Tuesday, 25 October 2016


In response to 13:22 on 'Loony Website', I agree the Gasper statements are alarming, so too the evidence volunteered by the social worker Yvonne Martin, but they are not evidence that the tapas children were being abused. The PJ did not release ALL their files, many were held back, and there is a good chance those files contain the more err, sensitive investigations. Obviously investigations that were not pursued because they led nowhere. 

I think the evidence of Yvonne Martin (the social worker) is important because it describes the strange behaviour of Kate McCann and David Payne on the morning of 4th May.  And by strange behaviour, I mean the way Kate, Payne and the rest of the Tapas group closed ranks - that is they shunned the assistance of a British child protection expert on the ground when their need was greatest. With regard to Yvonne Martin's suspicions about David Payne, I tend to think these would have been checked out by both the police and social services. 

The Jon Corner pictures were odd, but then so too is Jon Corner. Like the rest of the McCann mob, he spotted a business opportunity that was too good miss. The wannabe film maker and artiste, probably thought his work on the Madeleine case, would hurtle him into the big league.  As for the make up pictures, little girls love dressing up! Friend of the family and artiste Jon, no doubt had his camera handy and played along with Madeleine's game. 

I doubt very much paedophilia has got anything to do with this case, despite the huge efforts of so many, including the 'authorities' to convince the public that it has. People like Jim Gamble who have tried desperately to link Madeleine's disappearance to online predators. Always a ridiculous concept btw, because at the age of 3, Madeleine didn't use social media.

As for the parents and their friends, I cannot stress enough that these people were 'into each other' not kids!  They spent as little time with their children as they could get away with. Small children have no filters! It is ludicrous to suggest that these kids were being sexually abused in the evening and then handed over to the care of others the following morning. 

Those examining photographs with a magnifying glass searching for hints of abuse have lost the plot! They have certainly put reason, common sense and logical thinking to one side in order to prove their point.  They are projecting figments of their own rather lurid imaginations.  The majority of us do not think as they do, we don't see sexuality in small children and we don't assume a man with a camera is a pervert. 

This case is bizarre, because both the Pro McCann supporters and way too many of the Anti McCanns are determined to push forward a 'lets hang all the paedophiles' agenda.  From the 'Pro' side, one of the first claims made by the parents was that their daughter was taken by a gang of paedophiles.  This was quickly latched onto by the press and various police agencies and charities, who coincidentally, also want to convince the public their children are in constant danger.   

The McCanns of course, have been looking for a villain to blame for Madeleine's disappearance from day 1, Jim Gamble is always looking for reasons to seize people's computers, and police agencies and charities are always looking for cash to combat the alleged hidden danger of all these paedophiles lurking in bedsits and cyber cafes. Apparently enough children go missing each year to fill an inner city school.  Who knew? 

Many of the Antis do actually hate the McCanns.  In the fullest sense of the word, along with all it's scary connotations.  Not only do they want them burned at the stake, they want them (and everyone like them) to be humiliated and scorned.  Not dissimilar to the feelings the McCanns and their supporters had for Brenda Leyland and still have for Goncalo Amaral.  I doubt there is anything more humiliating or degrading than to be accused of sexually abusing children, therefore it is an inevitable accusation when accompanied by intense hatred.  Chuck in these people hid the child's body and carried on with their holiday for 5 days, and the monstering is complete.

But I don't want to be too harsh, whilst the psychotic hatred is indeed psychotic, the hatred felt by many is understandable when compared to  public feeling for convicted child murderers.  Child murder arouses feelings of passion and anger in most of us, feelings that are beyond our control. Even as a committed pacifist and wuss, I know that I could not be in a room with Ian Huntley without wanting to physically attack him.  

Some who have followed and studied this case struggle to get beyond the 'evil' that went on that night, that is the reality of whatever it was that happened to the poor little girl that made her disappear.  For myself, it is an issue that I try not to think about too intensely, because I know that emotion can distort reasoning.  I want to understand this case from a rational, academic, perspective, with my own personal feelings set aside. 

I think what grated for many was the almost joyous way the parents behaved and indeed thrived, in the days and weeks following Madeleine's disappearance. Pleas for publicity and cash, rather than pleas for on the ground searchers.  None of it was 'natural', but pointing that out became taboo. Who knows how parents of a missing child should act was the argument put forward by the defenders.  The obvious answer was, well most of us would have pretty good idea and it would include personally digging up the surrounding area with our bare hands. 

There is much about Gerry and Kate that puts people's backs up.  Despite all the 'kids were perfectly safe' propaganda, most are still very uncomfortable with the McCanns form of child minding.  Gerry's 'it would have been worse if ALL 3 were taken', was shocking as it was being used to defend his parenting skills. If all 3 had been killed in a fire, there would be no defence!  Aggh, I'm going down a path I didn't want to.  Reasons to dislike K&G, there are too many to list, but none worthy of sharpening up the pitchforks. 

