Friday, 9 June 2017


The gloaters who post here, are, as expected having their day, but there are no tears from me.  On the contrary, for the first time in decades I am filled with hope.  Jeremy Corbyn has won over more seats than any Labour leader since Clement Attlee.  He has started a Movement that has spread the length and breadth of the UK - and not only has he proved his critics wrong, he has won them over. 

Theresa May has literally ripped the rug from under herself and her party.  The tories already had a majority, she did not need to call an election, and history will probably record her error as vanity.  It was HER campaign, her tagline was 'vote for ME'.  She wanted the public to give her free reign to handle the Brexit negotiations as SHE wanted without informing the public of what she was doing.   

The public have overwhelming rejected Theresa.  Yes, her personally, because that was her USP.  She arrogantly believed the electorate would support her (hidden) manifesto without knowing what it was.  And then she thought she could hide away (pretending) to do 'Brexit stuff' while the plebs fought it out at the hustings.  

Hard Brexit, as illustrated by the total collapse of UKIP and the 29 Labour gains.  She cannot now go into Brexit negotiations with the unweildy hand she wanted and the alliance she has made with the Ulster Unionists won't help her - they don't want the same Brexit she does.   

Most, if not all, of the commentators I have heard today, have predicted another election, probably within a year.  Now imagine what last night's result would have been if Jeremy Corbyn had had the support of his PLP and a fair, unbiased press?  That won't be a problem with the next election.  The Labour Right have accepted Jeremy's anti austerity and public investment policies as the way forward, and they will be fighting for them in the next election.  Blairism is over.  The Labour Party have a new  'winning formula', they have returned to their core voters and their core values and despite all the naysayers, it is working.  Granted the MSM probably won't change, but they are rapidly being overtaken by social media and on the ball news websites.  The days when Rupert Murdoch could influence a General Election are over..  

But I promised Reasons to be Cheerful and here they are:

1.  Theresa May does not have the authority of the British people to tell our European friends and neighbours to pee off and her negotiations will have to be open and transparent.

2,   TM does not have the authority to go for a Hard Brexit - her new best buds do not agree with it.

3.   TM cannot push through her policies for social care or cut the heating allowance for the elderly.  Her new best buds don't agree with that either.

4.  Now the PLP are moving over towards Jeremy's ideology, TM will no longer be able to push through further cuts or sell off the NHS.  Like Trump, she will have the job title, but no power.

5.  The UK have now seen Jeremy Corbyn as the honest, caring and passionate politician that he is, rather than the frenzied newspaper coverage that portrayed him as some kind of revolutionary threat to everything British. 

6.   Jeremy Corbyn is going nowhere.  He gets knocked down, he gets back up again - and everytime he gets back up again, he is stronger.  We all have much to learn from him.  Maybe that is what makes him so formidable - Theresa May has visibly crumbled before our eyes, unwilling to face him head to head. 

7.  And not the last by any means.  We are not facing 5 years of weak and wobbly Theresa and the small party of NI extremists she is cosying up to. Her days are numbered, there will be another election and the tories will self combust if they keep her as leader.  Matters not to Labour whether TM stays on or not.  The Movement has begun, the face of British Politics has changed, this is just the beginning.  



  1. I hope your reasons to be cheerful come to pass, Ros. I hope the people's movement in this election is a sign that the old ways are coming back.The ways that our parents and the generation before had
    that showed some heart and fight and walked the walk rather than just talk. There's been a woeful lack of fire in the internet age.People, even those who watch things closely, share their rage and disgust on social networks and develop a camaraderie that stays online. I got sick of telling people that leaving it there doesn't change a thing, and that they had to get on their feet and vote.I think we've seen that they're waking up now...

    I think a '6 day war' will be already underway behind Tory doors. TM was only put in to mind the shop.Their preferred choice has probably been discussing Brexit in the background with Tory bigwigs for months. Cameron didn't really want 'out' ; he's with his dear friend, Blair, on things EU. They know it will screw us all. But they're extremely wealthy-they don't care. The shared psychosis keeps them a-buzz as they watch things fall to bits and watch the poor scurry and panic.They're a pair of bastards.

    I happened upon my favourite ball of grease by accident just now online. Tory puppet and overpaid sychophant , Pierse Moron. He is the epitome of bent propagandism and a privileged, well-connected liar. He's also as Tory as Thatcher, Cameron and May. His tantrum, bordering on nervous breakdown, on TV over JC's elation was good to watch.He typifies Tory small mindedness and spite. A reason to be cheerful would be to see him disappear and take the rest of his MSM worms with him..

  2. Hi Ros I woke up yesterday morning for the first time since Brexit feeling that the British people were finally waking up from a terrible dream of their own making. Everything you say in your post is so right the tide is changing and nobody will hold back the tide. The people of Britian have seen past a bias Tory press and the painting of JC as some kinda unelectable eejit and recognised the warmth and dignity of the guy. Given the short timeframe he was given it is nothing short of a miracle.

    However nothing could have prepared me for the ecstatic feeling that yesterday afternoon brought.You see Ros May is not getting into bed with the Ulster Unionist, bad as they are they are nothing compared to the DUP. We in the North of Ireland have become somewhat desensitised to the nutty ways of the DUP, with their homophobic beliefs, their total and open bigotry towards anything non white Protestant, their arrogant belief that they are answerable to no one no matter how much they screw up. Whether you believe it or not the rest of the UK compared to Northern Ireland present with a more straight forward honest approach to their politicians. A scandle or the portrayal of politician outside a respectable clean living image is likely not only to lead to his resignation but to seriously damage the whole party. Not so here, because battle lines be drawn along orange and green lines only negative issues which effect this are punishable and as a result the DUP have been taught to believe that everything else is alright. This is a party who while the people they represent voted to remain in the UK were taking out full page advertisements ( the source of money for them is still being investigated) in England in support of Brexit. This is a party who while their leader was minister of one of the departments set up a scheme which allowed certain individuals well connected to the DUP to con the public purse out of £450m and yet was so arrogant that she allowed the assembly to collapse rather than stand down just long enough to have an investigation. This is a party who David Cameron referred to their previous leader as Swiss family Robinson because during the expenses scandle him and his wife who was also an MP had claimed over £100k of personal expenses and told the press to Naff off when questioned. This is a party who one of their MPs offered the services of a nutty professor to the gay community of Northern Ireland so he could make them all straight and then turned out she had been having a 3 year affair with a 16 year old( she is in her 60s). This is a party who took small amount of funding from a small group of underprivileged kids learning the Irish language and gave it to a orange band just because they seen the Irish language as something that an Irish nationalist might identify with.

    I could go on all day quoting examples Ros but I don't want to ruin all the fun that the English press are going to provide the British people with other the coming months. You may ask why I'm ecstatic and it's because for the first time the people of England are going to be exposed to what we have had to live with all these years. This won't be like Cammeron doing a deal with the lib dems and then ignoring them the British press will go for the DUP and tear them to pieces and May if she survives past next week will be forever damaged by her association with them. Not just damaged made a laughing stock off. The other main party in Northern Ireland won't even go into government with them and the Torys have lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol. People of England get yourselves a good seat

    1. Many thanks for your post 08:01, it was so good I read it twice!

      I had a feeling that once the British public discovered the history and ideology of the DUP, they would be appalled, so many thanks for filling us in! The next few days should be interesting as the press start digging, lol.

