Monday 28 October 2013


SF:   So Kate and Gerry, you here in Lisbon today to sue Goncalo Amaral the former Co-ordinator of the Portuguese investigation into the disappearance of your daughter for 1.2m Euros.  Do you consider the Portuguese people are still on your side?

Gerry:  I'll answer that.  Clearly we are white, middle class, well educated and good looking, it must be obvious to everyone, that Goncalo Amaral is jealous of us.  We are here for this child Margaret  Madeleine, and we need everyone to give as much as they can.

Kate:  We're obviously Madeleine's parents Sandra, and we are willing to do anything to shut the bastard up, it was all going so well, and, um..........

Gerry:  The key thing is, Goncalo Amaral is not British.  How can it be right that people listen to his opinion?

SF:  May I ask why you did not sue Goncalo Amaral when his book was first released

Gerry:  We had clear objectives and deliverables Sandra, obviously there was no point in suing him until he had received his royalties cheque.

Kate:  Sandra, we are Madeleine's mummy and daddy [sighs] and the best way to ensure Goncalo Amaral feels misery and fear is to take away all his money.  We won't stop.........

SF:  Are you concerned that this latest revelation, your suppressing evidence of potential abductor might harm the search for Madeleine

Kate:  when all the pieces of the jigsaw came together it was important to concentrate on the man seen by Jane Tanner because he didn't look like Gerry.

Gerry:  And you see the thing is Sandra, releasing that report and those e-fits would have detracted people from donating to the Fund, it was stacking up until Goncalo Amaral starting investigating us.

Kate:  We are obviously Madeleine's parents Sandra, we couldn't afford to investigate TWO sightings, we only had £2.5 in the Fund, and the mugs donations had dropped because of THAT book.

Gerry:  You heard that didn't you?  The book of Goncalo Amaral was damaging the Fund Search, and we wanted people to concentrate on what we told them so they would keep giving generously.

SF:  And what for the future Gerry and Kate?

Gerry:  Well we are not as happy as we could be

Kate:  A big libel payout would make us much happier.

SF:  Kate, Gerry, thank you.


  1. lol hope your well xx gracelandann x

  2. Ha ha - love it! :D

  3. From a reader's perspective, it is hard to see someone as a victim when they are actively participating in a campaign of abuse against the parents of a missing child."
    What a hypocrite you are slung into an orphanage by your depressed mother and drunk of a father which then allegedly lead to you being abused. Like I say HYPOCRITE .

  4. Silly response above - no brains, less grammar.

  5. As usual, all about money - seems we get this type of thing every year leading up to Christmas lol

    1. All gone quiet again now. Exactly how it went 6 or more years ago. Poor child.

  6. and now we see why the McCanns will be standing all alone in the end. They have made a public spectacle of themselves with all their innocent posturing. My heart is sad that this poor little girl who was so innocent, had the misfortune of having such evil people for parents!

    1. As I have said before, I don't know whether the McCanns faked the abduction or not. I would love to see Madeleine found alive and well, physically anyway; who knows what physiological damage she would have sustained? However, I think that more money and effort should have been spent on looking for the little girl. The McCanns should have employed private detectives experienced in looking for lost children, not Metodo 3 and Halligen.