Friday, 25 January 2013

Why other bereaved parents aren't stalked

I am struggling to come to terms with the way in which, the more verbose supporters of the McCanns have behaved.  Suffice to say, being known as a 'McCann hater/forker' is harmful to your career.  As a newly published author, I was aware that my association with such despicable people was risky to say the least.  But I cannot keep my gob shut.  

Then I thought about a tweet I saw the other day, from Dodgy David, I believe, that asked why other families with missing children are not hounded/stalked.  I am using the vernacular of the supporters here, the majority of us merely asked questions.  Having always been on the receiving end of this hate campaign (I'm on the List) it is a huge leap to look at the matter from another's perspective, but I will try.  

If I heard, for example, that Kerry Needham, bless her, were being hounded/stalked, I would be appalled, sympathise with her immediately and squabble on the net on her behalf.  The very idea would be ghoulish and mean spirited.  So, I kind of see where some of the McCann supporters are coming from.  Some are a bit unhinged in their support, and I cannot lie, I would be very interested to see those particular devils unmasked.  Not least, because I cannot forgive them for the evil things they were saying about the survivors who are now coming forward following the Savile revelations.  I hope their Gods forgive them.

The McCanns have never elicited that sympathy from me.  I felt manipulated at the start by the strategically placed pink cuddle toy, that peeped out from the rucksack for the scrambling paparazzi.  It led to question, after question, not least, a close study of the way in which the public can be swayed by the media.  

I can only but applaud those naive folk out there who still have enough faith in human nature to take the news they are fed at face value. 

We must all now be wondering why a respected journalist from a trusted newspaper, would print an obvious hoax.  The last time a fake photo made the front page of a major newspaper, we lost Piers Morgan to the USA.   


  1. well said again bell xx gracelandann

  2. Fuckoff you nutcase... you always supported the mccanns until your true colours shone through.

    1. Like the details of this case, I am changeable. Would lose much faith in humankind, should our worst fears be confirmed.