Saturday, 5 May 2012


Nick Clegg had a face that said 'I was beaten by a penguin', and Dave took his ball home, and said he wasn't going to let anyone else play with it, so there. 

It wasn't a good night for the Coalition, as the public got revenge for the unholy pact that handed the reins of power to the tory boy, and the deputy premiership to the leader of a party which hasn't achieved a majority in its own right since the turn of the last century.  

Of course the title of Deputy Prime Minister for Nick Clegg came at a price and thousands of students will remember the betrayal on tuition fees for evermore.  Those who believed he would protect vital services and the beloved NHS also feel betrayed.   Unfortunately for the lib dems payback took place at ground level and the grass root members who have worked so diligently within the community have lost their seats. 

The tories won't accept their own massive losses as the clear signal it is, and austerity will continue, it has to, another term in office is unlikely.  The Prime
Minister and his deputy are vulnerable, Nick knows his party hates him, and Dave knows that the boisterous, popular Boris, will always be waiting in the wings.

Ken Livingstone retired defeated, beaten by spin and apathy.  He knows that under the exhuberant, tousled blonde mop of the jolly good chap that is Boris, lies the steely head and heart of a blue-blooded tory. 


  1. what's a penquin?

  2. "What is a penquin"!!!!!
    What a foolish question to ask when the answer is
    obvious to all but the most dimwitted.
    Penquin is penguin with a one-letter typing error.
    Anno Neemus

  3. Bell I am so glad that Cameron and pathetic Nick has had there compupance last week.. its sickens me to think that old Cameron has been having dinner parties for the rich discussing the NHS.. it is obvious that those that make all these deadly tablets are up for it.. oh yes they wont be able to give good health care to those that cant afford it.. but what they can do is get us all hooked on tablets that wont solve anything.. lets go back to the days of people dying early.. problem solved.. the other issue for me is our children.. they are our future and should have every opportunity to education.. not with this goverment they wont.. grr that makes me very mad.. anyway the euro could very well collapes in the light of France.. oh heck prophecy is coming true.. money will be nothing.. maybe we actually have to go back.. strip away all the silly material thngs that we have got used too.. I am very happy to do that.. but not while the Cameron and his rich friends get richer.. he knows nothing.. he had a little baby who had difficulties yet it hasnt helped him to understand how we the people the carers look after our children.. the man is a prat.. he is an idiot and a snob.. he will never relate to the everday life of us.. I just want to see him brought down a peg or two.. come on Boris.. come on the conservetive party.. Maggi went down.. so can Cameron.. and old Nick the liar.. and betrayer..

    1. You think as I do Sue, and I think people are opening their eyes, if last week's local elections are anything to go by. I feel a bit sorry for some of the libdems, because they were probably sold out too, and the pained expression on Nick Clegg's face says,'The Party's Over'.

      Like yourself, I have never been acquisitive and I read Karl Marx at an impressionable age, and trying to find out why I kept falling out with people, and boys wouldn't take me home to meet their mothers.

      As for Cameron's opinion the care industry, it is a service, like any other. I know of at least one manufacturing company that refers to its workers' as 'units' - how dehumanising is that?

      Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, they all come from an ideology that his based on money and power. I winced to read the other day, that Princess Diana, dismissed William's much loved nanny because the tot had become too attached to her. I don't know what to make of that?

      I like the Milliband brothers, they come from a background that is wonderfully academic, and listened to fiesty political arguments from an early age. They were brilliant students, and their hearts seem to be in the right place. But what do I know.

      I think the Eton lot are taught the phrase 'Born to rule' along with their ABC. In the Royal palaces, they have a rule where the servants have to turn away and make out their invisible if they should encounter a 'royal'. I find that kind of demeaning, but also kind of funny, because some people obviously get some kind of kick out of being subservient, and I am very much a 'whatever floats your boat' sort of person.