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Whilst establishing that Madeleine had been abducted, the McCann Media Machine also established that the parents didn't do anything wrong.  Leaving babies alone while you go out to dine is the British way apparently.  Legal advice was quickly sought and obtained by the parents, checking on the children every half  hour fell well within the bounds of responsible parenting.  Thousands of people they said, had contacted them to reassure them that they do exactly the same, even dopey sofa Queens, alarmingly, said they too, had done this, so they couldn't be more sympathetic. 

Bizarrely, even, almost 7 years on, the BBC still portrayed the 'responsible parenting' as normal, and perfectly acceptable behaviour. These were not chavs throwing cans of White lightening to each other over the garden fence, these were PLU (People Like Us) fine dining at a restaurant that just happened to be down the road from where their kids were.  There was no suggestion that there was any danger present other than the zillion to one chance that a paedophile may have been scouring the resort for a special child to steal, and no-one could have foreseen that. 

Gerry and Kate
Are there any lessons to be learned?
Are there any lessons to be learned asked Sky News Ian Woods, during one of their first interviews.  'At worst, we were naïve said Kate'.  AT WORST? Seriously?  That is the full extent of the blame that you will accept Kate?  'We have said many times, and I think everyone agrees', says Gerry, and you have seen the proximity Ian, blah, blah, blah. So in a nutshell, no, nada, zilch, lessons to be learned, the McCanns did nothing wrong, being down at the tapas bar with their mates was really no different to being in the next bedroom and the guilt is on par.  As they did nothing wrong, there were no lessons to be learned.  No warnings to other parents, no pleading with them to learn from their mistake (not admitted) and certainly no acceptance that their own actions might have cost their daughter her life.  Remorse?  You got to be kidding.  Remorse follows ownership of guilt, and there isn't any.

Legally and morally, Gerry and Kate were in the clear, they did nothing wrong and anyone who said they did was just being spiteful.  Rather than condemn their own actions, which would have been admittance of wrong doing, they sold the benefits of the childminding system they devised and used on that holiday as if they had found the answer to every flustered parent's problems.  It had worked perfectly on all the previous nights and up until Madeleine disappeared, it had been an idyllic holiday for all.  Gerry and Kate especially, their kids went happily to the crèche each day, and stayed asleep in their beds while their parents went out in the evenings.  Gerry and Kate even had the luxury of leisurely showers and pre drinks alone before joining their equally unflustered friends at the restaurant.  The system worked.  Except, and I hate to be the one to point this out - it didn't.

In order to spare the parents' feelings, not only were they not reproached for what they had done (they had suffered enough) this terrifyingly dangerous approach to holiday childcare was given the green light by panting journalists eager to get exclusives from the moneyspinning McCanns. 

No matter that the young and the unenlightened might look to doctors and media personalities for guidance on raising their own kids, not one of those authoritative figures condemned the dangerous practice of leaving children alone and none had the guts to say to the McCanns, wtf were you thinking?

Parents of young children unconsciously risk assess every situation and environment they take their kids into.  A vigilant mother of a toddler will spot a head height sharp corner at 50 paces.   And it stays with you, to this day I still turn saucepan handles inwards on the cooker even in other peoples' homes.  Young parents are on constant alert, it is instinctive, watch a young mum gazing at her child, you can see it clearly, it is quite charming, its how normal, loving parents behave. 

Tapas Friends awarded damages
Did this group of highly educated medical practitioners risk assess before making the 'collective' decision to leave their very young and some sick, babies and toddlers alone in their holiday apartments while they dined out? Do they still claim it was a faultless system of childminding? Worse case scenario, all THREE children could have been taken said Gerry. The only blip in the plan it seems, was their failure to take into consideration the likelihood of a child predator wondering around the coastal town looking for unlocked apartments and unattended children and they cannot be blamed for not foreseeing that. That, apparently, was the only error they made.

So lets take a look at this checking system that has been defended so vigorously by the parents, their friends, the press and people who really should know better.  The decision was at worst, naïve, 'we are sorry we weren't there AT THAT MOMENT', but we have done everything to make up for it since, so lets not dwell on it blah,blah.    Lets focus on the risk to our children from wondering predators if left alone, and totally disregard the risk of them choking, eating something they shouldn't, climbing and falling, poking fingers/objects into plug holes, etc, etc, and of course fire, the reason the patio doors were left open, apparently.

