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Goncalo Amaral will never give up on Madeleine

 In May 2007 Goncalo Amaral was handed the poisoned chalice that was the case of Missing Madeleine McCann.  It could have been any policeman in any town in any country in the world, but fate chose Goncalo and the quiet resort of Prai de Luz, and once the die is caste there is no turning back.

Unfortunately for the McCanns, this policeman was not for turning, his task was to find the missing child, and bring the perpetrators of her demise to justice.  He did the job he signed up for, he focused on the victim, and he focuses on her still. For whatever reason the British Government were pressurising the Portuguese to look for a stranger abductor, and accept, without question, the word of the Tapas doctors. 

An honourable man, Goncalo had no option but to resign from the job he had dedicated his life to.  However, that was not enough for Kate and Gerry McCann, Kate needed Goncalo to feel misery and fear. And in order to elevate themselves to sainthood, they needed an evil villain, a 'monster' they could direct the public to, in order to embellish their own suffering.  And the xenophobic British establishment, obliged and assisted with outrageous headlines, pointing the finger, and blaming the loss of Madeleine on a slovenly, sardine munching cop, who spent too long at lunch. 

The extremely kempt couple had time to shop
for new clothes to meet the Pope
But, here's a thing.  The reason Goncalo and/or indeed any of the PJ may have appeared slovenly or unkempt, was because they were sleeping at the office and working back to back shifts searching for a child who it was claimed, had been abducted!  They weren't shacked up in 5* hotels with a row of Hugo Boss suits at their disposal for photo shoots, they were looking for Madeleine. 

McCanns have also punished
Goncalo's family.

First and foremost, the men and women of the PJ are human beings, fathers, mothers, grandparents.  They were as touched by Madeleine's plight as the rest of the world - more so because they were so close to the action.  They worked day and night to find that little girl, as did the compassionate people of PDL, who spent days combing through the undergrowth, turning over EVERY stone, whilst the parents, hmmm, jogged!  The hypocrisy of the British media is astonishing, whilst admonishing critics on behalf of the McCann children, they viciously ripped into the life and reputation of Goncalo, with complete disregard for what effects reading their father is a 'monster' might have on the Amaral children! But more astonishing still, is their reports back to the UK that the PJ were doing nothing, while being first hand witnesses to the biggest missing child search in Poruguese history!

The British press did an amazing job of dehumanising the men and women who were looking for Madeleine, convincing the public that the PJ were incompetent and hell bent on stitching the parents up. Clearly all reason and logic were abandoned in their indecent haste to find a (foreign) rogue, because it was in no-one's interests, least of all the Portuguese police, to leave a predatory child snatcher on the loose. It would have left all children at risk, including their own. 

In defence of the Portuguese police, not only did they have the unco-operative tapas group to contend with, they also had the results of the McCanns phenomenal publicity campaign.  They were being inundated with calls from every crackpot around the globe claiming to have seen a 'small blonde' child and being pressurised to follow every lead up.  One might even say, they were being forced to 'look over there, not over here'. 

July 2007 (after dogs)
'police have told us they are looking for a live
child, and they have said that a lot'.
The 'establishment' would have us believe that Madeleine is lost because of the ineptitude of the Portuguese police.  Team McCann created the myth that the Portuguese police were trying to blame them in order to wrap the case up quickly and because they 'didn't want a murder' in Portugal.  Yet, whilst appearing to be working happily and in harmony with the Portuguese police, the McCanns were already planting stories in the press about the PJ's incompetence, ie.  'I see no helicopters' Gerry. For an example of their duplicity, we only have to look at the interviews they were giving at the time, Gerry's happy clappy blogs and what was really going on as told to us later in Kate's book, or as Blacksmith says, the longest suicide note in history. 

The spite continues and what 'hunt'?
It is the evil that lies a the heart of this conspiracy that sticks in my craw.  The pure spite of the campaign to destroy Goncalo Amaral, a man who has never stopped caring about the fate of their little girl. Yet the demonization of Goncalo continues, the British press gleefully brag about his downfall, cockahoop that a former policeman who was only doing his job is to be stripped of the few possessions he has remaining, to financially compensate parents who wilfully left their tiny children alone night and night, until one died, and who have no remorse about it whatsoever. 

