Thursday 21 February 2013


Yes, Tony got stung!  I am actually wondering if he still has that lawyer mentality of 'I say old chap, must stick within the rule of the law, otherwise, just not cricket, who ho'.   To be honest British rebels rarely have the passion of Chiquitita or Che Guevera who incidentally I very much doubt, would have bowed their heads and said 'sorry m'lud'!  Maybe its a Anglophile thing, not very British and all that.  To be the fair, the Brits have been very lethargic this past few hundred years or so.  I think the last person to draw a big rabble crowd, was Wat Tyler.

Anyway, if I were Tony, and ordered to pay that slimy pair's phenomenal legal costs, I'd say, 'like hell', I'm going scream it from the rootops and and get me money's worth!  There is no law in the land that could fecking tell me to pay that shower of b'stards a penny!  And yes, before all my newly acquired psychoanlists jump in, yes, I know it is not an endearing trait, but I live with it.  And yes indeed, that attitude has never done me any good, in fact, it has, on occasion, made me homeless, friendless and destitute.  But I digress. I wrote my first 'as I am about to be burned at the stake' speech when I was 12!

Sorry Tony, whilst I respect that you respect, the Law of the Land - this is a classic case where the Law is an Ass.  We have met, and for those who do not know you, I would have to say you are one of the old school gentlemen lawyers from the Dickens Age - sadly, you were up against legal eagles weaned on shark milk. Respect.   

I hasten to add, I was loathe to voice any of the above in case you were seriously considering such a crazy idea!  Seriously, as a fellow human being, I am sending a few kind words, and hoping, as you sift through the inevitable  criticism, that you know in your heart, that what you did/do, was done for the right reasons. Anyhow, there are more ways to skin a cat!  Bide your time, take a breather, write your memoirs.  You are an established expert on this case.  I have a feeling media-wise, there will be a scrum to the finish line.  The newspapers have much in abeyance, and are chomping at the bit.  

Lets not forget, today was NOT a libel trial.  


  1. Oh sad...NOT...the man is a menace and I believe people like you and your ilk who have encouraged this man to the stage he has reached,defending TB and encouraging him to go after a couple who have not had a days peace in their lives for almost 6 years..standing before a judge (wasn't the judge just magnificent too?)he was left in no uncertain terms as to what will happen if he carries on his blind hatred of this couple and worse--- he has idiots cheering him on..fighting for justice is a great thing...making a total tit of yourself is something else....shame on him and shame on anyone who encouraged this man to continue his hateful campaign.

    1. I've seen no evidence of blind hatred from Tony Bennett. His concern has always been for the child.

    2. So anon , you know for sure the Mcanns are blameless in what happened ,you believe every word they say ? everyone is entitled to an opinion you to yours me to mine ,and you can say without a shadow of a doubt they are blameless others dont think they are .what makes you 100% sure they are ?

  2. I would much rather see a strong Tony Bennet going forward, lifting the stay, and getting justice at a libel trial. Well, all of us would who wants the truth to come out.

    But there is surely a limit to what any of us would ask from somebody else and would not do ourselves. In other words why expect extraordinary strength from somebody when you are wimpishly asking yourself?

    Put yourself in front of Carter Ruck. Do it NOW.

    1. Tony is the Master of his own fate, and chooses his own battles, as we each do.

      As for putting myself in front of Carter Ruck, what an odd demand you make. I'm afraid I have neither the time nor the inclination to get caught up in mccann court cases and I am aware of those baiting me.

  3. sorry to hear that bell , its gracelandann his day will come , when the mcanns fall .

    1. Hi ya Ann, always good to hear from you. I am sorry that the Judge did not take into account the fact that Tony was tricked into breaking his undertaking. However, it was not a libel trial, and the victory, in my opinion, has done more harm to the abduction story and of course, the Hacked Off campaign.

    2. Why would the Judge take it into account? There was no law-breaking involved, except of course on Bennets part, who tried to hide his illegal sale of the booklet by requesting the cheque be made out to his wife.

      You keep mentioning the Hacked Off campaign, but you never say why you are opposed to it? How strange.