      Theresa May has totally lost the plot methinks, effectively she is interfering with the peace in NI, by including the DUP in a British government - how biased and indeed dangerous, is that? Is she mad?

      Anyway, again, many thanks for your post 08:01, it certainly cheered me up!

    2. 1801, totally agree ! you've summarised and captured it all .

      I saw some people questioning what is the legitimacy of the DUP in Westminster . It astounded me . As much as I dislike the DUP I'm astounded at the number of people who think the UK is England or England , Wales and Scotland only .

      The amount of deaths in NI that stem as a result of territorial dispute ( in its origins ) and people treat NI as a yet another property in a cheap street of a monopoly board . It's astounding .

      I think this government won't last and the best thing for labour is to let May at the head and the DUP will mess up before the month is over . It's as certain as destiny . They're biggoted headcases . It will expose the Tories government and it will be very difficult to come back from it.

      Finally , both the Irish and British governments are supposed to be neutral observers of the peace process and NI. How can that be with the DUP in a position of power in the British government ? This harms the peace process and everybody knows it . Sheer greed .

      But yes , I totally agree with you . I'm happy because now the people of GB will have to finally see what the people of NI have endured . Finally . Sadly there will always be those with no elasticity of mind to see it , but the majority will .

    3. Too rite 14:36 "the DUP will mess up before the month is over" that scene from only fools and horses when Del Boy, Rodney and Granda visit Casandras rich family comes to mind. Can you imagine how middle class conservative Britian is going to react to their PM pandering to Sammy or how they will react to Arleen falling out with them all and calling them all crocodiles. We haven't laughed as much in Belfast Since we found Out that Iris was screwing a 16 year while reading him verses from the bible and comforting him on the death of his Dad.

    4. I had forgotten about Iris! Yes it will certainly be interesting to watch . Wasn't it the potential for tragedy , especially now with the Northern Assembly vacant because of arlene, I'd laugh even more .
      And what did the Tories discuss via their media during the campaign ? Gibraltar ... yeah because that is a pressing matter and May just needed to have her own potential mini falklands. Shambles .

    5. Hahahha!!!bitter people who think the DUP are the devil!!yet won't say a word against Islamic terrorism!!labour lost their 3rd election in a row corbyn will be kept out of number 10 by the very people he hates!good enough for him.

    6. Sorry to cut short your little one man party there John, but you have wandered off into cuckoo land.

      Who 'won't say a word against Islamic terrorism'? Jeremy Corbyn and Labour have been just as vocal AGAINST it, as the Conservatives and everyone else.

      The DUP may have a bit of power in NI, but they are just as sickening to mainland UK as they are to the Catholics in Ulster. If you think those puffed up Orangemen will be welcome to march through the streets of the UK, you are much mistaken. Social media is now being flooded with all the DUP's backward policies and their connections with terrorists and the public are appalled. Not to mention the terrible risk Theresa May is taking with the peace in NI, she is breaking the Good Friday Agreement.

      Do you honestly think this dodgy coalition can work? The DUP want money, first and foremost and such is democracy, she can't just hand it over no questions asked. So who in the HOC is going to vote a big cash award to a party intent on stamping out basic human rights in that small part of Ireland that 'belongs' to the UK?

      You are deluded John, your crazy alt right views are in the minority, even within the party you support - John Major had the morals and good sense not to ally the Conservative Party with the DUP. TM has gone from frying pan to fire, not only has she destroyed her own current administration, but she has quite possibly made the tories unelectable for decades.

    7. The DUP don't want money it's Northern Ireland they want a good deal for not themselves!."if you think those puffed up orangemen will be welcome to march through the streets of Britain".lol.your a bitter woman probably brought up like that to your so off the reality of the situation it's scary!labour lost the election the DUP has every right to want what's best for Northern Ireland entry right.kingmakers!dont you forget it ros

  3. Good morning Ziggy, thanks for your post. You may well be right about a 6 day war, especially in view of the post at 08:01 below!

  4. Ros - you may not be correct when you say "Jeremy Corbyn has won over more seats than any Labour leader since Clement Attlee."

    Searching online the actual comparison is:

    "One analysis was that Mr Corbyn had increased Labour's share of the vote by more than any other leader in any election since Clement Attlee in the 1945 post-war landslide."

    It seems to be share of the votes rather than seats.

  5. Corbyn was as successful as Brown was in losing,reasons to be cheerful I think not.

  6. Hi Rosalinda and Everybody
    Leonard Cohen's poems may help us to understand what's about to happen in the U K.
    "From the wars against disorder
    From the sirens night and day
    From the fires of the homeless
    From the ashes of the gay
    Democracy is coming to the "U K""

    There's still time and hope for a change and there are now reasons to be more optimistic about the future, I'd say. What happens in the U K has a great impact on many countries, not the least on Sweden.

    1. Many thanks for those words from Leonard Cohen, let's hope they are not a prophesy for the next few month - that kind of stuff usually begins with a government in turmoil. And they are heading that way, already the tories are appeasing the DUP by promising a debate on Abortion Laws! How long before they promise to repeal and replace the Laws on same sex marriage?

      It's going to take a few days, but once the public become aware of who the DUP are and what they stand for, a backlash will be inevitable. Not to mention that she has broken the Good Friday Agreement! The tories are in turmoil, even those brave enough to be interviewed are lacklustre in their support of TM. She may be gone in days as predicted by Ziggy, but from Labour's perspective, let her stay, it will only increase their chances for the (just round the corner) next election!

      Just to to pee off the poster above yourself 'A spectre is haunting Europe' lol, there is a rejection of the hard right, strengthened daily by the clownish antics of the US President. As the public become more enlightened, so too, do their Leaders. And this is a New Age of Enlightenment, thankfully one, than leans more toward compassion and peace.

      I could opine for hours on the virtues of Jeremy Corbyn, but one is his ability to reach out to other nations and his eagerness to work with others for the common good. The kind of feeling I got from watching the leaders at the recent NATO conference - there was a sense of statesmanship and co-operation that was missing from Theresa May and her mentor Donald Trump. Theresa May is a Little Englander, she fears foreigners as much as she fears homosexuals, her alliance with the DUP, should be no surprise, it is TM circa 1980s.

      But returning to that spectre haunting Europe, here in the UK there has been a distinct change in the paradigm. One of the greatest victories on Thursday night was the total destruction of the myth that Jeremy Corbyn would never appeal to the 'General' public and the rich would hate him. If that ever comes up again, it needs only a one word reply. Kensington. The Duke of Cambridge now has a Labour MP representing his borough!

