Friday, 5 September 2014


Many thanks to JJ, for another brilliant insight into the myths created by Tony Bennett:


More Myths and Legends of Tony Bennett
Many of you believe TB is a meticulous researcher in the search for the truth regarding MM, but is there evidence to support this?
There is an unrelenting onslaught on the ‘lies’ of the Smith family and the ‘blatant lies’ of Robert Murat.  But why doesn’t he ever want you to remember the pernicious campaign waged against RM by the Macs and Tapas 7?
One of TB’s diversions is to analyse every tiny mistake in anything RM has said, such as he forgot to mention he went to the bank, therefore he is party to child abduction. Another is he agreed with the Macs to be the fall guy in exchange for £600,000.  Are we really to believe anyone would admit to abducting and killing a child and spending the rest of their life in prison for money?  Most would think it ludicrous.
But there is abundant evidence the Macs and Tapas 7 deliberately chose Murat as their scapegoat, but this is not considered.
TB never fails to repeat the story again and again that JT, RO, FP, ROB, all changed their minds about their identification of Murat at the end of 2007.
You will note that recently Richard D Hall made several  DVD’s,  entitled “Buried By the Mainstream Media” in which much valuable insights and information was placed in the public domain, but then Hall reduces his credibility to zero by quoting facts straight from the myths book of Bennett.  Among these myths are that both Murat and Gerry’s phones were switched off for the same 32 hours.
Total tosh, a TB myth.
When he first wrote this on CMOMM, Friday 8 January 2010, TB said “here is a little known fact that needs more public exposure”.  Somebody had the audacity to reply, “the reason it is a little known fact, is because it’s not true”
Information followed from the PJ and phone companies proving Gerry’s phone was switched on but as usual TB continued with his lies.
No discussion, it is not permitted.
Hall then quotes the fact that by the end of 2007 the Tapas group were all singing from the same hymn sheet and that they now knew it was not Murat they saw that night.
TB started this myth on JH,  that by the end of 2007  all the Tapas had changed their stories it was not Murat they saw.  TB repeats this time and time again and people actually  believe it.
As a researcher, he even investigated a company formed by Martin Smith in 1991, as in his opinion, it had relevance to Madeleine, 16 years later,this is astonishing.
So if TB is right, and the Tapas all retracted their identification of Murat, at the end of 2007, how does Bennett  explain their rogatory statements, given to the Leicestershire Police in April 2008 and Kate’s book “madeleine” in 2011.
TB always tries to minimise their id of Murat saying simply, they were mistaken.
Now read the 2008 statements of Fiona Payne and Rachael Oldfield, where they state “the man came up to me, shook me by the hand and said I am Robert Murat”.
How can this be a mistake?  It is a clear attempt by them to wrongly blame and implicate Murat.  This is a criminal offence in Portugal, called calumny and is punishable by a jail sentence,  In the UK it is called Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice.
Does Kate in her 2011 book, say they were mistaken.
No, she does not.
Can Bennett produce any police statement, where they have retracted their id of Murat?
No, he cannot.
As usual he has made it up as Bennett wants you to look anywhere except at the Macs and Tapas 7. 
You need to ask him why?
He has been told many times he was wrong but did he recheck his facts? 
No, he did not.
Now he is using Hall to peddle his nonsense.  How is this helping to discover the truth by undermining a valuable piece of work by RDH?
Payne and Oldfield committed a criminal conspiracy in order to implicate Murat TB does not want anyone looking there, hence his deceit.
This id holds the key to the whole mystery. Why did they deliberately lie?  And how they came to do so.  It was not a mistake, remember “he came up to me, shook me by the hand and said I am Robert Murat” 
Where in all of Bennetts copious work does it come up for discussion?
If any Police force needs a point to start, here is positive proof of a criminal offence.  Why has it been ignored?
I am surprised Bennetts research has not pointed out of the three separate groups of the Tapas 7, one each has certainly committed a criminal offence, perhaps this is a reason for a pact of silence.
But of course, in Bennett world, they never gave these statements.  In ROB’s rogatory statement in April 2008, ROB states “Murat that night broke up a fracas with some English and the GNR.
Murat told him he had a daughter of the same age, mentioned his wife was in Norfolk with his daughter.   Rachel and Fiona have vehement views on Murat and said he was a translator for the British Police”.
They sure meant to leave ‘no stone unturned’ in setting Murat up.
Murat has been thoroughly investigated by the British and Portuguese Police and nothing has been found to link him to Madeleine but Bennett insists he will continue to dissect Murat’s school life, business life, social life, present wife, ex wife and on and on and on.
Of Martin  Smith he examines in such detail the lives of Smiths fellow company directors, from years ago as having relevance.  Smiths daughter, 12 at the time, has her school work examined in great detail and is labelled a liar on numerous occasions.
But of two women who by their own police statements, have committed a criminal offence, which has a direct bearing on the mystery of Madeleine McCann, nothing, absolutely nothing.
Either Bennett is the worst researcher ever, or he has been given an agenda not to draw any attention to the stitch up of Robert Murat by the Macs and their friends.
Draw your own conclusions.
This is a brief resume (sorry Cristobell) on one aspect of Bennetts misinformation misdirection half truths and lies and there is much much more.  The myths and legends of TB could run and run.
Many thanks to Cristobell for her bravery in allowing another point of view to have an airing.