Quite obviously in this case, any hint from the police and authorities that Gerry and Kate were involved could set off a media frenzy and quite possibly, an ugly, public backlash from those who were taken in.  And the backlash would not only involve the families, it would affect every politician, police chief, celebrity and expert who gave their full support to the parents. 

There are many reasons I believe for allowing the case to hang in limbo. Time is probably the most effective way to allow an angry public to move on.  If and when the case is ever solved, it will probably be announced in the left hand column, page 6 of a local newspaper. As I have said many times, police the world over, accept that there are occasions when they have to playing the waiting game. 

The lack of a result in the McCann case is far from unusual, but the conspiraloons simply cannot accept this.  They have done their own investigations and found the parents guilty.  Their simple minds cannot understand why the police have not acted on the information they have supplied or thanked them publically for solving the case.  Bennett believes he should be wearing ermine by now whilst publishers are in a bidding war for his book 'Homos and Paedos Everywhere'.   

But of course, I'm not immune to the rather tacky, greedy character traits of the parents.  Gerry and Kate are probably the least likeable people I can think of.  As a grumpy old bird, I have zero tolerance for people who use their victim status to manipulate others.  The McCanns have made it their life's work, in fact, at one time, they were the MSM's first point of call victims for any tragedy. Who suffered the most from the lawless press?  'Me, me, me' shout Gerry and Kate. 

However, I think it is important for anyone interested in this case to look carefully at BOTH sides.  I don't mean the abduction story, which is clearly bollox, I mean from a human perspective and the way in which it affects the families involved.  We are not Judge and Jury, and we certainly shouldn't judge these people on the conspiraloon theories of Bennett, HideHo and Textusa.  Theories based on limited access to almost 10 year police files.  Kudos to the creativity, but in real investigations you can't just fill in the gaps with memories of News of the World headlines.  And sexing up the disappearance of a child goes beyond crass and into the area of abhorrent. 

Those who feel hatred to the intensity where they want their enemies boiled in oil, really do need to have a lie down with a mind improving book.  And I include myself in this when I think of Ian Huntley.  He couldn't control his madness, but I can control mine, that's what sets us apart.  In the case of Huntley, we know what happened (the bastard), but in the Madeleine case, we don't.  Those trying to spice the story up by saying the child's body was stored for 5 days while the group continued their holiday are in fact stirring up hatred.  For them the rocks already being thrown at the parents are not enough, there must be something darker and more murky than an accident. 

I think it is right that we should continue to challenge every lie put forward by to promote the fake abduction.  It is wrong on every level that innocent men are having their lives wrecked by accusations that they took Maddie.  And it's wrong on every level that the parents, and indeed, countless others, have profited from this child's disappearance, knowing that she was never in fact missing.

Neither the McCanns or anyone involved in the real conspiracy are getting away with anything.  They are already living with a Tell Tale Heart, and they must spend the rest of their lives as their alter ego, religious nut job, goody two shoes, middle class Stepford family they created for their media campaign.  Never to laugh, smile, or have a humdinger row for ever more, or gawd forbid, miss church on Sunday.  All of the aforementioned would give me the screaming abdabs! 

Meanwhile, hatred is a negative emotion that does far more harm to the hater than the hatee.  For one thing, the object of the hatred is usually blissfully unaware of the demonic thoughts going on in the hater's head.  Even if they knew, those with self esteem, would see the problem as the hater's, not theirs. I actually find it quite amusing, and indeed a tad flattering, that I have enemies out there pouring over my every word looking for something to be offended by.  I occasionally toss them a juicy bit of ribeye to keep to keep them going, lol. 

Hating strangers isn't rational and hating people for a crime we think they have committed is immoral and uncivilized.  Especially if those beliefs are based on the crazed rantings of a man who is quite clearly off his trolley*.  Inventing lurid scenarios to make the villains more villainish and the crime more heinous reveals more about the armchair detective than the crime they are 'researching'. 

*Yes, I know, lol, I need help!  I really do try my hardest not to hate anyone, but in Bennett's case, I keep losing the battle ;)


  1. Ros, You will always lose the battle not to hate Tony Bennett because, quite frankly, you are jealous of him. Sorry, but it sticks out a mile (and you are jealous of other successful Maddie researchers like PeterMac, HideHo and Richard Hall). Admit it, and you will be able to move on from your hate

  2. I have the comfort and contentment of a clear conscience 15:59, and trust me, that's priceless.

    Can Bennett and the other hmm, 'researchers; say the same?

  3. Rosalinda,

    The make-up aside (colour editing in my view, but your view is just as valid), I simply cannot believe that parents would give permission to publish ‘odd’ photos of a missing daughter, presumed alive and coming home one day. The same applies to Kate’s book, especially page 129. How to get back into society? Why would a parent place such unacceptably high and unjustified burdens on their daughter?

    For me, it’s not a sign of paedophilia, it’s a sign of knowledge. They know their daughter is dead.



  4. I suspect when you are trying to sell a great big lie, normal rules do not apply NL. The McCanns learned very early on in their campaign that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Their libel actions and their outrage at online trolls have kept them on the front pages of the tabloids for years.

