Friday, 11 September 2020


A continuation of my reply to a post on previous blog on Trafalgar Square , part II.

You are being a little bit too polemic when you say 'powerful' and 'serfs', as if we are two distinct groups and that the 'powerful' are all members of the same club.  Clearly, they are not, we live in a democracy, power is transitory, it is not permanent.  Those powerful in 2007 for example are not powerful now. Blair and Brown are in the history books, though their ideology is resurfacing with Kier Starmer, but that's another debate for another day.  The problem you have 18:10 (please, even an initial will do!) is that you are lumping 'the powerful' together as one distinct group.  A common enemy for we serfs.  But it's not that simple.

Let me give you an example, a bad one actually, because it proves your point rather than mine, ha ha, but here we go.  If the Madeleine story was one big almighty scam, as I believe it was, why has there been no result from Scotland Yard, who have been investigating the case under Labour and Tory governments? A tory government could have torn into Blair et al for the terrible way they handled this case.  But they didn't.  They continued with virtually the same sound bites.  My opinion is, that too many VIPs, both labour and conservative, backed up the McCanns story.  More importantly, so did quite a few top police inspectors.  Added to that you must take into consideration how unpopular it was to question the word of Gerry and Kate McCann. The perfect couple who lost the perfect child on the perfect holiday.  That was the narrative.  Put out not just by the family, but also the government and mainstream media at the time.  Sky News even gave the McCann family their own news channel.  I know because I was watching it 24/7 whilst caring for my sick mother.  We were both captivated by the story and talked about it endlessly, she was 'anti McCann' and I, believe it or not, was 'pro McCann'.  That is, my initial reaction, like that of most people, was compassion for the parents.  To my mind, my mother was a 'terrible woman' (it sounds endearing with an Irish accent), that is, she was always going out of her to 'shock' and squabbling with her was hilarious, for both of us.  When we meet again, I can't wait to catch her up on the antics of 'that trollop' Kate Price :)

But I digress.  I don't think Gerry and Kate were criminal masterminds.  They were ordinary people caught up in an extraordinary series of events, most of them, beyond their control.  I think they experienced a tragedy and were thrown a lifeline from 'dark shadows'?.   Thereafter they, as a couple, did everything they could to preserve their family and living kids, they made a pact, not matter how distasteful things go, we stick to the story.  I can understand the first bit, who hasn't had to make a pact with the devil? But in my opinion they went way way beyond that need for survival and all too quickly into greed and retribution.  Punishing the cop who searched for your daughter for example,  is immoral on every level.

Right now, I am completely indifferent as to what happens to anybody in this case.  I have no idea what the state of play is now, and I don't really care.  I think Gerry and Kate McCann have suffered more than most of us in our lifetimes, mostly from their own reaction to what was going on around them.  Punishment of any kind, is always distasteful to me.  People with a conscience punish themselves above and beyond, and I think those consciences are there because they have tried so hard to absolve themselves.  I believe they loved their daughter Madeleine, of that I have no doubt and they will miss her until their end of days.  I don't think there was anything malicious or perverted involved in Madeleine's disappearance.  Gregarious, ambitious 30 somethings are only interested in other gregarious, ambitious, 30 somethings, not kids ffs.

Sadly, those who 'see paedophiles everywhere' became too deeply embedded in this case.  From both sides.  Both the 'pros' and the 'antis' (not my dear old mum I hasten to add) went out of their way to link Madeleine's disappearance to paedophile gangs, especially on the internet.  Madeleine was not yet 4 at the time.  Computers were seized, freaky allegations were made, especially via anonymous phone calls to PDL's police.  Robert Murat was criminally profiled by experts from Jim Gamble's CEOP.   Single middle aged man, tick.  Likes internet porn, tick. Too helpful to police like Ian Huntley (thanks Sun newspaper), tick, chopped up critters (thanks anonymous phone calls), in his youth, tick.  Enough to make him first Arguido.  

Of course, that didn't pan out, and Robert Murat (rightly in my opinion) was awarded hundreds of thousands of pounds for having his name dragged to hell and back.  Unfortunately, as Jim Gamble pointed out, this is a case that will probably never be resolved in our lifetimes.  Takes a lot of confidence to say that.  By resolved of course, he means 'officially' and I believe him.  Bizarrely, I now feel a twinge of sympathy for Gerry and Kate, when I said they have suffered, I truly mean it.  And no, I don't feel good about that, jeez, I don't ever want to see anyone suffer.  I suspect that since 2007 the couple have lived the best lives they can to ease their pain and to compensate for their, shall we say, sins.  

I may be wrong, but they, even with CEOP's dodgy profiling, do not fit the criteria for habitual criminals.  They don't now, and never have (if you discount their advisors) presented any threat to anyone, certainly not their children.  No police officer has ever thought that, not even Goncalo Amaral.  Those creepy websites should never have received the attention they did.  As I found, getting banned everywhere, they just weren't interested in logic.  They had made up their minds!  The case involved perverts, swingers and whatever sick sexual perverse shit they could imagine.  So fecking dense they didn't realise all the filth was actually coming from their own minds! 