      Jeremy's campaign has inspired the youth of this country - he has got through where every other politician before has failed. Whilst the tories and New Labour were pandering to the corporations and the billionaires, Jeremy has reached out to the largest proportion of the electorate. It's not rocket science, but for some reason, no-one's ever tried it before!

      One of the things that amuses me about 'the young' is the fact that they would rather read 'the boring news' than put their iphones down! LOL. Recommend a Guardian article and they will look at you as if you are mad. Start telling them about your bunions, and they'll have it onscreen in seconds!

      But I jest, I'm in great humour today, the world looks a whole lot brighter!

    2. A debate on abortion laws!!??your telling lies Ross that's bullshit

  7. I like your blog and I agree with you, the tide has turned, I follow certain people on utube and the following was in my channel feed this morning it really shows TM up as the nasty person she is, an absolute disgrace.

  8. The electorate have put the Conservatives (and their manifesto) in power until 8 June 2022, and this is some kind of 'victory' for Corbyn? I don't think so.

    1. Don't be putting your house on that date lol

  9. Anonymous10 June 2017 at 08:01

    '' the nutty ways of the DUP, with their homophobic beliefs, their total and open bigotry towards anything non white Protestant, their arrogant belief that they are answerable to no one no matter how much they screw up''

    Unfortunately, that makes the Coalition look like some sick 'When Harry Met Sally' scenario but without the syrupy, predictable ending.Do they cite the Tory Party as an inspiration :/

    ''This is a party who while the people they represent voted to remain in the UK were taking out full page advertisements ( the source of money for them is still being investigated) in England in support of Brexit.''

    'In England' is the clue .Tories can always 'find' funding, as long as it isn't for fripperies like the NHS.

    Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton10 June 2017 at 10:14

    ''Theresa May has totally lost the plot methinks, effectively she is interfering with the peace in NI, by including the DUP in a British government - how biased and indeed dangerous, is that? Is she mad?''

    She never had the plot to begin with. Mad ? Psychotic. Tories don't employ anyone who isn't.

    Anonymous10 June 2017 at 14:36

    ''now the people of GB will have to finally see what the people of NI have endured''

    Those of us who avoid the received wisdom and edited history books are fully aware.Ireland has been treated like a Gaza strip for centuries by the English.From Cromwell and onward.

    Anonymous10 June 2017 at 11:16

    ''Corbyn was as successful as Brown was in losing,reasons to be cheerful I think not.''

    With the exception of your final three words, that's garbage.

    Anonymous10 June 2017 at 17:50

    ''The electorate have put the Conservatives (and their manifesto) in power until 8 June 2022, and this is some kind of 'victory' for Corbyn? I don't think so.''

    They remained via a side door, not popularity.A few ''recounts'' didn't do them any harm either did it. Your bitter, snide Pierse Morgan mentality typifies why toriy die-hards are seldom given the time of day by real people.

  10. @ Anonymous10 June 2017 at 17:50

    The Conservatives on there own do not have a majority in Parliament - before the election they did.

  11. well he does not want terrorist shot by the police , maybe that's why the minority of the country voted for him .hes hand in glove with the IRA ,we may see their bombs going off again .

    1. Anonymous10 June 2017 at 20:17

      ''well he does not want terrorist shot by the police ''

      Yeah, that's evil.fancy being a pacifist-weirdo.He has this outlandish idea that the 'war on terror' has gone on for too many years and despite the greatest brains(cough) in the UK and US have actually prolonged it rather than 'win' it. They keep doing the same thing but expecting different results.Imagine if there were no terrorists.Yep-no terrorists. I mean actual real ones by the way-not 'radicalised' rent-a-terrorists that pop up to make the west hate the Muslims and support our oppression and attacking of them for the oil barons and bankers. Once upon a time in the 1960s there was a couple of days that were to be later referred to as 'the time the world held it's breath'. The Russkis were taking dead aim at Uncle Sam and they weren't playing. It could have gone either way when the wily and experienced Khrushchev met the younger, inexperienced Kennedy. But they came out shaking hands and neither have thrown so much as a stone at each other since . Negotiating can work. It can't make any money, but it can cause peace. Blood is business. Peace isn't. What does that tell you ? We'd have money to look after our own back yard then. So would the US.The only creatures who don't see the poverty it causes are(shock, horror) billionaires who perpetuate it. But, if you're talking about the recent bullshit psyops at Westminster and London Bridge, they could have been shot and brought to trial.I would have been interested to hear their crap-especially as the Muslim community were the first to condemn the acts.So, if they weren't following the Koran or Allah-who exactly were they acting for...

      ''maybe that's why the minority of the country voted for him .hes hand in glove with the IRA''

      Theresa May has just potentially stirred up a hornets nest in NI, the moron. Corbyn isn't hand in glove with terrorism in any form-even the UK/US allies brand.If you think the 'minority' of the country voted for him, I think you need to look up 'minority' in a dictionary. Corbyn is hand in glove with the reality of the world we live in and the problems that need to be addressed.He just wants to make things better for the majority.He doesn't want to kiss the arse of the elite.He has something the Tories hate to see- integrity and honesty.

    2. To whom it may concern

      Off topic, but here’s an important event in modern history, which explains why we’re still living in freedom in the Western countries and why I believe that there’s still hope for real democracy all over the world. Ziggy just mentioned it.

      Yes Ziggy, I remember so well those oddly scary hours when we all feared that WW3 could break out any minute. JFK really took a great risk by challenging Chrusjtjov. When I heard the news (I was 12 then) early in the morning about the Russian ships having turned back home, I couldn’t believe my ears. The relief was beyond words.

      It’s likely that Chrusjtjov feared an American nuclear attack more than JFK feared a surprising attack from the Russians. In short. JFK and Chrusjtjov were playing Russian roulette with the lives of millions. Yet, I believe that JFK did the right thing.

      Had there been nukes installed in Cuba at that time things might have gone worse and the oppressive Soviet Union might still have existed. The relation between Kim Yong Un and Trump today is similar to that between JFK and Chrusjtjov at that time, though North Korea is of course a less threat to the world than the Soviet Union was in those days. Another important difference is of course that neither Chrusjtjov nor Kennedy were idiots, while I’m not so sure about the other two

    3. All my life their have been wars ,never known a time their has not been a war somewhere in the world , people have died ,my own grandfather included ,yes he died for this country .Thousands of people have died in america ,and more maimed in the Vietnam war ,people in Syria are dying as i type .Going back to the Bible their were wars WHY? We all had our own places to live ,east is east west is west ,,,,,,and never the twain shall meet .

    4. ......never the twain shall meet?

      Humans have travelled and explored since the beginning of time 20:40, how on earth in the 21st century can you even suggest 'never the twain shall meet' - should we all stay in the caves we were born in and carry on breaking those rocks?

      I remember as a child learning in a history lesson that England was once called Angeland - an island filled with blond haired blue eyes angels. As a wee celt covered in freckles and with an Irish accent, I wasn't of course a descendent of one of those original angels, but I found it quite charming nevertheless.

