Sunday, 16 October 2016


Following the McCann case has often led to one of those big life questions, 'is it me, or is it them?'.  Considering I spend most of my life out of step with the rest of the world, it wasn't a particularly big deal, but I have to say, it was quite unsettling to discover the 'antis' hated me almost as much as the Pros, if not more! 

And I don't just mean mild dislike, I mean pure unadulterated hatred of the creepy kind.  They don't seem to realise that all that hatred means nothing, they don't know me, but it is probably eating them alive.  It's why I have been less mean of late, I actually pity them, hanging onto that anonymity may become very difficult in the days that lie ahead. 

I have to say, that the way in which the 'anti McCanns' became so reviled, so quickly, confused me.  I put it all down to the unbelievably successful McCann Media campaign.  Hands up, it has taken me a number of years to fully understand why those defending the McCanns were so emotive, and why they were so angry at McCann critics.  I'll admit in those early days, I was caught up in the excitement of unravelling a crime, and I actively sought out websites and forums who could see the same as I could.  It was a topic you could not discuss at the water cooler or a party without starting a fight!

Every national newspaper's comments sections were buzzing, the Mirror especially, and when Clarence had them shut down, thousands flocked to the 3 Arguidoes and then onto other forums as the founders of the 3As fell out.  All and any accusations by the McCanns that there has ever been an 'organised' campaign against them would be ridiculous, most of the antis hate each other as much as they hate the McCanns. 

I didn't dare post in the Mirror forum, I felt completely out of my depth, I had already got my fingers burned in the CBB chatroom, and bookchat had FA to do with books, but the McCann world was a battleground!  I cut my teeth in the completely uncensored free for all that was the AOL Europe Board. As old and wizened as I was, I had no idea there were so many lunatics out there disguised as normal people and UKIP voters.  The board was very right wing and mostly made up of neo Nazis and McCann supporters.  In retrospect, describing myself as a Marxist/Feminist in my profile was never going to make me popular. 

As horrendous and God awful as it sounds, the place became completely addictive, you could get a row with anyone any time of the day or night.  The antis were mostly made up of angry mums and nans, who made no bones about their feelings towards Kate and Gerry. I often found their comments a bit strong, but I liked them nonetheless and during especially bloody battles I was glad to have them as comrades in arms!  The pros (McCann supporters) were alternately known as the 'Selecteds' - that's because we caught them out trying to set up a private forum that excluded the rest of us!  How dare they!  The whole Europe and YGL sagas went on for at least 5 years!  We did however have truces during the holidays when we would try not to be obnoxious, happily they never lasted. 

But I have digressed.  Back in 2007, thousands of the antis were as angry and sickened by the McCanns actions as many are where crimes against children are involved.  It was not only necessary, it was imperative that the McCanns and the 'group' were protected.  As human beings we have to understand that. Because what can happen, and what did happen, was the story was taken up by a wild eyed extremist who wants the return of hanging and flogging to our town squares. 

All those angered and appalled at the blatant injustice in this case have been drawn in and manipulated by people who claim they want justice, but in reality, are only seeking fame and infamy for themselves.  They want to be the one who 'cracks' the case.  Bennett thought he could tag onto the golden egg that was Madeleine's name by setting up the Madeleine Foundation.  He wanted a slice of those 50billion hits the McCann website were getting.

This case has also attracted those who are interested in the cases of historic sexual abuse.  I too had a link because of my memoir Cry and You Cry Alone, I lived in a children's home run by two psychopaths, an ex Jesuit monk who practiced Opus Dei for everyone, the boys especially, and sexually frustrated nun who had the hots for him.  My abuse wasn't sexual, it was the batterings I took for not kowtowing to their freaky rules.  

I've never given any credence to the whole 'paedophile ring' theory in this case. These people were going out of their way to get other people to look after their kids, including trained nannies.  Abusers keep the kids hidden away, they don't risk them having conversations with 'outsiders' and they don't organise sporty holidays where the kids are rarely in their company! What most parents of young children need, more than anything else, is a break from the kids!  Again, don't excited Textusa, I'm talking about the mental stimulation of adult company. That doesn't make them bad people or even bad parents.  As a young mum, I never wanted to miss the craic, my motto was happy mum = happy child.  