Do I think Gerry and Kate McCann should be brought to justice?  Actually time I think, has a big influence.  Gerry and Kate have had to live with this nightmare since 2007 and I don't see any way you can be at peace with all that shit going on.   Some might say they have been political pawns all his time, beholden to all those powerful people who gave them succour?  Imagine living a life where 'powerful' have control over you?  Gerry and Kate were never arrested but they were never cleared either.  They have been hanging in purgatory for the last 13 years.  The 'powerful' they trusted, have never had the power to give them a clean slate.  Those they trusted, Rupert Murdoch, the Sun et al, were putting them on the front pages whilst simultaneously stabbing them in the back.  See Kate and Gerry posing like Charles and Diana.  With all The Sun have gathered on Kate and Gerry and the extended family they could have had a field day if tabloids ever became popular again.  Now, news moves too fast, who cares?  And Gerry and Kate have probably realised by now, that the Sun only wants them if they can create salacious headlines that will again put them on trial.  I truly hope they see through this now.  

Which brings us nicely back to serfs.  Am I a serf?  Probably, though as a class warrior I have always had an arrogant, over grandiose opinion of myself, I don't bow to anyone, so I've never really been serf material.   I am however, overly aware of what a tiny, tiny, speck I am on the universe.  Now, whilst I am not religious, I change religion every day, and also knocking on a bit, I feel it ever more important to leave my stamp before I go.  I'm making marmalade tomorrow, so fingers crossed.  They are not Seville oranges, so sad face smiley.

I feel a bit sad for Gerry and Kate McCann because losing a child is a sorrow I cannot imagine.  I think they were badly, badly, misguided by all the vultures who rushed to their aid.  I understand their need to survive (I'm a huge fan of Walking Dead), but trying to survive should not in any way, hurt other people. That's the big I cannot grasp.  And they did hurt other people, as a 'tapas' group they pointed the finger  at the innocent Robert Murat.  I can only imagine what being accused of being a child abductor can do to a man, especially in prison.  Where are their consciences in putting an innocent man through such horror?

The hurting others part is the bit I just don't get in the whole Madeleine saga.  I can see that suing Goncalo Amaral, the lead Portuguese detective on the case should  have reinforced the couple's victimhood and innocence, it actually had the opposite effect.  Who tf sues the detective investigating them?  What court, English or European would create such a precedent?  Who tf advises them to use what remains of their once abundant Madeleine Fund to chase worthless law suits?   No Gerry and Kate are not criminal masterminds, they might just as well have had 'dumb' and 'gullible' tattooed on their foreheads, that they kept their heads just above water, is err, admirable? 

Anyone who questioned it was a monster.  But, as I alluded to above, the 'missing child scenario' fitted nicely into the 'powerful's' plan to harvest a national database. Nothing arouses the public's anger more than paedophilia, it is a subject that can make turn a normal, ok person, into a raging lunatic. That is, it is almost impossible to have any sort of rational discussion.  Ergo, if the powerful, the government, the media, the establishment, 'imply' your beloved baby is at constant risk of being stolen by gangs of paedophiles, your response is emotional not logical.  


  1. "Right now, I am completely indifferent as to what happens to anybody in this case. I have no idea what the state of play is now, and I don't really care."

    You care enough to write a blog on the Mccanns. Maybe you should get yourself up to speed with what is happening - you spent more than 10 years of your life posting rubbish about the Mccanns.

    1. I look on the years I spent writing about Madeleine McCann as a journey, a journey I shared with hundreds of others. Now it may seem an odd journey to embark on, but I and indeed everyone else who followed this real life reality crime were hooked. Gerry, Kate et al, caste their rods far and wide to entice a global audience and they succeeded. That they weren't able to keep control of the global audience they attracted, was inevitable. As Gerry said, perhaps they were naive to think they could control the monster they created.

      Of course it was inevitable that the narrative the parents were putting out would be questioned because there were so many questions left unanswered. The story simply didn't ring true and didn't make any sense. People could see that, and many, including myself, who refused to accept the 'official' story became the enemy.

      The 'official' story caste the parents as victims and heroes, whilst demonising the Portuguese detective who originally investigation the case. It forgave, unconditionally, the fact that the parents had deliberately left 3 very young children on their own in a holiday apartment while they went to dinner. And worse. It implied 'all' parents did this, especially English ones and it wasn't a big deal. How could they know a child predator was on the prowl that night. The hotel didn't warn them about child predators nor did the local police, ergo, they and the predator were guilty and the parents were victims.

      Those of us who have looked into this know that is a load of rubbish. Holiday resorts rarely advertise that they are plagued by child abductors, especially when they aren't, and not unreasonably, they expect parents to look after their children. Gerry and Kate were offloading blame from the very beginning. This I found odd. From my own experience, I have blamed myself absolutely for every accident and near miss my kids suffered. And I have cried along with every parent who has lost a child and blames themselves, I hear them, I feel their pain. I remember seeing an interview with Sarah Payne talking about her murdered daughter. Her agony was tangible and she made her sweet little daughter real to us in the loving way she spoke about her. It was a very emotional experience, not just for myself, but for all who watched it.

      Now I know many people say, particularly in defence of the McCanns, that no-one know how they would react to the horror of having a child stolen. Some admired the McCanns', err, stoicism, others were appalled and cried 'wtf is wrong with them'. I, self admittedly, am a complete wuss, ergo I try not to judge other people by myself. But I've seen bravery, heck there have even been occasions when I have been brave myself.

      I'm going to run out of word space lol, so this has become a blog :)

    2. It's going to become a blog of lies - try checking what caste mean before you continue.