It is an outrage on epic proportions and we need to respond with epic proportions, by arming Goncalo with the same resources as his persecutors.  A win for Goncalo Amaral is a win for Madeleine and for everyone who truly cares about her fate.  If the only way to win justice for Madeleine is through the Portuguese courts and faith in the goodness and fairness of the majority, then so be it.  The die has been caste. 

In its heyday the Find Madeleine website received 50million hits plus, from people all over the world who were touched by the plight of this little girl.  Most of those 50million have moved on, and quite rightly, but one man remains standing, one man who will never give up on Madeleine despite everything that is thrown at him.   One man who is prepared to challenge the establishments of Portugal and the UK and stand up for the real victim of this crime.  Goncalo is the stuff heroes are made of, a man ruled by truth, honour and integrity, willing to sacrifice everything (and he has) to carry out the task he was assigned. 

That little girl, who's face touched the hearts of millions is still missing and what happened to her is just as tragic now as it was 8 years ago but the wrong people are being blamed and persecuted.  Up until the death of Brenda Leyland, EVERYONE who criticised the McCann was included in the revenge list, the death dossier handed to Leicester police and Sky News.  Not believing the McCanns is probably as close to a criminal offence that most of us have ever committed, Brenda Leyland especially, and if the McCanns and their supporters have their way, we will all be in a dock facing a judge.  If we don't fight for our small freedoms, we won't have a hope when they take away the big ones.  This case is so much more than a missing child.

The abduction story has been kept alive through fear, intimidation and repetition. The majority who comment on the case do so anonymously, because they know their employers, friends, relatives and everyone they know will be informed of their 'disgraceful' behaviour and they will probably never find employment again.  That's how far the McCann Blacklist goes.  The McCann supporters are especially keen on outing people while guarding their own identities like East Berlin moles.  Clearly, they take no pride in what they do. 

The response to the appeal Fund set up in the UK by Leanne Baulch, has been incredible, in fact, awe inspiring.  Far from being a very small bunch of misfits, weirdos and trolls, the Fund has shown that the people of the UK and beyond (there are thousands) do not believe the abduction story and they finally have an outlet in which to voice their true opinions.  Those who still think this case can be covered up, no questions asked, are receiving a huge wake up call.  All those opinions blocked by the comments sections of the UK mainstream media finally have a place and the means with which to say 'I am not buying this crap' and the government and Operation Grange better be listening.  The press can call us trolls, backed up with a pile of legal bumpf, but we wear the label proudly, we are all trolls, we are all Spartacus, we will not be silenced. 

I think the fickle finger of fate chose wisely, though Goncalo may not agree at this time - perhaps when he writes his memoirs :) - because he stood up to the plate, he did the job he was trained to do and that he dedicated his life to and his bravery and refusal to roll over like so many others, stopped the false history of this urban legend dead in its tracks.  He deserves our support, and so too does Madeleine.
the book the McCanns won't let you read 




  1. Superbly expressed, as ever, Linda! :) Shared in FB group

  2. Well written, but Mr Amaral never had a chance.

    It is a matter of public record that Officers of the Leicestershire Police were in PDL on Saturday 5th May 2007.
    According to Mr Amaral they did not make themselves known to the PJ until Monday 7th May 07.

    Why would this be? Did the Leicestershire Officers really fly in on Saturday 5th May, or were they already there conducting surveillance when the shit hit the fan?

    It would certainly account for all the strangers lurking in doorways and the disparagement at every opportunity of the PJ.

    Leicestershire Police would obviously be following Leicestershire citizens. Food for thought.