So why did the public hate the 'antis'?  I try to imagine how I would feel if a forum or a group of concerned citizens attacked, Kerry Needham, for example.  I would probably be very angry with the attackers, the words shame on you, comes to mind.  So now I must apply that train of thought to those who truly believe the McCanns are innocent.  Their belief may be based on the biased headlines of the MSM and successful marketing campaign of Team McCann, but if they don't want to listen to alternate opinion, they won't.  Some people have very closed minds, it's gutting, but something we have to accept or go crazy.      
Where several infamous antis have gone way off track is by their deluding themselves that their hmmm, 'research' has solved this case where two police forces have failed. I have no doubt Bennett already has his Nobel Prize acceptance speech at the ready.  Much as I hate pointing out again and againTony Bennett is as mad as a box of frogs, too much of his nonsense is still around misleading those who are searching for the truth.  Richard D. Hall was his biggest, and most gullible, mark. 

But the purpose of this blog was to pick up on a point made by John Blacksmith in the previous comments.  These 'researchers' (pretentious twats) have invaded the lives of the innocent citizens who gave statements to the Portuguese police.  They believe calling their stalking and harassment of witnesses in a criminal investigation 'research' somehow validates their vile and immoral behaviour.  It doesn't.  Nowadays, we can all pretty much stalk whoever we want, but we don't.  Why?  Because the majority of us have a moral compass and the empathy to understand how our actions will affect others. 

Unfortunately, whilst there were thousands and thousands questioning the justice in this case, we were all judged by the antics of the malicious and despicable Tony Bennett. First with his spurious private legal against the parents, then with his distasteful publicity seeking antics handing out leaflets in their home town.  We were all tarred with the same brush and despised from then on.

Bennett boasts that CMoMM is the best McCann forum on the www.  But it isn't, it is the most grotesque.  Now that every intelligent poster has been banned or kicked out, all that remains are the lobotomised diehards.  Their legacy will be in there with Stop the Myths and JATKY2, bloodsucking ghouls looking for victims. 

I found it quite poignant when JB asked 'what can the nannies do'?  Indeed.  As witnesses in an ongoing investigation, they cannot say anything.  My heart goes out to them, as it does to all those targeted by CMoMM.  I have nothing but respect for them and in fact all of those put through hell by the conspiraloons. Their quiet dignity has not gone unnoticed. 

It may be when this is all over that those libelled by Bennett and CMoMM will have recourse to justice of some kind and who could blame them.  However, they seem to have the good sense to know their best course of action is to avoid these vipers like the plague.  Even the two words, fuck off, would send them into a feeding frenzy. 

I honest to God do not know what Operation Grange are up to.  I don't quite buy into the 'they are all involved in the cover up' theory.  I still have enough faith left in human nature, and indeed the police, to believe that the victim, Madeleine is still the focus of their investigation. 


  1. It's you and you ghastly inept troll and not the McCanns.

    1. Actually, I was a little tipsy when writing the above, but you Alan Stanley must have been off your face. What are you trying to say? lol

  2. Yes, I didn't quite grasp the meaning of that either. Put a bit more water with it next time!

    I've encountered a few supposed McCann doubters whose hatred towards you for writing a blog and stating your opinions is on a level with those who believe that the McCanns are wonderful and blameless.

    I'm glad that you are able to let their venom and malice wash over you.

    1. Many thanks Karen. It seems to be those dead set on adding some sort of sexual deviancy to Madeleine's disappearance, who are the worst afflicted. Followed by those who spent their previous lives knitting socks next to gallows and guillotines.

      This case unfortunately, attracted the worst kind of vigilantes, people determined to take the Law into their own hands. Not only have they 'investigated' Madeleine's disappearance in a public arena, they have found all their chosen victims guilty and are now demanding they be punished. This morning there is another veiled threat from that piece of shit Bennett to one of the Warners nannies. FFs Operation Grange, when are you going to offer some sort of protection to these witnesses?