      I do now wonder about the accuracy of that history lesson and my childish willingness to believe that was a good thing. I am now old and wise enough to see just how backward and creepy a closed, non integrated society can be. It brings to mind lost tribes in New Guinea and the Amish.

      Every society that has travelled and explored has advanced 20:40. As people travel between continents. ideas and new innovations are shared far and wide, everyone benefits, and long may that continue!

    5. Hi Rosalinda
      Regarding patriotism and an idealized view upon one's own culture and nationality.

      In “Atlantica” Olof Rudbeck pursues the thesis about Sweden being the world’s cradle. As our Empire was beginning to fall apart by the end of the 17th century, the belief in our greatness was a great comfort and still there are people who believe that the world would be better place to live in if everybody was like us.

    6. Rosalinda at 08:57/Anonymous 11.6 at 20:40

      I can tell you from experience that an environmentally-friendly war on weeds and botanical exchanges are conducive to peace. Nice local foreigners do agree.


    7. They are not here to integrate ,they are here to take over ,nice friendly corner shop ,nice people next door ,having children at a rate of 5 in 5 years .30 years from now this will not be Great Britain ,anyone remember Enock Powell's words ? everyone come true. Im not racist .I visit other countries ,their culture is ok there .Feel sorry for my children and Grandchildren in years to come ,They will never know this country as we knew it .GREAT BRITAIN.

    8. Enoch Powell?

      "When Enoch Powell was expelled from the Tory party for being too racist even for them, he moved to Northern Ireland."

      Simon Basketter looks back at the impact of the infamous 1968 "Rivers of Blood" speech

    9. Hi Anon 12 June 12:50
      In my little text 10:29 here above, between the lines, I tried to say that the greatness in a nation or in its people does not always lie in its traditional values and attitudes.

      A lot has to be reassessed and reevaluated. Immigrants bring new traditions to your country as well as to mine and all societies are continually being transformed due to both internal and external processes.

      Fear of immigration is actually a more serious threat to modern society than the immigration as such. Radicalism within muslim subcultures in our Western societies is a problem, if that's what you're afraid of, and the best way to deal with that is to show our greatness in our democracy, in our freedom, in our tolerance, in our compassion, in our attempt to integrate people by education and by work.

      I'll never know my country as my grand parents did, but still I know the same country, which in many respects is a much better country than it used to be, and so will hopefully the new generation do as well, if we just do things right.

    10. Enoch was right ,PC lot was wrong .when your all wearing headscarves youll know x

    11. Anonymous12 June 2017 at 12:50 says: "I am not racist"

      Yes you are.

  12. Minority being immigrants ,people really only had two choices . Cons or Labour ,they dont like May ,so the result happened.Bit like America they had Trump or Clinton ,neither one fit to rule , We will see the results in time to come ,and it wont be good for anyone .

  13. Anonymous11 June 2017 at 10:33

    ''Minority being immigrants ,people really only had two choices ''

    There was plenty of choice.It took a lot more than a small minority to swing labour's way. Who relaxed the borders anyway over the last 6 or 7 years ? We may be mainly a two- party country but that doesn't matter when there's a hung parliament. If you want to talk 'minority' how big a slice of votes did the DUP get in the greater scheme of things ? A handful of bandits get a handful of votes and get to form a coalition with the Tories to run the UK. But there's your Tory party desperation for you. Nobody else would have entertained them.They're just relieved that there's someone out their willing to shake hands with them.It wasn't out of respect either ; it was to spite Sinn Fein. Some alliance we've been left with...

    1. "it was to spite Sinn Fein" too right on that. SF have no intention of restoring the assembly anytime soon. They have made big inroads into the government in the ROI and were quite happy that while the assembly remained down that the DUP in reality did not have a voice on things like Brexit. SF want special status within the EU and through the Irish government they had access to the EU. Forming an alliance with the Torys allows the DUP to have what they think is an equal voice

    2. Anonymous11 June 2017 at 20:40

      ''All my life their have been wars ,never known a time their has not been a war somewhere in the world....going back to the Bible their were wars WHY? ..We all had our own places to live ,east is east west is west ,,,,,,and never the twain shall meet ...''

      Unfortunately that could be down to the annoying argument of creationism versus evolution.The former suggests that, early on, evolution evolved a drive that propelled through aggression as the first innate instinct of a human being is to survive at any cost.The survival of each tribe was too . In those early times no 'God' was identified. Nature was all powerful . It was when the planet was sufficiently populated to avoid extinction ( through conflict) that Evolution gave us the concept of God or Gods. Unfortunately that primal drive hadn't gone and never has. Even God became a reason to legitimise wars-and still does. The only major religion that has no history of war is Buddhism.It has no God's a sort of antithesis of Roman dictatorship.

      As you say - ''never the twain shall meet''. It doesn't need to be that way, it just seems to be that way. Leaders love power.Power causes the subjugation of others. Victoria loved it. With her poisonous hatred of anyone not white she built a huge empire by conquest. The amount of power afforded to tyrants could unite people as well as divide them.It would remove fear and inequality.But tyrants are opposed to that. The primal drives are more powerful now than before. Demagogues are creating nightmares to which they seemingly can later 'save' us from.The God complex of Lord Of The Flies is hidden in plain sight. it's iconography and fingerprints are all over the world; a Freemasonic agenda propelled slowly by Fabianistic mechanics.Forget your Bible or any other 'major' book of rules.

      Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton12 June 2017 at 08:57

      ''Every society that has travelled and explored has advanced 20:40. As people travel between continents. ideas and new innovations are shared far and wide, everyone benefits, and long may that continue!''

      I wouldn't say 'every' . Empire builders have benefited themselves alone. Royalty and their politicians have travelled to conquer and oppress. India and what was to become Rhodesia didn't benefit from being conquered and taken over by Britain.There were wars in SA and an aftermath that has continued since.

      We're living in times that show us that Totalitarianism is an ambition rather than an enemy. The highest seats of power are occupied by those who adhere to this global goal. If we weren't, people like Ron Paul would be the US president, and JC would be our PM. They are people who believe in people-not power for it's own sake.

      Before the Nazis moved their operation to Washington, they had a tyrant who summed up their ideology in short, stark terms :

      ''The best political weapon is the weapon of terror. Cruelty commands respect. men may hate us.But,we don't ask for their love ;only their fear'' - Heinrich Himmler

      Ring any bells ?

      ''''No man is wise enough, or good enough to be trusted with unlimited power.''-Charles Caleb Colton

      And, buried in some dusty room is another quote from a PM..

      ''Power has only one duty --to secure the social welfare of the People.''-Benjamin Disraeli

      The 'twain' don't need to be mutually exclusive opposites.But those who get to decide disagree.

  14. Hello Ros. I’m glad to hear you sounding and feeling positive.

    Pedant's Corner: “I remember as a child learning in a history lesson that England was once called Angeland - an island filled with blond haired blue eyes angels…I do now wonder about the accuracy of that history lesson.”

    The primary school lesson, which I also remember well, derives from Pope Gregory I supposedly having said “Non Angli, sed angeli” (“not Angles but Angels”) in the sixth century AD when he encountered some “English (Angle)captives”.

