. The Labour Party, pre Jeremy Corbyn were trying to introduce ID cards and establish a data bank of our collective DNA. A child being stolen from her bed was a terrific scare tactic, to persuade the population to hand over all their private and confidential details. Implying that anyone who doesn't has something to hide and is probably a pervert.

    I think at some point during his position of Prime Minister, Tony Blair went completely off his rocker with all that power. It happened to Thatcher too, she started to refer to herself as 'we' a la Queen Victoria. For Blair, I guess after taking the UK into war illegally, anything after that was small fry. In my opinion, he was using Jim Gamble to get a slice of the Silicone Valley pie and to gather information on thousands, if not millions of private citizens, perhaps even start up a police force dedicated to patrolling the internet. Pure speculation I hasten to add, but I like to look at the bigger, or even biggest, picture. One of my questions, why terrify every parent in the world that their toddler could be stolen from his/her cot. We all know that rarely if ever happens, and err, that's why it was a global news story. Bizarrely within weeks, child abduction became the biggest threat in every nation. I had a friend who went on holiday to Portugal with her young daughter in June 2007. She said it was a nightmare as complete strangers tried to snatch HER daughter, claiming it was 'Maddie'.


  10. You are being a little bit too polemic when you say 'powerful' and 'serfs', as if we are two distinct groups and that the 'powerful' are all members of the same club. Clearly, they are not, we live in a democracy, power is transitory, it is not permanent. Those powerful in 2007 for example are not powerful now. Blair and Brown are in the history books, though their ideology is resurfacing with Kier Starmer, but that's another debate for another day. The problem you have 18:10 (please, even an initial will do!) is that you are lumping 'the powerful' together as one distinct group. A common enemy for we serfs. But it's not that simple.

    Let me give you an example, a bad one actually, because it proves your point rather than mine, ha ha, but here we go. If the Madeleine story was one big almighty scam, as I believe it was, why has there been no result from Scotland Yard, who have been investigating the case under Labour and Tory governments? A tory government could have torn into Blair et al for the terrible way they handled this case. But they didn't. They continued with virtually the same sound bites. My opinion is, that too many VIPs, both labour and conservative, backed up the McCanns story. More importantly, so did quite a few top police inspectors. Added to that you must take into consideration how unpopular it was to question the word of Gerry and Kate McCann. The perfect couple who lost the perfect child on the perfect holiday. That was the narrative. Put out not just by the family, but also the government at the time. I don't think Gerry and Kate were criminal masterminds.

    Anyone who questioned it was a monster. But, as I alluded to above, the 'missing child scenario' fitted nicely into the 'powerful's' plan to harvest a national database. Nothing arouses the public's anger more than paedophilia, it is a subject that can make turn a normal, ok person, into a raging lunatic. That is, it is almost impossible to have any sort of rational discussion. Ergo, if the powerful, the government, the media, the establishment, 'imply' your beloved baby is at constant risk of being stolen by gangs of paedophiles, your response is emotional not logical.

    .....this became a blog, thank you for giving me so many points to answer!

  11. "I am fully aware, probably more than most, that 'powerful people' were behind the huge news story Madeleine's disappearance became. And for their own reasons. The Labour Party, pre Jeremy Corbyn were trying to introduce ID cards and establish a data bank of our collective DNA. A child being stolen from her bed was a terrific scare tactic, to persuade the population to hand over all their private and confidential details. Implying that anyone who doesn't has something to hide and is probably a pervert."

    Yes, exactly! We're in complete agreement on that. But why would "The Government" stop there... or only try such tactics occasionally? It's an ongoing thing... a series of manufactured crises to steer us in certain directions. Comprehensive surveillance and "ID" tech... digital cash (a much more controllable form of money; any Totalitarian's dream)... social credit... a draconian and permanent erosion of civil rights under the spuriously-applied alibi of "national emergency"...

    ... all of those being, obviously, the sort of thing that Right Wingers are accused of having paranoid delusions regarding. And I'm pretty sure many (if not most) Right Wingers *are* paranoid, and violent, too. But Right Wingers and thoughtful Progressives can actually fear the same things, sometimes. I'd rather not go marching with any Right Wingers (and I'm sure they'd shoo me off if I lost my mind temporarily and tried to)... but it would be absurd of me to establish my position on any given topic by first determining what Right Wingers think about it and then thinking/ saying/ doing the precise opposite, by default. I'm not in the habit of checking the Right Wing position on any topic before developing my own position, and that I do by diving into a pile of reading (the "news" is just spin and hype and worthless for actual data). It helps that I'm a "bookworm" by nature. But I've also lived a fairly interesting life in the "real world," so I have plenty of experience with which to balance the abstractions absorbed from reading.

    Sadly, reading (*heavy* reading of more than, say, 100 pages at a go) is no longer popular and I find myself quite often arguing with people who know next to nothing on the topics they appear ready to go battle over! Laugh. But of all the times and crises of the past 40 years (and there have been many, one more suspicious than the next) *this* is the year it would behoove us all to be fantastically well-educated on the issues we are rather blatantly being hoodwinked on. And that's all I'll say on that but I trust you've caught my drift...

    PS I understand you've moved on re: the McCanns, but I have one more thought on that: how did these "parents"... mere doctors, after all... make so many important friends?

  12. "You are being a little bit too polemic when you say 'powerful' and 'serfs', as if we are two distinct groups and that the 'powerful' are all members of the same club. Clearly, they are not, we live in a democracy, power is transitory, it is not permanent."

    Well, speaking pragmatically, the line between the Serfs and the Bill Gates Class is both deeply entrenched, politically significant and "democratically" irrelevant, no? Gates has enormous power, was never elected (and we should add, for good measure, that his fantastic wealth doesn't flow from his "inventions"... he invented nothing and stole quite a lot... his wealth was based on cut-throat business practises and 20 years ago... before a dubious-but-expensive charm offensive... everyone knew it) and yet Gates is in firm control of more than one public (for-profit) Health institution. Before antitrust protections were gutted post-Reagan/ Bush, Gates' current position of dizzying power/influence wouldn't have been possible. Elected officials come and go, but the Corporate Power behind the various ceremonial offices has the advantage of institutional continuity that is, in many cases, centuries-old. They are competitors, these powers, who are not too dumb to work together from time to time. There is no Serfy counterbalance to such power/ organization. Nor has there been since... when? Various Medieval uprisings...?

    Bleak, perhaps, but... there you have it.

  13. What a shame you went off onto a crazy Bill Gates theory, I was quite enjoying our chat.

    It is odd that you fear those who try to bring you information, that is the kind of logic I have simply have no time for.

  14. Hmmmm... actual info to back up that assertion of "crazy"? And aren't you, very strangely, acting like a McCann Fan in the apparent personal offense you've taken over critical remarks about a total stranger? All I ask is that you consider these questions objectively.