Thursday, 10 September 2020


I was traumatized by the last General Election in the UK and the last remnants of faith I had in human nature, simply wandered off, and I'm not in a hurry to retrieve them.  A Labour Government led by Jeremy Corbyn would have been a giant evolutionary leap for the British people, instead we elected a backward thinking British government negotiating with the progressive countries of the EU?  What could possibly go wrong?  Well as it turns out, everything, we are now a rogue nation who will be sanctioned by every country that signed the Good Friday Agreement and others who are simply appalled.

At the moment, I am typing this while Donald Trump drones on about his amazing achievements in another open window.  I can't bear to look at his face just now, the voice enough, and I have to say, as a 'speaker', he's terrible.  He has a dull monotone voice, no inflections, no highs, no lows, nothing inspirational or entertaining, he might as well be reading a laundry list.  And to add to the boredom, he repeats the same lines, over and over again at every press conference and meeting.  He has no anecdotes to endear him to his audience, because he has zilch in common with anyone, except maybe Kim Jong Un.  The few stories I have heard Trump tell, usually involved someone being humiliated and treated like a dog.  Apparently he and Kim Jong Un bonded over Kim's graphic retelling of how he executed his Uncle - fed to 22 rabid dogs, shot with anti tank missiles or put in front of a firing squad, who knows, but they clicked and fell in love.

As someone who used to describe myself as a 'Marxist/Feminist', gee was I ever that young?  It's probably not surprising that I loath Trump with every fibre in my body, so my next statement, 'I just don't get it', could be put down to bias.  But seriously, I just don't get it.   What is it about the flashy. trashy, faux billionaire that appeals not just to his base, but anyone.   Trump believes he is the embodiment of every blue collar worker who aspires to be rich, like him.  Follow his lead and you too can have a trophy wife and media moguls bowing down to you.  You also get to say 'your fired'.  A lot.  That alone appeals to all the sadists.  

And that brings us to nub of what I am trying to say.   Trump is a bitter, angry man, and he is appealing to the bitterness and anger in everyone who listens to him.  This greedy capitalist doesn't have a shred of philanthropy in him.   At the moment he is appealing to the middle classes in the Suburbs, pointing out to the mean spirited that low income housing and projects will destroy their neighbourhoods.  Everyone knows he means 'blacks', it was the foundation of the Trump housing empire and the subject of many law suits.  As is becoming more apparent every day, he repeats over and over, the limited amount of information his brain can store.

Watching, or more accurately listening, to Donald Trump's press conference this evening (afternoon in Washington), it was obvious that Trump is not well.  Aging Uncles can get away with telling the same old stories over and over at every family gathering, but in the President of the USA, it's just cringeworthy!   I mean, I won't lie, I have been watching US politics like a hawk, waiting for a sign, any sign, that the most evil man alive will be crushed and hell yeah, humiliated.  I hate him that much it will cost 1000 Hail Marys.  But now it's happening, and it is, I'm having to watch through my fingers.

For sure, Trump has pissed off all the Gods, how can you not think there was a bit of divine intervention at the Trump Boat Rally?  It wouldn't have surprised me if a Kracken had popped up because the Gods, all them, seem to be united.  It was a great metaphor for the sinking Trump Campaign.  The polls are in Biden's favour, by around 10 points, but we all remember what happened in 2016, and we here in England know what happened in December 2019.  

But American politics are different, in Oh so many way, but for the purposes of this blog, let's bring it all down to money.  Money, being the answer to every question.  In August, Joe Biden raised $364m, Trump raised $220m.  And Trump is running out of money.  Joe Biden and all his allies (of which there are many) are out-advertising Trump in all the swing states.  Trump, being the odious creature that he is, has pissed off all those genuine 'billionaires' who propped him up in 2016.  Now he is depending on the small donors, those blue colour workers who have lost their jobs and are no longer being furloughed.  Good luck with that.

Meanwhile, this week, hot on the trail of Mary Trump, 3 new 'tell all' books have come out.  Michael Cohen his personal lawyer, presently on sojourn from jail, Melania's former best friend and, drum roll.... Bob Woodward,  just titbits thus far, but promises to be a zinger.  Each book, each revelation, chips away at even the hardest of Trump supporters.  Just how much evil can they defend?  At what point does their conscious and humanity kick in?

Trump is not just a narcissist, he is a full blown psychopath.  Most of us are thankful for what we have, religious people especially.  Trump isn't, he feels he deserves more, ergo whenever he speaks, he talks about how hard done by he is.  He doesn't understand injustice outside of his own personal sphere, it's always 'but what about me?' His campaign, if you can call it that, is nothing more than incessant whinging, poor me, poor me, poor me.  I'm pretty sure Wellington, Nelson and Napoleon didn't prepare their troops for battle by complaining about the bad press they were getting.  He truly is clueless if he thinks that is how leaders act.  

Apologies for my Trump fixation.  I have managed to broaden my horizons a tad by making jam.  It started off as small amounts for personal use, but now it is turned into a small money losing industry, as I am now putting it in jars and giving it away.  It is divine, of course, that is one of the benefits of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), I keep trying until I get it right, lol.  I am aiming for, and have achieved a couple of times, a cross between a jam a jelly and a compote. I want to have it on my Greek yoghurt, my ice cream and my toast.  Should I stumble on the right formula I'll be in touch with Dragons Den!  

Quarantine, corona virus, wise, it would appear that we are heading into that deadly 'second wave'.  We have a new law, no more gatherings of 6 people and over.  The numbers are still very low at the moment, but maybe, just maybe, this time, the Government are listening to the scientists and experts.  Schools all over the UK have opened, but they seem to be closing just as quickly.  As we all knew, and I mean we all, schools are superspreaders.  But Boris Johnson, like Trump, wants the workers, the producers of wealth, back clocking in every day and they can't without childcare.

But enough of me on my soapbox.  My kindest wishes to those who still look in.  Take care.  

The Republican Convention was just bizarre, it will be remembered mostly for the coked off their heads, appearances of Don Jr and his mad as a box of frogs girlfriend, Kimberly.  Trump rolled off his usual shopping/laundry/to do lists in his mega boring, hard done by old man voice, and his 'oh so vain' daughter Ivanka, gave her speech like a female superhero.  The wind gently blowing through her blonde locks, was a nice touch. Take note, for when the Oscars come around.    e.  

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