Thursday, 26 September 2013

KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid

I am a huge fan of The Thick of It, UK political satire for the uninitiated, an hilarious programme once you get past the cussing.  I actually find it quite amusing the number of ways in which they can use and abuse the 'F' word.  The Thick of It gives we mere mortals, an amazing insight into the machinations of politics. The main protagonist, Malcolm, is supposedly based on Alistair Campbell*.  As the wonderful Armando Iannucci has not been sued, we can only believe it is pretty close to what actually goes on.

By dawn on 4th May 2007 the story of Madeleine McCann disappearing was headline news on all the channels.  A break in had occurred, and a child had been abducted.  There was no room for speculation, those were the facts. The journalists did not have to write their own scripts they were being provided with them, straight from the horses mouth via several relatives and McCann enthusiast Michael Wright. As we now know, it was a carefully manipulated campaign, designed to appeal to the public's heart and of course, its purse strings.  How did Gordon get involved.  Vanity probably.  Politicians love nothing better than a popular bandwagon to leap on, particularly one that includes a cherubic little girl with a photogenic family who embody all that puts the Great into Britain.  It must have been a huge Oops moment, when they discovered there was more to the case than first appeared.  By then of course, it was too late to backtrack and they had to grin and carry on regardless.  Again, I refer you to 'The Thick of It'.   

I think orders probably came from on high that the parents were to be treated with kid gloves in the half arsed hope that it would all go away.  If it didn't, the story of 'Missing Madeleine McCann' made global headlines and lots of [publicity seekers] wanted a piece of the action, and a mention alongside an appealing pic of the missing child. It shows their fans what kind compassionate people they are,   I doubt those wellwishers imagined the McCanns would still be whining about what a hard deal they had 6 years later, and asking for more cash to put it right. 

The tv studios embraced them, their mumsy she-wolves protecting the stricken parents from the mythical mobs of haters and pitchforkers trying to batter down the studio doors.  Those doubting the McCanns were clearly jealous of the charming couple's loving marriage/beautiful children (minus one)/comfortable life etc, etc.  If you weren't with them supporting the search, you were against them, ergo a hater, ergo a chav.  

Alleged threats brought them more headlines and more donations from nice people. The 'masses' obviously hated the McCanns because of their success. So, they made a tiny mistake. All parents do.  Shame on the rabble who were only booing them because they had all their own teeth and good jobs. Journalists empathised with them, they were PLU (People Lie Us), one or maybe two generations away of the tenements who had made good. The McCanns were nice people who go to properly run holiday resorts and hotels, just like them, not on half price boozy excursions to Benidorm. How could it possibly be their fault?  The prols were obviously too blinded by their lust for Kate's earrings and matching necklace to have any understanding of the case. 

I'm going to have to say it, there is an underlying class war going on here.  The 'pro's' tend to be right wing extremists whose favourite word is 'ban'. They can apply it to almost everything.  When they are not trying to ban things, they are advocating a good thrashing for the riff raff who have the audacity not to believe the saintly pair.  Not for them a kebab and a swig of white lightning, the McCanns' cocktail parties are probably wall to wall with ambassadors and Ferrero rocher. No doubt discussing high profile good causes they can attach their names too, whilst ignoring the most obvious good cause of Kerry Needham.  

But I digress, there will always be conspiracy theories surrounding this case, some may even have legs.  I see it more as a runaway train driven by person(s) who don't know how to stop.  Is it lunatic (A) with his wider agenda? or lunatic (B) with her obsessive hatred?  What a combo.  Keep it simple, stupid.

*I believe Alistair found it amusing.

Ps.  Is it just me who has a  bit of a crush on bad boy Alistair?  And could it be used as part of an insanity plea in the future?    


  1. No, it isn't just you!

    Another great blog, thank you.

    However, the pros are not right wing, they're far from it. They're loud, foul mouthed extreme left-wing fascists, same as the Hitler and his nazis were. "If you disagree, we'll shoot you. Sod it, we'll shoot you anyway for sticking your head above the parapet and having the audacity to breathe." That's exactly what they are, left wing full-of-hate bullyboys who'd do anything because they can't possibly be wrong (remember Occupy when they intimidated en-mass?). Right wingers tend to be far more rational, open minded and compassionate but suffer from negative spin from the shouty, foot-stompy fascists because they challenge their views, exactly the same as on twitter and facebook. For example, which 'group' is pro Madeleine? I could carry on but you get the idea. Pro Madeleine people are the Margaret Thatchers of the mccann #. Why? They're heckled, bullied, threatened and hated, and everything is all their fault because they're so evil.

    I thought earlier how nice it will be once this is all solved and put to bed. It won't be though, will it? Because like Thatcher, it will continue to be the pro Madeleine's fault ad infinitum because perma-offended fascists never let anything go.

    Sorry to anyone supporting left of centre who dislikes my post, it's not there to offend, just my humble take on this classic class-war situation.

    1. Just an example:

      Unlike Gonzo, Gerry McCann has naturally shown respect for the court by putting on a smart suit and wearing a tie. (bb1, Jatyk2 forum)

      I don’t know if that’s right wing or left wing, but I’m sure it has to do with keeping up appearances and nothing with Madeleine.

  2. Who knows, I just call it spiteful!

    When I posted the above last night, what I meant was that while not every comment can be labelled, if the person who wrote it is a fascist then you know where you are! I know a lot of LOC leaning people probably don't want to be called right wing and vice versa, but none of that matters. It's the attitude of the trolls that makes them stand out as fascists. I'm happy to be nothing like them!

    Personally speaking, I don't think the trolls are around for Madeleine, or ever have been. This is about preserving reputation only. Madeleine is/was merely a casualty, it seems. Which ties in well with your reply to me.

    Maddy WILL get justice. I believe the parents ignored the Met's instructions to stay away from the libel trial for good reason, if they end up on trial in the UK they can claim an unfair hearing, no matter which way the libel trial ends. They're always a few steps ahead.

  3. PR chief, Clarence Mitchell moved seamlessly from being the Head of Tony Blair's Media Unit in May 2007 to head up the McCanns' huge PR operation; He now has ambitions to become a Tory MP. Analysing the McCann case and their support in terms of a class war or right/left isn`t useful.

    Then it`s important to recall the role of the media. Rebekah Brooks put pressure on David Cameron for the review and for reasons best known to himself he capitulated. It was a cynical move to keep the story running and sell more newspapers. This is where most people get their information from and explains why a lot of people are misguided.

  4. I agree it may not be useful but that's exactly how it is. The 'supporters' are constantly attacking anyone who thinks for themselves and have very much turned it into a class war. Naturally, they're at the top of the food chain. I agree though, it's all a bit pathetic.

    Source: Twitter #mccann