Thursday, 3 May 2012


I was always a rebellious child.  I think I was miffed that my brother was only 11 months older than me.  We used to fight a lot.  I was also peeved that boys got to do all the exciting stuff, and girls had to make aprons in needlework, and learn how to cook food for invalids.  I didn't particularly want to play football, I much preferred pretty dresses, but I could fight as well as any boy, and I was a much better reader.  My mother even persuaded the local boy-scout leader to allow me to dress up as a cub and join for a couple of weeks on the grounds that 'no-one would ever hear the end of it'.  It worked.  To be fair, I never did get the hang of tying a reef knot, but I got me own scarf and toggle! 

I feel that a point was made, and I always pointed out the one month where my brother and I were the exact same age, and I was immoveable on that one.  My Irish relatives used to say 'she's got the divil in her, that one' or 'she's always been bold'.  I always needed a cause, an injustice to highlight, but there were so many and there was so little I could do.  The thoughts of it all, drove me demented, I tormented myself for not taking my secretarial skills out to some desperate corner of the world, for never having the money to support any good causes, nor time to donate.  The thought of it all, drove me demented, I wanted to do so much, but to be honest, I am not very good anything.  And believe me, I've tried pretty much everything from selling double glazing to teaching in an inner city college. 

There is no way of writing this tonight, without sounding cheesey, for which apologies.  Tomorrow is an important day.  It is a day to remember everything all of our predecessors, fought so hard for.  Some have family memories of the time before the NHS, and some can smile at the thought of their lost loved ones, and the generations before, are looking down are beaming down as we their are sat comfortably with laptops and dental care. 

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  1. you will never be cheesy Bell.. you are salt of the earth.. and believe it or not.. you really do hit home.. and I can see you came from the same age as me.. great days they were.. you just make me smile over and over again.. you are one special lady.. xx