      I'm unruffled by these creatures Karen, because if they haven't got the guts to reveal their identities, then, they haven't got any guts. I will continue squishing them, lol.

    2. Do you seriously believe that 'Operation Grange' is in any way shape or form reminiscent of an authentic investigative team? I can't believe that you of all people could be so naïve.
      Redwood's performance and ludicrous production of Tanner's 'crecheman' years after the event on Crimewatch was downright pathetic.

    3. I don't believe that 30+ Scotland Yard detectives would assist in covering up a child's death 15:46. I have lost much faith in human nature via this case, but not quite that much!

      There are many good and valid reasons why OG cannot release operational details, with this case there is always the risk of a media feeding frenzy. They are showing the concern to the McCanns and their friends, that was completely lacking in Sky's expose of Brenda Leyland.

      And that is right! We are all compassionate human beings (well, most of us) and we don't want to see a brutal public backlash against any of the suspects. OG are treading on eggshells. They know that anything they say will be dissected, analysed and interpreted to back up conspiraloon theories. People like Bennett are poised to lead angry mobs and demand the return of the death penalty.

      I think the British police have the same problems as the Boulder police in the Jonbenet case, that is they know exactly who did it, but just cannot provide the evidence to prove exactly what happened during those crucial hours when Madeleine disappeared.

      Digressing slightly, for a while now I have been addicted (not too strong a word) to true crime documentaries, those on the TV and the zillions on YouTube. There are many crimes that go unpunished because the police lack the evidence to prosecute. I have to say, I had no idea how frustrating police work could be, especially when the police know exactly who the perpetrator is.

      Most, if not all of these cases, have detectives who will never give up on the victim. Sometimes years and even decades go by, but they get them in the end.

      The OG task force, face the same legal hurdles as the police in the unsolved 'abductions' of Sabrina Aisenberg, Lisa Irwin and Isabel Celis. Like the McCanns, the parents of these children live under a cloud, there are no police forces looking for the missing kids or the alleged abductors, and the parents appear to have got off scot free.

      Then of course, there is the matter of double jeopardy. In the case of Jonbenet, they were reluctant to prosecute the parents, because they would only get one shot at it. If the parents won, and with their top notch lawyers they could well have, that would have been it.

      Madeleine has her Avenger in the form of Goncalo Amaral. Goncalo was given the task of finding out what happened to Madeleine, and it is doubtful he will ever give up.

      Added to which, it is quite likely that there are detectives within the OG taskforce who feel just as compelled to get justice for the victim. Someone begging the Home Secretary for 'just another 6 months'. The continuation of OG doesn't have to be interpreted as part of the cover up, it could well be the tenacity of the detectives that is keeping it going!

  3. I don't go along with your vilification of Richard Hall. His main interest in the Madeleine McCann 'abduction' is in the dire reporting of the MSM on all things McCann. How can so many 'reporters' get so much wrong ? How do they all manage to differ on the most basic aspects of the case? Is there a reason for this modus operandi ? I agree with Hall. There's something DISTINCTLY fishy about the McCann story which appears to have the support of the MSM in creating confusion. Confusion is good, no?

    1. We have all known there is something fishy about the abduction 15:33, Mr. Hall hasn't stumbled on anything new there!

      As vexed as we may be that the MSM are not reporting truthfully on this case, we have to accept it is what it is. Most of us who have followed this case from the beginning have learned to look outside the UK MSM for McCann news. In fact a whole new genre grew out of it. For every tabloid headline that screamed the McCanns are innocent, there were thousands online rebutting each and every lie.

      The UK newspapers and probably newspapers worldwide are losing millions of readers who have found better news sources and better writers elsewhere. It's now a level playing field and the public are opting for the truth.

      Just as with any job or profession, there will always be co-workers who are lazy, shoddy, and self serving and journalism has a higher share than most.

      Journalists are in sales in the same way as those flogging windows. They have to jazz up their product with extra features and new angles constantly. Whilst my musing on the McCann case may be of interest to a niche few, it is not news. I am not constantly looking for new stories or praying for a press release from Clarence Mitchell. More importantly, I am not constrained by legal readings and censorship before I publish. I am unbound :)

      Whilst there has GOT to be questions asked about the behaviour of Sky News in the Brenda Leyland case, I think most of the MSM go above and beyond not to libel the McCanns as they are so litigious. In the fast moving news industry, they just don't need that kind of hassle.