  3. Well done Linda, on another of your excellent articles. x

    Kathy Bell (late YGL)

  4. Great piece...Well done Linda....
    Angela Neylin D'Alton

  5. Have the McCanns any idea of the misery and embarrassment they have caused? Innocent or guilty, they have destroyed Dr Amaral's life. Do they care about Yvone Albino, Jorge Martins and Maria Silveira? Have they spared a thought for Euclides Monteiro's widow? Jose Carlos da Silva or the mentally ill Paulo Ribeiro? Ricardo Rodrigues?

    These people have been named in the British press but never exculpated. Redwood said in April 2012 that he had "all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle". After the 2013 Crimewatch programme, there were allegedly hundreds of calls, texts and emails giving the identity of "Smithman".

    So why is Operation Grange still "turning over pieces of paper".

    1. 'Have the McCanns any idea of the misery and embarrassment they have caused?'


      But they lack any shame and seem unable to empathise with anyone
      outside Rothley Towers.

      Lawyered up and cosseted by PR firms - allows them this sour luxury.

      Until the knock comes.

    2. Try speaking to one of them on the phone and you'll clearly see that you can't get the staff these days. Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, that's all I can think of. They are looking for a body, apparently. A blind cat with long-term memory loss could have found it quicker.

    3. I hope you used a public phone box for your call(s)

      We don't want any more Brenda incidents, do we now?

    4. If that's a threat, go ahead, you know where I live. Please take your shoes off before entering. Citalopram toxicity, yeah OK, whatever.

      Blows kisses ....xxx

  6. Brilliant....thank you. “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” ( Mark Twain) ------->>>>> and many shoes are now ON ;-)

  7. John Keats:

    She stood in tears amid the alien corn;

    The same that oft-times hath

    Charm'd magic casements, opening on the foam

    Of perilous seas, in faery lands forlorn.

  8. GREAT POST!!!!!

  9. "Not believing the McCanns is probably as close to a criminal offence that most of us have ever committed" I know its a very sad case and subject you are tackling here cristobell but I did laugh outloud when I read this. You are quite right I used to sneak away on my own to read the various blogs about the case incase anyone knew. When I finally plucked up the courage to tell my daughter (laughable now when I think about it) she said Mum you better be careful no body else finds out gods knows what would happen to you. Even now if she thought I was writing this she would be concerned.

    Its changing now more and more closet non believers are revealing themselves
    but I think there are still a lot out there who are frightened of being exposed as a non believer. Why do you think that is ????? was it all down to a massive media onslaught that was so imposed on to our thinking that it felt almost like a crime to have a different opinion. Where I was brought up people did (during the troubles) and for good reason restrict their opinions on things going on around them, there was scary people about who created that environment but I can honestly say I would have had more fear coming out and commenting on this case than I did about things going on at home.

    1. Know exactly where you are coming from 14:04 - it is a forbidden topic in my home, but more from boredom these days than the subversive aspects :)

      Bizarrely in 2007 it became taboo to say you did not believe Kate and Gerry, it could get you barred from pubs and thrown out of parties - the hater/pitchforker mentality took a grip of the UK, and even remnants exist to this day. A few months ago, I was torn to shreds by Dom Joly (the prop comic) on twitter, who was calling me everything bar a demonic bitch! I can see why he works with props rather than words - reading is clearly not his forte.

      Most people (and prop comics) are tabloid headline skimmers, their understanding of cases such as this, are based purely on what they see in bold print on their red tops. Sadly, as we have seen in this case, a lot of professional journalists do this too.

  10. "A win for Goncalo Amaral is a win for Madeleine and for everyone who truly cares about her fate."

    You of course know that Goncalo says that Madeleine died in the apartment and her parents covered that fact up and disposed of her body.

    I do not believe that is a "win" for Madeleine in any sense of the word - her fate is actually unknown.

    Of course it is a "win" for all those people who do not believe anything the Mccanns have ever said about the case and run hate blogs for personal amusement.

  11. Madeleine has been dead for a long time 16:53, a win for Madeleine would be justice and God help her, a proper burial and closure for those who cared about her.

    If you are implying this is a hate blog, then you couldn't be more wrong. Forcing people to believe that Madeleine is alive and findable is wicked beyond words, do you not see that?