    They were probably aware that the makeup pictures would be seen as odd, and in fact one of their stooges, Mark Williams-Thomas drew attention to the paedophile aspects of those particular photos, thus adding a few more headlines.

    No genuinely grieving parents would ever have released such intimate details about their child and their lives. Gerry's happy clappy diary of their lives, was actually grotesque. He sounded more like a father who won the lottery than a father who had lost a child.

  5. Look at what a group of Mccann haters have set up:


    " I am raising funds to bring a private prosecution against the parents of Madeline McCann.

    I believe there are some serious questions that need to be answered under oath.

    Lets deliver the justice that Madeline McCann deserves.
    Help spread the word!"

    1. That ghoul just cannot keep his hooter out of things! How many ways do people have to say its none of your business before he gets the message!

      I think he has reached that point where people won't sue him anymore because they have cottoned on that he gets his jollies from legal actions. The only way he can get a bit of Court action these days is to start a prosecution himself.

    2. What Ros - are you thinking it is bennett?????

    3. Have I got the wrong end of the stick? I haven't seen CMoMM, but assumed the 'group of haters' were them!

    4. An American? "Madeline".

    5. It's come from one of the horrendous Facebook hater groups. Someone called "Adam Cruz"

      Currently £850 of £1.5M goal - very strange that all but one of the donations are "Offline Donation"

  6. Anyone else having problems getting onto any of the Maddie forums? I can`t load Missing Madeleine Forum, nor Madeleine McCann Mystery Forum, nor Jill Havern`s site. Just get a dotted circle going round with 102503 above.

    1. Yes, I am getting the same thing 20:40, how odd!

  7. Oh look - how to make your Gofundme look popular

    "What if someone gives me cash or a check? (Offline Donations)

    We've made sure that there is a way to add and track Offline Donations on your GoFundMe campaign so they can be included in your campaign's progress meter.

    Simply log in to your account, click 'Show Campaign Activity' to expand your dashboard, then click 'Add Offline Donation'.

    Remember, Offline Donations aren't charged any fees, and you won't be able to withdraw them later!"

    1. " £2,660 of £1.5M goal
      Raised by 16 people in 3 hours"

      Incredible that Adam Cruz has received cash/cheques from 16 people in 3 hours for a Gofundme that was only started today.

      He must be in a big pub with plenty of generous drunks.

    2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/253706621672502/permalink/324803931229437/


      Members and readers please note: we do NOT endorse any post by ADAM CRUZ regarding a gofundme page against the McCanns, and urge anyone who reads his plea to NOT donate to this. It has not been verified and our group has NO assosiation with this fund or person.

      Adam only became a member today. There was nothing to say Adam is who he said he is, or indeed where any money would be going.

      We WANT justice for Maddie, but we don't want our members to be our of pocket to someone who took it upon themselves to make a page and ask for money.

      That is no better than the McCanns themselves. We are willing to support this, but with the right people and the right legal representation into the bargain.

      Something that is LEGAL and above board. Written up by a solicitor and not some guy we don't know on fb who has been a member a few hours.

      Thankyou, Admin"

    3. I was in two minds on whether to publish this 06:20 as I don't want to give this Adam fella a platform.

      I will add the proviso however, that I don't support a private prosecution 'legal' or otherwise.

    4. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/557001/Madeleine-McCann-fundraiser-probed-police-over-scam-lawsuit-against-girls-parents

  8. Even Forumotion's own website is down.

    1. Message left on Forumotion`s Facebook page :
      We are aware that our forums are not accessible right now. Our technicians are aware and are working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible."

  9. Gofundme update from Cruz

    "Firstly, thank you to all for the generous donations towards a very difficult, long and expensive but a worthy cause nonetheless.

    Secondly, I have been informed by the Go Fund Me "safety team" that all funds received on this page have been put "on hold" due to complaints and we have to provide paperwork to prove the authencity of this campaign. We would like to do this immediately but due to the nature and sesitivity of the case, the Lawyers in charge have refused to divulge any information until they can be sure that it will not harm our chances at getting justice for Madeleine McCann.

    I understand that there will be people out there who want to protect those that we would like to question under oath about a little child that simply vanished from the face of the earth. Shouldn't we all be working hard towards delivering justice for a little child instead of posting hate online against those who are actively seeking justice?

    Thirdly, a few individuals who would like to remain anonymous (for now atleast) have shown an interest in this campaign and have agreed to help fund our financial target of £1.5 million if by 31st December 2016 23:59:59 the target has not been reached.

    This is looking very promising and I will keep you updated with new information about the cause.

    Thank you once again for all your generous donations."

    What a load of bollocks!!!!

  10. I can't believe anyone has fallen for this scam but I bet I can guess which usual suspects were there, credit card in hand.
    Just what do they think the charges would be? Do they really believe that any barrister would be associated with such a hare brain scheme ?
    It is as crack pot as 'the letter' that is being sent by individual members of a FB group.(Power in numbers) Apparently Monday is 'post day'.
    I bet the police & govt are quaking in their boots.