Thursday, 7 February 2013

Does public opinion matter

It is one of those inbetweeny times, when we all await with bated breath, the verdict of His Honour Judge T, a time to reflect, and to gauge public opinion.  

We have seen the huge climbdown in Portugal.  The Portuguese public, are rather more informed about this case than the British, and those in the know, the PJ stubbornly refuse to be taken on any more wild goose chases by this wily pair.  

The trial against Tony, was a last desperate plea for the lethargic Great British Public to organise witch hunts against their doubting neighbours.  Yet armed with the biggest legal guns that money can buy, their star witness still cannot say for sure it was an abduction!

TM have played their Queen and lost.  Their Queen being, the libel action in Portugal.  Either they, or their lawyers put her in the worst peril, and must have known the odds.  Like a compulsive gambler, a serial litigator, will not leave the table until everything is lost.  

From day 1, public opinion has been manipulated.  The neglect aspect softened by spin doctor wizardry - suddenly, everyone was putting their hands up and saying, yeh, I always do it.  The rest of us in the real world were saying WTF?

Absolutely appalled that the Star made such a huge FU, with that picture, and hope Tony takes them to the cleaners.  

To those new to this case, I have met Tony Bennett.  He is not a fire breathing stalker of innocent victims, he is an educated, intelligent guy, who has the guts to put his good name, his money - and freedom - on the line to ask those AWKWARD questions.  Whether you agree with him or disagree, his motives are good and without malice.  He is sincere, he is one of life's gentlemen, and he is courageous to 'carry the can' for we in the motherland, who have to think so very carefully, before we post!

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  1. Well said, I've argued with my mate for 2 years about this case, he now concedes they should be charged and go to trial based on the facts. People need to wake up to media manipulation. Good blog ;-) x