  4. The problem above all others is that the McCanns are recognised by any and all right thinking decent people as despicable scum. Even if one believes the "abduction" fairy tale, the parents are guilty of serial and wilful child neglect. Those who say that it was OK because "everyone does it" are quite simply not playing with a full deck and insult the majority of the parenting population. Factor in the blataant and fraudulemt profiteering on the name of a dead child and the vilification of this pair of charlatans and inveterate liars is totally justified.


  5. Oh dear - dropped off the wagon have you Ros?

  6. I'm not on a wagon 17:09, if I fancy a drink I will have one, it's just very rare these days - one glass of wine goes straight to my head, lol.

  7. On candyfloss forum

    chirpyinsect wrote:
    "The same source also told me that the parents had met some of the nannies before in Greece on a holiday prior to the birth of the twins. Kate had sent emails to the hotel about her "nightmare daughter." The source's contact worked in the hotel and had said that M was a perfectly normally behaved child."

    Madeleine was born in 2003 and the twins in 2005. I am unable to find any reference to the Mccanns going to Greece on holiday with Madeleine before the twins were born.

    The only reference is that some others of the Tapas group went to Greece in 2006 - without the Mccanns.

    1. Even if the McCanns had met the some of the nannies before, it proves nothing! Who would help cover up the death of a child for a casual acquaintance?

      The conspiraloons are not only accusing the innocent witnesses of lying, they are accusing them of perverting the course of justice. They would all face criminal charges and quite likely prison sentences if they were found to have lied. And wtf would protect people who have made a child disappear!

      The conspiraloons are doing their 'research' leaving out the vital ingredient of common sense. They have found a vague link and made 2+2=5. They are actually trying to convince anyone who still reads their shite, that their stalking and harassment of witnesses in a criminal investigation is somehow worthy or admirable. It isn't. It is just as anti social and creepy as the average curtain twitcher and peeping tom.

    2. With her many and varied concpiracy theories Chirpyloon has shown a pattern of behavior characterised by an exaggerated sense of self-importance and an excessive need for admiration(anyone on MMMN not had a pm from her!)
      In other words she could give the McCanns a run for their money in the narcissism stakes.
      It is not about you Chirploon ,it is about a missing girl.

  8. Unfortunately, imo of course! there are many pointers to sexual abuse in the Madeleine McCann case. They are just screaming out...all the witness statements, the ghastly 'Madeleine was Here' mockumentaries, the witness statements from independent bystanders....a thousand red flags billowing in the wind.

    In any event, irrespective of the view above, the McCanns are guilty of their own admission...Kate McCann in her book equates the idea of getting a babysitter for her three children under the age of four in the evening when they go out to dinner as 'molly-coddling'.

    I think that says it all.

    1. 23:11 You have said there are many points to sexual abuse and that they are screaming out from the statements etc. I'm afraid I'm just not seeing them. Please indulge me by giving a few examples.

      I agree that the Gaspers' statements were disturbing. However, in almost ten years, there has been nothing further along those lines. Now that could tie in with a cover up, files being erased, lines of questioning shut down, media blackout etc, but I doubt it.

      I doubt it because it would have mean't that the police and authorities of both Portugal and the UK must have taken the collective decision to leave tapas group's young children at risk. And of course, would take quite a bit of explaining if another child died.

      Unfortunately, because paedophilia is such a taboo subject, the public are fed a lot of disinformation. It suits the government to have the public afraid of bogeymen and they prey on our natural instincts to protect our kids.

      The idea that hundreds if not thousands, of kids are being abused by networks of their own parents is particularly abhorrent, and reminiscent of the Ray Wyre satanic abuse nonsense that flying around in the 1980'.

      Genuine stories of families using their kids for bizarre sexual practices are, fortunately, extremely rare. The majority of child predators who target single mothers, keep their sickening behaviour between themselves and their victims, they don't tell their partners and they don't invite friends and neighbours to join in.