    The reason they were there, the reason they were beautiful and the reason the school didn’t tell you more was that they had been sorted from other British captives for their youth and looks and sent to Rome purely as sex-slaves. They were being publicly sold as such that day.

    It’s not only the third world that has had some tough times.

    1. Many thanks for that JB - I never did check it out [blushing smiley]. I wonder if that little bit of misinterpretation was coming from the Catholics or the British Establishment. I seem to recall it caused a number of punch ups between we of the freckled variety and the 'Angels', lol.

    2. Well, they were all boys so I don't think anyone wanted to, ahem, enlarge on the matter. And either the Pope was very naïve indeed or...

  15. Anonymous12 June 2017 at 12:50

    ''They are not here to integrate ,they are here to take over''

    They ? Did you steal that from War Of The Worlds or are you talking about immigrants ;-)

    '',anyone remember Enock Powell's words ?''

    Does anyone remember Enoch Powell ? He is often praised for being the most scholarly politician to ever grace the corridors of corruption.Sorry-typo- I meant power. Well-read, multi-lingual etc etc. Yet he is only remembered for being against immigration and an ideology that inspired Alf Garnett's political wisdom. I heard a rumour he was thrown out of the Gestapo for cruelty (but don't quote me).

    Powell wasn't thinking about Joe and Joan Public when he gave his rivers of blood speech. The little Englanders and rabid NF/UKIP cite him as some kind of prophet. They missed the point. He just hated anyone who wasn't white or worse, wasn't English. Everything points to him being Victorian and longing for those heady days when we colonised everywhere we could and slapped black people around while we enjoyed a spot of tiffin. He loved war passionately ( yes, imagine a Tory loving war), and, apparently, viewed it as the ultimate sacrifice to the nation. If he was around today, he'd be a Tory PM. That's if he could endorse the unofficial policy of the establishment waging war on it's own ( the poor are as British as the middle and upper class British after all).

    I have little time for the two extremes on the immigration 'question'. Too many are waiting to pounce if you say 'no more' or 'send them back' and congratulate themselves on being 'evolved' and humane. The other extreme are as bad and are just as quick to spew out anything insulting so long as it's racist. I think we allowed too many to sneak under the radar at a time when our economy, housing crisis, NHS mess and Welfare were sinking into oblivion. When your ship's going down, you try to make it lighter, not heavier. That doesn't mean I have no sympathy for those escaping various troubles. It's just common sense. my position is that neither position is completely right and that there is in fact a third position that is never discussed for fear of stirring up trouble. I see an agenda planned long ago coming to fruition.But, as i say, it's too 'provocative' to discuss. But the fomenting troubles here and across Europe supports the third position as more realistic.

    ''They will never know this country as we knew it .GREAT BRITAIN.''

    Britain stopped being 'great' years ago. It has nothing to do with immigration. It has more to do with a lying elite who want a feudal system in place and the death of democracy.

    Anonymous12 June 2017 at 21:51

    ''Enoch was right ,PC lot was wrong .when your all wearing headscarves youll know x''

    What did Enoch say about headscarves ? I remember my dear old mum always wore one to go shopping back in the day, God rest her. She would never have suited a Burka anyway.I won't be wearing one though. As the winds of change pick up apace I want my hair to be wild and free, like love itself ;-)

    For your delectation :

    1. Hi
      Just a thought regarding Ziggy's comment about "I won't be wearing a "headscarve". Could Ziggy be a woman? Just being curious.

    2. Hmmm, that could have been a big Freudian slip there Bjorn, well spotted ;)

  16. Björn12 June 2017 at 21:36

    ''the best way to deal with that is to show our greatness in our democracy, in our freedom, in our tolerance, in our compassion, in our attempt to integrate people by education and by work.''

    That works on paper.However, it depends on which country it is. When human rights are slowly but surely being eroded by a Totalitarian Government, where's the 'greatness' in any 'democracy' ? In a country that also lets standards in education slide rapidly but refuses to fund it, who are we to educate anyone here in GB and how can we ? In a country that elected an 'iron lady' to rescue the unemployment mess before it reached 1,000,000 and sat and watched her practically quadruple it for years we need to create work and a respectable minimum wage and get rid of 'zero hour'( or 'no', in real times)contracts for the natives of that country before we take on an extra burden that is allowing a couple of million overseas visitors that have needs to take into consideration.

    Unscrupulous employers have been exploiting the influx since it began. Taxi Firms all over the country are offered cash incentives to employ immigrants. Imagine if they were given the same incentives to prioritise white /British ? But we need to show compassion ? The loudest complaint among the Brits is the one that complains that we are becoming a minority in out own country. The idealism you suggest only works on a two-way street and a level playground.So does equality.

  17. Ros says at 12.13

    "If you think those puffed up Orangemen will be welcome to march through the streets of the UK, you are much mistaken."

    Scotland is still in the UK - and the Orangemen have plenty of marches in Scotland.

    Plenty of photographic evidence here

    1. And just last weekend in Liverpool:

      "Liverpool’s Provincial Grand Orange Lodge group has condemned violent clashes that erupted in the city centre this weekend during a Protestant march.

      Two videos showed fighting taking place as the march - believed to be organised by the Apprentice Boys of Derry - passed The Liffey pub in Renshaw Street on Saturday evening."

  18. Björn14 June 2017 at 09:44

    ''Just a thought regarding Ziggy's comment about "I won't be wearing a "headscarve". Could Ziggy be a woman?''

    Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton14 June 2017 at 11:27

    ''Hmmm, that could have been a big Freudian slip there Bjorn, well spotted ;)''

    Anonymous12 June 2017 at 21:51

    ''''Enoch was right ,PC lot was wrong .when your all wearing headscarves youll know x''

    ZiggySawdust13 June 2017 at 18:04

    ''.I won't be wearing one ''

    tut tut at skimming statements and evidence ;-)

  19. Unknown14 June 2017 at 16:22

    I grew up here and remember as a nipper waving a stick with orange stuff on as we watched the march pass through Everton Road. Both sides of my family are from that area and both have a touch of Irish and a touch of catholic or protestant in them. I just remember loving the march, the pipes and the drums. The 'lyrics' of some anti-catholic songs were quite strange to me.My mum told me i asked too many questions when i asked what certain words meant about this 'pope' and 'virgin mary'.

    I still love the 'Billy' marches . I don't like them for any other reason than they're a spectacle and atmospheric. Personally, I think William Of Orange should have been fed to the dogs before he got here and began operating.He wasn't about any branch of Christianity, he was about establishing a central bank for the zionist money lenders in exchange for the throne.That was the only time we had an actual King and Queen( but her days-or hours-were numbered).

    I've asked a lot of catholics and protestants about why they scrap at these events and I have never received an answer that made sense. It's just an excuse to express some misguided pride related to some mytholigised collective memory of something they don't actually know about. It's a piss up and a barny.It's a bit of 'shadow exercising'. I wonder which side Jesus would side with ( like he was real).