To steer the blame away from the parents, the threat to the children had to come from OUTSIDE the home, not the safety within, in the form of a stranger, a bogeyman, a sinister finger of fate. This enabled the full force of the law to be brought down on all the misfits, loners, lurkers, porn fans and usual suspects in the vicinity and online and steered the investigation and everything arising from it outwards and away from the main players.

Lets do a risk assessment of our own.  Gerry is of course right, the chances of a predator coming into your apartment and stealing your child is indeed miniscule to almost non existent.  The chances of that child getting out of bed, exploring and wandering off are at the top end of high.  So too the chances of a serious accident resulting in death. 

These small children were not in their own beds at home, they were in unfamiliar surroundings. Ditto their parents.  Although they were small, some were walking and if they were typical toddlers, extremely active. Most kids can climb out of their cots and go exploring well before the age of 2. In familiar surroundings a few falls and knocks on the noggin might make them think twice about climbing furniture they know, but in a holiday apartment, everything is new. 

The definition of toddler should read 'accident waiting to happen'.  They have no sense of danger.  They have no sense.  Period.  Most new parents, even before their babies are born, begin to childproof everything in their homes that might present a danger.  Locks are put onto cupboards, protectors are put into electric sockets, wires are placed out of reach, ditto medicines, detergents, toilet cleaners, soap, cosmetics, the list goes on.  When you find your toddler has poured an entire bottle of Chanel No. 5 onto his rocking horse, you don't take any chances. 

Was Apartment 5A safe?  A 4 year child might not be able to open complex shutters and a window, but a door left ajar would not be difficult for a little girl determined to find her parents. The distance between the apartment and the Tapas may have been 50 metres as the crow flies, though I doubt it, but it wasn't a straightforward route.  The patio led out onto a concrete patio with concrete steps.  The small gate may have made the steps inaccessible to two year olds, but it wouldn't be much of challenge for a little girl who was almost 4.  Ditto the gate at the bottom of the steps leading onto the main road. And between the apartment and the tapas bar was a swimming pool.

For those checking on the children, they had to walk out of the complex via the reception doors, and then via a series of reception doors, gates and steps to get to their apartments.  That's if they used the short route.  If they entered their apartments via their front doors using keys, then they had to follow the main road around and enter via the car park at the back. The plan wasn't simple,  convenient or user friendly and if I am honest (great expression) it must have been a complete pain in the arse. 

Don't interrupt me!
Put aside for a moment the obvious danger to the kids, this was a group of adults on a similar wave length who were really into each other.  They shared the same hopes, dreams and paths in life.  They were a select group, choosy about their friends and the company they kept.  No doubt they shared fond memories of their student days when conversations, debates and good times went on forever.  Unfortunately, one of the down sides for new parents, is that just when the good times get going, they are interrupted by little ones who want to stay up and have fun too.  This is extremely painful for narcissists, especially if they are in the middle of strutting their stuff. 

We're not the ones who did
anything wrong - 'he's' still out there!
Most sceptics find the clumsy, unsociable, system of checking hard to swallow. Five days into their holiday, and that was the best plan for childcare that these highly educated, medical professionals could come up with?  And one that they stuck with every night of their holiday?  One that involved their food going cold, their conversations being cut off mid flow, not to mention endangering their kids.  Have any of them ever worked in A&E?  

In the eyes of the UK Government, the media and for a long time, most of the public, the McCanns were blameless.  Not only were they blameless, they were heroic. Not for the hundreds of lives they could have potentially saved by pointing out the real dangers of leaving children home alone, but for spearheading a campaign on behalf of the 1% of missing children kidnapped by strangers.  In real terms, your child is twice as likely to be struck by lightning than be abducted by a stranger and a hundred times more likely to die from an accident.  As for dining out while your kids sleep, the message from the powers that be, seems to be carry on regardless.



  1. One of the comments made that left me lost for words very early into this charade was that Diane Webster was told to stay in the Tapas Bar on 3rd May when the others went "searching" for Madeleine in case Madeleine wandered in looking for her parents - a barely 4 year old, wandering around in the dark in her pjs at 10.00 p.m. down steep steps, past a deep swimming pool, into a bar full of strangers. WTF????

    Do K & G and their friends think we're all mental, well they obviously did at the time when that was said.

