Tuesday, 28 June 2022


Well, that's it, finally I have been to the hairdressers.  The no more cutting, no more colouring began with the lockdown, but then just carried on when I realised that long hair is actually far less maintenance than short hair!  Who knew?  I must have spent thousands over the years having my hair done, hair cutting is the one area of my life where I have never economised and I have had some wild and wonderful hairstyles over the years, it's always kind of been my thing.  Some might say, if I had taken as much care with my choice of men as I do with hair stylists, it might all have been different...... ah, such is life.

But little things make me happy, none more so than a great new 'Do'.  I had forgotten the joy and anxiety of going into a hairdressers, fearful yet excited as to how it is going to go.  I haven't been able to sleep since I made the appointment.  I can't forget the one time I gave my hairdresser free rein.  She cut my hair in the style of Friar Tuck, it was the 80's and boxy short hairdos were in.  There were no redeeming features, I could neither brush it upwards, backwards or anywhere other than square in the centre of my head.  The best I could get from family, colleagues and friends, and yes, there were snickers, was it will grow back.  Not when it's above your fecking ears it won't.

But I digress, I get very emotional when recalling bad hair experiences, mostly it has been a joy, in the past I would always go show my dear old Dad when I got my hair cut.  He knew the way to my narcissistic heart, if I was down in the dumps he would put his hand in his pocket for a couple of notes, so I could go and get my hair done.  His knowledge of psychology ran deep.  My next step would be to call my mother to discuss the new do in depth.  When I first went blonde she asked ' what, like Lily Savage?' why her first thoughts went to that extreme visual is mind boggling, but also hilarious.  Thereafter it would be 2 hours on the phone to my mate Big Lynn, she was a very patient woman, and then basically anyone who would listen.  

Keeping people interested in the hair talk is kind of hard work.  I am currently exchanging texts with a friend who's first love is home decor, she is pretty skilled at steering the conversation into lampshades and wallpaper, getting the chat back to my blue hair is proving difficult, it's like a game of chess.  Smart Arsed Son managed a 'yeah, it looks good', but will not go beyond that.  He pointed out yet again that he is not the gay son I had always dreamed of.  Now planning a night out (for my 65th) at a gay club where the shallow subject of hair can be discussed with empaths.  The whole concept of empaths is quite new to me, and I am sure I am one.  Not a wise thing to claim as I have discovered.  Smart Arsed Son has found thousands of new and creative ways to say 'not an empath', which is vexing.

But I cannot complain, I received an abundance of compliments from the young girls who worked in the salon and the stylist who kept using words like gorgeous and fabulous, I felt like a film star!  For anyone who is interested, I got the colour from Fanola No More Yellow purple shampoo (on recommendation of a dear reader) and the Fanola purple hair mask (like a conditioner).  I haven't used anything else, not even regular shampoo, and my hair has been in fabulous condition ever since.  I was advised 'carry on doing whatever you are doing', which is a great thing to hear from a hairdresser.  Also great to hear long hair at any age is OK.   I think back in the 60's you would have been put in a straight jacket, or earlier still, the ducking stool!   I will shut up about hair, a blog on the joys of being over 60 follows:


  1. You're gorgeous. You always were.

    Ziggy xxx

    1. Aww Ziggy, bless you, that is a compliment I will treasure forever. Anyway how are you doing? I kind of miss our constant bickering, Zig, you were a fun adversary, and in fact I am wracking my brains for something we can (vehemently) disagree on ;)

      I am not quite the old tree hugging feminist I once was, in fact I want no part in what feminism means today, because it seems to me that they are teaching women to take on the mantle of victimhood. In effect they are telling women that they are not as strong as men, and that's what bugs me.
      I have never in my life felt weaker than a man and I have met very few, if any, women that have. I think however, that you too are raising your eyebrows at all this wokedom Zig, and indeed these manufactured wars between the sexes so we will probably have little fall out with there.

      It is very nice to to hear from Ziggy and of course nice that you still pop in. Would love to hear more from you on any topic, though should add, my fav subjects at the mo, are Vikings and hair. I will let you off the 'hair' because it is my experience that non gay guys wouldn't notice if you wore a fully rigged battleship on your head a la Marie Antoinette. She may not have been much of a philanthropist, but I have always admired her hair dos. Big old great to see ya hug on the way, take care.

    2. Thanks Ms Hutton( your new feminist name just to annoy you) x
      ( I mailed you by the way)

      I miss our bickering too. Only because it never ended in angry sex.I hate the limits of the internet.

