Sunday 10 May 2015



As the Labour party pieces together where they went wrong, they are once again overlooking the bleeding obvious.  They refuse to see what the audience see, the way in which the three main parties merged into one, all fighting for the centre ground and appealing to the same demographic. The most dynamic and popular leader to come out of the 2015 election, was the far left Nicola Sturgeon, her compassion and humanity gave her the X-factor, the public appeal, the generic grey men standing alongside her lacked. 

Such is the perpetual scuffle for the centre ground among the career politicians at Westminster, that society's most vulnerable have been completely abandoned by the main parties, they no longer have anyone to represent them.  The poor are being punished for the errors of the super rich and the public school boys are merely bickering over ways in which to do it.  The poor and the unemployed are units, a free and dispensable workforce to bounce back and forward over a net when the occasions calls. 

Blair, who I don't think anyone should ever trust again, is calling for Labour to return(?) to the centre ground, despite the fact that the traditional centre party, the Lib Dems, have been all but demolished.  In Scotland, the centre hugging Labour candidates have been ousted, and so successful was the SNP's anti austerity campaign, that if the UK had had an equivalent of Nicola Sturgeon, the Left (if there had been one) could have done the same. 

There is no need for austerity, the UK is one of the richest countries in the world - the 'austerity' is man made.  Following World Word II, the UK were able to found and build the National Health Service.  If the country were able to do this in 1947, at a time of extreme economic hardship, what are they wimpering about now?

The National Health Service not only improved the health of the nation, it created jobs in abundance, more jobs than the indigenous population could handle.  It was a philanthropic idea that made the UK one of the most progressive and admired countries in the world. 

At the moment we are still living under the last century's Methodist ideology that we should work until we drop, or at least scrub our doorsteps before dawn and break rocks if we haven't got anything better to do.  In order to remain righteous we must keep our noses to the grindstone - the devil makes work for idle hands and all that.

However, the truth is, technology has taken over most of the menial tasks that kept us occupied for 14 hours a day - which has left us with, schhh, don't say it out loud, lots of free time and no-one quite knows what to do with it, other than watch Britain's Got Talent (imported) and moan about the immigrants.

Up until a couple of days ago, we had 3 bland men discussing ways in which to squeeze everything possible economically out of the UK's citizens, and none, it seems putting forward ideas in which to improve their lives.  Ways in which to create employment and inspire young people to improve the world they live in.  They have come to a standstill, squabbling like Ebenezers over the pennies left in the dungeon's coffers, casually dismissing the deaths of the nation's most vulnerable people as economically worth it. 

In the 21st century, the UK should be investing in the nation's health, not cutting back!  A sick nation, creates a sick economy.  We should be building more hospitals with more advanced facilities and more advanced practitioners.  The health of the nation is rapidly declining, children born now are not expected to live as long as their parents. Obesity is endemic and the NHS is heading towards breaking point. The once proud flagship of Great Britain, built by brave, inspiring pioneers, is being torn to shreds by politicians who have completely lost the plot as to why it was established in the first place. 

Investing in health, education and leisure creates jobs (it's not a sin to have leisure time) - and it is jobs that give people money to spend and plough back into the economy.  Unemployment is a natural consequence of advances in technology, most of the traditional working class jobs no longer exist.  The only altruistic way forward is for the nation to invest in its most valuable resource - its people.  

At one time, Great Britain ruled the waves, it was at the forefront of the world for its advances in science, technology and education.  Now we 'can't afford it', we have reached the top and had to stop and that's what's bothering me. 


  1. Cristobell i do not quite get your admiration or others of Nicola Sturgeon everybody thinks she is marvellous but she has not got a clue i take it u like here just because she a women so was Maggie Thatcher look how that turned out the milk snatcher they all piss in the same pot these politicians corrupt from top to bottom go and ask Nicola Sturgoen about the Madeleine MCCann case she wont want to know like the rest of them justice for MADELEINE MCCANN .

    1. Like you I tend to agree. No matter who's got the top job the Madeleine McCann issue appears to be out of bounds, avoid at all costs.

  2. Think what Nicola could do if she were to promote the United Kingdom, not just Scotland.

    Something big is keeping everyone quiet about Madeleine McCann. It could be decades before the truth comes out.

  3. I don't wish to be rude, but in this case I don't think there's much she could do. Just like Nicola Wall appears to be having trouble. Fear rules!! Knowing the truth, and actually being allowed to put your concerns forward seems to stop people in their tracks, what is stopping them is anyone's guess, OK, ordinary people fear being sued by the McCann's but the Government don't have to worry about that do they? So the only thing left is they are protecting their own interests, while at the same time protecting the McCann's. I also doubt If we'll ever find out what happened to Madeleine as heartbreaking as it is.

    I will never forget her angelic little face It's with me everyday, just like everyone else who has compassion, and cares about what has become of her.

    1. If you have proof of the McCanns guilt rather than just hearsay, then pass it on to Scotland Yard or the Portuguese police. Simples! As you say, you know the truth!

  4. I think it's about time you spent some time reading the post properly before accusing someone of "hearsay". Read the post again and it just might click, or contact "The Poo Bear reading Society" they should be able to help with your reading skills!!

  5. WTF? I may or may not agree with Rosalinda's view on politics of late but I'm at a loss as to why most of the replies so far are McCann related.
    It's little wonder that the UK is being exploited by other nations if these replies are a measure of the Brittish intellect.

  6. !9.38 - if you were able to read properly, you might note that 18.02 was a reply to 13.04 and not to the actual post. Maybe you should give the Poo Bear Reading Society a visit....

  7. Start at the top, and read through the comments and you'll see why.

  8. Then you should be telling 13.04 to contact the Pooh Bear Reading society