Saturday 9 May 2015



As much as I hate the tories, I do feel a sense of relief today.  I'm afraid that picture of Gerry McCann with Harriet Harman and the Hacked Off campaign, is indelibly fixed in my mind.  So too the relationship between Jim Gamble and the Labour Party.  Under Labour he was head of CEOP and on course to run CEOP as a separate internet security organisation, with God knows what powers, Theresa May did at least bring a halt to that. 
Gamble's present ambition is to set up a team of vigilantes volunteers to watch the internet 24/7 to guard us against child predators.  He also wants a clampdown on internet trolls (now officially all non McCann believers) and wants them in a dock in front of a Judge.  I fear if Labour had won this election, quite a few of us would have had knocks on the door and our computers seized.

During 1999 and 2002, under the last Labour Government, Jim Gamble ran Operation Ore, a government sanctioned investigation launched as a result of a tip off from the US that credit cards were being used to purchase child pornography online.  In the UK 4,283 homes were raided, 140 children taken into care and an estimated 39 men committed suicide.  As it turned out, the majority of the credit cards had been used fraudulently, but in the UK 1,848 men were charged, whilst in the US (x5 bigger than UK), only 100 were charged. 

Being accused of being a  paedophile is a slow form of execution, it is something no man (or indeed woman) can ever recover from. The subject is so taboo that it breeds paranoia and fear - everyone is so afraid of being labelled that reasoned, logical debate is impossible.  It is much safer to join the crowds baying for blood, and destroy all pictures of your kids having a bath or in their bathing suits, than it is to point out the madness. 

There is an assumption that ALL adults see children as sexual beings, and even though it is an assumption that is grotesque and insulting, our society has accepted it as a given.  Schools no longer allow parents to film their children in nativity plays and cameras on the beach are obviously tools of the devil.  Concerned parents are now calling for lone adults to be banned from parks and play areas and smiling at a baby can get you a punch in the eye.  If these ideas were introduced to a primitive tribe, untainted by 'civilisation', they would spend a week laughing, and another, thinking how creepy we are.  

Sadly these fears have gripped the UK and have stolen our freedom and our childrens' freedom just as effectively as a government sanctioned coup. We are buying these fears because we love our children and we think we are protecting them.  But we are not protecting them, we are making them just as afraid as we are and we are moulding them into a conformist, model army.

We should be teaching our children to be strong resilient adults, not fearful wimps who need a big brother to look after them.  Yes, there is a darn good chance they will be called names on line, and come across a number of weirdos, but that's life!  If they need a panic button online, then they will also need one when they run down to the shops. 


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  1. Hint - unless you post a hate blog about the Mccanns then no-one has the slightest interest in you or your opinions. Haven't you realised that by now?

    Cue Ros's Rottweilers.

    1. I know when I discuss paedophilia I get few if any responses, because it is such a taboo subject. People like yourself are chomping at the bit to point a finger and accuse anyone who wants to discuss the matter logically, of being paedophiles themselves.

      These blogs however are read by thousands, and if they make just one person stop and think about the subject logically, then I have achieved what I set out to do. You see I know what it is like as a child to be powerless and in the hands of sadistic, abusive adults, lets call them the authorities, and I have the word power to make a difference, and I hope, stop others from being placed in the same position.

      My heart goes out to the 140 kids seized during Operation Ore, and it breaks for the hundreds of kids seized when the maniacal Ray Wyre was advising Social Services that Satanic abuse was rife and being practiced in homes up and down the UK. So many lives wrecked.

      Unfortunately, many psychopaths are attracted to jobs where they have control over vulnerable people, and children are of course among the most vulnerable. They disguise their motives well, often only the victim is aware, and in most cases the authority figure is believed above the victim.

      I follow my conscience, I don't write to be popular, if I did I would have sided with the McCanns.

    2. You must have an interest or you wouldn't be here would you?

      Speak for yourself not other people!!

  2. People do not follow you unless you attack the McCanns.
    It has nothing to do with your other opinions. When will you realise you are just a voice for the dregs of society?
    Your self included.

    1. Oh you unhappy creature, you have caught me at a time in my life when I no longer turn the other cheek and walk away.

      Dregs of society? You are calling me and those read here, the 'dregs' of society? You only have to compare the calibre of replies to my blog with the calibre of replies on JATYK2 and the OFM Facebook page to see who are the educated, and who are the unenlightened. As it is, I see Team McCann as a roomful of chimpanzees with typewriters - great at scratching their armpits and sniffing each others' arses, but unlikely to produce Shakespeare.

    2. Anonymous9 May 2015 at 23:09
      Read the official files!!!
      Great blog Cristobel!!!!

  3. Great blog cristobel. I'm afraid if you want to understand JG ability to publicly demonize people who have an opposing view to him you have to understand his past. Different era different nation Jim your not at home now.

  4. I love your replies to those 'chimpanzees with typewriters'!! You are way above them. It's hard to find someone more wellspoken and witty than you.
    So poor and revealing of those attackers to come here and write nasty things.
    Thankyou for everything you post, not only about the McCanns.
    The paedophilia subject is important to unveil, I hate it but IT won't go away by never taking about it.
    Greetings from Scandinavia