    3. It was sneaky. Some people don't like that. Ok?

      Have no idea why people are so hacked off tbh. Ok, they were pilloried on the front pages of the tabloids. In many cases, this gave the victim far more notierety than they deserved. It probably helped their careers rather than hindered.

      The McCanns have been in a media war since the news broke. And fair dues the battle for the front page has not been easy. They have had to fight war, famine, flood and genocide. And they have done so with aplomb. Quite rightly, that rescuer of reputations, Clarence Mitchell should be acknowledged in shark filled seminars. He sure is an artist.

      As for Hacked Off, if they had put aside their 'little englander' attitude for just a moment, they might have thought better of getting Kate and Gerry to front their campaign. One can only think it is because other 'stars' were not available.

    4. I think it's more likely to be Gerry McCann offering to front HO, steamrollering everyone into running with it. We've all met someone like that, they just have to be the centre of attention. I quietly think he's wanting to forge a career in politics. It's just a shame the journalists have been gagged from reporting anything about the pair unless they've been told they have to. I assume they're likely given copy to use.

    5. I have a burning question for all those who have ever made excuses for the couple. I'm not holding my breath for an honest answer but it would be refreshing if it happened.

      If the McCann's don't want anyone to hinder the search and want people to believe their innocence, why
      a) spend hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) of pounds that could help the search run for years and
      b) spend such a massive amount of their time with solicitors? They've sued 27 (or thereabouts) times, that's hundreds of their hours wasted that could be devoted to the search for their child whom they maintain is "alive and findable" and
      c) sack all their private investigators without hiring more? Who therefore is searching?
      The two most precious commodities they can't ever get back, squandered needlessly.
      Why would they do all of that instead of searching?

      Don't you agree that as they say they're innocent, the simplest, most cost-and-time effective thing they could do is take the polygraph tests they offered to take in the beginning?

      If they're as certain of their innocence as they say they are, and they took a polygraph test, they'd have 100% support the world over, people would take it seriously and search purposefully, they could reemploy the best PI's going (actual specialists in missing children) and have thousands of hours more to devote to their search. Maybe even enough money to offer a massive finder's reward.

      I'd do that, it's logical and makes 100% more sense to focus on finding their child than faffing about does.

      One test, half a day, a couple of hundred pounds vs millions of pounds and thousands of hours that doesn't contribute in the tiniest part to the search.

      How does that NOT make sense?

    6. Do you not think if Madeline was taken by a Pedo with all the publicity in Portugal at the time ,that the Pedo would not want to be found with her , so the alternative was to dispose of her, it would be a clever person who could hide a child with all that going on .Second if an accident did happen in the apartmehnt with the Mcanns then we will never know the truth now .the apartment has been cleaned relet and i believe sold by the person who owned it .
      The Mcanns only hope is to carry on the search,but in there heart of hearts only they know what happened and have to live with it for the rest of there lives as will the twins as they grow .

  4. This judgment was about undertakings and a person who went too far by breaking them. That is not heroic just daft. There is much that is wrong with this case and yes, the child does appear to be low priority to parents who seem to love the limelight, but he chose the wrong fight in the wrong place at the wrong time. The truth will out some time but people like Mr Bennett do not actually help matters.

  5. This was about undertakings. He went too far. He chose wrong way to fight them. Not clever and no hero.
    The child should be the focus and not the parents or Bennett.
    When the truth does come out a lot of the parent supporters may be shocked but Bennetts way of doing things, bad strategy.

  6. Every time the parents of Madeleine are exposed in the media, people are reminded that Madeleine is still they say...any publicity of the parents is publicity for Madeleine..and we dont know what is being done to find Madeleine or what the McCanns are doing day in day out to find the moment the MET are carrying out the investigation and we dont know what that is either but investigating it they are.. but the McCann's have made it a mission to carry on working on any information sent to them...updates from the Met...television interviews and why shouldn't they? everytime they appear on our media we are reminded of Madeleine and they dont intend to let anyone forget.
    As for the idiot being encouraged by idiots...