  1. Again, JJ has given me another reason to kick myself! Why has such an obsessive, diligent researcher, focused on those on the periphery of this crime, rather than the central characters?

    1. Me too Ros. I was on JH for a long time before I realised that Tony was up to no good and when I questioned it, I was 'whooshed' away.
      He clearly has a structured agenda in place which as other people have said is being funded by Team McCann. I didn't believe that at first. I do know though. It's obvious when you take time out and think about it.

  2. This is one of the main reasons people leave the JH forum, to disassociate themselves from the Bennett MO. That or end up being banned for continual attempts to draw attention to it and as a result get attacked by the faithful pack surrounding top dog. They still allow posts from missbeetle, with all the nonsense about McCann "style ". There is no way that questioning the MO of Tony B is equivalent in potential to forum damage by posts about the wine the couple drink, the way they match their clothes, and such drivel which has no bearing on the case is allowed, while criticism of Bennett's methods is not. Yet there they are and there is missbeetle . How anyone would want to remain there while there is simultaneous shite from 2 people on that forum, different types of shite, but still shite. I do not understand.

  3. JJ - excellent analysis. T.B has been working for / with T.M since he lost in court. This is a fact everyone. Surely you all can see it now. T.B and that J.H forum is nothing but a hoax. Controlled by, yep, you guessed it. Team Mccann.

    1. Nah. He'd be publishing leaflets/booklets if he thought he could get away with it.

    2. It certainly is a possibility that following his loss to the McCanns in court, there was a meeting with Carter Ruck and others of Team McCann.

      They might have put it to him that he could 'work off' his huge libel bill by doing a Rasputin, and play both sides with instructions to slaughter the Smith testimony and Murat's character at every opportunity with Mitchell's Media Monitoring Unit guiding and watching.

      When faced with a 600 grand court bill and financial ruin, who knows how a man will react to a poisoned carrot dangled in front of him?

      Just purporting another hypothesis.

  4. The reference to TB examining Aoife Smith's school work is slightly inaccurate.

    She competed in a well-known competition called the Young Scientist Exhibition so it's information that is in the public domain.

    Whether it has any relevance to the McCann case - along with details of her father's companies - is of course another matter.

  5. I have watched Richard Hall's documentaries and he seemed to come across as a genuine guy, although I am concerned with his views on the Smith family. My problem here is why did he not do his own research on them. He seemed spot on with everything else.

    1. Can anyone actually state that Richard Hall is one hundred percent factual, or is this another red flag as far as the mccanns are concerned,to be honest I am not sure anymore.

  6. He imagines he is provoking the people he chooses to write about, and that sooner or later they will respond - one way or another.

    After seven years everyone knows the T7 aren't going to respond so he no longer bothers 'investigating' them.

    That's TB's modus operandi imo. He writes about those he hopes will respond (giving himself publicity).

  7. It is too late for Sharon Lawrence and Jill Havern who will sink with Bennett.
    Will Candyfloss and NFWTD plea they were following superior orders?

    1. Someone said earlier that Candyfloss and NFWTD have both left the forum.

  8. Sharonl also brings a lot of false information purported as facts to the forum.
    I thought this was because she was thick but now i think it is much more sinister.
    As GM says confusion is good.