  2. Great blog Cristobell. A perfect reminder of all we know to be wrong about this whole sorry saga. I don't believe they were told leaving the children alone was acceptable. If they were told this, it's strange they haven't named the person/person's? it's always SOMEONE ELSE SAID! Another thing that has been bugging me for a while is the fact that Kate was the one that found Madeleine missing on her check, strange it was on HER check, and no-one else's.
    Another thing that's riled me about them supposedly leaving the children on their own....the swimming pool was NOT far from the apartment! If Madeleine had woken and gone to search for her parent's she could have ended up falling into the pool, It amazes me they never thought of this, she was known to get up at night even before they went on holiday (star chart at home) So knowing this why would you leave her alone?

    So many unanswered questions, with no truthful answers.

    1. Well of course the whole thing is a nonsense as has been mentioned so many times over and over again that none of the children were left on their own but it was just a cover for what actually happened to Madeleine. The whole charade is BS for something else that happened and Madeleine's body had to be concealed at all costs.

    2. "Well of course the whole thing is a nonsense as has been mentioned so many times over and over again that none of the children were left on their own but it was just a cover for what actually happened to Madeleine."

      In other words this blog post by Cristobell is just wrong then and a waste of time?

    3. 22.30

      You'll have to ask Cristobell about that. Is she just repeating what the media have been spouting for the past 7-8 years and does she believe in what she has printed or does she have another idea of what happened to Madeleine.

      To me she seems to be speaking as if the McCanns believe in what they did was right it doesn't necessarily mean that Cristobell believes in what she's printed is the correct version of what happened.

      I can't speak for her.

    4. Cristobell is saying that leaving the children alone was wrong. If the children were not left alone then this blog is false!

    5. I can't see any frantic dragging of the swimming pool in any of the statements 16:59, yet when children disappear and there is a pool, lake or whatever close by, parents usually dive straight in as their child drowning is one of their major fears. As a mother I would have been screaming for someone to check the pool, actually, no, I would have jumped in and checked myself.

      One of the weirdest statements by Kate in her book (and there are soooo many) was that she was 'relieved' the following morning to be told Jane had seen her child being carried away by a sinister man. Relieved? WTF? Gerry was already talking about gangs of paedophiles in the Algarve, yet Kate was relieved.

    6. I know some believe the children were looked after in the evenings and the negligence was invented to cover up what 'really' happened. I'm not so sure.

      As far as 'how they did it' is concerned, I don't firmly believe anything. I have spent many years studying the minutia of this case (to an OCD level) and I still can't figure it out, probably why I am still here, its quite vexing.

      The only thing I can say with conviction is that I have NO doubts the parents are involved and if I had any I would not be exposing their myths here on my blog.

      Were the children left alone? I generally stick with the principles of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), ergo, I have been able to sort the wheat from the chafe and cut my 'McCann' reading down to the finer minds, and avoid those with their own murky and profiteering agendas. My own agenda btw, is academic, this case is the most amazing study of human nature I have ever come across - with characters I could never have imagined or created, and I think Dickins would have been hard pushed!

      The closest and indeed, definitive account of what happened I believe, comes from Goncalo Amaral in his book 'The Truth of the Lie' - I cannot recommend this highly enough. It is the reading equivalent of a leisurely café latte, the truth needs no embellishment or hype, it just is. It is written with sincerity and Goncalo was the closest in time and proximity to what was going on.

      I believe these 'know it all' doctors took risks that would make most of our jaws drop, ego maniacs usually do, look at how reckless they have been since the event. They campaigned for the case to be re-opened, they continued with their claim for damages against Goncalo Amaral, even after the 'ban' was overturned by Portugal's highest court. Those are not the actions of sane people.

      Many of us have encountered Doctors with the 'God Complex', its hardly surprising - they are among the few professionals we still address by their titles and the first we turn to when we are at our most vulnerable. Gerry's mum spoke for everyone, 'how could someone do this to a Doctor!'

      The mystery behind that 'collective' decision will no doubt continue to intrigue us forever more, or until a trial, whichever comes sooner. I don't foresee a religious zealot in Essex having a Sherlock 'the answer my dear Watson' moment any time soon, though sadly I fear he has been rehearsing it for years.

      Were the couples swinging? Who knows, in my experience most parents on holiday would be too busy arguing about who's turn it is to have 'me' time away from screeching kids to be bothered with hanky panky.