      Whatever we may think of Kate and Gerry, they are an entirely different kettle of fish to Fred and Rosemary West. Apart from being professionals working with other professionals, they were, above everything else networking like crazy and very sociable. Their busy diaries were filled with constant visits by their extended family and friends before and after Madeleine disappeared. Their lifestyles were not conducive to having dirty little secrets.

      We don't know very much about Madeleine, that is true, but we do know that she was bright, talkative and, in the nicest possible way, wilful. That is, she was the complete opposite of an abused child. And with my convent background, I know exactly what an abused child looks like. Abused kids are not a 'nightmare for mummy', they do exactly what they told, and they do it straight away. That girl 'who could throw a tantrum' was not living in fear, and it may have been her strong will and fearlessness that brought about her demise.

  9. @ Anonymous16 October 2016 at 23:11

    your opinion is very warped, disturbing and WRONG.

  10. Three cheers for Ros, Blacksmith and JJ (on the rare occasions we see him these days. This is about the only place now for reasoned, rational and fair discussion of the Madeleine McCann case. As you say, all the intelligent posters left CMOMM ages ago, leaving a lobotomised rump. What has Richard Hall achieved besides making 3 long films and having had 2 million views for his films on YouTube? Nothing. And what has HideHo achieved apart from making 150 YouTube vids about the case with over 4 million views? Nothing - apart from reams of analysis of so-called 'contradictions'. That's the kind of no-mark members that CMOMM attracts these days

    1. Well many thanks 23:32, I'm quite proud of the way this place has grown and evolved and I look forward to the interesting and often v.informative contributions of others. Yes, I too am missing JJ, where are you? come back :)

      As for Richard Hall, he killed the project stone dead when he took on Bennett as chief advisor, lol. I couldn't stick with the videos, not only were they inaccurate, they were unbelievably boring!

      As for HideHo, I used to quite like her videos (with the sound turned off, the music is dire), but she lost me when she, like Bennett, declared she had solved the case.

  11. "As for Richard Hall, he killed the project stone dead when he took on Bennett as chief advisor, lol. I couldn't stick with the videos, not only were they inaccurate, they were unbelievably boring!"

    Oh, RH, that made me laugh! My thoughts exactly. xxx

  12. "As for HideHo, I used to quite like her videos ............. but she lost me when she, like Bennett, declared she had solved the case."

    I am not keen when people claim to know what happened through "their own research", as if they are the only ones to have read all the statements thoroughly and compared what has been stated, the timings that have been claimed and have identified the obvious lies. The information is there for any and all of us to look at, read and discuss, yet some become downright aggressive if their particular theory is questioned.

    Why do they behave like this? Surely what most of us (Anti or Pro McCann) want is for the truth of Madeleine's disappearance to be revealed, for the answers to be found?

    It is sad to see the scramble to be the biggest, the best, the only truth. No-one knows what that is for certain. Yet.

    1. Well said Lesly. Far too many ego strokers and fervid admirers of their own verbosity on CMOMM.

    2. You also rock, Lesly! I enjoy reading your thoughts on this case. Please consider joining MMM if you haven't already, as the best reading and discussions requires membership. Best wishes and kia ora to you.

  13. Apart from wordy Verdi, Tony, Jill, Sharon and assorted footwear, I'd love to know how many genuine posters there are now! I'll be surprised if it reaches double figures.

    1. Hello Lorna,

      Please tell me how you define a genuine poster.


    2. Which part of "Genuine poster" do you not understand. There are some on MMM and there used to be many on CMOMM .
      They have no hidden agenda and only seek justice for MBM.

  14. bennett knows better than the Police

    "Tony Bennett Today at 2:33 pmThe BBC has just published what appears to be the final verdict of South Yorkshire police on the case: Ben Needham died in an accident.

    Now, as readers and guests here will know, I have always believed that to be the case from the first moment Ben Needham was discussed on the forum. But I simply cannot accept the utterly farcical explanation that the South Yorkshire police have now come up with - the dead digger-driver's deathbed confession. I think the accident happened under other circumstances."