  9. Unsure of TB'S wider agenda, all I know is that he has been and still is behaving appallingly imo and it is sad to see such sterling posters as Tigger and others remain on JH
    In the meantime, Blacksmith had a laugh yesterday at the expense of one of the more notorious McCann admirers, showing the intellectual calibre of this individual :
    from Blacksmith Bureau :

    Sorry, but we really can’t resist it. We know that Nigel will never archive this issue in McCann Files because it lacks gravitas. But still.

    A Twitter commentator and leading McCann supporter and “authority” on the case posted this today. It sums up everything we know and love about them. Instant immortality.

    Joseph O'Driscoll ‏@Josephodriscoll

    @CafeMcCann Not surprised. I haven't read War & Peace but can say that it is rubbish: as are the rest of Sartre's books. #McCann

  10. Huis Clos: L'Enfer c'est les Autres ...

  11. Are these facts and myths just mere circumstantial evidence at best. Yet we are putting all our hopes on them. Yes the dogs did find the evidence but the McCanns mmade sure it was polluted and unusable in court. No democratic country should convict on such circumstantial evidence ever. But we in the UK know they can as in for example Stagg, George and many ira convictions of the past that have seen innocent men imprisoned on such evidence. We will only see justice for Madeleine when someone confesses and her remains are found imo. Until that day we must exhert pressure for that to happen. Not get hooked on circumstantial evidence. Tho I agree that the witnesses must be left in peace until there is a court date has been set for true mcscammers and friends to stand trail for what they have done. PK

  12. If JJ is who I think (who by the way has multiple IDs), you should know that she/he will embellish adapt and alter the context of what others say in order to discredit. She/he will not acknowledge errors she/he has made but instead will accuse others of doing what she/he does her/himself.

    Curiously, it is invariably against the more active anti maccs even though she/he claims to be anti.

    Be warned!

    1. How very cowardly. Come on then, who is it? Or are you just a hit and run merchant?

    2. Couldn't agree more, anyone that hides behind multiple IDs is indeed a coward, same can be said of people that post anonymously. On the subject of cowards, JJ said 'Many thanks to Cristobell for her bravery in allowing another point of view to have an airing.'

      Firstly there is nothing brave about using an existing blog to avenge another forum and secondly that bravery doesn't extend to publishing criticism levelled against herself.

      Open your eyes anonymous to what's going on around here.

    3. Ros, have you checked out who JJ is? If the anonymous poster above is right, how can we - or you - trust anything he or she says? Please answer

    4. 11:13 - Avenge another forum, are you for real? The exodus from CMoMM was not caused by me, people were leaving droves because of the tyrannical way in which the forum was run.

      As for publishing criticism of myself. Yeh, I'm going to publish all the petty sniping, name calling, and and nonce stuff from STM's on here? I think not.

    5. 14:52 - No, I haven't checked out who JJ is - I don't have the technical ability to trace anyone, and I am not sure I would want to. I am just grateful that someone has taken the time and trouble to give us an alternate view to the one Tony has been trying to feed us for the past few years.

  13. Another Bennett myth in the making. He's claiming that Amaral ordered the dogs to PdL. I was so furiously looking for proof to dispute it, (for my mind as no longer a member there) that I missed Tigger's post immediately under his at first.
    Having satisfied myself that it was indeed Mark Harrison who arranged the dogs I went back to see Tigger had corrected TB, not just in one post but twice, brave Tigger!

    She quoted Amaral's own words from his book, but I remember long before the book was written Amaral saying that he had never heard of dogs with that capability.
    Two to three pages on and not one poster including TB has addressed Tigger's correction. Totally ignored it.
    How can anyone take TB seriously anymore when he tells such blatant lies?

    1. It doesn't mean that because nobody has responded to Tigger's posts that they've been ignored. In fact Tigger has said all that there needs to be said about the dogs and GA. People who read the forum (from the UK to around the world) will be able to make their own minds up. The fact that TB hasn't responded yet is another matter.

  14. Posters won't support Tigger until TB has spoken. That's how it works there. They're too scared of losing their membership.
    Saw just the other day how a poster who shall remain nameless, thrilled that TB had used an emoticon referring to them and actually used a post to thank him. Sycophant.

    Tell me how readers from all over the World most not knowing the fine detail, can make their own minds up when they are fed false information?

    Amaral is many good things, but it was not he who ordered the dogs to PdL.

