Friday, 1 February 2013

Leaving the children alone: McCann

I have never been able to get my head around the idea that a group of adults, 6 of whom worked on the frontline of the NHS, could leave small children alone in a holiday apartment.  

I never did it, no-one I have ever asked would do it, and even the most fervent McCann supporters always preface their posts by saying, they wouldn't do it themselves.  So how were we sold the idea it was 'commonplace' and the idiot doctors became national heroes?  

How a party that included no less than 6 doctors, thought it OK to leave such young children on their own is unbelievable, and yes, they should have been punished.  It was not a simple mistake, it was a deliberate plan of action for their entire holiday, that took no account whatsoever of the danger they were placing their children in, the least of which, was kidnapping.  That it was usual in 1950's Butlins, is no excuse, we are more enlightened now, the good Doctors, especially.  

I would imagine that nannies and childminders would be dismissed on the spot, if they were found to be leaving their charge on their own, while they chatted to their mates down the road.   Fortunately most of us would be stricken with horror at the mere thought of it.  However, the marketing campaign was so slick from the start that we had all sorts of celebrities 'fessing up, and saying I've done that too, and suddenly it didn't seem so bad.  It was a brilliant marketing campaign, no-one can deny, but the fear is, there will be young parents out there daft enough to be taken in by this blase attitude towards childcare.  And that, I feel is wicked.

We have all been squeezed of sympathy, and some of cash. Enough now.  Let other tragedies take centre stage.  The McCanns must accept that they will never find that vindication they are struggling for if they continue to blame others for their loss.  Sending a pensioner to prison will not bring Madeleine back, nor will causing an ex police detective to suffer, relieve their pain.  If I remember the Our Father correctly, don't we ask God to 'forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive others'?  

To the troll who said I used to be 'pro' McCann, I have always strived to look at this case compassionately.  And there is of course, much more to it than meets the eye.  


  1. I feel very sorry for the McCanns, losing a child under any circumstances is the worst thing that can happen to any parent. However if a man is sent to prison by the McCanns for expressing his opinions on the case in order to punish him for speaking out as well as to silence him, this will not reflect well on the McCanns.

  2. I still find it utterly disgusting they have never been punished for leaving their children. As a parent I can't even go outside to my car which is parked outside my house once my child is in bed. No normal, decent, loving and caring parent would do what they did.
    There is a whole lot more to them than meets the eye, I cannot imagine the grief of losing a child, but having witnessed my child having a febrile convulsion as a toddler through illness, go limp and appear lifeless and fearing the worse, I was absolutely hysterical, I was a complete mess and for that period of time before the ambulance arrived I simply couldn't function, nor could I until my little one was home safe and sound.....I have seen none of that with these people, no's not normal.