    It's dangerous when thousands keep stoking the flames of the nonsense. Those above the masses take it up a notch in the name of God.We know the rest. Under the cloak of politics in the name of God, people get shot and blown up. And who do we say is the enemy ? The Islamic countries who are a theocracy.I can't decide if that's pig ignorance or ironic.

    1. Just for the record the scrapping at these Marches is down solely to one sides attempt to degrade and trample all over the other. To act as bygone years masters who walked where they liked and had no respect for the other sides beliefs and traditions. It's ok you as a 2nd generation Irish person with little emotional attachment to either side enjoying an orange March but when you have lived in catholic housing estates in ni where the Orangemen opening marched through your area and taunted and abused you and your religion while the police battered a path through residents to allow the march to pass by perhaps then you can comment on your confusion.

    2. Agreed 23:03, what is the purpose of those hate filled marches other than to provoke violence and hatred?

      On the plus side, the Orangemen's demands to re-ignite the Troubles with their Marches, will cause enormous problems for TM and will hopefully prove her downfall.

      Digressing slightly, I remember many, many years ago, seeing Ian Paisley Senior in the halls of the House of Commons. He 'stormed' past me quite literally, I kid you not, with his long black coat, angry face and clenched fists, I felt as though pure evil had just brushed past me. I wondered then, how the hell could ANYONE negotiate with that!

    3. Funny Ros as a young Catholic moving from a very rural area to work in Belfast I went with both Catholics and Protestant work mates to one of paisleys rallies in the city centre. It was to protest about the erosion of unionist rights ( I kid you not) as a result of British talks with the Irish government. It was a beautiful sunny day and we in all innocently thought it would be a bit of craic just to see what was going on. The atmoshphere that Paisley generated that lunchtime was as you describe pure evil. It was the scariest day of my life, what started out as a bunch of friends enjoying a bit of craic in the sunshine turned out to be a couple of catholic girls no more that children surrounded by a hate mob who you knew if you didn't get away could as the rally continued end in something more dangerous. That is almost 40 years ago and I have moved back and fforward throughout the organisation I work for coming into contact both on a professional and social capacity with those same girls I was with that day and in many ways we are great friends and colleagues. However every now and again I have flashbacks to their betrayal and the fear I felt that day. Ian Paisley in fairness to him in later years embraced the peace process and moved it forward beyond belief but let's not forget his contribution to the problems here. My story is just a tiny wime as I said with the people I was with we went on to put the incident behind us but he did incite a good many young Protestants that day and at other rally's to join paramilitary organisations and kill many innocent Catholics

    4. Thank you for sharing your story 09:48, I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been, to be caught up in a crowd stirred up by Paisley's hate filled rhetoric. Your experience was probably not too dissimilar to that of Jews caught up in an Oswald Mosely rally. Utterly shameful.

      When I look at that furious, rage filled face of the old Iain Paisley, the words of John Lennon come to mind. At the age of 5 he was asked what he wanted to be when grown up, and his answer was 'Happy'. His teachers told him he didn't understand the assignment, and he told them, they didn't understand Life.

      Paisley didn't want peace, he was a man of war, a man of anger, too deranged to understand the concept of give and take. I fear the new mob would be equally maniacal if given the option, and Theresa May is about to give it to them. As Arlene said the future is bright, Paisley junior responded the future's Orange! God help us.

  20. "Sniffer dogs have been sent into Grenfell Tower block to find the bodies of victims as it was announced the death toll has risen to 17."

  21. Anonymous15 June 2017 at 23:03

    ''had no respect for the other sides beliefs and traditions''

    A two way street really. Catholics and Protestants call themselves Christians and both demonstrate the futility of organised religion and the hypocrisy of the tenets of the religion. It takes far more than being able to toss a few convenient Bible quotes about to experience any faith and live by it.To use it to justify violence is a disgrace. I understand the political aspect of the troubles and the roots of it, but the religious one is garbage.

  22. If Sinn Fein decided to sit in the Parliament and directly oppose DUP their 7 seats would make things even more difficult for May.

    1. Sinn Feins strategy takes a longer term view of things, if they thought it was in the interests of republicism to take their seats they would but they are not going to change their strategy just to bring a lift wing balance to a British Parliament. Especially when they are well aware that the current alliance between the Torys and the DUP will all end in tears

    2. And respect to Sinn Fein for that 09:18! If they took up their seats in the HOC, they would be backtracking on home rule. And, as you say, they don't have, they know the relationship between the tories and the DUP will end in tears.

      Meanwhile as Theresa May breaks the Peace Deal in order to forge this unholy alliance, the voice of calm and reason on the steps of Downing Street was that of Gerry Adams. I do hope all those who refused to vote for Jeremy Corbyn because of his past talks with Gerry Adams, take a moment to let that sink in.

  23. Using the blacksmith precedent (see john blacksmith3 June 2017 at 14:05) of linking the Mccanns to absolutely anything else I want to draw attention to the latest bennett rubbish sent to May and Cressida Dick under the guise of havern the hater.

    extract: "Another member of mine, a retired police superintendent, has published an e-book documenting in detail the evidence that Madeleine died in the McCanns’ apartment. It has been re-published all over the internet and has been read by hundreds of thousands at least. In these ways, ever more people are realising, in line with what Colin Sutton was told in May 2010, that Operation Grange is a sham investigation which was deliberately designed to cover up what really happened to Madeleine.

    It would surely be in your interests to admit that Operation Grange was seriously flawed from the start and must be urgently replaced with a new investigation with an unlimited remit."

    Murky mcleod who has done a runner after the gofundme and doesn't post in his own name anywhere anymore can not even be named in the important letter.

    full letter here

    1. Gawd 'elp the recipients of that letter 19:35, even if I had a gun at my head, I couldn't read Bennett's shite.

      Even if there were any credibility whatsoever in Bennett and Hall's work [there isn't], no-one wants to know. These authorities Bennett keeps writing to are never going to make him privy to anything. He has gone from being Public Enemy No. 1 (which he quite liked) to nuisance and internet troll ignored by everyone sane.

      As I say, my sympathy is with the recipient, but it will probably be filed in the loony cabinet along with all his other long, boring diatribes.

  24. Lawyer Sophie Khan calls for Grenfell tower inquest instead of public inquiry.

    “I'm very concerned as to why Ms May came out so quickly to say, 'public inquiry'. What is there, that she knows, that needs to be hidden?”

    1. There will be an inquest into all of the deaths as well as a public enquiry.

    2. I agree with Sophie Khan, it should be an Inquest, Theresa May was a bit off the mark there.


      "Concerns have been raised that a public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire could potentially be a “whitewash” as it will be Government-led and as such will not have the independence of an inquest."

  25. Morning

    “john blacksmith 13 June 2017 at 11:27

    “It’s not only the third world that has had some tough times.”

    Indeed. (p2): “In the sixth century Pope Gregory the First witnessed blond-haired, blue-eyed English boys awaiting sale in a slave market in Rome. Inquiring of their origin, the Pope was told they were Angles. Gregory replied, “Non Angli, sed Angeli” (“Not Angles, but Angels”).”