  15. TB is a bigot!! he's proved it many times in my opinion, always trying to force his opinion on others, and through him, a lot of really good posters have disappeared off the JH Forum. I suspect he's one of the McCann moles planted there to wind everyone up, and throw them off the scent when they get a bit too close for comfort in their theories of what could have happened to Maddy. As far as the dogs go..It's a pity that along with all the other glaringly obvious evidence that most normal thinking people have picked up on, that it isn't enough to get the McCann's into a Court of Law and be made to answer all the bollocks they've been spouting for years, in the hope the public will believe them.

    Dear Cristobell,
    Thank you for keeping everyone updated on your blog as to what's going on. The mind boggles as to how this weird case is taking so long to come to an end, when everyone knows if the suspects where interviewed separately one of them would spill the beans for sure.

    Thank You B

  16. Anonymous6 September 2014 14:52

    "Ros, have you checked out who JJ is? If the anonymous poster above is right, how can we - or you - trust anything he or she says? Please answer"
    Can you not see the irony in what you have posted? If Ros started checking posters out, she would be lowering herself to Bennett's methods.
    The www has been going long enough now that we should all understand that none of us have any idea who we are talking to, apart of course such as Ros who chooses to make her identity known.
    Doesn't bother me who JJ is, I enjoy reading their posts.
    I've only added SoJ (Scales of Justice) to my most recent posts to make it easier for anyone to follow who they might reply to.

  17. Anon @15.00.
    You mention all the balldocks spouted over the years, I call them lies. Every "Anti" feels the same, so why do so many believe them when they say the children were left alone? On their word alone, I might add.
    No one taking their child home from the crèche saw T9 making checks. No one going home from a bar. No Warner employees going home. Mrs Fenn never heard the door constantly being opened and closed, ten times minimum per evening it would have been.
    Just once on the fateful night, GM bumped into J Wilkins. ETA, how miraculous that Jane Tanner saw an abductor, later to be an innocent father who strangely remembers everything, including what he wore and what his daughter wore, but makes no mention of seeing JT.

    I see Peter Mac has made a post today of the improbability of such an arrangement, something I have always believed in and posted about. I've even said that if proven the children were not left alone, that is the beginning of the end.
    There is no possibility in my opinion as a parent, that nine adults would all agree to leave their children alone.

    If ever a marketing ploy this is the best, as the neglect issue is so often quoted and repeated.
    Why, why, why do people disbelieve everything that the Mcs spout, but believe neglect from their own mouths with no evidence?

    Remember all, no neglect = no abduction.

  18. A simple question: would you buy a second-hand car from bennett?

  19. Do we really believe that
    9 parents left
    8 children for
    5 nights ? ?
    Thanks to Peter Mac, but 30 + posts later and no one has addressed this.
    I have no idea why the majority believe the McCanns on the neglect issue when they don't believe any other word they say.
    I have a very plausible reason for the protection of the six which Ros has declined to post twice now.
    I think best to get that rubbish out of the way, swinging, nuclear, tagging etc., and accept my perfectly reasonable explanation as to protection and than turn to what is important.

  20. Hi SoJ I for one do not believe in the abduction theory. Someone was absent from the tapas restaurant most nights. There was no neglect, no abduction. PK

  21. I see Bennett is still pushing the line the Mcs left the children alone. Opposite then to Peter Mac. Wonder why Bennett is doing that?

  22. Bennett, Bennett, Bennett. When will you ever get back to getting Justice for Madeliene? I have followed Cristobell and found my way to JH because of her. Loved her posts. However, this has now become almost like an obsession. A ridiculous ping pong between her and Bennett. This blog has now become boring quite honestly. At first I thought, oh yes, this sounds like a really good platform to speak freely and then a new forum. sounded lovely. One part for Maddy, other parts for other missing people and newsworthy topics. Even health, diets and other beacons of interest. Just up my street. However, all I have read is bitch bitch and more bloody bitching. I was about to give up posting on JH, but I just can't read anymore of this bitching. Negativity is contagious and I jeez has this blog become negative. Very, very disappointing. I haven't read one interesting post regarding what has been going on in McCann land. So, sadly, I'll stick to the JH forum for now until you get this ridiculous conflict under some sort of control and start a decent forum. I originally thought the no-moderator forum would be good, but having ploughed through the comments over the past couple of weeks, if it is anything like these blog comments, it will die a death very quickly. It is too yawn worthy. Sorry.

    1. aquila ,how are you?
      you seem to be tony,s chief apologist now that the deluded flock are running for cover.
      no need to be sorry ,it,s liberating here.