  15. Lesly Finn asked how many 'genuine' posters there are on CMOMM. I am a member over there but also read here. They publish membership stats from time to time and last month (Sept) 449 members checked in to post. So a lot more than 'double figures'. I guess a few of them could be socks. Jill also published this: "By promoting the work of CMOMM on Google+ we have now exceeded 90 million views. We are averaging 2.5 million views per month". You can check those figures here:

    Not too shabby.

    1. Hallo Anonymous

      I don't believe I asked how many genuine posters there are on CMOMM? In fact I did not. Go check.

      I am a member on CMOMM too and read there on occasion!

      I do not agree with everything that is printed on there however. Just I do not always agree with Cristobel or Hideho, lol.

      What I like about this blog is the fact that Linda does not pound a lectern in religious fervor, and she allows people to disagree with her! I really admire that.

      Anyhow .. I believe it was Lorna who expressed an interest in knowing how many had posted on CMOMM.

  16. @ Anonymous17 October 2016 at 19:46

    you comment is stupid and will remain stupid unless you can name the 449 members who you said checked in.

    I await your list with anticipation.

    1. Well, you didn't have to wait too long. Any guest can view the number and names of members who have actually logged in as members in the last 24 hours. Doesn't mean that they actually posted, but they would have access to 'members only' areas. I know most people here enjoy running CMOMM down, but if judged by numbers of daily readers, CMOMM has been way out in front of other Maddie forums for years. Anyhow, here is the list you asked for:

      A Mancunian, Andy, April28th, aquila, Badfaerie, Badria, Benion, bettylou, biker_don, BlueBag, bobbin, Boosey, BrokenBritain, canada12, Carobees3, ChippyM, chrissie, cloak'ndagger, Cmaryholmes, cocobuck, colinthecucumber, Columbo, cygnus, Dazzler, Db22, DENNISSALLY, DocMartin, dottyaussie, Doug D, Dove, Eilisha, EllenB, emmzp, Fern66, fingers maloney, G-Unit, Garrincha, Gigi, Gisela, Graham Hopper, Hannah, happychick, hentie, HKP, Ho Lee Fuq, hogwash, IAmNotMerylStreep, inspirespirit, interestedobserver, Janice Moore, Jass, jeanmonroe, JimbobJones, john f, JohnyT, joyce1938, jozi, Juulcy, Kiama, luthfi, mank, Maurice, mavisreilly, MichaelC, Miraflores, Mirage, Miss Pandora, Mr Shifter, MRNOODLES, Mrs T, MrsC, munchkin, muskrat, NickE, Nina, notlongnow, OpenMinded, optimistic, patchouli, Phil, Red herring, Richard IV, Roamin, ROSA, Ross B, Roxyroo, roy rovers, sandancer, sar, scarabee, Searcher, ShiningInLuz, Silverspeed, skater58, skyrocket, smudge, Sparklehorse, Steppers, Stevi, stumo, SUSIEB, suzyjohnson, TALTHY, Tennison, Thursday's Child, TinyMol42, Trotters, ukasyah, Verdi, wickerman, willowthewisp, wjk, womandotcom, worriedmum, yadda_yadda, __marla__

    2. Off topic, but Gerry McCann would say “it’s not popularity contest..."


  17. Lorna made a point about 'genuine posters' on CMOMM. Looking at the above list from Anonymous 05.55, I don't see many of those names actually making posts on CMOMM, even if they do 'Log In'. I just went over there to have a look and at the bottom it says: CURRENTLY VIEWING: 9 Registered, 1 Hidden and 170 Guests: Total 180. So Lorna is right that not many people post, but it still seems to have a lot of readers

  18. There is growing concern about the sex life of Kate and Gerry McCann which hasn’t been seen in public since 2011. Can we please have an update. Thank you.

    1. Don't worry. Nothing is what it seems.

    2. You're so right.

      Even Jennifer Gray was pushing 30 when she played the iconic role of 'Baby'.