    In his thirties at the time of the alleged incident, the future Pope was but an abbot:


    1. Hello. The only source I know for the Pope's supposed comments is not wikipedia - which becomes less reliable by the day, save for its science material - but the English author the Venerable Bede.

      My point was that they were sex slaves, pure and simple; and the ownership of slaves for homosexual sex was accepted in Rome.

      The fate of those captives, like so much in Rome, then and now, was horrible, dreadful. But I find it fascinating that this dark event was transformed by human psychology and delusion into a sweet tale of angelic young people for six year olds like myself and, presumably, Ros. It was half a century before I discovered the depressing truth.

    2. john blacksmith 17 June 2017 at 13:06

      I am most grateful for your comments.

      “My point was that they were sex slaves, pure and simple; and the ownership of slaves for homosexual sex was accepted in Rome.”

      “accepted”, as long as the pederast was the penetrator an did not loose his masculinity by being penetrated by a slave.

      “It’s not only the third world that has had some tough times.” was the only statement of yours I referred to.

      “The only source I know for the Pope's supposed comments is not wikipedia … but the English author the Venerable Bede”

      Bede on the alleged incident: “Nec silentio praetereunda opinio, quae de beato Gregorio traditione maiorum ad nos usque perlata est; qua uidelicet ex causa admonitus tam sedulam erga salutem nostrae gentis curam gesserit. Dicunt, quia die quadam cum, aduenientibus nuper mercatoribus, multa uenalia in forum fuissent conlata, multi ad emendum confluxissent, et ipsum Gregorium inter alios aduenisse, ac uidisse inter alia pueros uenales positos candidi corporis, ac uenusti uultus, capillorum quoque forma egregia. Quos cum aspiceret, interrogauit, ut aiunt, de qua regione uel terra essent adlati. Dictumque est, quia de Brittania insula, cuius incolae talis essent aspectus. Rursus interrogauit, utrum idem insulani Christiani, an paganis adhuc erroribus essent inplicati. Dictum est, quod essent pagani. At ille, intimo ex corde longa trahens suspiria: ‘Heu, pro dolor!’ inquit, ‘quod tam lucidi uultus homines tenebrarum auctor possidet, tantaque gratia frontispicii mentem ab interna gratia uacuam gestat!’ Rursus ergo interrogauit, quod esset uocabulum gentis illius. Responsum est, quod Angli uocarentur. At ille: ‘Bene,’ inquit; ‘nam et angelicam habent faciem, et tales angelorum in caelis decet esse coheredes. Quod habet nomen ipsa prouincia, de qua isti sunt adlati?’ Responsum est, quod Deiri uocarentur idem prouinciales. At ille: ‘Bene,’ inquit, ‘Deiri; de ira eruti, et ad misericordiam Christi uocati. Rex prouinciae illius quomodo appellatur?’ Responsum est, quod Aelli diceretur. At ille adludens ad nomen ait: ‘Alleluia, laudem Dei Creatoris illis in partibus oportet cantari.

      Continued below…

    3. Continued from above…

      (Nor must we pass by in silence the story of the blessed Gregory, handed down to us by the tradition of our ancestors, which explains his earnest care for the salvation of our nation. It is said that one day, when some merchants had lately arrived at Rome, many things were exposed for sale in the market place, and much people resorted thither to buy: Gregory himself went with the rest, and saw among other wares some boys put up for sale, of fair complexion, with pleasing countenances, and very beautiful hair. When he beheld them, he asked, it is said, from what region or country they were brought? and was told, from the island of Britain, and that the inhabitants were like that in appearance. He again inquired whether those islanders were Christians, or still involved in the errors of paganism, and was informed that they were pagans. Then fetching a deep sigh from the bottom of his heart, “Alas! what pity,” said he, “that the author of darkness should own men of such fair countenances; and that with such grace of outward form, their minds should be void of inward grace.” He therefore again asked, what was the name of that nation? and was answered, that they were called Angles. “Right,” said he, “for they have an angelic face, and it is meet that such should be co-heirs with the Angels in heaven. What is the name of the province from which they are brought?” It was replied, that the natives of that province were called Deiri. “Truly are they De ira,” said he, “saved from wrath, and called to the mercy of Christ. How is the king of that province called?” They told him his name was Aelli; and he, playing upon the name, said, “Allelujah, the praise of God the Creator must be sung in those parts.)

      Would you not agree that Bede’s intention in describing the alleged (“Dicunt…”) incident has been obfuscated and his words ‘transformed’ into Non Angli, sed Angeli inappropriately, but not necessarily in the way you have proposed?

      Any doubt as to the veracity of can be easily dispelled by visiting Westminster Cathedral. The inscription at the top of the image at the link reads: “NON ANGLI SED ANGELI SI CHRISTIANI (the conditional, IF CHRISTIANS, clearly refers to Bede’s “Rursus interrogauit, utrum idem insulani Christiani, an paganis adhuc erroribus essent inplicati.” (He again inquired whether those islanders were Christians, or still involved in the errors of paganism). You see the difference said conditional makes?

      From the epitaph on Pope Gregory’s tomb: “Ad Christum Anglos conuertit pietate magistra, Adquirens fidei agmina gente noua” (By his guiding love he brought the Angles to Christ, gaining armies for the Faith from a new people.)




  27. Ziggy 15 June 14:55
    " has no respect for the other sides beliefs and traditions"

    Apologies that my quote brought on a frustrated rant about organised religion. I agree with what you are saying about using organised religion as an excuse for violence is disgraceful. The conflict at orange marches is not about a battle between 2 organised traditions who regularly and as a whole quote the bible as justification for what they do. In relation to the nationalist community most find the idea of people quoting the bible to them even in a religious setting quite nauseating whereas leaders of the orange order I feel could quote you a piece from the bible which dictates what side to butter your toast on.

    However my response was in relation to you saying you don't understand why both sides scrap at these events and I was answering you saying one side was allowed to have hate filled marches through areas which were prodominately nationalist which was seen as disrespectful both to their traditions and beliefs because these marchers openly spued hatred towards those traditions and beliefs of that community. No later that a few years ago Orangemen where filmed urinating into the grounds of a Catholic Church as a way of showing their hatred of the community that live there.

    I certainly wasn't criticising you for watching orange marches in your younger days and enjoying the atmosphere it created.Orange marches that you describe happen all over NI during marching season and are great days out for children and families because they are simply appealing to the culture, beliefs and traditions of people who live there.

    One of the biggest issues with the flash point areas that regardless of what happens or what is done by the orange men it is not condemned by unionist politicians which is why it is quite interesting that Theresa May and the DUP should form an alliance at this time. I think it's a big gamble because the first people in NI who came out and said that they hoped their interests would be looked after as part of this alliance wasn't the farmers, nor the industry bosses or the education providers or health providers it was the orange order. Paisley junior didn't come out and say this alliance will help us better the lives of the people of NI, it will allow us to help our farmers and industries he said " the future is bright the future is orange. You tell me who holds the balance of power in the DUP.