    1. " Forcing people to believe that Madeleine is alive and findable is wicked beyond words, do you not see that?"

      No - I do not see that even for one minute - a missing child is not presumed dead until evidence is produced, and the only way to produce that is unfortunately, a body. Look at the missing child cases where recovery of a live child has occurred years and years later.

      Because you believe a missing child is dead and the parents should move on - is not normal, and in the case of the Mccanns is just pure hate. You even run a blog to try to convince people of your views.

      Where there is hope - there is a way.

      But hey - keep dancing on tables to 2am after filming about a missing child - it obviously floats your boat.

    2. As this comment section is, thankfully, a broad church, I'd like to differ slightly - I have no facts (that would stand up to judicial examination) at my disposal that prove that Madeleine is dead/equally no facts that she is presently alive.

      However, on the 28th of June 2007 - the McCanns requested Danni Krügel's presence in Luz - that's the guy who allegedly finds bodies with his abracadabra machine. Therefore at least as early as June 2007 the parents THEMSELVES believed in the possibility of the girl's death.

      Compare and contrast with the religious zeal they later on sued the brown stuff out of anyone who said the girl might well be dead.

      Which one is it now Team McCann?

    3. 18:05, I was dancing on tables at my (equally sprightly) friend's 70th birthday bash the night BEFORE, if that's OK by you.

      You are in complete denial about the alerts of the dogs, that's fine, but I am not. Apart from the alerts of the dogs, Madeleine has not been seen in 8 years and there is still no evidence whatsoever of an abductor.

      The expert dogs did what they were trained to do, they alerted to blood and cadaver, only in the McCanns apartment, and only to McCann possessions. Once, twice there may be room to question, but they alerted 11 times and they didn't alert anywhere else. That is pretty compelling evidence in anyone's book.

      Knowing that the child is dead and campaigning as if she were alive, IS beyond wicked. In the whole scheme of things it doesn't really matter very much to me, but I really do feel for the twins if they are being told they are going to be reunited with their sister. The birthday and Christmas presents are beyond creepy imo, actually so is the whole shebang.

    4. Cristobell Author ‏@RosalindaHu May 17

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      @RosalindaHu You look great! Loving the hair. @SoniaPoulton
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      Cristobell Author ‏@RosalindaHu May 17

      @B_balou @SoniaPoulton Many thanks, the pro's (dossier) had entire thread dedicated to my wearing a wig, they call me wiggy! lol #mccann
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      Babalou ‏@B_balou May 17

      @RosalindaHu Haha. You look glowing. A great advert for your healthy eating regimen. @SoniaPoulton
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      Cristobell Author

      @B_balou @SoniaPoulton Especially as I was dancing on a table to 'its all about the bass' at 2.00am lol :) #mccann

      How stange that in this conversation you never mentioned a 70th birthday - the comments were how good you looked in the photo filming with Sonia!

    5. Notice you're still refusing to post comments that disagree with your line of thought Cristobell.

    6. Why would I? What has my friend's 70th got to do with it? You don't know her!

      I know how you all get so worked up at STMs and JATYK2 over the minutest details of my life, so perhaps I should print out a daily itinerary for you, like the Queen :) - meanwhile, went to the party on Saturday night, did the filming on Sunday, OK?

    7. Nope, all published 19:18, including the repetitious concerns of those who fear I may have had some (unauthorised) fun last weekend.

    8. Lol cristobell you tell them

    9. I regularly disagree with Cristobell and she still publishes my comments. In fact, I think she is very brave in posting comments by people who say truly awful things about her. I don't even think the McCanns are guilty, but I still find Cristobell the most digestible of their detractors. I don't spend a lot of time on the McCann case, but I read this blog sometimes because I find Cristobell warm. (Even if I think she should look at the possibility of the McCann's innocence). She's got a sense of humour and she makes me laugh. She writes better than most of those who damn the McCanns and elects to do so in her own name. I'm more interested in Cristobell's personality because she's quirky and she actually does put up an awful lot of negative comments about herself. I'd never be that brave!