      The trouble with libido is dealing with the after products, it cuts down considerably the need for contraceptives. Its Mother Nature's way of stopping us from breeding like rabbits :) Apart from the practicalities of enacting a Brian Rix farce, from a young parents' perspective, I doubt there was very much will. Imagine a horny male lion trying it on with busy mummy lion and you get the picture.

  3. Why go jogging within days of their first born's disappearance - in the glare of the world's media?

    Why put the twins in the same creche, the same holiday complex, Madeleine had just vanished from?

    Why Ward of Court?

    Why write a book called 'madeleine' (the lower case was the author's and/or publisher's idea). When said book is solely about Kate's turmoils?

    Why have all the tycoons withdrawn their support?

    Just like everyone else on here, I have no answer to these questions.

    All I believe: G&K's, and the rest of the group's accounts jar, they do not sound truthful.

    Little does it matter what you or I think of these questions, when the twins are fully versed with the internet - they will in time, ask those questions - on Madeleine's behalf.

    Therefore Madeleine is not/will never be forgotten - by the people who matter - her siblings.

    1. Who the hell goes jogging indeed! That deserves a WTF moment all of its own. I hate to add in any way to the pain of genuinely grieving parents, but if we imagine the parents of Jamie Bulger or Sarah Payne or Kerry Needham doing something similar, it becomes obscene. Their pained, haunted faces are forever etched in our minds, and we feel protective and compassionate towards them. We know that absolutely NOTHING would have dragged them out of despair and desperation they felt. The idea of jogging or tennis would have been an insult to their grief and to their missing child.

      Even Kate acknowledges what a dreadful faux pas this was in her book. She over compensates for their actions and their continuation with sporting activities by faux scolding Gerry, then bumping him up again with tales of his heroism and err, visions. However, if exercise kept their minds strong, as Kate claims, a few hours digging over the wastelands of PDL would have done the trick, as I am sure the local people, the staff from Warners and other holidaymakers would have confirmed.

      And Gerry played tennis! Was he still having lessons? The tennis coach was certainly involved, Kate tells us in her book, were the lessons now free? Was Gerry still organising tournaments? Was there any shame at continuing with their, what had up until then, been the most idyllic holiday?

      The way in which the holiday went on and was enjoyed by a cast of seemingly hundreds, took the old 'Wish You Here' concept to a whole new level. Come see this mum, we got a pool, tennis courts, and get this, they even throw in a tennis coach. Don't worry about a thing, the flights and accommodation are laid on, and we'll even send a car, tee hee. Ps. Can you remember the name of the priest and the third bridesmaid from the left, we're going to be here a while, ta.

  4. 22:30,
    We know it's all nonsense that's why we come here to discuss it. Cristobell allows people to have their say and isn't prejudiced! she'll print peoples views even if she doesn't agree with them. It's less stressful than belonging any Forum.

    If in your opinion "This blog post by Cristobell is just wrong then and a waste of time" What theories/suspicions do you have regarding Madeleine's disappearance?

    I wouldn't say pointing out obvious lies, and inconsistencies was a waste of time quite the opposite. Not everyone belongs forums so do gain a lot their knowledge from blogs such as this...along with their own research of course.

    1. Many thanks 03:14. All sorts of people have all sorts of ideas and theories on this case and discussing them with others has been a real learning curve over the years. Some great minds have been captured and enthralled by this case, and I can honestly say I learn something new every day.

      I have to say these days I prefer the freedom of my own blog, the calls to 'go away' got to me, lol. I have no problem with criticism or even the batshit crazy tripe some of the other McCann commentators write about me. If I had a quid for every time I have been told I was going to burn in the fires of hell for all eternity, I would have a pool and room for a pony. As I see it, I always have the option to reply, and I certainly have the words, I know lots of them, they are the love of my life.

      As for the forums, in the early days, we knew nothing, or very, very little. Everything was, and to a large extent, still is, speculation. I remember at one time thinking, well it must be kosher because there they are on the telly with Jim Gamble! I tried desperately hard to give the McCanns the benefit of the doubt, it felt as if my faith in the goodness of human nature would take a knock it would never recover from if they were lying. I have to say this case has changed my entire view of the world, and I was already a bit of a rebel.

      The Tapas friends have never expressed any shame or remorse for leaving their own kids in the same danger as the McCanns. Rachael even jokes about her baby's stinking nappies and Russell puts his dinner on hold to go change vomit soaked sheets. The safe 'listening' system did not include our other alerts to danger (sense of smell) such as when children are violently ill and projecting fluids. Can that be detected by listening at a shutter?