  28. Anonymous16 June 2017 at 20:05

    “I'm very concerned as to why Ms May came out so quickly to say, 'public inquiry'. What is there, that she knows, that needs to be hidden?”

    This tragedy has presented the desperate stick insect with an opportunity to do the 'hearts and minds' bullshit. On the back of her woeful election performance her future hangs by a thread and her choice of bedmates in a coalition didn't make that thread any stronger. If it was a man we'd see plenty of photographs of him without a tie and sleeves rolled up 'in the street'. Her offer of 5 million for the victims is only an opening gambit. When she turns to the audience for applause she'll see a river of one-finger salutes.So she'll have to raise her stake until it sounds reasonable. Tories are out of their depth when attempting to convert the value of human life into hard cash when they already consider a particular class as worthless in the first place.
    I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but Lily Allen made an important contribution on the tragedy.Lily, who found vast fame and fortune for being 'from the streets' ( despite having millionaire dad number 1 Keith Allen replaced by millionaire Dad number 2, Harry Enfield) was due to take part in an interview on Newsnight, the Tory party's media arm. Briefly interviewed near the tower she suggested that the Gov was attempting to micro-manage the grieving. She said she'd heard locally that the death toll was over a hundered at least-far greater than the medias's / government's spin. Her appearance on Newsnight was swiftly cancelled. I wonder why ? Could it be because she was calling Theresa may and her media people out ? They're certainly micro-managing something...

    Be prepared to see Theresa may perform more U-turns than a coked up whirling Dervish on this one...

    There are questions regarding the cladding of the tower block. Ostensibly it was to add insulation for the tenants. It was merely a 'coincidence' that it made it less unpleasant for the well -heeled of Kensington and Chelsea to look at.

    Why was a tower block with zero rated combustibility tests never equipped with sprinlker systems ? If it was housing 'high end' city workers it would have been.

    I've seen it written on a well informed impartial blog or two that ''Grenfell Tower is not a political issue, it is a cultural symptom.'' Maybe.But aren't cultures shaped by politicians ?It's a bit like Yeats' trying to 'separate the dancer from the dance'.

  29. Further to above posts, I would add that any inquiry should consider why lessons weren't learned or warnings heeded only 2 months ago when a 27th floor flat was destroyed by fire at Trellick Tower. Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation Limited (KCTMO) are responsible for both towers.

    An inquiry should also ask how a building can tick all the right boxes on a Health and Safety sheet of A4 when the controversial cladding of Grenfell Tower , while being regarded as sufficient insulation, is, in fact, a fire accelerant.

    In 2017, KCTMO received an 'award' from The Sunday Times - the rag of Murdoch and Freud. Apparently it is the 'best not-for-profit- organisation to work for'. The 'not for profit' part of that title is to give the impression that, like all other 'social housing' projects, they're not in it for the money.The Articles of Association on their Homepage suggest otherwise. It states that it's a Limited Company.

    The level of liability for this limited (not for profit) company should prove an interesting scrap now. The company should face a frightening amount of compensation claims against them.I wonder if Rupert and Matthew have their phones on or off . Let's see how the Tory / Media mafia come out of this one. Maybe Clarence will take over the media side of operations.

  30. Some very good points and comments.
    John Wright, have you ever heard of a full stop or a comma ?
    Try researching what they are and then using them !

    Even so, it wouldn't make your hate filled bias any more palatable.

    I fear this Union.
    I've done extensive research on this and the thought that the Good Friday Agreement could be compromised strikes fear into my heart.
    The current peace must remain intact.
    How on earth can the Conservatives join forces with this bigoted, hateful Party and remain impartial as per the terms of the Good Friday Agreement?
    They simply can't.

    However, May's desperation and lust for power shows her allying with such a Party in order to 'cling on '
    Her position is untenable and it can surely only be a matter of time.

    We now know that Austerity was a lie.
    Many of us already knew that.

    Inbuilt into the Tory psyche and their ideology.
    Seven long years of austerity.
    Attacking and punishing the poor
    Attacking the disabled
    Demonising those requiring welfare support.
    Selling off our treasured NHS.
    Selling every conceivable UK asset to their rich chums at knockdown prices, witness the Royal Mail , one of many.
    Killing people through their Work Scheme, people 'fit for work'die very soon after.
    The Bedroom Tax
    No build of social housing because they believe the occupants would be Labour Voters
    Cutting the Fire Service
    Cutting the Police
    Attempting to control the internet like they control the BBC, The Press etc

    There's lots more , I could go on and on...

    Seven long years of austerity and suffering and punishment for the poor, weak, needy and vulnerable and, NOT A PENNY OF THE DEBT REPAID !

    I'm not going to comment on the tragic events of Glenfell Tower
    Suffice it to say, heads need to roll, questions need to be answered and Gavin Barwell, May's Chief Advisor, needs to come out from the cupboard under the stairs where he is currently hiding !
    What a despicable incompetent.
    What a hateful government now imploding under its own greed, lies, opportunism and sham.

    The Red Tide is rising ..,.
    There's no stopping it now !

    1. Bravo 09:33, you have, quite brilliantly, articulated everything that is wrong with this toxic Tory government!

    2. Anonymous18 June 2017 at 09:33

      Some very good points and comments.
      John Wright, have you ever heard of a full stop or a comma ?
      Try researching what they are and then using them !"

      And then you go on to write rubbish.

  31. Here's evidence of the Nazi mentality of the Tory run, richest borough in the UK. Consider it a microcosm of the Tory run UK itself. It encapsulates what the post above ( austerity etc) and is a perfect example of the 'thought police' mentality of these hate -filled robots.

    “I am advised by the Director of Housing that you are the author of the Grenfell Action Group blog and maintainer of the website. ...I would also ask that you remove from your blog unfounded accusations against named individuals which are your personal opinion and likely to be considered defamatory and also likely to be perceived as harassment by the individuals concerned...''

    ''I would be grateful if you could contact Vimal Sama immediately to confirm that you have removed the offending blog and that you will refrain from making unsubstantiated accusations of criminal behaviour..''

    ''I look forward to receiving your co-operation and await receipt of your confirmation that you will remove your blog on or before 29 July 2013''

    Freedom of speech ? Democracy ? If only these creatures kept as close an eye on the concerns of the people and listened to them in the first place. They certainly pay close attention covertly.But that's what you get in a dictatorship.These bastards are the Gestapo.

    more :

    Boris Johnson isn't saying much is he. he was the brains behind the cutting of the emergency services 'in order to improve them' and who told somebody at that public debate to ''shut up'' when he questioned it. Maybe he's being kept in a box somewhere being prepared for a higher station by these morons. What a thought.

  32. They say every picture tells a story. This one tells more than one...

    The difference between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May in the cold light of day.

  33. Major..

    Keep it simple ;-)

  34. ZiggySawdust 19 June 2017 at 20:06

    Morning, Your Grace

    “Keep it simple ;-)”

    Do I not?