  12. I think if someone is of a nervous disposition anyway, they wouldn't use their real name. It would cause extreme anxiety especially after what happened to Brenda Leyland!! It may sound ridiculous to some people, but knowing what kind of people are involved in this case and their contacts, I think that alone would strike the fear of god into anyone.

    Thank you Cristobell for all your hard work trying to make some sense out of all the confusion, concerning this case.

  13. "Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton20 May 2015 at 17:03

    Madeleine has been dead for a long time"

    Yeah keep dancing on the table at 2am Ros - it obviously make you happy after filming about a missing child.

    1. Again, I make no apologies for celebrating my friend's 70th birthday, not everything is about Maddie and the McCanns.

    2. Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton20 May 2015 at 19:12

      see my tweet posts of yours above - no mention of a 70 year old party - just the photo of you day out filming about a missing girl!

  14. 18:05, If Madeleine is still alive she's certainly been well hidden, probably living in a commune somewhere (The Moonies) lets hope once she reaches her teenage years she'll be able to escape their clutches, and find her way back to her Mummy, and Daddy. Unbelievable, yes!! She's never been spotted since she went missing, (only false sightings) no education? no outings, or she would have been seen. What a hellish life she must be living eh?

    1. Unfortunately children that are taken by rings become unrecognisable. It's also not necessarily the case that such a ring would not risk taking a child like Madeleine from a middle class resort. Certainly more risky than removing a child from a third world country whose parents can do nothing to help their own children, but strange as it may sound, pedophiles have 'types', in the same way that adults do. However, (and this is the truly revolting thing), some high achieving, successful, wealthy pedophiles, believe they deserve a middle class child. These rich, successful , though often by crime, - pedophiles - often think that they are treating the children extremely well; not exposing them to the same violence that other, less refined pedophile might; and many actually believe that fall in love with certain kinds of children. I'm talking about seriously wealthy men who simply have the money to hide children away in houses that are superficially beautiful, in parts of the world far away from their own wives and families (that they often have) and which they then visit while away on 'business', which they do a lot. Meanwhile, some of them share them around with other equally deserving males, often being extremely choosy as to which elite pedophiles make it into the deserving 'ring' for certain deserving 'children'. Some of them are kept hidden away in very upmarket surroundings in the depths of certain countries, so remote that we wouldn't think to look for them there. These kids end up so profoundly damaged that it's virtually impossible for them to even want to escape, or to even think of it. The sad thing is that there is less risk in taking a three year old. By the time she's four and a half, and certainly by the time she's five, they've managed to completely rid them of their previous identity, grooming them to believe that they always 'belonged' to them in the first place. If such a thing happens to a child as young as Madeleine was at three (nearly four) she would have no idea that she was Madeleine McCann, and would by now have a very distant memory of her previous family, whom her current 'family' would have convinced were never hers to begin with. In the rare cases that the parents are reunited with these children, they are usually so damaged, that it's impossible for them to ever live a remotely normal life. So, these men, who are from the West, The East, The Arab -While some do hide behind 'respectable' jobs, most do exist in high levels of white collar crime, and may be very high drug suppliers, but not the kind that get caught with the drugs themselves, and probably don't even use them. They supply to high end dealers, who are those that get caught, but even those smugglers on death row in some Indonesian countries etc... would never reveal the true lords of the drug chain, because of what they'd do to the rest of their living families. There have been doctors and lawyers and regular corporates who've been busted in such rings, but the truly rich ones very rarely get caught. When they do, they have brilliant means of hiding evidence, again passing it off on the people running the homes for them, who, while not being any 'better' for hiding the problem, are not the upper end cause of it. Horrible stuff that is utterly heartbreaking, but, if is was such a ring, Madeleine could be anywhere by now. She won't be recognisable. The pictures they've put out of her age progressions still show a smiling, cared for, middle class kid. She would be an angry, highly sexualised child who would see sex as the only way to communicate; she'd be damaged beyond belief, with no spark in her eyes, and she'd probably look at the ground most of the time; hence her eye fleck might not be noticed by a soul, or if it was, it might not be the kind of soul who would care about the original Madeleine McCann at all. This is the depressing reality of this level of organised child sexual abuse.