      Establishing the system of checks seems to be crucial to the McCanns. To the extent that Kate discovered a note in the Tapas bar records that stated the group had left their children alone and were checking on them.

      Aside from the fact that that is almost as bizarre as putting a large neon arrow over 5A, or signposts saying 'paedos this way'. Who does that? In any event, it reinforces the checking story as does Gerry's little chat with Jez on his way back to the bar. That they are so desperate to establish it as fact, makes me suspicious. It conveniently gives them all alibis Russell stays at his apartment because his daughter is unwell and he has sheets to wash. Matt confirms this to the others. Okey, cokey, that's Russell accounted for, 'not a suspect', and so it goes on.

      We need to look at the previous nights. Most significant for me is the evidence of Mrs Fenn, now deceased. She heard a young child crying for well over an hour on a previous night. If the Tapas group had taken it in turns to stay behind and watch the kids, there was no sign of it that night. Kate also confirms her contempt for Mrs Fenn in her book (and may her God forgive her) by attacking her character. Significant, imo, neither the McCanns nor their friends made any attempts to ask Mrs Fenn, the upstairs neighbour who had been in all evening, if she had seen or heard anything. They were way too quick to decline her offers of help.

      There is nothing that irks me more than people lying to me 03:14 - especially when it is to my face and right in front me! The sheer deceit of these people offends me, it insults my intelligence. Others may be able to accept it with an 'Oh well', but I just can't, and as I have discovered just how deep this murky rabbit hole goes, the more determined I am to get to the bottom of it. And before I get shot by a sniper whilst delivering soup, I hasten to add that I am far from the only one. There are a lot of finishers in this game.

    2. Thank you Cristobell for your reply. I try to keep my posts short, and to the point, as I'm not as clever as you at putting how I feel about this case into words. Everything about it has been suspicious from the very beginning, that's why I took an interest in it.The more I read, the more my suspicions were confirmed that this was no normal investigation. The fact that they have been allowed to get away with the most atrocious lies is unbelievable! I just wonder when/how this is all going to end.

      Keep on blogging, you really are an inspiration to many!!

    3. Significant, imo, neither the McCanns nor their friends made any attempts to ask Mrs Fenn, the upstairs neighbour who had been in all evening, if she had seen or heard anything. They were way too quick to decline her offers of help.

      Oi! Mrs Fenn, some bastard's nicked me car. Have you seen anybody about?

  5. Your post of 12.14 - who the hell goes jogging, indeed!!!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    They have been acting for the past 7+ years infront of the cameras, early morning TV chat shows, the Leveson enquiry, their "acting" knows no bounds.

    Of course all of the parents of missing children you mentioned, the parents of Jamie Bulger, Sarah Payne and Kerry Needham knew what real pain, horror and loss felt like. They all looked distraught, tearful, haunted and that nothing could take that pain away from them.

    But then you get the McCanns, they had no idea what the loss, pain, grief felt like so they had to act it all out day after day after day for the press, for the mindless public who couldn't see through their acting but would pour ££££ into the their "search" fund. They went jogging, putting their 2 remaining kids in the creche as if nothing had happened, they went on overseas visits as if they were Royalty.

    They had no idea how to act as parents of an "abducted" child if Madeleine wasn't abducted. All they could see was how to protect themselves, hence the taking on of highly paid lawyers and a spin doctor.

  6. I'd like to know what TV interviewers really think of them, they must talk among themselves. Cuddle-cat is only ever seen when they're being interviewed, or on the streets. If it was such a comfort to Kate I wonder why it doesn't pop-up at one of the posh dinners they are attending.

  7. Lorraine Holden3 April 2015 at 18:21

    Enjoyed this but not sure children were neglected at all
    I think what this blog does show is how ridiculous the neglect story is,anyone reading this especially mothers (good mothers) would have many wtf moments and like myself thought what a crock of shit
    It's very true no neglect no abduction and the McCann's for me were far to keen to push it but could they play it any other way? I've seen people comment they could have said she was snatched why they were sleeping why didn't they? They played the window theory till proven otherwise so why go for neglect? Was it because it's true people knew the kids were left so they had to be "truthful" on that at least but was they really checking or were they left as Mrs Fenn confirms?
    One day I hope we get the answers till then keep on keeping on and let's hope we make it too difficult for this cover up to continue ��

    1. Neglect comes in many forms doesn't it? the parents can neglect their child even if they're at home. What decent, loving mother would go out for dinner knowing their child was ill? all of them are a disgrace no matter which way they try and spin-it. Some people just aren't cut out to be parents and use their kids as fashion accessories, they can't accept that the child must come first.