      The world has gone mental.Or just become worse. I look back now and Trump looks normal.I said it then and I say it now, the so called 'leaders' are being hand picked for their crassness and lack of intellect and misplaced sense of entitlement. Boris-caricature of the bumbling English toff , all bluster and bullshit. Trump- the epitome of the' American Dream' - you can make it to the top and be as ostentatious as you like if you can buy the ticket; big, loud, shallow and tacky.And as George Carlin identified that good ol' american dream ''you have to be asleep to believe it''. Zelensky, a 'hilarious' stand up comedian and billionaire( all of a sudden) who is doing the bidding of the US ( and NATO).Form earning a crust to billionaire in 5 minutes as the US foments global propaganda against the red peril.Hitler started like that.

      It's all to expose the obvious flaws in party politics ( ergo democracy), and show that like fiat money, it'ss had it's day.

      Politicians will be demoted to the role of messengers for the Technocrats and we'll have a global governance divided into a few major sub sections a la Big Brother and Brave New World.Don't worry- we'll be vaccinated into Woodstock - style oblivian, just as Aldous Huxley was for his exit.

      Klaus Schwab makes James Bond's enemies look like Noddy and Big Ears.Siiting in his nest on Lake Geneva with the other maniacs, he's doing Kissinger's bidding.But the clue to the whole unfolding nightmare has links to everyone already mentioned. That is the wonderful Yuval Noah Harari. He is the protege of the Klaus character. If you look at him he'll call you an anti semite or homophobe.He has pretty much decided( on behalf of his paymasters ) that 'transhumanism' and 'post humanism' are underway now. We are nothing more than 'meat' and we are 'hackable'.You have to see and hear this oddball to believe him.

      He's busying himself with bigger issues thoiugh . As the various Covids and Monkey Polios take hold and Russia try to blow up Mars, he is completing a computer programme for all schools.yes- schools- where children have to go. His programme is a sort of inventory for them to box-tick then click for the score.It will tell them where on the scale they are in 'gayness'.If they see it in data then it's real -right ? So they can stop wondering and go and be whatever gender is trendy this week. All part of the sexualising of children- why ? Because the last 20 years has exposed hundreds of our masters who want them for it.So- make it legal and the crime is dissolved...

      I'm sick to death of 'isms'.I'm sick to death of seeing the obvious propaganda. Dr Who became a woman- wow how enlightened.Now he's become gay and black.James Bond is about to be either a woman or gay / trans whatever.Every TV commercial is filled with gay / lesbian . black faces.I'm beginning to hate rainbows.

      Things were going the right way albeit slowly.Now peple are becoming annoyed by all the Woke crap so are now becoming anti this or that because it's in their face.

      The whole of existence was made complete down to cell level by combining a plus( +) and a minus (-). Women have many flaws and weaknesses.But more strengths and qualities.Men can be described the same way.The whole is supposed to be bigger than the sum of it's parts so when they becoime one, they click and compensate, and compliment each other.Or, they could stay apart and whine.

      The human race is fragmenting. But they log on and they imnagine they're 'one'.The virtue signallers all need to be shot in the face.Humanely of course.Or is that Virtue Signalerist...

      Now..where's my coffee. And who let you out of the kitchen anyway..chop chop...

      Zig :) x

      PS..you have to see :


    3. Apologies for the delay in publishing Zig, I was, as is common these days, away with the fairies. Now, good heavens, what have I unleashed? lol, your inner Piers Morgan it would seem. but I hear you my friend, the world does seem a tad barmy these days, the dominant ideology is shifting, an extreme right wing government will, with a bit of luck, be toppled by the extreme left. Unfortunately, that theory isn't working so well at the moment, because Starmer is Tory Lite, too afraid to make radical demands for fear of losing the middle classes.

      But a star was born last week, Mick Lynch, leader of the striking railway workers. The MSM hate his straight talking and their efforts to portray him as a revolutionary marxist failed miserably. He stated his case clearly, the railway bosses, while awarding themselves huge bonuses are asking his members to take a paycut and work longer hours. Obviously no Union representative could accept that. His straight talking, common sense and likeability has won over the public, he has, quite rightly, made the government the bad guys. Kudos.

      Ooh heaven forbid the angry sex, lol. But good for you that your mind and whatever still thinks along those lines. That is all in the past for me, I much prefer a nice cup of a tea and a slice of cake. That is a line straight from the old Worzel Gummidge, it comes to mind because my ex used to call me Aunt Sally because I was I was so mean to him. That should be a putter offer, lol.

      I don't know that the human race is fragmenting, virtue signalers have been with us since time began. See 'Life of Brian', or even every man and woman who has donned a habit or a robe to let the world know they don't indulge in human sins, like sex, drugs and rock and roll. I think people who want you to know how good they are, are secretly sadistic. Inwardly they are thinking, you, you reprobate, are going to burn in the fires of hell.