  15. @ Anonymous20 May 2015 at 19:44

    "If Madeleine is still alive she's certainly been well hidden ...."

    If Madeleine is dead then her parents certainly outwitted the incredible detective that this is about.

    How did they deceive Goncalo and the hundreds of PJ that searched everywhere?

    1. Had he been allowed to continue with the investigation without political interference, he would have probably solved the case by now. Funny how they fled back home as soon as they were made suspects. Don't forget it was they who told Sr Amaral she had been abducted!! There was no proof whatsoever, quite the opposite.

    2. "If Madeleine is dead then her parents certainly outwitted the incredible detective that this is about."

      And that's something to be proud of is it?

  16. 18:52 I think you should be telling Madeleine's parent's to stop enjoying themselves, after all it's their Daughter that's missing. not Cristobells.

  17. @ Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton20 May 2015 at 19:12

    "not everything is about Maddie and the McCanns."

    oh really - maybe you should return to your unanswered political opinion and diet topics then and do yourself a favour.

    In fact have you ever posted anything that was not about Madeleine or the Mccanns that has ever attracted attention?

    bandwagon for Ros - jump on up girl.

    1. I didn't make missing Madeleine a global phenomenon, her parents did. Supply and demand my dear, people like to read my views on this particular case, its beyond my, or your, control.

      I also despise the constant bullying and the vicious campaign of the McCann family to destroy Goncalo Amaral, and anyone who criticises them, myself included.

      Commenting on this case has cost me EVERYTHING, I'll tell you about it sometime - meanwhile as long as I have an audience, I will continue to write.

    2. @ Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton20 May 2015 at 20:29

      "Commenting on this case has cost me EVERYTHING, I'll tell you about it sometime"

      Oh maybe I will come back sometime to read it.

    3. 20:14
      That comment smacks of jealousy without a doubt!

    4. Actually, I have Rosalinda's book about her childhood and found it well written, authentic and moving. So, yes, I think that Cristobell has written other things that people do read. I would personally also love to her write about a wide variety of subjects; but the one thing we do all owe each other as fellow human beings is the freedom to do what we want to do with our own lives and our own creativity. If Rosalinda doesn't want to write more about her own life, I completely get that, because it would have probably killed me to share my own childhood abuse (and all it's caused since then) with strangers. Brave stuff.

  18. Anonymous20 May 2015 at 19:53

    "18:52 I think you should be telling Madeleine's parent's to stop enjoying themselves, after all it's their Daughter that's missing. not Cristobells"

    Exactly - so why is Ros posting all of her shit?

    1. I'll tell you what, you tell the saintly McCann's to stop taking the piss out of the public by spouting their verbal diarrhea, which not many believe anyway.

      In case you hadn't noticed this is Cristobells blog so she is entitled to post her opinions, just the same as you.

  19. @ Anonymous20 May 2015 at 20:50

    "I'll tell you what, you tell the saintly McCann's to stop taking the piss out of the public by spouting their verbal diarrhea, which not many believe anyway."

    Does somebody force you to read their verbal diarrhoea? Does anyone force you to read them taking the piss out of you? Or have YOU decided to read it?

    Not difficult questions - if you don't like them - move on and enjoy life eh?

    I suggest dancing on tables at 2am may make you feel good in life again.

    Following the Mccann case is NOT compulsory.

  20. I dare say your reason for being here is the same as mine, to find out the truth about what happened to Madeleine? However I get the impression that you have a hidden agenda and are here just to cause trouble, so instead of wasting my time replying to someone who has obviously lost the plot, I'll reply to those more informed posters that have done their homework, and are not swayed, or sidetracked, but stick with the known facts.

