Wednesday, 18 February 2015


The McCanns ARE the victims of online, nasty, attention seeking bitches and a fair number of wannabe tyrants!  Open your eyes!  Far too many psychopaths, neurotics and obsessives jumped onto the McCann bandwagon to vent their own rage against the machine and many are still here!  Not to mention of course, all those who just like to be in a gang, or indeed, lead a gang. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in this world who latch onto other people's failings in order to boost their own sense of worth, they can't go around saying how 'good' they are, but they can point out that they are not as bad as the McCanns (50-100 times a day) and encourage others to join in with them.  Sadly, they are often the malevolent element who dominate the discussions on the McCann case and of course the twitter hashtag.

In the early days I protested at the savagery that was inflicted on the McCanns, mostly because at the time nothing was clear, but also because they were human beings!  Fortunately, I was not a lone voice, and some of the forums and facebook groups are to be commended for keeping it at bay, but to deny its existence is ludicrous. 

The bad guys are not all on the pro McCann side. I have largely kept quiet, because a) cowardice and b) I can only be responsible for my own words, and to think otherwise is futile.  Many people do post and tweet without thinking about the impact of what they say.  And many fail to take into account that the McCanns are human beings with two young children. 

I am not defending the McCanns.  In many ways they are the authors of their own misfortune, in that, as long as they keep issuing press releases and asking for media attention, they will be subject to attack.  The same applies to anyone in the public eye. 

It is fair in my opinion, to rebut obvious lies, disinformation and planted false media stories, but it is wrong on every level to interfere with the investigation and target individuals for abuse.  I like to think everyone has a moral line that they will not cross, sadly in this case, I couldn't be more wrong. 

Kate and Gerry's weapon of choice when they embarked on their quest to establish the abduction as a fact and themselves as victims, was social media and they have used it strategically ever since.  However, they underestimated the intelligence of their audience and the power of the internet. News is no longer confined by borders and there are too many good people who will not stand idle in the face of such blatant injustice.  No matter how many resources Team McCann have to plant false information in the mainstream media, thousands of voices online will point out the truth. 


  1. You have to remember they hired a PR company straight away who got an award for "Getting the public to have sympathy for the McCanns" and they from the beginning chose to manipulate the press. The problem overall is that the majority of the public feel they're lying and this is because, not only of their odd behaviour of not wanting to hold a reconstruction, but must people have a bull shit radar that they can sense they're being lied too.
    We see Kerry Needham and we all feel in our stomach the distress and pain. When we look at Gerry with his very happy blogs and Kate out jogging with her make-up we know in our stomach that they are not parents of an abducted kid and I think this, with Gerrys "SHOW ME THE BODY SMIRKS" is what causes the anger. We just know that they know more than theyre letting on.
    It's their actions that upsets people most of all and the powerless feeling that they will never be charged because like Amaral says, the police will never charge them.
    I'm angry at the McCanns although I'd never threaten them or anything but I'm more angry at the cover ups of people protecting them.


    1. Brilliant post KL, and I empathise with every word, it is often as though they are deliberately taunting the public to have pot shots at them. There is one news conference in particular where Gerry collapses into giggles, barely able to hide his contempt for the journalists and paps all around them, that is particularly galling. Then of course there are Kate's sneers, the most obvious sign that she dismisses questioners as her inferiors.

      As I say, I do wonder if it is deliberate. The McCanns work along the lines that there is no such thing as bad publicity. The forums and the facebook groups are tangible evidence that they are constantly being talked about and being accused of covering up the death of their daughter. The very existence of such groups allows Kate and Gerry to continue with their claims of being victimised, and passes fault and blame onto the questioners.

      It is a conundrum. Most of us do not want to attack them personally, or get down in the mud and the blood and the beer, but the shills who defend the McCanns have been programmed to incite as much 'hate' as they can from those who disbelieve, in order to gather evidence for the team.

      Kate and Gerry have been defiant in the face of the opposition, showing no outward signs of distress at the accusations. In fact, the opposite has occurred, they have taken those accusations and earned millions through the libel courts. They don't ask to be left in peace, they ask for front pages and rolling news days. The opposite in fact of those traumatised by what they read on the internet.

    2. The last paragraph is so true Cristobell. I always thought that there must be more to this story than meets the eye becuase no 'normal' person could ever have withstood what the Mccanns have apparently withstood. A 'normal' person would have crumbled a long, long time ago.

      This factor alone leads me to believe that all is not as it seems in this saga.

      In my own opinion of course.

    3. Yes, I too believe there is much more going on in this saga. I think there is a serious power struggle right now. The McCanns seem to be on their own with no allies in the camp so to speak, apart from Jim Gamble,who seems to be in a state of panic.Also with B.H.H. cleverly mentioning "murder" and the "family" handed in the dossier with regards to the late Brenda Leyland. I believe endgame is in sight.Seems to me like the Government and S.Y. are about to wash their hands with the McCanns,leaving Jim Gamble to take the rap.Oh dear bet he didn't see this coming.

  2. Social media will be their downfall.

  3. The worst is those Lorraine interviews and Gerrys constant grinning. It baffles me when people give them sympathy because let's face it, they haven't actually helped in the investigation have they? Even the reward money has gone. You'd thought if there was a burglar , that another criminal would happily grass him up for that reward cash. I thought the reward would be the best way in finding the abductor.