      I once went along to a local Council meeting, which for some weird reason got on to the subject of dogs pooping in the streets. I swear every member of the audience stood up to explain, in detail, their own heroic efforts to clean up after their dogs. It was torture, I was praying for the good Lord or Scotty to beam me up. I acknowledge that with the McCanns, it brought forward thousands who took the opportunity to explain what good parents they were by comparison. Human nature I guess.

      I actually think the gender issues are desexualizing, they are blurring the lines between the established order of male and female. And I think that's a shame. The battle of sexes makes the world turn around, how many times has love or lust changed world events? I loved being a young girl about town, that is working as a temp in London in the 70s and 80s. Of course I got accosted, many times, I was gorgeous lol, but never anything I couldn't handle. And the same applied to my colleagues and peers and when I think of some of them, wandering fingers would have been chopped off! But I have got to be honest flirting at work and going out on long lunches was fun, I wasn't really there because of my love of typing.

      My philosophy these days Ziggy, as I have probably mentioned is 'it's beyond my control'. I apply it to everything, heck, I even chant it. I took it from 'Dangerous Liaisons', but it could have come straight from Buddha or Grasshopper. It's very comforting. Unfortunately, I didn't learn about the Laws of Attraction (not what you think) until much later in life. When you understand you control nothing, only yourself, it is like having a huge weight taken from your shoulders, it is the way to inner peace and maybe enlightenment.

    4. I am not offended at being called 'Ms' Ziggy. I have used it all my life, even when married, because I have always questioned why should I give away my marital status to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Men don't. I am most offended when people change it to Mrs out of pity or whatever, they really aren't flattering me. I'm not someone's other half, I am a unique individual and I am fiercely proud of that. Probably why I am on my own, lol.

      But I jest. I don't see not having a partner as failure. In fact when I got my brain back (menopause), I could see what a terrible thing having a partner would be, for me. Phrases like 'what's for dinner', 'I need that shirt for tomorrow' and 'while you're up love' could turn me into an ice pick killer. Yes, I have already fantasized, for literary purposes, how to do it. Quick ice pick in the back of the head and burial under the patio. I would make my female protagonist an evil gaslighter who drives her victim crazy. I may have got that plot from the Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial.

      But I have wandered into waffle as I usually do, take care.

    5. I've been on my own for Years Ms Ros.I chose to refuse to reply to anyone who didn't address me as sir.I suppose that's part of the reason I ended up on my own.Worst of all I an't even blame hormones.I should think things out better....

      I understand and empathize with your attitude to the stereotypical yappings of a man.However, I feel murdering one because he asked what was for dinner is a little extreme.A left hook is acceptable should it be accompanied with the 'complimentary' pat on the backside.I fear you have a whiff of the Agatha Christies about you.And as for the ice pick in the back of the head for implying you have one of his shirts to iron that too can be considered a little excessive a response.

      As for that evergreen old standard woman- pleasing 'while you're up love' .. I can understand the knee jerk reaction.But is it worth risking 20 years for a quick Ruth Ellis moment ?Not at all. The ''while you're down there darlin ' ''' on the other hand.....
      Ziggy ( Ms / Sir ) oxoxxo

    6. To Rosalinda and especially to the guest star Sir Ziggy
      We live in a completely absurd Franz Kafka world. Don’t you agree? What about your views.

      A scheduled plane carrying a Belarusian regime critic is hijacked by a group of state terrorists. The young man is imprisoned and then forced into a public apology and confession in which he thanks the President of Belarus for pardoning him. The tragic thing is that there are people in the democratic world who do not realize that this is lies and pure propaganda (skillfully done though) and what is even more terrible is that the young dissident will probably never be able to leave the terror state he now finds himself in and most likely he will be assassinated at a time the terrorist state deems appropriate.

      An Australian journalist, who published the truth, in true journalistic spirit, is fighting for his life in a central London dungeon to avoid being transferred to a foreign state whose court will effectively sentence him to life.

      The police authorities of three countries choose a scapegoat in an old legal case about a missing child to silence once and for all those in the civil society, who for years have argued for the truth and for a democratic legal process.

      A president of the free world wants to negotiate peace with the most irrational power maniac of the century, even though there is nothing to negotiate. It is as if the victorious powers in the Second World War were to negotiate with Adolf Hitler about which occupied territories he could conceivably be allowed to keep or about how many categories of people he would be allowed to further murder.

      All this and more fills me with pessimism sir Ziggy