  19. What a ridiculous thing to ask 09:56. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Kate and Gerry’s sex life was even active at the time of the Sun press report or indeed during the preceding week. This has led respected researcher Richard D. Hall to theorise that their sex life was abducted by aliens some time before the report was actually published. Another expert, Stephen Birch, is now claiming that the sex life is buried beneath the massive extension the McCanns have had built on the back of their Rothley home, and says he has the machinery to prove it. Both theories have been vehemently denied by the McCanns, who recently issued a statement saying they would not be giving a running commentary on the true whereabouts of Madeleine while the current bumbling police investigation continues.

  20. "What a ridiculous thing to ask 09:56."

    And what an equally ridiculous reply. When you're not all competing for some 'comic of the year' prize maybe you'll have something useful to contribute...maybe.

    1. And what an equally ridiculous reply 12:49. Don't you realise that no-one has a voice in text and nothing can be contributed in text to the case because folks posting online from the comfort of their homes aren't taken seriously no matter what they say? People like us are meaningless.

    2. "People like us are meaningless."

      Speak for yourself, sunshine.

    3. I'm with 16:31 - we are not meaningless!

      That's an awfully negative way to judge yourself 15:13, and indeed the rest of us. All our voices and opinions are valid, how many times are you moved by something you have read? Words transcend time.

      The case of missing Madeleine McCann cannot conclude in the same way as that of missing Ben Needham. Had anything of relevance been discovered in the PDL digs, it would have placed the blame firmly at the door of Kate and Gerry.

      They are adamant Madeleine didn't wander off as Ben did, they claim she was taken from her bed and no-one is going to accept an abductor took her and immediately buried her within 200 yards of the apartment during the massive search that was already underway.

      Too many people have wised up to the fact that there was no abduction, the dogs alerted to odour of blood and cadaver and Madeleine hasn't been seen in 10 years. It's the opposite of rocket science.

      There is every likelihood there would be a public outcry if Operation Grange packed up and put the files away without a result. It may be that they have thrown a few scenarios out there to test public opinion, but none have been accepted by the public as a valid explanation for Madeleine's disappearance. In fact, most have attracted scorn and ridicule, the comments pages of popular tabloids are overwhelmingly 'anti', their readers are simply not buying the nonsense they are selling.

      And those readers comments count 15:13! Every political party has a media monitoring unit, public opinion matters greatly, it's why the McCanns have to keep buying likes and shares.

    4. ''Public outcry if Operation Grange packed up''?
      I think you mistake your zealous approach to this case as representative of Mr & Mrs UK.
      As online comments should have made abundantly clear,no one cares anymore. The prime public concern is about the ridiculous amount of money spent financing this farcical 'investigation'.
      It will be closed without any blame laid at the door of Dr's McCann. I would stake my house on it.
      No matter how many times the self effacing, intellectual legend known as Blacksmith tells us otherwise, this is Operation Whitewash. If it were genuine, the time & money lavished on it could have solved the riddle of the Sphinx let alone an open & shut case of child disappearance.
      The world is going to the dogs. The UK public are angered by cuts, corporate fraud & the outright criminality condoned by govt after govt. Have things changed? Has 'people power' returned us to a safer more just society? No it hasn't so if you think a few ''this is a stitch up,it woz the McCann wot did it''comments are going to sway those controlling OG then I think you are in for a shock.

  21. what a very well balanced blog more in tune with my thinking. joined and left some of the 'pro' facebook groups as the hatred and futile theorizing is quite draining, equally some of the obsessive clown defenders of the mccanns online (walker?) probably do more harm than good for their case, if they have one.

    the most galling thing I find is the abduction theory being presented as fact, but all alternative theories dispelled as trolling. someone has done a pretty good job in making that the case. And that is as conspiratorial as I get!

    1. Many thanks Lloyd. I'm afraid over the years the agenda of some 'antis' has become all too clear. This case has attracted some very nasty people who want to take the law into their own hands.

      They have selected their victims from the PJ files, put them on public trial and found them guilty. Their actions are despicable and if they are not illegal, then they should be.

      I think those claiming to know exactly what happened are just setting themselves up to look like great big eejits tbh. An accident or even a crime of passion, have never been enough for them, they are determined to prove some sort of deviant sex was going on.

      Anyway, you are welcome here Lloyd, we enjoy alternate views and open discussion, this place is unbound!