  21. "The response to the appeal Fund set up in the UK by Leanne Baulch, has been incredible, in fact, awe inspiring. Far from being a very small bunch of misfits, weirdos and trolls, the Fund has shown that the people of the UK and beyond (there are thousands) do not believe the abduction story"

    Erm, about 1,200 the last time I looked. Unfortunately you would probably have lost your deposit even in the Outer Hebrides at the last election with that many supporters!

    1. And how is Kate doing with sponsors for her bike ride? Kate has had the full force of the MSM publicising her charity stunt, yet hasn't even achieved a quarter of the funds so far raised for Goncalo Amaral, in fact, she would be hard pushed to even raise a deposit.

  22. An honourable man, Goncalo had no option but to resign from the job he had dedicated his life to

    Haha .Now that made me laugh ..Honourable man OMFG .He is a convicted criminal a drunk and a wife beater ,He is nothing but a fat lying Bastard ,

    1. But he's not a murderer is he? If he gets justice for Madeleine and brings those responsible for her disappearance to book, then he is a true hero in my opinion.

    2. and meanwhile, back in the real world:

      Portugal Resident 21st May 2015:

      Text messages and calls “can now be submitted in court as evidence”

      In a historic ruling, Évora’s court of appeal has clarified that text messages (even if they are not read) and mobile phone records can now be used in criminal cases and do not require any authorisation by a judge.'

      Which might well have a bearing on Gerry's rapid typing during dinner at the night of the disappearance:

      Telegraph, 7th Nov 2007:

      'Detectives are reportedly investigating a series of text messages sent and received by Gerry McCann on the night his daughter disappeared.

      The consultant cardiologist is alleged to have exchanged up to 14 messages on his mobile phone during dinner with the so-called Tapas Nine on May 3.'

    3. wonder if the 14 texts were sent to/from the general Luz area

    4. 16:30 You are obviously unfamiliar with the writing premise of almost every, strike that, every, fictional detective book/film/tv series etc. That is, renegade cop (with human failings) pursues clean cut rule following pillars of the community. Cops have strict rules and regulations to abide by, but we all cheer them on when they break them to catch the baddy.

      The most successful hero cops, are usually flawed in some way (it creates empathy with the audience), that is, they are alcoholic, workaholic, emotional wrecks who have troubled home lives, but they never give up.

      The fiction is based on fact. Its not the box ticking, clean cut, rule following automatons who solve the crimes, it is those who break the rules and think outside of the box, who get their man. And in real life, as in fiction, they are usually up against 'the establishment'.

      This detective drama is writing itself, Goncalo is the baddy in crumpled suit and fondness for wine. His slate isn't clean, he didn't wear a smart uniform with polished shoes and a shiny badge. Whilst his career climbing colleagues were hand pressing their lapels, he was out getting his hands dirty - he's a cop, not a Sunday school teacher.

      Clean living SS Commandants are not an ideal role model for a successful detective. Whilst you can demand the population play nicely, they rarely do. When chasing criminals, hair will fall out of place, clothing may be damaged and shoes may be scuffed. Has a criminal ever 'got off' because the arresting officer was inappropriately dressed and didn't go to church regularly?

      The accusations being thrown at Goncalo Amaral are everything we expect, so much so, they are almost cliché. Goncalo is probably not very different to every middle aged, middle class, hard working cop the world over, His enemies have merely taken his flaws and amplified them.

  23. and if Murat & Malinka were texting vividly at the same time as Gerry

  24. If, in a panic - you use your phone - would you

    a) shout down it: 'We need some help godammit' or words to that effect
    b) type a text?

    The text could be be done sans witnesses - even at a busy dinner table

    The fact that Gerry had a mobile and operating phone that night, also invalidates the 'no one wore a watch that night' claim - mobile phones show the current time - don't they?

  25. ditto pings - even if your phone is switched off, it emits electronic pings which, when triangulated, place the phone in the exact location at that time.

    Something that had to be pointed out to Obama and White House staff on a flight
    to the Middle East - not yonks ago

    You want your mobile to not give away your whereabouts? - take the battery out - simples.