    2. Hi Lorraine :) The McCanns made full use of 21st century technology to build the biggest 'single' Fund we have ever seen. Unfortunately, they cannot now put it back in the bag. They got our interest, and they still have it! They got a bit too greedy though and their love of the cameras didn't help.

  8. "The only thing I can say with conviction is that I have NO doubts the parents are involved and if I had any I would not be exposing their myths here on my blog."

    when you start from that position - you should provide some proof.

    So the ball is in your court - shut up or put up.


    1. How very rude, I would take your own advice if I were you.

    2. 19:53, You demand that I provide PROOF for my beliefs, using the same curious wording of Gerry and Kate McCann. There is NO evidence, repeat the grieving pair as if it were a mantra. They do not say the more obvious 'we are innocent', nor are they outraged at the accusations, their answer is, there is no evidence (proof). 'Did you kill your daughter' asks the direct journalist, 'no, and that's an emphatic no, and here is why it couldn't have been me, blah, blah, blah.' Why don't they declare their innocence? Could it be because lying directly is so stressful? They use the 'innocent' word constantly when they are referring to Madeleine, as though some of it may attach to them by association, but its also a desperate plea. 'No matter what you think of us, the child is innocent'. They don't declare, 'we are innocent we do not deserve this', they declare Madeleine is innocent, SHE doesn't deserve this. Bizarrely they have been able to spin criticism of themselves and their diabolical childcare, into hatred of Madeleine with renowned authors introducing the word 'hater' to describe people who do not believe the parents of this particular child, not forgetting of course, an ex police chief demanding such sceptics be put in the dock.

      Meanwhile, I cite Kate's book Madeleine as my 'proof', page after page gives the game away. So too Gerry's blogs, which should be right up there with the fake Hitler diaries. Where do I begin with Kate's book? As Blacksmith said, its the longest suicide note in history. She clearly missed the psychology part of her doctor's training or she is so narcissistic that she is completing lacking in self awareness.

      She must fight a daily battle within herself. She knows the right thing to do in the sense of what society expects, but it is something she struggles with, probably why she leans so heavily on 'her faith'. Her faith provides her with moral boundaries and guidelines, they do not come from within. She uses the Catholic guilt to punish her, eg, she introduces the element of pain to her jogging, she is not doing it for her own enjoyment, she is making herself suffer for Madeleine. She could get off with an insanity plea.

      The majority of us do not need legislation to stop us from beating our kids or going out in the evenings and leaving them on their own. What is the point of introducing stricter legislation to protect that 1 in 20,000 who is probably too stupid to understand it anyway.

      I appreciate it was not the McCanns who called for this particular legislation, but in their own way, they too are asking for new Laws to protect themselves from their own stupidity.

      When Kate was taken to the police station and shown the video of the dogs alerting to the odour of blood and cadaver, her first reaction was relief that it proved nothing. She was relieved for herself, in a phew, off the hook sort of way.

      She showed no concern whatsoever for her missing daughter or any possible cause for the odour of blood and death being in the apartment she disappeared from. The mention of blood and death, would send most mothers climbing the walls, Kate, however felt relieved, the police had nothing on them.

      There is also NO evidence of abduction. None, I could therefore say to you, put up or shut up, but I would not be so discourteous.

      If the whole object of the media campaign and the Operation Grange investigation is to establish forever in the public eye that Kate and Gerry are innocent, then it has failed spectacularly. There are now almost 8 years on, more questions and more sceptics than ever before. A recent poll showed 78% do not believe the abduction story. The people who run the campaign should have quit while they were ahead, because its all downhill from here.

    3. Well said....

  9. The fact that they tried to get their hands on the police files is another story! who the hell do they think they are? How many police forces would give suspects information, when it's not been proved that Madeleine WAS abducted. It's so laughable you might as well let them investigate themselves.

    The phone call Gerry made about the cadaver dogs, what was all that about?

    Kate ringing the police while Jerry was away.. saying she'd had a dream that Madeleine was buried on a hill, which Jerry denied, saying she'd never had a dream. Is there any wonder the vast majority of people stopped believing them long ago.